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Dragonball races(species)


This saiyan species came from the planet vegeta, located in the northern Galaxy.
Specific traits:
The saiyans look very similiar to humans except that they had tails. Goku had surgery to take his tail off and vegeta got his tail cut off by yajirobe.
Interesting facts:
When they have their tail, and when they look into a full moon they turn into giant apes which their power grows ten-fold. They transform to suoer saiyans which their power increase dramatically.
Specific characters:
The following saiyans appear in the series: Goku, Vegeta, Trunks(half), Goten(half), and Brolli.
Other information:
Saiyans are like apes, they all have tails (Goku had it cut off) and incredible powers. They look like humans, but they are much stronger. Saiyans live on Planet Vegeta where the king is King Vegeta. All saiyans can transform into huge apes when they look at the full moon. These apes are called Oozaru. Later, Freeza destroys Planet Vegeta with all the Saiyan on the planets. Some Saiyans escape. e.g: Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Brolly, Raditzu, Turlis.

This species is originated on the planet Earth, located in the Northern Galaxy.
Specific traits:
The human race is very diverse but the characteristics remain very similar. No Human is completely identical e.g: Finger prints etc.
Interesting fact:
Humans always thought themselves to be the dominant species, but are always shown up by Aliens.
Specific characters:
The following humans appear in the series: huge list
Other information:
Most humans contained little to no ki power. Since most of the three series takes place on Earth, we see a lot of this species. There were a few very strong Humans, although their power is dwarfed compared to a Saiyan or Namek.

This species is originated on the planet Namek, located in the Northern Galaxy. This planet was destroyed by Freeza and a new Planet Namek was created from a wish. The new planet is also located in the Northern Galaxy.
Specific traits:
The Namek's had green skin and a pair of antennae which allowed them to communicate telepathically.
Interesting fact:
Nail is the only Namek that was born a fighter. They could fuse to become one stronger namek and could regenerate lost limbs in battle.
Specific characters:
The following Namek's appear in the series: Dende, Nail, Guru, Kami, Kargo, Muuri, Piccolo, Piccolo Daimoa
Other information:
The entire race of Namekians that we see on Planet Namek during the Freeza Saga were birthed by Guru. Long before that, something terrible happened and the planet became semi-desolate and only 1 Namek survived. It is unknown whether Kami/Piccolo came to earth before the crisis on Planet Namek or not.

There are a few Androids of unknown origin, but most of them were created on Planet Earth, located in the Northern Galaxy.
Specific traits:
Most androids are created from a genetic being. Their characteristics are almost all competely different except for #17 and #18, who are twins, and look very similiar to humans.
Red Ribbon Androids:
The Red Ribbon androids are the most well known. These androids were created mostly by Dr. Gero or his super computer. These androids were created with specific purpouses, but hardly ever care to carry them out. Most of them just like to fight.
Specific characters:
The following androids appear in the series: #08, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, Cell, Cell Jr, Kakao, Super 13, Super 17
Other information:
Androids are a diverse race created by scientists who for the most part were seeking world domination. The problem with the Android species is that once created, they almost all turned on their creator's and didn't do what they were programmed to.

Although the origin of this species is unknown, it is assumed that it began with the Dark Mage Bibidi. Planet and Galaxy are unknown.
Specific traits:
Everyone under Majin control contained a M somewhere on their body. Buu's was on the belt of each form.
Interesting fact:
During the Buu saga, Vegeta was put under Majin control. However, he is the only Ma-jin in history to still be in control of his own mind. At first Vegeta only had a selfish desire to fight Goku, but it is under this form that Vegeta truly turns good and shows feelings for his son.
Specific characters:
The following characters are seen in the series only as Majin: Bibidi, Babidi, Buu, Puipui, Supopo Bitchi, Yakon, Yam
Other information:
The Dark Mage Bibidi would put people under mind control and use them as he wished. While under the Majin control, the user became much more powerful than in their normal form. In order to be put under control, the target had to have evil in his heart. Buu was the only being created as a Majin. The Majin's were very strong and gave the Z-senshi a run for their money.

Origins and Founders:
These supreme gods live resign in heaven on individual planet's (East Kaioshin's planet was called Kaioshin Kai).
Specific traits:
Each known Kaioshin has a mohawk and light purple skin.
Interesting fact:
During the original Majin Buu fight, all but the East Kaioshin are absorbed or destroyed by Buu.
Specific characters:
The following Kaioshin appear in the series: East Kaioshin, Rou Dai Kaioshin Other information:
The Kaioshin are the supreme gods. Each Kaioshin is in charge of a galaxy, and above them is only 1 being: the Dai Kaioshin. The Dai Kaioshin is in charge of 4 Kaioshin, the East, West, South and North. Each lower Kaioshin is in charge of a single galaxy and 5 Kaio's. The Kaioshin are a very powerful race and are rarely surpassed in power by mere mortals.

Origins and Founders:
The origin of this species is unknown. However, they each reside on their own planet in the Afterlife.
Specific traits:
The Kaio's each had a pair of Antennae on their head, and long, pointy ears. They all wore sun glasses.
Interesting fact:
Although the Kaio's weren't powerful warriors (except for Dai Kaio, who was said to be the most powerful warrior in the afterlife), they knew great techniques and were martial arts masters. The Kaio's are all in love with fancy cars, and all own one.
Specific characters:
The following Kaio's are seen in the series: Dai Kaio, North Kaio, East Kaio, South Kaio, West Kaio.
Other information:
The only 2 Kaio to appear in the Series was North Kaio (Kaio-sama, aka King Kai) and South Kaio. While Goku us training in the afterlife, South Kaio appears (but North Kaio calls him West Kaio in the Manga) to see how Goku's training is going.

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