I Will Be There For You

(Sequel to Let Me Touch You for Awhile)



Chapter 1


About a month into my little away vacation…I was sitting in my apt. watching a little TV…when there was a knock on the door…I couldn’t imagine who it was, cause I wasn’t expecting company…I walked over and opened the door, and Mark was standing there…looking back at me.  I smiled and said, “Oh my god, Mark…what are you doing here?”  Mark enveloped me into his arms and gave me a huge hug and said, “I was gonna call, but I figured what the hell…I might as well come and see you, since I had some time off.  I almost forgot you lived in Austin, which is like 3 hours from Houston.”  I said, “Great, c’mon in…have a seat…You want a beer or something else to drink?”  Mark sat down in my huge plush blue chair and said, “Yea, beer would be nice.”  I said, “Corona or bud?”  Mark said, “Nasty, you drink corona?” 


I giggled and walked in handing him a longneck bottle of Budweiser…and sat down nursing my exotic berry wine cooler.  I sat on my knees on the couch facing towards Mark and said, “Yea, I drink Corona when I feel like sucking on Lemons and Limes.  Which lately has been a lot…  Mark said, “So how have you been doing?”  I smiled and said, “Surprisingly well.  I’ve just been relaxing…and seeing some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  I went to a few concerts…other then that, I’ve been laying low…just enjoying the time off…”  Mark said, “Have you been watching Wrestling?”  I said, “Yea, I noticed Vince, decided to split the company into two separate halves.  So Raw and Smackdown are separate…what’s that like?” 


Mark said, “Kind of weird…who ever is stuck on Smack down…you only see them like once every other week…cause they are a week behind us as to what states and cities they are.  I’m on Raw…and it’s not too bad…I think he’s going to bring the two programs together soon, the ratings keep dropping a little every week.”  I said, “Vince won’t stand for that too much longer…”  Mark said, “Nope…so what concerts have you been too?”  I said, “Well, since you had that song played for me…I went to go see Our Lady Peace…which was excellent.  Then I went a little country and saw the Dixie Chicks…which was fabulous…and the last one I went to was AC/DC…gotta get the heavy metal in there somewhere…With as old as those gentlemen are…they sure did bounce around the stage like they were still in their 20’s…”  Mark glared at me and said, “Who you callin’ old…don’t forget I’m as old as those gentlemen…as you so quite innocently put it.”


I cover my mouth with my hand trying to suppress a giggle that couldn’t help but escape.  I said, “So where are you staying tonight?”  Mark said, “I’m gonna go into town and grab a hotel room.”  I said, “What for I have two extra rooms here…you can stay in one if you’d like.”  Mark said, “That’s okay…I don’t mind staying in town…I wanna see a little of this place any ways.”  I said, “Okay, but you’re welcome to stay if you’d like…infact, let me give you a spare key that way, if you decide to come, all you have to do is let yourself in.”  I leaned over and grabbed my keys off the coffee table and took a key and a ring off…and handed it to him.  Mark said, “I doubt if I’ll need it…but thanks.”


I said, “No problem…speaking of which…I’m about to go over and eat dinner with an older couple next door…why don’t you come with me…They love when I come over and bring friends with…”  Mark said, “Okay, Let’s go.”  I stood up and slipped my shoes on…and grabbed a bottle of wine out of the fridge…Mark said, “What’s the wine for?”  I said, “The couple may be in their 60’s, but they could drink you under the table any day…they love their wine and Harley’s.”  Mark lifted his left eye brow and said, “Harley’s?”  I said, “Yea, surprised someone other then you in this world loves Harley’s?”  Mark said, “No…but at that age…”  I said, “You gonna love Harley’s till you die?”  Mark said, “Of course…”  I said, “Well, Walter builds his own with his son down town, and sells them for any price you wanna buy one at.  He only charges what you can afford…he likes to see people happy.”


Mark said, “Wow…not a lot of people will do that…especially since Harley’s are so expensive now.”  I said, “True.”  We walked out and locked the apt and walked about 6 doors down and I knocked on the door…


Chapter 2


A male voice from inside said, “Doc, is that you?”  I said, “Yes sir.”  A scrawny looking 5’6” man with grayish-white hair with a matching go-tee and mustache opened the door and said, “Damn it woman, I told you, you never have to knock just walk your beautiful ass in here.”  I said, “Wally, you know I don’t just walk into people’s homes.”  I scrunched down kissing his cheek and giving him a hug…


Walter said, “Who’s this gigantic fella?  Is he yours?”  I giggled and said, “No, Wally this is a friend from work…his name is Mark Callaway.”  Walter shook Mark’s hand and said, “C’mon in young man…”  Mark was taken back by the friendly atmosphere…”  A short petite 5’2” woman with brownish-gray hair walked out of the kitchen and said, “Mina honey, how are you doing?”  I smiled and said, “Just fine Stella.”  I scrunched even lower and gave Stella a hug and kiss also.  Stella looked towards the door and said, “Get yourself a new bo?”  I said, “No, he’s a friend from work…Stella, this is Mark Callaway.” 


Mark walked over and shook the petite woman’s hand gently.  Stella said, “It’s nice to finally see you around with such a nice looking young man…”  I giggled a little and said, “Stella, you’re just trying to get me into trouble…I’m not with Mark.”  She smiled and said, “Well…there’s always wishful thinking.”  I said, “Geez…here’s some wine…I knew you’d want it cold for dinner tonight.”  Stella said, “Well, screw dinner honey…we already have some for dinner…c’mon in the kitchen and open ‘er up…”  I said, “Yes, ma’am.”  Mark sat down to watch the football game with Walter…and they started talking about Harley’s…while I went in and opened the wine and poured a glass for me and Stella…I opened the door a little and said, “Wally, Wine or Beer?”  Walter said, “Decisions, decisions…oh make it a beer..”  I said, “Mark?”   Mark said, “Beer.”


I walked out and handed each other then a beer and said, “If you gentlemen…and I use that term loosely…need anything just call me.”  I walked back into the kitchen…and Walter said, “If only I was 40 years younger, I woulda married that lassie.”  Mark chuckled a little and said, “I wouldn’t blame you on that one Walter.”  Walter said, “And now tell me why aren’t you going after her…she’s giving you all the signs…without actually saying anything.”  Mark said, “It’s a little more complicated then that.  She dated my little brother…plus I’m in the middle of a quick divorce…”  Walter said, “Divorce yes…death no…every man has to get the experience, Men have a need an a desire that needs to be filled…I guarantee and need or desire you need to be filled…Doc there would surely do it, in a second…she’s a sweet little gal…and needs to find one whose gonna give her the world.” 


Mark was sitting there thinking to himself…and said, “Yup, this is all true Walter…Doc deserves to get someone who can give her everything plus the world…I just don’t know if I’m the guy to do that.”  Walter looked at Mark and said, “Do you desire her…I mean way down deep into the pit of your whole self…do you need her…do you wanna make her scream out your name…want to make her feel like the lady she should be treated as…If you can answer all those questions with a simple yes…then you’re perfect for her.”  Mark took everything in and sat and thought about what Walter had said…


I walked out of the kitchen and sat on the back of the couch behind Walter and said, “What are you boys in here talkin’ about?”  Walter said, “Weather.”  I said, “Oh, now I know you’re up to no good Wally…You never say Weather unless, you’re discussing something you don’t want Stella to find out about.”  Walter looked at Mark and said, “Busted…”  Mark said, “Apparently.”  I leaned over and kissed the top of Walters head and said, “Don’t be putting ideas into Mark’s head that aren’t already there.”  Walter said, “Yes, ma’am.”


