Maxine's OLD Wrestling Stories

The Sister **Triple H**
Dreaming of You ~Sequel to The Sister~ **Triple H**
The Beginning **Triple H**
I'm With You ~Sequel to The Beginning~ **Triple H**
4 Days or a Lifetime **Kane**
All I Know of Love ~Sequel to 4 Days or a Lifetime~ **Kane**
Online Fantasy **Kane**
Offline Reality ~Sequel to Online Fantasy~ **Kane**
Darkness Falls **Kane**
Darkness Rises ~Sequel to Darkness Falls~ **Kane**
Let Me Touch You For A While **Undertaker**
I Will Be There For You ~Sequel to Let Me Touch You For A While~ **Undertaker**
The Trouble With Love **Undertaker**
Loving Every Minute ~Sequel to The Trouble With Love~ **Undertaker**
Things Only Lonely Understands **Undertaker**
If ~Sequel to Things Only Lonely Understands~ **Undertaker**
Please Save Me **Undertaker**
In His Touch ~Sequel to Please Save Me~ **Undertaker**
To Love Again **Undertaker**
In The Rough ~Sequel to To Love Again~ **Undertaker**
Falling In Love With A Monster **Brock Lesnar**
Another Monster ~Sequel to Falling In Love With A Monster~ **Brock Lesnar**
Live **John Cena**
Nothing Heals ~Sequel to Live~ **John Cena**

These stories are STRICTLY for entertainment purposes, nothing else. I don't own anything associated with the WWE or any other organization.**
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