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Tha Candy.Bum

A few unnoticed errors in the series, and other series and movies. After you read these, you might think to yourself..."truuue"

1. During Android 18's fight with Vegeta. She has a rip on her shirt near her right collar bone, but it is gone after she beats him and kisses Krillin.

2. When Vegeta is fighting Android 18. She breaks his left arm, but after being thrown into Trunks he jumps up and fires a blast with his left arm(the broken one).

3. After 18 knocks Vegeta to the ground she steps on his right arm and suddenly his left arm is broken again.

4. When Goku is recovering from his heart virus, his medicine is pills but later it is liquid.

5. How did Vegeta and Gohan know about Goku's heart virus while he was fighting 19. They were never told about it.

6. While Piccolo and Android 17 are fighting near the end of the episode he takes off his cape before they start to fight, but in the next episode it starts back before he takes it off. When he does, he takes off his hat then his cape.

7. When Goku and Gohan are training. Goku tells gohan to picture Cell hurting his friends and family Gohan says, "Ok." and tries to but stops and tells Goku, "I don't know what Cell looks like." A little later Gohan has a dream about Cell though.

8. When Goku is being taken to Master Roshi's, he has a dream about the Android's but he hadn't seen them.

9. how did Goku know the Android's were in that van when he was dreaming.

10. In the Frieza Saga, Guldo has a flash back of Vegeta talking to him and Vegeta has no Tail. It should have been there instead it was not, it was removed.

11. In Movie 1 Goku's hair is sliced and in the next scene it's not cut, it it normal.

12. In one of Trunks's flaskbacks, he and Gohan are fighting the Androids. Trunks has his sword in the flaskback, but doesn't recive his sword untill Gohan is Killed.

13. In another one of Trunks flashbacks, he sees Bulma, Goku, and some of the other Z fighters dead at the cause of the Androids. Trunks never saw the other Z warriors in his time. They were dead when he was 2. Bulma was never killed and Goku died from the heart virus.

14. In the Frieza Saga, Dodoria tells Vegeta that Frieza really destroyed his home planet. Later Vegeta has a Flashback, and Nappa is telling him the same thing, but Vegeta says, "He already knew that it."

15. In Hell Frieza, King Cold, Cell and the Ginyu Force all have their Bodies, but the other spirits don't. Why are they allowed to keep them?

16. My Wish is. When Goku asked Shenlong if he could revive Bora from the dead, Shenlong says, "There is no wish I cannot grant." Not true. In the future, time and time again, he cannot grant some wishes.

17. Nameks eat what? When Kami tells Mr. Popo about his child hood on Earth, near Yunzabitt, he said he couldn't find food he could eat. When Dende tells Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma Namek's can only drink water, then how come Kami couldn't find any food that he can stand?

18. Namek's and their Growth. When Piccolo Jr. was born, it took him three years to fully grow and mature. When Dende came to Earth, it took him around 20 years to grow and fully mature. Some just reach that point in their life earlier than others on Namek I guess.

19. Cell's little Cell. After Cell was blown up on King Kai's planet, he says he became alive again by the little cell that was his head, and made him regenerate. Well, how come he could regenerate when Goku with his Kamehameha, about an hour ago, blew off his full head? ( i dont really know if this is true..about the cell the makes him regenerate.)

20. People in the Room of Spirit and Time (Hyperbolic Time Chamber). It is said no more than two people can go into this room. However, Super Buu, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks have been in their at once for about a hour's time.

21. Technology just got Easier, Bulma tells Goku that no one but her can re-place the Dragon Radar, well, Turbo, of Penguin Village, made a Dragon Radar out of a plane with spare parts inside of it.

22. Time Travel?? In the very first episode of Dragonball Z, when Radditz came, he tells them all that the planet Vegeta was destroyed three years ago, but in the Bardok special, and flashbacks during the series, Vegeta is seen at time of its destruction as being a mere child, so how did Vegeta go from being say 8 to probably about 28 in three years?

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