I walked back into the kitchen and Walter said, “She’ll never know what we were talking about.”  I stuck my head out the door and said, “I heard that Walter.”  Walter smiled and said, “Oops.”  Mark laughed…


Chapter 3


We sat down to eat dinner and were talking over the food and wine…I said, “Stella, you’ve out done yourself again…you know I love chicken.  But no one makes it like you.”  Stella said, “Thanks darling.”  Mark said, “Yes, Ma’am, this is wonderful.”  Stella said, “Glad you like it honey.”  We finished eating and while I and Stella talked over our 3rd glass of wine…Mark and Walter, decided to clear the table and clean the kitchen.


Stella leaned over and said, “You know that bo of yours is a good catch, he even does dishes…he’s a keeper.”  I smiled and said, “Yea, he does seem good for one thing huh?”  Stella said, “Honey, if I were you I wouldn’t let him leave anywhere without you…and I wouldn’t exactly be using him for dish duty…I think a good roll in the hay would be fabulous with that young man…he’s a tall one…”  I blushed and said, “Stella…roll in the hay?”  Stella chuckled and said, “Please…you don’t think that I and Wally don’t roll in the hay anymore?”  My eyes got bigger and bigger…Stella said, “Please…that old man can’t get enough of me…just like the day we met…he couldn’t keep he hands off me then and still can’t now…even after 50 yeas of marriage.”  I said, “Now how old were you guys when you got married again?” 


Stella smiled and said, “I was 16, and Wally was 18…I remember it like it was yesterday…my folks nearly had a heart attack…when I told them I wanted to marry Wally…his family wasn’t as wealthy as mine…and they didn’t want me to marry into a family where I would have to work, said it wasn’t proper for someone with my back ground to work my life away, and have nothing to show for it…So just to go against my parents…We married anyway, snuck off in the middle of the night like a thief…Wally just stool me away…we married and set up home in the next town over…I left a note for my folks telling them not to worry, everything would be okay…Wally took on two jobs, just cause he didn’t want me to work either…he totally agreed with my folks…but wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction…I’ve never worked a job in my life, except being a wife and a mother…that was it, cause that’s the way Wally wanted it.”


I said, “How romantic…I hope I find someone to spend the rest of my life with like you and Walter…you guys are so happy…and you have 3 great kids because of it…I don’t know if I want kids yet…but it’s a thought that if I find someone to love for the rest of my life, I would eventually love to have a could of rug rats with him.”  Stella said, “I think you may have found him already, you just don’t know it yet.”  I said, “I dunno, maybe.”


Mark walked out of the kitchen…and I said, “You ready to go?”  Mark nodded and said, “Yup, I need to get into town and grab a room before I go riding around.”  I stood up and said, “Thanks for dinner Stella…other then Nana, you and Walter, always make sure I’m fed.  I feel like a puppy bouncing between two homes.”  Stella and Walter gave me a hug and kiss, and Walter shook Mark’s hand and winked at him…Stella grabbed Mark’s go-tee and pulled him down to be eyes level with her…and kissed his cheek.


We walked down to my apt, and Mark unlocked the door and said, “I’ll see you in the morning.  And you can take me sight seeing.”  I smiled and said, “Okay.”  Mark kissed the top of my head, and I watched as Mark walked down the 2 flights of stairs and got on his Harley and drove off to the hotel.


Chapter 4


After the week was up we had managed to keep Sara and Glenn out of our conversations…just to keep our sanity about us.  I stood on the walkway watching the rain fall hard and dripping off the roof…I stood staring down at my bare feet and my red painted toenails…I just had on jeans, and a red t-shirt…my hair was blowing around me as the wind whipped through the walkway…Mark was standing in front of me…and I said, “Thanks for spending the week with me…I really had a great time…I needed it…”  Mark said, “You’re quite welcome…I knew you’d be getting cabin fever, so I took a shot and snatched your address out of your personnel file at titan towers…I’m really glad you enjoyed yourself.”  I smiled and said, “Are you sure you wanna leave with as bad as the weather is right now?” 


Mark said, “A little rain, never hurt any one…besides I love the rain.  I’d take driving in it on my Harley, any day, than in a car when it’s sunny.”  I said, “A little rain…Mark, that’s a monsoon…Okay…just be careful…and call me when you catch up with the tour…I don’t wanna be worrying about you all weekend…”  Mark smiled and said, “I will, I promise.”  I said, “Okay…I’ll see you back on the tour in 3 weeks…Have you heard anything else about the divorce from Sara?”  Mark said, “Yea, my lawyer called my cell this morning, while I was still at the hotel…it’s all finalized…and finished as of yesterday.”  I said, “I’m sorry Mark…”  Mark said, “Don’t be, it’s not your fault…It’s mine…I should have known better then to try and marry someone who clearly didn’t understand how much I’d be on the road.”


I wrapped my arms around Mark’s middle and he held me against him…the smell of cologne and worn leather emitted from his body…he smelled good…Mark leaned over and kissed the top of my head, and said, “I better get going…I’ll see you in 3 weeks.”  I said, “Yea…bye.”  Mark said, “Bye.”  He winked and pulled the hood of his Undertaker sweatshirt up, which was under his leather duster… with his leather panted and steel toed boots…He had me tie his long hair back and braid it tight…Mark walked out in the rain and down to his bike, got on and started the engine…it purred, even in the rain.  I watched as he pulled out and took off down the street, and watched until I couldn’t hear the purr of the engine anymore…


Chapter 5


I started to walk back into the apt.  when I heard the sound of the engine coming back…I thought maybe it was just someone who had a Harley also…but I looked down and it was Mark…I ran down went down the stairs, bare feet, no jacket…and stood about 20 feet from Mark letting the rain drench me…and practically drowned me…Mark said, “I was thinking…maybe I should wait until the rain stops..”  I looked up and said, “It’s probably a good idea.”  Mark said, “I know this is probably about a week short of when I should of said it but, Doc…I think I’m falling for you…I should of come to my senses and told you when I got here…but I didn’t truly understand my feelings for you, until I talked with Walter…”  I said, “Why?”  Mark said, “Walter said…you deserved someone whose gonna give you everything plus the world…I don’t know what all I have that I can give…but I can make you one promise.”  I said, “What’s that?” 


Mark said, “I’ll give you everything I have, plus whatever I don’t have, including the world…”  I stood there for a minute and said, “I just came to a decision.”  Mark said, “What’s that?”  I slowly walked over to him and said, “I don’t want everything you have, or anything that you don’t…I just want one thing.”  Mark said, “What?”  I stopped in front of Mark and said, “You.  Just you…”  Mark wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up and I threw my legs around his waist, and we looked into each others eyes and kissed…My hands pulled his hood down…and let his hair go out of the braid…I could feel his running his fingers through my hair…We were both completely soaking wet.


We walked up to the apt…and Mark closed and locked the door grabbed me and walked me into the bathroom fast as to not get the carpeting wet…


He turned the shower on and then clothes and all pulled me into the warm shower…We continued to kiss, as Mark pulled the wet clothes off my cold, body, and then I started pulling clothes off him, we left them in soggy piles in the shower, after we were both warm…Mark wrapped a towel around both of us, and carried me into the bed room and placed me under the sheets…to keep me warm.


