Return of the King

On November 17th 2008, my life changed forever. I had a revelation - subsequently backed up by some scarily revealing research - of an ancient soul in the heart of a modern man, a man I had admired for at least five years since first seeing him on screen. Why it took so long to see it, I will never know. Fate and destiny have a weird way of working, that's why the ancient Britons called it 'wyrd' perhaps! ;-)

Whatever it means for it to have happened now, I have yet to discover. Suffice it to say that my Muse, so long absent, woke up to the same combination of king and man at the start of this year, and she is clearly as dazzled and as heart-struck as I am.

This is - for now - the best tribute I can offer to this man, this king, this noble soul. I only wish I could do more...

O Richard, o mon roi!
Love that came so late
For His Eyes Only
All I have ever desired
Sonnet for Guy
Fire in the Blood
To Be His Mistress
The Approach
Black Leather (song)
A Morning So Lonely (song)
Alchemical Romance
Sunday Visionary
Return of my Lord
Noli me tangere
The Quickening
Monday Reality
Field of Dreams
Berber at Heart
To the One
The Parallel
The Ballad of Redemore (song)
Orphic Resonance

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