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This part of the series has a totally different atmosphere than that of the first. THIS HAS EVIL DUDES IN IT! It has a lot more fighting, and its waaay more interesting. Its like Pokémon. You can watch the series 5 times and never get bored.

Similar to the latter half of Dragon Ball, the basis of the story is Goku's challenge against powerful villains. The four major villains set the corner stones of the Z series. They are Vegeta, Freeza, Cell and Buu, each one more powerful than the previous.

Although the plot and setting of this part may be simple, what captures the audience is the relationship between the characters. Even though we could have all predicted the outcome, it is difficult to predict the shift of relationship between characters. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends and new characters enter the story as the offspring of other major characters. Akira Toriyama wanted to conclude the Z series to make room for new ideas. Not only is he beyond surprised that the series had never lost its tremendous support over the years, but he is also very grateful to the Dragon Ball fans around the world.

The web-master (real owner of this site), has seen every single episode, including the ORIGINAL and UNCENSORED Chinese version. In the Chinese ones, you actually get to see them get cut into pieces. The english version differs on how censored it is. America it has NOTHING uncensored. Every little Ki blast that makes a hit and does damage like cuts them in half is left out. By the time it gets to me in New Zealand, almost all the blood is gone and the fights have too much physical contact, and no Ki at all. So seeing the Chinese versions was cool.

The english DBZ has the best and most original fighters evil dudes. Especially the character Babidi. He has the power to turn people in Majins (pronounced MAA [like in MAgerine] and jin [like in serGENt] ), just by using the evil in there hearts. The Z fighters could not be affected, and Krillin even joked about it when he was told this. He said "Aren't you forgetting someone, You know, Piccolo wasn't always one of the goods guys." Piccolo got really mad and yelled at him. But they did forget someone. Vegeta. Vegeta got turned into Majin, but Babidi had no control over Vegeta. Actually, Vegeta was the first person to turn Majin, and didn't get controlled by Babidi.

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