Mark shut the curtains, leaving the light by the bed on, just enough to light the room…and he climbed into bed next to me, discarding the towel around me and then the towel around him…he slowly slid his warm body to me and I slid my hands up his arms and to his face and we started kissing again…His touch made me feel beautiful…There was so much passion between us, we nearly lost our heads…


Chapter 6


Mark’s hands were sliding down my breasts brushing against my nipples, which reacted to his soft touch…I slowly ran my tongue around the outside of his ear, that would drive anyone crazy…and did just that…Mark started trailing fire ridden kisses down my neck to my chest, and slowly circled my left nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his lips…and made me slightly sigh heavy…then his lips ventured across to my other breast…and he repeated what he’d done to the first nipple to the second… 


Mark said, “I don’t want this one getting jealous for not getting the same treatment...”  I giggled a little…Mark ran his tongue down the middle of my stomach…till he had his head between my thighs…and slid two fingers into my wetness, and I gasped air…trying to keep my composure, which wasn’t happening…Mark kissed around my clit and my labia’s, and the insides of my thighs, while he slowly worked his fingers in and out of me, working me into a frenzy…he also had his free hand on my stomach holding me down, so even if I wanted to escape I couldn’t…but believe me, I didn’t want to…


In between kisses Mark said, “C’mon Mina…let yourself go baby…relax and enjoy every minute of this…C’mon Mina I want you to cum for me…”  Mark looked up and I was moaning and biting on my bottom lip trying to totally resist him, Mark just worked his fingers faster and harder…and I totally went over the edge head first…Mark climbed up my body and we continued kissing again…and he slowly parted my knees with his, and slithered his body between my thighs…and the slowly while we were still kissing he pushed his erection into me…he let my body get used to his size before he made a move…and he slowly started moving his erection inside of me…I was so wrapped up and overcome in the passion and feeling of Mark being inside of me…My hips were meeting Mark thrust for thrust…I think both of us were so wrapped up in each other our eyes rolled in the back of our heads as we both climaxed together and I could feel his warm seed flowing into me…


We laid there still for a minute, letting the beating of our hearts catch up with the rest of our bodies…we laid there kissing, and Mark pulled out of me…and we really couldn’t say anything to each other…just laying there staring at each other…Mark was running his fingers through my hair and I loved the way his hands felt against my skin…his hands were so soft…I couldn’t believe the passion and insanity level that was just brought forth in my poor bedroom…it wouldn’t be the same…My bedroom hasn’t seen that much action, since the first newly wed tenants who had it before me…


I reach other and turned the radio on, but left it as low as possible, cause if we decided to say anything to each other, I wanted to make sure we could hear each other…A beautiful song came on the country station I had it set on…



When I lost faith
You believed in me
When I stumbled
You were right there
For every act of love you've done
I owe you one

There were hard times
I know I survived
Just because you stayed by my side
With all I have, with all I am
I promise you all my life

Whenever the road is too long
Whenever the wind is too strong
Wherever this journey may lead to
I will be there for you
Oh, I will be there for you

Through sorrow
Or the darkest night
When there's heartache
Deep down inside
Just like a prayer, you will be there
And I promise you all my life

Whenever the road is too long
Whenever the wind is too strong
Wherever this journey may lead to
I will be there for you
Oh, I will be there for you


Whenever the road is too long
Whenever the wind is too strong
Wherever this journey may lead to
I will be there for you
Oh yes, I will be there for you

I'll always be there



When the song ended, Mark said, “People are going to be a little shocked by us…”  I said, “I doubt it…not if they saw how we felt about each other before we even noticed.”  Mark said, “True…”  I snuggled against his chest and we spent the whole weekend together. 


Mark went ahead and left Monday morning to catch up with the wrestling tour…Mark called me every night before bed…and would talk to me for 45 minutes to an hour…We’d talk about everything…He went ahead and told Glenn about us…Glenn said, “Mark, you both deserve to be happy, if I wouldn’t have been such a son of a bitch, I could still be with her…I’m glad someone is making her happier then I ever could…I don’t care if it is my brother…you was dealt a shitty hand with Sara…so I’m glad she’s got you smiling again…I’m happy for you guys…I just hope she can forgive me some day…I was an ass…”  Mark said, “Wow, you took it better then I thought you would.”  Glenn said, “I was thinking about it…and thought about throwing a fit and knocking you on your ass…but I figured after what I had done to her…it wasn’t my place to say a damn thing, except for the truth…which is…I was a jerk…and if I wouldn’t of had my head up my ass…I’d be with her…but instead, she obviously got the better of the two brothers…cause she got one who loves and respects her…someone she’s always deserved.”


Three weeks later, as planned I caught back up with the tour, and Mark was waiting right there for me…


Chapter 7


“Hey, Mina…Earth to Mina…Come in Mina.”  I finally snapped out of my daze of looking at the ring that was basically a diamond band…diamonds all the way around…and of course my silver wedding band…both planted on my left hand, ring finger…I looked over at Sami and suddenly remembered I was on an airplane…I said, “Huh what?”  Sami giggled a little and said, “Damn girl…that husband of yours must be something, you haven’t been able to take your eyes off that ring since we left Scotland.  And that was 3 hours ago.  You’re gonna make yourself go blind, if you keep staring at it.”  It was my turn to giggle and said, “Sami, I miss my husband…I haven’t seen him in 7 months…girl…And I left for this stupid seminar 4 months after we were married…A girl has certain needs…desires…that need to be fulfilled…” 


Sami said, “Yea…Where I come from its just called sex honey…”  I said, “Thanks a lot…Make it sound all barbaric.”  Sami said, “My boyfriend tears my ass up, every night…something that physical could never even be considered making love in our apt.”  I laughed again…and said, “You wanna see our wedding picture?”  Sami said, “You have one?”  I said, “Of course…It’s just a smaller version of the 8x10 we have sitting on the night stand…but it will do, until I can get back to the real thing.”  Sami said, “Okay…let’s see this hunk of a man of yours girl.”


As I leaned over to retrieve the picture from my backpack, I kept thinking of Mark, It’s been 2 years since we got together, well it will be 3 on our 1 year anniversary, which is in a month…what am I gonna get that boy for our anniversary?…I still had 14 hours left on this flight, before I’d be in Chicago, meeting up with the WWF wrestling tour…The last 11 months has been the craziness known as my life…from the big wedding with every single person from the WWF at the wedding, to moving all my shit from Austin to Houston…to having to break the news to Mark about having to go to this stupid medical seminar for 7 months in Scotland…granted Scotland was beautiful…but I miss my husband…we’ve been married for 11 months…and we were only able to be together for 4 months, then I was gone with the blink of an eye.  Mark called as much as he could and so did I…we spent a lot of long nights talking over the phone…I remember every conversation like it was yesterday…


I pulled the picture out and handed it to Sami…She said, “WOW!  What a HUNK!  Girl does he really look as big in person as he does in this picture?”  I said, “6’10” 325lbs of nasty…That’s my baby.”  She said, “Good lord, what does he do for a living, body guard for the pope, human jackhammer…professional football player…what?”  I said, “He’s not innocent enough to be the popes body guard, he likes to watch football but not play…and I don’t know if he knows what a jackhammer is…he’s a professional wrestler actually…”  She said, “He’s build like a jackhammer, he knows what one is…ya know he does look kind of familiar…My boyfriend watches that shit every Monday and Thursday.”  I said, “Look closer, you’ll figure it out…picture him with a navy blue bandana on his head.” 


