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Dragonball Name Meanings


Here in this page are the name meanings or puns. hehehe some of these are pretty funny.....check out Bulma's family. DaMn the writers must've been stuck on names aye !!

All Saiyans are named after vegetables. Infact, the word 'Saiya' means vegetable.

King/Prince Vegeta - No prizes for this one. Well hes the prince of the vegetables, so why not name him 'Vegetable'
Goku - Means nothing, but his Saiyan name (Kakarott) means Carrot
Radditz - Radish
Nappa - Cabbage
Celipa - Parsley
Toma - Tomato
Paragas - Asparagas
Broli - Broccoli

Nameks are meant to be named after slugs. There planet name even means slug.

Namek - Slug
Piccolo - Well a Piccolo is a type of flute, but it may be some type of snail. żDunno?
Katattsu - Snail
Dende - Snail
Cargo - Escargo
Nail - hammer and "nails"

Bulma's family
Bulma's family is completly named after underware. Its true. See:

Bulma - Another name for a 'bloomers'
Trunks - Like boxer shorts
Dr. Briefs - Briefs (underware)
Bra - What do you think?

Red Ribbon Army
The Red Ribon Army (excluding the androids) are all named after colours.

Silver - Umm... Silver maybe?!
White - Well, white!
Metallic - Kinda silvery shiney colour
Murasaki - This is just purple
Blue - Hmm... Sorry, your gonna have to figure this one out for yourself
Yellow - One of the three primary colors (yellow)
Taopaipai (peach-white-white)
Brown - This is getting annoying. Its brown
Violet - This is a light type of purple
Copper - Some old coins are made of this. Looks kind of bronze
Black - For anyone that doesn't know what black is, look at the background
Red - Red

Ginyu Force
The Ginyu force are named after dairy products. (ha ha)

Ginyu - milk
Ricoome - cream
Guldo - yogurt
Burtar - butter
Jiece - cheese

Freezer and his Family
Nothing great about these guys. They are named after cold things

Freeza - freezer
King Cold - Cold
Coola - cooler

Other Characters
Yamcha - tea
Oolong - A type of Chinese tea
Puar - A type of Chinese tea
Chaozu - pot stickers
(Tein)Tenshinhan - Tenshien rice
Gohan - rice or meal
Karin Tower - crunchy, cookie-like snack food
Lunch - self-explanatory
Zarbon -an exotic fruit
Dodoria - an exotic fruit
Krillin - Chestnut
Cell - Well he made of cells, so thats his name

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