by arashi-enkou

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PLOT: A group of Chibi-Setsunas destroy the Gates of Time. Hilarity ensues! (Or maybe not.)
NEW CHARACTERS: Chibi Pirate Setsuna, Chibi Ninja Setsuna, Chibi Inuyasha Setsuna, Chibi Pimp Setsuna and other Chibi Setsunas; various narrators; Phillip the coin
LENGTH: 25,238 words

COMMENTS: Aah, the crackfic. No fandom is complete without at least one of these. A story with no plot, no point, and - despite it's claim to being humorous - pure crackfics tend to come off more as being ridiculously dumb and pointlessly inane than funny. This is one of those crackfics. But wait, this is no ordinary crackfic - this is a vocal chord-ripping, oversized helmeted, lesbian-lovin' crossover crackfic (no offense to lesbians in general intended)!

I never thought I'd live to see this day (what with all the other stuff I've read iduring the years, you'd think that I'd have had a stroke by now or slit my throat from the INHUMANITY. But I digress) with such colorful personas as the banono-obsessed Barney (that's bananas to you), the gun-toting Grover (and the American version of Sesame Street won't have an AIDS-infected character? The shame!), the Inuyasha gang as a lesbian troupe, and characters from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, featuring a homicidal Coco. Add to it rampant OOCness, pointless fourth-wall breaking, lines of punctuation, A/Ning (even if it's not as blatant as some other fanfics), Michael Jackson, and of course, the constant usage of "DUN DUN DUUUUUN" for no reason other than, it can be assumed, the author is trying to make us laugh. doesn' work.

I was tempted to classify this as a trollfic, since, should you dare to read it (I obviously recommend not to) it seems very trollish at first glance. Yet the story is too drawn out, in my opinion, and it doesn't offend enough - in fact, it really doesn't offend at all unless you just happen to hate Michael Jackson or lesbians, since he's the main villain and all the characters have been lesbianized and that seems to be the only thing remotely offensive - to actually be considered a trollfic. Which is really, really scary, since the author seems to have the potential to do better. Hopefully they'll look at this one day and go "......what the hell did I write this piece of crap for?", but right now, I kind of doubt it, you know?

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