Sami looked at me like I was crazy…and then looked at the picture again…she suddenly figured it out…and said, “Dude, you’re married to the Undertaker?”  I laughed and said, “Yea…”  She said, “Good god…he’s one scary guy…”  I said, “That’s just his ring persona…he’s actually a big ole teddy bear when were alone, or when he’s off camera…there’s really nothing scary about him…except maybe his size…”  She said, “How old are you?”  I said, “25.”  She said, “And him?”  I said, “He’s getting ready to turn 37……SHIT!”  Sami jumped and said, “What?”  I said, “Nothing, now I have to figure out something to get him for his birthday and our anniversary.”  Sami said, “What do you get for someone like him anyway?”  I said, “Beats me…obviously I have a lot of thinking to do when I get to Chicago.” 


­Chapter 8


Sami said, “I thought you guys lived in Houston…”  I said, “We do, but I’m employed with the WWF as their road doctor…It’s a nice advantage to be on the road with my husband…Which is actually how I met him.”  Sami said, “Wasn’t he married before?”  I said, “Yea, she wasn’t very happy that he was on the road all the time…so they split.”  She said, “Well as long as you’re happy girl…how do you deal with someone whose 12 years older then you?”  I said, “I don’t deal with him…I married him…and if you love each other, you make it work…big age difference or not…Age was never a problem with us…”  Sami said, “Well, you guys look so cute together in this picture…I hope you guys stay together forever…” 


I said, “Yea, forever is a nice thought…and we can use all the positive thinking we get from anyone…A lot of people are skeptical because we work together…and because of the age difference…When I look at Mark, I don’t see a man who’s 12 years older then me…I see the man I fell in love with, the man who can make me laugh at a moments notice…and a man whose seen me in the mornings without make-up, just out of bed, ratty hair, bad breath…and he still thinks I’m beautiful…I told him he needs to have his eyes sight checked.” 


Sami giggled and said, “So you’ve seen each other at your simply worst, and you’re still madly in love…that’s always a plus.”  I said, “Yea…I honestly don’t think I could ever see myself with anyone else…I do wanna be with Mark forever…and hope he feels the same way…”  Sami said, “He’d friggen crazy not too.”  We laughed and talked a couple more hours and the fell asleep for the rest of the flight…


When the plane landed in Chicago…Sami was still knocked out…I left a note in the pocket of her jacket with my cell phone number and my e-mail address…I picked up my backpack…and walked down the hallway…and soon came face to face with the most gorgeous man that God put on this earth…I smiled and he smiled…and he was holding a long stem red rose…I dropped my backpack at our feet and he handed me the rose and he wrapped his arms around me lifting me to be eye level with him…I wrapped my legs around his waist and we kissed for about 15 minutes…


When we separated from the kiss, I touched his cheek and couldn’t help but stare at his eyes and said, “I missed you so much”  Mark smiled and said, “Yea, I believe the feeling is mutual…I love you.”  I said, “I love you too…That seminar was 6 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days…too long…”  Mark said, “Agreed…Next time you leave for 7 months, I’m coming with you…”  I smiled and said, “Agreed.”  Mark said, “How was the flight?”  I said, “It was okay…I guess.”  Mark looked deep in my eyes and said, “You’ve got jet lag…I know how much you hate airplanes…C’mon let’s go back to the arena and you can relax with me.”  I said, “Okay…what a great idea.”  Mark placed me back on my feet, but not before he kissed me again…We grabbed my stuff and took off for the arena…


Later that night, we were talking with everyone in the dressing room…I was sitting on Mark’s lap on a chair, and Paul had Stephanie on his lap sitting on the couch…Mark said, “I need to show you something later…”  I said, “Why later?”  Mark smiled and said, “Possibly because I don’t wanna show every one here…”  Paul (Triple H) said, “Yo…if you’re talking about the bald headed champ…we don’t wanna see either.”  I started laughing…as Mark glared at Paul and Stephanie who were both laughing now…Mark said, “That’s not exactly what I was talking about you moron.”  I said, “So what is it…huh?  huh?  What?”  I smiled and Mark said, “Damn woman…calm down…Are you sure you wanna see it?” 


I said, “Absolutely…”  Mark said, “Okay…get up...”  I stood up and Mark got up…He untucked his t-shirt and pulled it off…I thought my eyes were going to pop out…In the middle of his chest…directly over his heart was a tattoo of my name…It was red with black outlining it…I touched it and said, “Oh My God Mark…are you sure…that is so permanent.”  Mark said, “Well, I don’t plan on our marriage being temporary.”  I said, “No, no…neither do I…I just can’t believe you did that.”  I leaned over and kissed the tattoo…Mark kissed the top of my head and pulled his shirt back on and sat down…


I said, “Well, I guess I should show you something then…”  I stood in between Mark’s legs as he was sitting in the chair with my rear facing him…After touching and feeling on my butt for a couple of minutes…I said, “That’s my butt, not my shirt…”  He said, “You just leave me alone…I haven’t been able to touch my butt for 7 months…”  I said, “Your butt…I could of sworn it was attached to me.”  He said, “That it maybe, but I married you so that makes it mine, along with everything else attached to your body…just like you’re mine.”  I giggled at him and he slid his hands up my hips and pulled my shirt up and his eyes just about popped out of the sockets…as he came to a red heart tattoo with black outlining it in the middle of my lower back right above the curve of my rear…It actually had ‘Mark’ in the middle of it…


Chapter 9


Mark said, “What the hell?  Tell me that’s fake…”  I said, “What do you think?”  He said, “I think it feels pretty damn real…”  I said, “Good guess…since it is.”  Mark said, “Yea, and just exactly how did you get that tattoo without passing out…”  I said, “Sheer will power baby.”  Mark said, “You did that for me…you’re scared to death of needles…”  I said, “Yea, add to the fact that I have a low thresh hold for pain and I almost wet my pants.”  Paul said, “Tell me she didn’t get a tattoo...”  Mark said, “That’s exactly what she did…go show ‘em.”  Mark smacked my ass; I walked over and shower Paul and Steph.


Mark said, “And Paul…don’t even think about touching her butt…”  Steph laughed and said, “He won’t if he values having fingers.”  Paul smiled devilishly as he sat up and looked at the tat.  Steph said, “I can’t believe you really did it…when you told me you were going to…I didn’t believe you would actually do it.”  Mark eyes got big again and he said, “You knew and didn’t tell me?”  Steph said, “That’s why it’s called a surprise, Deadman.”  Paul ran his hand over the tattoo and said, “Mina, does that say Mark in the middle the heart?”  I smiled and said, “Yes.”  Mark said, “I saw that, I just know you’re trying to kill me…”  I said, “If I was I’d be more successful.” And I winked at Mark and bumped his knee with my foot…Paul and Steph smiled at me…and Mark stood up, and scooped me up and carried me into the bathroom…


I said, “We’ll be right back…please excuse us.”  Mark said, “Hell no…I’ve got 7 months worth of catching up to do with my wife…we might not be back at all…in fact I may even miss my match tonight.”  I started laughing.  Steph said, “Mina, I’ll give you a call later, Paul needs to go get ready for his match...”  I said, “Bye.”  Well it was kind of a muffled bye, because Mark chose to grab me at that moment and stick his tongue in my mouth…not that I was complaining.


