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CardCaptor Episodes.

Tha Candy.Bum

Here is the complete list of english Cardcaptors episodes. New episode summaries will be going up as soon as I find some more info on the eps, so check back soon!
** Note: i will add descriptions soon !!

Season 1

1. Sakura's Rival
2. Time and Again
3. The Cave
4. Power's Ploy
5. Double Edged Sword
6. The New Rival
7. Double Take
8. No Way Out
9. The Race
10. Dragon Slayer
11. The Switch
12. Ice Breaker
13. The Third Element
14. Buyer Beware
15. Stormy Weather
16. Allies
17. Meilin's Story

Season 2

18. The Last Card - Part I
19. The Last Card - Part II
20. The Final Judgement
21. One Fateful Day
22. Partners in Crime
23. An Unexpected Find
24. Trouble at Twin Bells
25. Seeing is Believing
26. The Mysterious Painting
27. No Time for Sleep
28. Nothing to Report
29. No Problem Too Small
30. The Sands of Time
31. Under the Weather

Season 3

32. The Past, The Present and The Future
33. A Strange New Beginning
34. Play Misty for Tori
35. Running Out of Time

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