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Dragonball Z Characters



Is the main character in Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT series. He is a Full-Blooded Saiyan and was sent to Earth as a baby to clean it up (kill everyone) and make it livable for the Saiyans. He was found by an old man named Gohan. One day Goku fell into a canyon and bumped his head. He forgot everything about his mission and became a wonderful child. Later Grandpa Gohan died.
Master Roshi taught Goku. Krillin, his best friend, and Goku were enemies for a while, and always competed to see who was best. Goku married ChiChi and had two son named Gohan and Goten.


Is the first son of ChiChi and Goku. He is only half saiyan because ChiChi is human and Goku is a saiyan, and he can only reach Super Saiyan 2. In battles seeing one of his one of his friends or family members hurt, he can trigger his hidden powers, this hidden power he cant control, until he made it to Super Saiyan 2. He marries Videl (hercules daughter). And have one daughter named Pan.


Is the second child of Goku and Chi Chi. He is best friends with Trunks. They go almost everywhere together, and when they fuse together they form Gotenks. Goten was born with tremendous power, but only to equal with Trunks.
The 2 always get themselves into trouble.


Is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. He is also a half saiyan because Bulma is a human and Vegeta is a saiyan. The future Trunks travels back in time to give Goku medicine to cure his heart disease. Goku would have died from the condition if it weren't for Trunks because the Dragonballs can't bring back a person who died of natural causes.
When time goes on Vegeta and Bulma do get married and have a son named Trunks. At about the same time Goku and ChiChi have Goten. Trunks grows up and lives a great life. Gohan teaches him to fight and how to become a Super Saiyan. Trunks turns into a Super Saiyan on his first try, but is not the yougest saiyan to turn SSJ.


Is Goku's best friend. He is a little bald-headed human and the strongest human. He was trained under Master Roshi as a kid, and him and Goku always competed to see who was best. He fought and died with his good friend Gohan. Fought the saiyans, Freeza, Garlic Jr and Cell. And died only once(usually because one hit and he's down)
Krillin marries Android 18 and they have a daughter named Marron. Later on Krillin grows hair.(ugly hair !!!)


Is a Namekian. He used to be Goku's rival, but they teamed up to fight Radditz. They stayed friends ever since. Piccolo fuses with Nail in the frieza saga, so that maybe they could have a chance against Frieza. Piccolo taught Gohan to fight and control his energy.
Piccolo can regenerate limbs if they are chopped or cut off. This comes in handy a couple of times in the DragonBall Z series. He also fused with Kami (the old Guardian of Earth) to try and beat the androids and Cell.


Is the most powerful and feared of all the Saiyans. Cunning, ruthless and cruel in battle, he enjoys toying with those helpless creatures who dare oppose him. He is a "Super Elitist," the highest class of Saiyans. As the mightiest Saiyan warrior, Vegeta has no tolerance for failure. In fact, he has eliminated his own men for showing weakness. Arrogant to a fault, Vegeta hates the thought of being weaker than any other creature. Due to this fear he is constantly training and searching for the extra edge that will keep him on top.
Physically smaller than Goku, Vegeta has wild black hair that is pushed back by a receding hairline. Nevertheless, he can power up to unbelievable levels and destroy entire planets. While exceeding Goku in both strength and technique, Vegeta does not win the battle for Earth.


In Dragon Ball, Bulma was a teenager with blue hair and a personality quirk that wouldn't allow her to shut up for a second. Bulma designed the Dragon Radar, which tracks the locations of the Dragon Balls. Bulma is also fashion conscious and changes clothing and hairstyles during the series. She often wears clothing with either her name or "Capsule Corporation" on the item.
Bulma has known Goku since he was a young boy. In the original Dragon Ball, Bulma had a crush on Yamcha. Although their romance blossoms, it was not permanent. In Dragon Ball Z she outgrows these impulses and settles her affections on Vegeta . They have a son, appropriately named Trunks. The original name for Bulma stands for bloomers (or girl's underwear). Her father is Dr. Brief, of the famous Capsule Corporation.


Dende is from planet Namek. Gohan and Krillin first met him while they were looking for the dragonballs on Namek. Dende has a large part in the Dragonball series and possesses healing power that were used during the fight of Frieza. He later replaces Kami as the guardian of the dragonballs on Earth.


Is a good guy who eats a lot of food. He doesn't fight as much as others, in fact, he doesn't really fight at all. But when others really need him, he comes through and forces himself to save them.


As a former champion of the Budokai, Goku learned quite a bit from him.
When Son Goku first saw Kamesennin use the "Kame Hame Ha" early in the Dragon Ball series, Kamesennin became his first Sensai. Goku's potential was slowly realized through his training.
Kamesenin influenced Son Goku beyond fighting tehnique. He had always believed that one should always seek to improve no matter what level of skill one is in. In the first competition, he purposely joined the contest and defeated Goku such that he'll have someting to strive for rather than being content. In the second competition, he purposely forfeited the fight against Tenshinhan to show that there is always someone better.
What he taught Goku is readily apparent as Goku spared the lives of his opponents hoping to meet a greater challenge in the Future. Also, even after defeating Freeza and there is no apparent warrior who is stronger, he still thought to improve his skills rather than returning to earth.
His significance, however, faded quite dramatically in Z. He is portrayed as nothing more than just a dirty old...

Chi chi

She is the daughter of Gou Muu, the magical cow king. After she first met with Son Goku, she had vowed to marry him when she grows up. The two of them subsequently meet again in a match in a Budoukai. After Goku's dramatic battle with Piccolo, the two of them got married, ending Dragon Ball.
They subsequently had a very talented son called Gohan. Chi Chi was extremely protective of her son and had always wanted him to become a scholar, making him study academics whenever she gets the chance. Her dream was finally realized 10 years after the defeat of Majin Buu and Gohan does indeed become a scholar.


Kami is from the planet Namek who came to Earth and split into two entities. One good as in Kami, and one bad as in Piccolo. Since they were split, Kami and Piccolo are in some way connected to each other, so if one dies, the other does too. And if Kami dies, the dragon balls on Earth disappears because he was the one that created them. Kami lives on a floating tower high above the Earth and lives with Mr. Popo who helps him at certain times. They both watch over the Earth.

Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo is sort of like a servant to all the Guardians that will live on the floating tower. He has been there longer than Kami has and served many Guardians on Earth.

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