After they left Mark ran and locked the door and carried me back out to the couch, where I was sitting straddled on his lap…We kissed, touched and got re-acquainted with each other…Mark was kissing my ear when he whispered, “You don’t know how much I want you right now.”  I said, “Actually, I can feel  how much you want me…I keep getting poked by something, which isn’t your hands or fingers and it certainly isn’t your tongue, since it’s been in my mouth for the last 15 minutes.”  Mark let out a deep laugh…almost evil…I said, “Yea, well if you didn’t have a match later with Glenn against Mark and Devon (Dudley Boys)…I would have you take me right here, right now….but, I don’t want to get your thigh muscles weak….especially not before this table match…it’s important that you’re at 100%.”


Mark growled in the back of this throat, and I giggled…Mark said, “Well then, I suggest you get off my lap, before I make you a passenger on of the mile high club, without the actual airplane.”  I said, “Hmmm…if you keep that as a rain check for me…I promise to cash it in after the show…please.”  I pouted a little and Mark said, “How can I say no to those eyes…you got yourself a deal.”  I said, “Good…so is the tattoo really that bad?”  Mark said, “No, I’m touched you went through that much pain for me…I love you.”  I said, “I love you too…”  We did a little more kissing, before we got up and walked to the back hallway in search of Glenn, so they could go do their match.


Chapter 10

When we got back to the hotel that night, we started kissing like crazy and the clothes virtually disappeared from our bodies…Mark laid me on my back and while kissing up the inside of my thighs, I had my head thrown back enjoying the feeling of his tongue tracing every bit of flesh between my legs…and when he finally entered me with 2 fingers and was running his tongue around my clit in circles…I nearly lost it…but kept composure…

His free hand ran up my body and found one of my hands and we laced our fingers together and I was totally getting deeper and deeper into ecstasy…moaning Mark’s name, cause I knew it totally turned him on even more…I knew he loved it…


Mark stopped and crawled up my body stopping to kiss and suck on my nipples lightly, finally coming to my lips, I loved the feeling of his tongue in my mouth…I could feel his erection pressing against me…Mark was kissing my neck and I said, “Mark…I want you so bad.”  Mark whispered in my ear and said, “Tell me baby…Tell me what you want…let go and tell me.”  I was in total heaven and said, I want you inside of me…I want to feel you inside of me…right now.”  Mark said, “C’mon baby….tell me…”  Obviously trying to get my dirty side out…I wasn’t having any of that…I said, “Mark Callaway…stop teasing me…”  Mark laughed and said, “Okay, baby…okay….turn over.” 


Mark leaned over and kissed my lips as he helped me turn over on my stomach…Mark kissed and licked his way down my body and was kissing my tattoo and said, “The more I look at this…the more I love it on you.”  I said, “Good.”  Mark stood up at the end of the bed and grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my hands and knees and slowly slid his erection into me and set there for a second letting me get used to his size…cause after 7 months he figured I’d be really tight…and he was right…I stood up on my knees leaning back against his chest, I looked up at him and he leaned down and we started kissing as he started moving his hips in and out of me, my sense were going crazy and we both climaxed…


Mark pulled out of me and we laid down on the bed…I moved around and pulled Mark’s t-shirt on and he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms and said, “I’m really glad you’re home…well, not so much home, just back.”  I said, “Yea…me too…I’m even more glad that I cashed in that rain check…It was worth every penny…Remind me to never leave you again for 7 months…”  Mark said, “No problem.  I love you Mina…”  I looked at him shocked…Mark said, “What?”  I said, “You never use my name…you always call me doc.”  Mark said, “Well…you kind of grew on me…”  I said, “I love you.” 


We made love for the rest of the night…oh yea…I had 7 months worth of stacked up rain checks to cash in….


Chapter 11


A few months later, I was sitting in the medical room, and Mark was out in the ring, smacking Kurt Angle around…Mark picked up a chair and smacked him in the head…but Kurt forgot to put his arm up and actually took the chair shot…he was bleeding pretty bad, when Mark helped him to my room…they sat him down and I cleaned it and then gave his 4 stitches…and put a bandage on it…I said, “Okay, Mr. Angle…you’re good as new…well maybe not new…but close enough.”  Kurt said, “Thanks Mina…”  Mark said, “Sorry about that again man…”  Kurt said, “Wasn’t you’re fault I’m the moron who forgot to put my arm up…”


Mark said, “Just think revenge next week, when you get to hit me with metal crutches…”  Kurt said, “Sure…that’s always something to look forward to…”  Mark laughed and I just shook my head at the both of them.  We went back to Mark’s dressing room after I closed up the medical room…Paul, Stephanie, Glenn and Trish (Yes, they actually stayed together…and were engaged to be married…but it didn’t bother me…I already had the better of the two brothers.)  Me and Mark walked in and Mark took possession of the chair and pulled me on his lap…Paul and Glenn were sitting on the couch talking with Mark as I was resting my head on Mark’s chest…


Stephanie and Trish were sitting on the floor talking and Steph said, “If me and Paul ever get married, do you think we’ll be as happy as Mina and Mark?”  Trish said, “Oh god, I don’t know…who the hell is as happy as those two?”  I said, “I heard that.”  They were thrown into fits of giggles…and I said, “We have our bad days ya know…we just prefer to keep it out of the work environment.”  Mark said, “What’ca talking about?”  I looked at him, smiled and whispered, “They are talking about us…Do you have gas or something?”  Mark started laughing and looked at the ceiling and said, “Baby, if I did, don’t you think you’d be the first to know, other then me…”  I said, “Well, hell I don’t know, I was just figuring you could throw it like a ventriloquist throws his voice.”  Mark said, “I’m talented…but not that talented honey.” 


I winked at him and said, “They were saying how were are always happy and wanted to know just who the hell is happier then us…I simply stated that we have our bad days…but we just prefer to keep it out of the work environment.”  Mark said, “Since when?  You are forever telling Stephanie everything.”  I smirked and said, “Not everything baby.”  Mark said, “Oh really like what?”  I moved closer to Mark like I was going to whisper in his ear and instead, I ran my tongue around the outside of his ear and sucked his ear lobe between my lips and scrapped my teeth across it as I let slide between my teeth, letting it go…


Mark looked at me and said, “Woman, you are just trying to start lots of trouble, you’re gonna get it if you don’t watch yourself.”  I smiled and said, “I love a challenge.”  I leaned over and slowly let the tip of my tongue out line Mark’s deep red soft lips…then jumped up and ran over, placing myself between Glenn and Paul on the couch.  Mark glared at me with one eyebrow cocked up…


I smiled and said, “Gentlemen…how are you tonight?”  Glenn looked over at Mark and said, “What did you do to him?”  I said, “I tortured him…save me Glenn…”  Glenn stood up and was face to face with Mark when he stalked over to the couch to retrieve me…Mark said, “You don’t want none of this little brother.”  Glenn threw his hands up in defeat and said, “Hey, I was just trying to give my tiny sister in law a head start.”  I jumped over the back of the couch and said, “You call that saving…Geez…you’re fired.”  I took off out the door…Mark stalked over the couch with 2 steps and out the door after me growling…leaving Paul, Glenn, Trish and Steph in the dressing room laughing their asses off…


