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Pokémon Character Bios

Ash Ketchum/Satoshi- 10/Male/Pallet Town
Pokemon: Pikachu, Squirtle, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Kingler, Muk, Herd of Tauros,Pidgeot (stays in Pallet to protect his own kind) Lapras (will leave too!)
Once Had: Butterfree (went off to find its mate), Primeape (left to be the #1 grand prix)

Ash starts out in his hometown, Pallet to become the greatest pokemon trainer. He receives Pikachu from Professor Oak because his rivals had already taken the 3 beginner pokemon. Ash and Pikachu eventually became great friends. He met Misty when who mistakenly fished him out of a lake and Brock joined him at Pewter City. Ash borrows her bike promising he will give it back someday. Ash successfully won the 4 fields of battle in the starting of the pokemon league. But during his fifth round, he experienced a great loss when charizard refused to battle. The battle was lost to his new friend, Richie. In the future,Ash will capture and lose pokemon just like his butterfree and primeape.

Misty/Kasumi- 11/female/Cerulean City
Pokemon: Staryu, Starmie, Horsea, Goldeen, Psyduck, togepy

Misty met Ash when she was fishing for water pokemon. Ash had borrowed and ruined her bike. She acts like a big mouth most of the time but we could tell she really does care about Ash. Misty saw Ash's love for his pokemon and believes that his dream could come true SOMEDAY. She is the little sister of the waterflowers in Cerulean City. Her latest pokemon is Togepy. Misty was the first thing it saw so it thought that Misty was her mother. Right now, you would think it was a useless little thing. Later, you'll see that it isn't as useless as you thought it was. It's just a baby right now, so what can it do? This young trainer wants to become the best in everything!

Brock/Takeshi-12/m/Pewter City
Pokemon: Onix, Zubat, Geodude and Vulpix

Brock followed Ash's journey after his match in his hometown of Pewter City. Himself, he is trying to be the best Pokemon breeder in the world. He admires Susie, the popular breeder in Celadon City. That is where he got his Vulpix. Brock only cares about Pokemon that he likes, rather than catching as much as he can. Have you noticed his eyes are always closed? He's like blind or something! After Ash's failure in the pokemon league, he leaves him and Misty. In the Episode, Pokeball Peril, he leaves for his dream of becoming a true pokemon breeder after seeing how the Pokemon were being took care of at the Island. This is only temporary. He will return with Ash and Misty. He can't be left out!!!

Pokemon: Arbok, Lickitung

Jesse's a big evildoer! She got an ekans for her birthday and it eventually evolved into an Arbok. She's a short-tempered person who is dishonest, unpatient and really rough. She is very optimistic about her physical looks and her occupation as being part of the infamous Team Rocket. It is because of her uncontrolable attitude, that she captures a lickitung by accident. This was shown in the episode of "Princess VS Princess"

Pokemon: Weezing, Victreebell

We learn that James comes from a very wealthy and insane family where his decisions are made by his parents. His past is his engagement made with Jessebell, a girl who looks a lot like Jesse. He was also a member of the bike gang where he had been indicated as a loser in riding bicycles. James always gets himself into trouble and often carries a rose while he says the TeamRocket's Motto. He was pretty idiotic when he bought a magikarp from a dealer and then kicked it thinking it was worthless. His long lost Weepinbell has evolved into Victreebell shown in the episode " The Breeding Center Secret." I guess he captured it while he was at it. He is more a comical character than evil.

Pokemon: He is one

Meowth seems to be the boss of Jesse and James though often it is the other way around. This cat is amazing! It knows how to talk! The explanation to this talking cat is his past when he met a female meowth named Meowsy. But she had no interest in dirty street meowth so he decided to learn how to talk and act like human. He tried hard to stand up and learn to talk from a small group of people. He got a book to learn how to read and speak and eventually realized it was possible. He joined TeamRocket hoping to get richer so Meowsy would accept him. Jesse and James usually show hatred towards Meowth cuz of its bossiness and laziness. He hates getting his fur wet and waxes his charm to keep it clean and shiny. Meowth wants to become Giovanni's #1 cat and get rid of the persian by catching Ash's Pikachu. Meowth is a very interesting/funny character who has a special personality.

Gary/Shigeru-10/M/Pallet Town
Pokemon: Nidoking, Arcanine, Krabby, Doduo... (too many to list)

Gary is your basic nightmare. He could be your biggest rival like shown in the show. Gary is the one who wants to be better than Ash. He calls him "The Loser from Pallet." Since his grand-father, Professor Oak is an expert in Pokemon Business, he should be the best pokemon trainer in the world. He's selfish and very optimistic about himself. He even has his own cheerleading squad. He is shown to have won many badges, eventually more than Ash but is proved to be a worse trainer by losing his fourth round in the Pokemon League. This made him realize there are actually bumps on the road.

Nurse Joy-age varies/Female/Every city
Pokemon: Chansey

Apparently all Nurse Joys are identical and appears in every pokemon center. Her job is to heal injured pokemon. She has a pretty large family with cousins and sisters who all look identical. Who can tell them apart? You have to ask Brock that!!

Officer Jenny/Officer Junsa-age varies/Female/Every City
Pokemon: Growlithe

In Every Town/City, there is an Officer Jenny. Her job is to arrest those who create trouble. She has a big family where all her relatives look and sound exactly the same. She rides around in a motorcycle and trains a Growlithe as a police pokemon.

Professor Oak/Professor Okido-60/Male/Pallet Town
Pokemon: TOO MANY!!

Professor Oak is an expert on pokemon in Pallet Town. He studies Pokemon living in its own natural environment and gives a beginner pokemon to each of the new trainers in Pallet. He has a huge lab and takes care of pokemon from all the trainers in Pallet. His grandson is Ash's rival, Gary.

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