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In the fantastic world of Pokémon, kids are permitted to become Pokémon trainers, and the best of them may some day become Pokémon masters! That's the dream for Ash Ketchum, our young hero who embarks on his journey with a secret that gives him an edge: his special love for these amazing creatures helps him beat incredible odds! To become the best Pokémon trainer, Ash must catch as many wild Pokémon as he can. But it won't be easy, because each Pokémon possess special powers and abilities. To catch one, he must first challenge it in a match with a Pokémon of his own. If Ash plays it just right, the wild Pokémon will find itself captured in a PokéBall and will become part of Ash's team.

Professor Oak, a professor and a leading authority in Pokémon, gets Ash started with his first Pokémon, the lil cute Pikachu, an electric Pokémon with truly "shocking" abilities. Misty and Brock, both Pokémon trainers and former Gym leaders, join them with some tricks of their own. Ash needs all the help he can get, because Team Rocket has taken notice of Pikachu's abilities and they'll stop at nothing to steal Pikachu to please Team Rocket's boss and help him fulfill his diabolical plan for total domination!

It's an adventure that takes our heroes around the world, underground and across the sea, and discovering new and amazing things about everyone's favorite creatures, "Pokémon!"

It's also that series that caused the seizures incident on December 16th, 1997, which 700 children were hospitalized due to a flashing effect in one of the episodes. Nearly forgotten now, as the series continued to air in April 1998, the dual-episode movie, "Pikachu's Summer Vacation" and "Mewtwo Strikes Back!" was released on July 18th.

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