­Chapter 12


I was standing right outside the door…when Mark walked out and I said, “Looking for any one in particular Deadman?”  Mark said, “You asked for it…”  I turned and shook my ass at him and started to walk away, when Mark grabbed my arm and spun me around and threw me over his shoulder and smacked my ass…and carried me back in the door…


As soon as I got leverage, I wiggled out of his grip and slipped out of his arms, planting my feet firmly on the floor…I put him in a head lock…Mark said, “Girl, I know you better get go.”  I said, “I’m your wife…I don’t have too.”  Glenn said, “She’s got you on that one bro.”  Mark said, “Don’t encourage her.”  I said, “What?”  And tightened my grip.  Paul said, “Maybe you should be the wrestler…and not Mark…cause by now he would have had me on the matt sucking the rubber off his boot.”  Trish said, “Yea, Mark…it is pretty bad that you’re wife, who isn’t even a wrestler, can put you in a better head lock then your opponents…”  Steph said, “I’ll be you’re manager Mina…” 


I smiled and said, “What a fabulous idea…what do you think babe?”  Mark said, “I think I should kick your ass as soon as you let go of me.”  I said, “Well, that would be all the more reason for me to not let go of you right babe?”  I squeezed a little tighter.  I could feel Mark growling…and couldn’t help but laugh…I moved my foot behind Mark’s knee and pulled his leg forward and released Mark’s head…as Mark’s legs flew up, his torso flew back and hit the floor with a resounding THUD!  Mark laid on his back, with the foursome sent into huge fits of laughter again…


I stood straddled over Mark’s chest, bent over staring at him…I said, “What do you think now Deadman?”  Mark said, “Cute baby…real cute.”  Mark’s hands slid up my legs and pushed my knees forward slowly and have me sit straddled across his chest….I said, “Are you okay sweetie?”  Mark said, “With as tough and mean as I am, you think you taking me down is going to have some effect on me?…babe, I get taken down by guys Paul and Glenn’s size and it hurts more…all you did was take my off my feet…so yes I’m okay.”  I said, “Good, cause I’m about to tell you something that’s going to make you not okay…”


Mark said, “Tell me…I can take it…I’m a man baby…”  I said, “All man baby…”  And giggled as he rearranged his bandana…I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’m pregnant.”  Mark said, “Well, that’s the damndest thing I’ve ever seen.”  Mark sat straight up as I stood up and grabbed his hands and helped pull him to his feet.  He kissed my lips so softly…Glenn said, “What’s the damndest thing you’ve ever seen?”  Mark smiled as he looked at me and said, “Not only was I taken off my feet by my wife…but I was also taken off my feet by a pregnant female…”  Steph and Trish jumped to their feet because they got the jist right away…but it took Paul and Glenn a few minutes before they figured it out…duh!


I was only a month and 2 weeks…but Mark loved it…and he told EVERYBODY…he was so proud…


Chapter 13


The next week, something went really wrong during Mark and Kurt’s match…I was sitting in the medical room, watch the match on the monitor…Kurt came out as scripted and only hit Mark twice with the metal crutch…He was scripted to hit Mark like 4 or 5 times…but by the second hit, the crutch had busted into like 6 pieces…and a piece of the metal crutch about 12 inches long had busted off in Mark’s arm…literally spearing Marks bicep.  I ran out there as soon as they would let me…Mark was slowly going into shock…when they strapped him to the stretcher, I jumped on the stretcher and straddled his chest…keeping his arm immobile…I didn’t want to move it or anything…Paul, Stephanie, Trish and Glenn, followed the ambulance to St. Joseph’s hospital…They rushed Mark into surgery immediately…


I walked into the waiting room…and had Mark’s blood all over my jeans, shirt, hands, it was even in my hair…One of the nurses had given me a towel…but I hadn’t cleaned myself off yet.  I just couldn’t get Mark off my mind.  I was so worried about him…especially with him going into shock.  When I walked into the waiting room…Glenn jumped up and said, “Mina…what’s going on…why aren’t you in there working on him…”  I said, “Hospital policy won’t permit me too…Because were married…it’s a policy in every hospital…it’s the whole not being able to perform like a doctor under emotional ties…Besides I need to keep myself calm…Too much stress will make me miscarriage…”


Stephanie said, “I brought some clean clothes…c’mon, I’ll help you get cleaned up…”  I said, “Okay…thanks.”  We walked down to the ladies room, and she helped me…we talked back and forth…and I changed…about 2 hours later the doctor came into the waiting room and said, “Dr. Callaway…”  I stood up and walked over and said, “How’s my husband Dr. Andrews?”  Dr. Andrews smiled and said, “Mina…Mark’s gonna be fine…The metal missed ever single muscle…and the bone too…so basically he just had a big hole in his arm…he won’t even need physical therapy…just to let himself heal properly…and get lots of rest…the next 72 hours are going to be sketchy because he has to fight off infection…but other then that…he’s should be able to leave here in 5 days.”


I smiled and exhaled a little and said, “Thanks so much Dr. Andrews.”  Dr. Andrews said, “Mark is one tough and mean shit…he’s not going to let something like this slow him down…so I want you to check him and make sure he’s completely healed before he even sets foot back in that ring.”  I said, “Yea sir.”  I walked back over and told the others what the doctor had said…Then I walked down to check on Mark in the ICU…he’s hair was messy so I pulled it back and braided it…and knew he’d sleep until morning…I leaned over and kissed his lips softly and left the room, letting the others go down and see him…I stayed at the hospital sleeping in the waiting room with Stephanie, Trish, Paul, Glenn…and Mark (Bub-Buh Dudley) Devon, and a few other wrestlers who came by after the show was over…and never left…all of us were sleeping in the waiting room…kind of looked like dead bodies all over…


Early the next morning…the nurse woke me and told me Mark’s Temperature spiked at 107…and wasn’t coming down…I said, “Shit.”  Glenn said, “What?  I realize 107 is bad…but what does it mean?”  I said, “He’s got an infection…from the metal…they gave him 3 alcohol sponge baths, but it only lower the temp to 104…it’s still not good…it can go back up within a matter of minutes…I need to think…”


Chapter 14


After 2 days of spiking temperature at 107 and higher…I finally decided to take control of my husbands health and well being…I asked the nurse if they had any old, cloth tubs that could be set up in his room…she said, they actually had a special tub on wheels for patients to take a bath in their rooms, when they couldn’t walk down to the showers…they wheeled it in…and I said, “Paul, I need about 4 bags of ice and 4 buckets of ice cold water…and 3 bottles of rubbing alcohol.”  Paul said, “You got it…”  I said, “Glenn help me…I’ve got to get his jeans, socks and shoes off…”  They had been left on, because he was only there for his arm…and figured he’d be leaving…sooner…


Glenn held Mark up while I stripped him down to nothing but his boxers.  By the time we got him situated in the tub…Paul was back with the ice, water, and alcohol…Paul slowly started pouring the water in, then the ice…and I put the alcohol in…I used a wash cloth and put it soaked fully of alcohol and water across his forehead…Mark started waking up, and had the chills…his teeth were chattering…and he wanted to get out of the tub, the only good thing about that was he wasn’t strong enough to pick himself out…Mark said, “It’s really cold…let me out..”  I said, “No sweetie…you need to stay in here for me…we have to get your fever to break…I promise as soon as it breaks, Glenn and Paul will help you out…but not before then…okay…”  Mark said, “Okay…” 


