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About AnimeTrioxide.

Tha Candy.Bum

Animetrioxide brings you the 3 most exciting cartoons to hit the home television.
First is CardCaptors. Not very known around the world and not as popular as other animated cartoons, but has the intensity of most. The cartoon is very well drawn, and not like other cartoons, they are always changing outfits depending on what the situation is. Here in New Zealand, CardCaptors is played very weekday at about 4.00pm. When i first saw this anime cartoon, i honestly thought this was boring, but then i saw the main person (its a girl) in one of those outfits of hers i started watching. Im not an addict but i still watch it.
The second is Dragonball Z. This is probably the best anime cartoon I've ever seen. Although this cartoon has 3 series, Dragonball, shows when Goku, the main character first lands on the planet Earthm and shows him growing up. Dragonball Z the second, shows Goku, find out about his past, who he really is, and why he came to Earth in the first place. Shows him go through powerfull stages of his life and into the Journey of the Super Saiyan. Dragonball GT, is the final series. This series shows that Goku can Surpass the Super Saiyan stages to the Ultimate Super Saiyan 4 stage. And the final series shows the end of his life. Check the Dragonball Info on the left for more. The artist of this cartoon gets better from Dragonball to Dragonball GT, But during Dragonball Z, The artiests did have their moments of highs and lows. I believe this is the most Bestest cartoon of all time.
The last but not least is Pokemon. Pokemon has turned out to be the most popular animated cartoon at its time. Both little children to young adults like it, And for some reason i dont know. Its just Pokemon (the little monsters in a ball) Poke is of Pocket, and mon is of monsters. The callaboration to form pokemon. Ash, the main character is join by two friends of his, and they all go into an adventure, for Ash, to become a pokemon master. The first series of Pokemon only had 151 pokemon, and then to the second, it had expanded to 251. Pokemon is so popular, that there are many handheld GameBoy Color/Adavnce games. You might have heard of them, Pokemon red, blue, green, yellow, gold, silver, crytall, sapphire, and ruby, and there are more to come. The Pokemon Stadium is for N64, but was not as successful as the handheld games. Will we see an end to this ?
Please dont get site wrong, we to not have pornographic features stuff, no nudes of britney or J.LO or other celebrities, or any nudity of any kind. Hence the site name Animetrioxide. But wouldnt it be kool !!
Wouldnt it be more great if i put other cartoons on this site. Like the Simpsons, or Zoids, or beyblades, rugrats, or transformers, but no again i cant. I need more space. This angelfire gives me limited space to work from. But ill consider it in the future.
There will be a range of multimedia and humour in this website, of course tons of information. That is about all about Animetrioxide. That long pretty long to write.

Enjoy Your stay at AnimeTrioxide. Enjoy your stay with AnimeTrioxide.

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