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Get More Hits

To get more hits is kinda simple, although i dont get much.

1. Summitting your site to search engines will give you more coverage. Summit to google, i think it was said that they are made out of alot of search engines put into one or sumthing.

2. Be an affiliate. Negotiate with some of the big times site makers to make them put a link of your site to theirs. And with you to put back a link to their site on yours. Its a win, win situation.

3. Banner Advertising. Before this site had a banner advertising thing. But i think it was a little bit too complicated to be finished. Some sites charge you for your banner, greedy assholes aye.

4. Email anonymous people, perferrably little children.

5. Join Top sites.

6. Sometimes having a good layout and having good contents can help.

7. Ask people to rate your layout and content, therefore people coming to your site and hits baby.

Ill post more up when i think of more.

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