I felt so bad…he was cold…but his temp was slowly started to drop…not rapidly…but pretty damn slow…I had a hold of Mark’s hand…and Mark said, “How’s the baby…”  I said, “Oh, its fine…”  Mark said, “He’s fine...”  I smiled and said, “So you think we’re having a boy huh?”  Mark said, “I know we are…”  I said, “Okay…he’s fine…”  I leaned over and kissed Mark’s hand…he lifted my hand to his lips and kissed the back of my hand and said, “I love you…”  In a shaky voice…cause he was so cold…I said, “I love you too baby.”  I took the bandage off his arm and cleaned it and put some more ointment on it and re-bandaged it…I took the wash cloth and was running the cold water over his chest, and his other arm…making sure the cold water touched every part that it could…


About 6 hours later, Mark’s temperature was back to normal…and he was actually hungry and thirsty…which is always a good sign…I smiled and said, “Okay, if you’re hungry and thirsty…you’re definitely good to go then…I’ll let Glenn and Paul come in and help you get out and Glenn will help you get dressed, you’re not to move that arm above your shoulder…”  I was half way to the door when Mark said, “Okay…Hey baby.”  I stopped and said, “Yea sweetie?”  He said, “Thanks doc.”  I said, “For what?”  He said, “Just staying with me and talking me through this cold torture…It was worth being stuck in this ice cold water as long as you and him were by my side…”  I said, “Anytime…literally…I’ll be back in 20 minutes…”  Mark nodded…Glenn and Paul came in and helped Mark out of the tub…Glenn helped Mark get dried off and dressed…


About 1 month later, Mark was fully healed and reeking havoc on every ones lives who got in the ring with him…while getting more excited every minute about becoming a dad.  He was constantly worried about me…making me take naps with him in the middle of the day to keep my strength up…Personally, I think he was just needing a nap and didn’t want to go it alone…


Chapter 15


About 6 months later, I was 7 ½ month and definitely showing now…Mark was loving every minute of seeing me get big…I still went with him on the road, even though he protested it for a while…One night Mark was supposed to go up against Brock Lesner and Paul Wight (Big Show) in a handicap match…neither one of those guys were mentally stable and could possible snap anytime…I was sitting in Mark’s dressing room and said, “Mark, just tell Vince you’re going to have Glenn come down to ring with you for safety issues…If anything gets out of hand it’ll be good to have him there to help watch over you.”  Mark said, “Uh…no.”  I said, “Why not?  Something could seriously happen out there…and you’re acting like it’s no big deal.” 


Mark said, “It’s a big deal…I’m nervous enough about it, without having my pregnant wife telling me what to do…”  I said, “What the hell does me being pregnant have to do with any of this?”  Mark said, “You shouldn’t be here…I think tomorrow morning I’ll put you on a plane and make you go back to Houston…you should be at home….you shouldn’t be traveling.”  I said, “You seem to think that just because you put me on a plane to Houston…that...that can keep me there?  Like I can’t buy a ticket when I get there and turn around and come back.”  Mark said, “Fine…have it your way…stay I don’t care one way or another…but Mina, I’m telling you don’t interfere with my matches…I’m a big boy…damn, I’m a grown man…I make the decisions that have to do with my career not you.”  I said, “Why do you have to be such a bully to me…I’m just trying to tell you…you should go out there without having someone to help watch your back…”


Mark started to raise his voice and said, “Damn it Mina…No…I’m going out there…and if they beat my ass…then I’ll take it like a man…I’m not having anyone come out there…and neither are you…I’m warning you little girl…don’t cross me on this one.”  I said, “Little girl? I’m 25 years old, 7 ½ months pregnant with your demon seed child…and I’m your wife…so don’t talk to me like I’m 5 years old.  I love you Mark…but something you…”  Mark said, “Sometimes I what…huh Mina…Sometimes I what?”  I turned to walk away and said, “Sometimes you can be such a jerk.” 


I walked over and sat on the couch…just staring at the monitor…I had my arms and legs’ crossed, trying to get comfortable at 71/2 months pregnant wasn’t an easy task.  Mark came over and kissed the top of my head…but I still wasn’t talking to him…he knew I was either pissed or hurt…he decided he’d just wait and talk with me after his match…since it was the cause of the fight anyway…he wanted to prove everything would be fine…Glenn walked in the dressing room and noticed and uneasy silence…He looked at Mark and Mark said, “Don’t ask..”  Glenn shrugged his shoulders and said, “Okay.” 


Mark left to go to his match and Glenn came over and sat by me…he said, “Alright Mina spill it…What’s going on?”  I said, “I know something bad is going to happen…I can feel it in the pit of my stomach…those two morons Lesner and Wight have short fuses in and out of that damn ring…they are both monsters…all Mark has to do is piss either one off and they will hurt him bad…I suggested he have you go out there as the mediator…just in case one or both of them gets out of line, he’d have someone out there to help.  Not only did he decline several times, but he yelled at me and said, he was going to put me on a plane back to Houston…Glenn I just want you to watch over Mark in this match…I know something is going to happen…and I know he’ll be pissed at me…which I can handle his pissy moods…I’d rather have him pissed then hurt…I’ve got exactly 6 weeks left until his demon seed is born…and I don’t want to be worried about him and his quest to be ‘king of the world’.”


Glenn laughed and said, “King of the world?  Don’t you think that’s a little over dramatized?”  I said, “Of course…but his whole attitude is getting worse, lately he sees to think he could take anyone on…which I don’t doubt he could…but those two morons…are gonna make him hurt…neither of them like him…and I don’t trust neither of them as far as I could throw them.”  Glenn said, “You’re right about one thing……Mark’s gonna be pissed…I’ll stay in the back, until something bad goes down…then I’ll go out…if I go out before then, the pissy mood with be fast and furious…”  I said, “Thanks Glenn.”  Glenn nodded and got up grabbing his Kane mask and walked down to the back curtain area watching the monitor for any kind of discrepancies in the match…


Chapter 16


I was still sitting on the couch with my eyes glued to the monitor…then it happened…I knew it would…Mark tossed Brock over the top rope and was finally battling with Paul (Big Show)…Paul choke slammed Mark through 4 tables…Mark was totally out of it…he hadn’t been knocked out yet…but he was pretty dazed…Glenn slowly stalked to the ring, as Brock got back in and gave Mark his finishing move the F5 3 times…this was not in the script…Mark was supposed to win, by choke slamming Brock and then giving him the last right…but Brock and Paul were about to cover him all together…but then decided they were going to slam him through a few more tables…


Glenn started slinging bodies of the refs, Brock and Paul…Mark laid there like a sack…when he finally came too…Brock and Paul had been removed from the ring…and Glenn was by his side…Mark moved around a little and said, “What the hell happened?”  Glenn said, “Mina was right…those two morons jumped script…you were choke slammed  through 4 tables…got the F5 3 times and was about to go through a few more tables if I wouldn’t have some out here to save your dead ass.”  Mark said, “Mina send you out here?”  Glenn said, “No, she just asked me to watch over you…I came on my own when I saw shit getting out of hand.”  Glenn grabbed Mark’s hand and pulled him to his feet…Mark was pissed about the way things had gone down and that I had been right…but he was even more pissed when he found out I asked Glenn to watch over him…


