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Characters of CardCaptors

Tha Candy.Bum

Kinomoto Sakura

Birthdate: April 1st
Seiyuu: Tange Sakura
English Name: Sakura Avalon
School: Readington Elementary (eng)

Sakura attends Tomoeda Elementary with her friends. She's a very athletic girl who loves PE and also loves music class. However, she hates Mathematics class.

Living happily with her brother and dad, she wishes to see her mother again who sadly passed away when she was 3 years old. Sakura's big brother, Touya, loves to bug her about ghosts. Her best friend, Tomoyo, is always welcomed to help out as much as she can, and maybe take a few good shots of her while she's at it. Besides just friendship, Sakura also has a crush on her brother's friend, Yukito.


True Form: Golden Beast Feline with wings
Seiyuu: Hisakawa Aya & Onosaka Masaya (Cerberus)
English Name: Kero (nickname)
English Video Game Name: Xylon Warriors

Kerberos, or his nickname Kero-chan, is the guardian of the clow cards.

Even though he may look harmless, he has some sharp teeth that can bite someone's finger off, for example, Syaoran^^. At first he doesn't tolerate Syaoran helping Sakura because of his attitude, but soon he accepts him but continues to call him, "kid" or "brat". The Kerberos you see now, is not the true form of. He needs the two clow cards, EARTHY and FIREY, to get himself enough energy to transform himself. He can be quite stubborn and potty-mouthed at times, but he is very informative when it comes to the clow.

Daidouji Tomoyo

Birthdate: Sept 3rd
Seiyuu: Iwao Junko
English Name: Madison Taylor
School: Readington Elementary (eng)

Tomoyo is Sakura's best friend. After Tomoyo found out Sakura's secret, she decides to make costumes for her every time she goes out to capture clow cards. She also records Sakura in action with her camcorder.

Her mother is Sonomi Daidouji and she doesn't mention anything about her father. Her family is very indeed rich. Tomoyo has a beautiful voice and loves to sing, that is why she is in the chorus club.

Li Syaoran

Origin: Hong Kong
Birthdate: July 13th
Seiyuu: Kumai Motoko
English Name: Li Showron
School: Readington Elementary (eng)

Syaoran's goal was to collect all the clow cards for himself, but later, he decided to help Sakura. He attends the same school, same grade and same class with Sakura and Tomoyo. He lives in an apartment with Wei, his caretaker.

Meilin Li comes and visits inbetween things, and is always all over him, because she was to be his future wife. Syaoran also feels as if he has some feelings for Yukito, however, even though he acts coldly to Sakura at times, he can be very nice to her!

Li Meilin

Birthdate: Mar 25th
Seiyuu: Nogami Yukana
English Name: Meilin Rae

Meilin comes from Hong Kong and joins her cousin, Syaoran, to collect clow cards, to study, and toaccompany him. She was chosen to be Syaoran's wife and is the only member of the family who doesn't have any magic. She knows he doesn't like her the way she likes him, but she still continues to help him. She is very competitive with Sakura in collecting clow cards, athletics, etc, and doesn't give up even when she fails.

Meilin cares for Syaoran, but unaware that she causes trouble for him too.

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