Mark stalked back to the dressing room with Glenn hot on his heels…Mark threw the door open and I was just walking out of the bathroom…Mark said, “God Damn Mina…I thought I told you to not interfere with my matches…I warned you not to get involved or get anyone else involved…it’s my fucking career…not yours.  I’m so unbelievably beyond pissed right now…I swear sometimes you piss me off so bad, I wished you would have never started working here…I swear as god as my witness…tomorrow morning I’m putting your ass on a god damn plane…and you’re fucking going back to Houston…and you’ll stay there until I get home…when ever that is…I don’t wanna be in the same state with you right now…that’s how pissed at you I am…”  I looked at the ground and said, “You know something Mark…You’re not really pissed at me for having Glenn watch over you…”  Mark said, “Oh I’m not…then tell me oh fucking wise one…why am I pissed then?”  I said, “You’re mad because I was right, everything I told you that was going to happen…happened…and what makes you madder is the fact that your little brother had to come down there to rescue you…your spitting nails right now…because you couldn’t call the shots out there Deadman…”


Mark was about to walk away…when I said, “Oh yea and by the way Mark…Go to hell…I’m going to get on the plane tonight…but not because you think you’re making me…it’s because I want to…How could you ever say you wished I’d never started working here…if I wouldn’t have started working here, we would of never met…and I wouldn’t be married to you right now…and having your baby…and I wouldn’t be so god damn unbelievably in love with you…you asshole…”  I had steams of tears sliding down my cheeks…and I said, “To even say something like that…simply tells me, you don’t really want to be married to me…that’s fine…if you’re so miserable with me…then file for divorce and get the hell out of my life…I can take care of myself…and I can certainly take care of a baby without your ass around…I can’t believe you would even say something like that…I’m almost 8 months pregnant…you’re gonna send me into pre-mature labor you dick!”


Mark started to touch me…and I cringed and stepped back and said, “Don’t…just don’t even touch me…you have no clue what this feels like.  How bad it hurts…to have the man I’m hopelessly in love with…basically tell me, he wished we’d never met.  I love you…but right now…I can’t…I hate you…I really hate you.  I didn’t think that was ever possible…thanks for proving me wrong.”  I looked over at Glenn and said, “Will you please give me ride to the hotel to get my bag and then the airport…I’m going home…”  Glenn just nodded he honestly didn’t know what to say…Glenn walked out with me and Trish…


Chapter 17


An hour later I was on a plane to Houston…as soon as I got to the house, I packed some things and took a taxi ride a couple hours to Austin…I had kept my apt there and had kept all the furniture in it and everything…I new Stella and Walter had been keeping an eye on it…I’d send them money so they could keep up my rent payments…


When I got to the apt, I laid down…it was 2 am…and all I wanted to do was sleep and forget about everything but me and the baby…who’d been active since I walked out of the arena…obviously very aware of me and Mark fighting…I rubbed my belly…and soon fell asleep…About 3 days later, My cell-phone was ringing…I answered it and a the voice of Glenn came back at me saying, “Mina, where the hell are you?  Mark is about to lose him mind worried about you.”  I said, “He wasn’t so worried about me a week ago when he sat there hurting me…If he was so God damn worried about me…why did he even let me leave…huh Glenn….Can you answer that one?”


Glenn sighed heavy and said, “No, I guess not…Can I tell Mark you’re okay?”  I said, “I don’t care what you tell him…as long as neither one of you know where I am…I don’t care what you tell each other…you both deserve each other…first you cheat on me and I catch you…and then you’re dumbass brother hurt me more with words then actions…I think I could of taken him cheating on me better.”  I slammed my flip phone closed and was walking around the pat…trying to get myself to calm down…


Glenn told Mark every I had said…Mark said, “Damn it where the hell could she be…I can’t even think right now…”  Glenn said, “Just think…is there a vacation spot she could have gone…family…anything…”  Mark said, “I already called Nana…but she said she hadn’t even heard from Mina in a couple of weeks…”  Glenn said, “I can’t think of anywhere she could go…unless she’s just somewhere here in town.”  Mark said, “She wouldn’t be that close…she’d rather go somewhere out of town….SHIT…out of town…Glenn you’re a genius…”  Glenn looked at Mark and said, “Really?  Wasn’t aware of that one…so what are you thinking?”  Mark said, “Her apt in Austin…she’s been keeping it rented out, just as an out of town get away…I bet she’s there.” 


Glenn said, “You wanna go?”  Mark said, “Yea…but I’m going by myself…I have to face my wife alone this time…I really mucked things us…and I have to be the one to fix it…”  Glenn smiled and said, “What a good idea…I’m going to go join Trish for her nap…”  Mark laughed and said, “You’re whipped and you’re not even married yet.”  Glenn laughed and said, “Yea…but not as whipped as you.”  Mark said, “Its okay…I can be whipped and still be a man…I have this little band of silver that says it’s okay…what’s your excuse?”  Glenn said, “The gorgeous 5 foot nothing blonde woman upstairs in the second master bedroom.”  Glenn smirked and walked away to join his fiancé.


Mark grabbed his truck keys and extra key for the apt and took off to Austin…he still had it, even after we married and I moved in with him.  When Mark got to the Apt., all the lights were off but he could hear the TV on, he peeked in through the window and saw me sleeping on the couch, laying on my side with my hand on my belly…The baby had been kicking and I was getting ready to cry cause it hurt so bad.  Mark quietly unlocked the door…and walked in, closing and locking it behind him…He reached over and turned the soft lamp on to light the room a little and shut the TV off and just stood there watching me sleep…


Chapter 18


Mark came over and knelt down in front of me, and brushed my hair out of my face and leaned over and kissed my lips so slowly, when he pulled back, I slowly opened my eyes, cause I knew there was only one man who could ever kiss me like that…When Mark was staring at me back…I said, “I knew it was you…”  Mark said, “How’s that?”  I said, “You’re the only man who has ever kissed me like you do…”  Mark said, “Mina…I’m so sorry about everything…I was such a jackass…I realize I said some pretty shitty things to you…and I never really meant any of it…I just don’t know why I ever said it.” 


I said, “Cause something you can be a jerk.”  Mark smiled and said, “Yes…yes, I can.  Will you forgive my dead ass?”  I said, “I guess so…what the use in being married to a dead guy, if you can’t make him beg ever once in a while.”  Mark leaned over and we started kissing again…Later that night, we locked up the apt… and took off back to Houston.


A month later, I went into labor 2 weeks early…I was a little worried but Mark…get real…that man doesn’t worry about nothing…after 36 hours of some crazy ass labor…and calling Mark a few choice names…along with Glenn, since him and Trish joined us at the hospital…I had a baby girl, we named her Michelle Anne Callaway…looked exactly like her father…those green eyes, long 23 inch body, and that red fuzz for hair…she was adorable…Mark loved her…even though he was wishing it was a boy…he said there was always next time…I told him, not unless he knocks up Glenn…


Glenn looked at me and laughed hard with Mark…Later that we after I was released with Michelle…I was standing in our room watching her sleep peacefully in her crib at the foot of my bed…and looked over and Mark was completely knocked out also…Watch both of them sleep, the only thought that crossed my mind is…well the only two thoughts crossed my mind was 1) How did I ever get so luck…and 2) Maybe we should try for a boy next time…I crawled in bed, ready to start my new life as a mom with my new daughter and my ever so loving husband.  Mark wrapped his arms around me as soon as he felt the bed shift and knew I was getting into bed…he kissed my neck and said, “I love you doc.”  I smiled and said, “I love you too Deadman.”  And Sleep over took our bodies…until the madness we call our life...would start again the next morning…


The End…