The Trouble with Love


Chapter 1


It was the summer I turned 17…and I had just graduated from Grenwich High School. I always went on the road with my parents over the summer…You see my parents had a traveling job…My mother and father were Linda and Vince McMahon…My father is the CEO of the WWE…or better known as the World Wrestling Entertainment. I have 2 older siblings…Shane and Stephanie.

My name is Alyssa…I’ve made friends with most of the wrestlers in dad’s company…I’m trying to get ready for college as I travel on the road with the wrestling tour. They acquired a new wrestler a couple of years ago named Mark Callaway…he wrestles under the name Undertaker, he’s 30. But he’s built like a brick wall. He’s 6’10 and a little over 300 lbs…with dark auburn hair to the middle of his back and he’s got a long pointy go-tee (at the time hair was hanging…at the time it was dyed black and so was his go-tee…for his ‘dark’ part…)…and piercing emerald green eyes.

Mark’s thing is tattoos…so far he’s only got 2 one on each forearm…but every time I talk with him….he says he’s gonna be getting more soon. Mark is not the typical wrestler…he does high flying…even though he’d known as a giant…he flies over the rope on to loads of opponents outside the ring…

I think out of the whole roster I’m closer to Mark then anyone…I mean…there are a few other wrestlers I talk to and have become friends with…but no one ever listened to me like Mark would. I met him when I was just barely 15…and he’s married to some woman who doesn’t even wanna bother with coming on the road with him. Mark taught me how to box and how to fight…and he also taught me how to bluff really good when I’m playing poker. He’d teach me anything I asked him to.

After spending my summer with the wrestling tour I will be leaving for college tomorrow. I’m sitting back stage with John Leyfield and Ron Simmons…and were playing poker…Mark walks up in his Undertaker ring attire and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. His deep southern accented voice comes rumbling out of his chest as he said, “Something funny girl?” I get straight faced and look up and said, “No…Never.” I look at John and we both crack up laughing. His voice booms, “Speak woman…what’s so funny?” I finally get my giggles calmed enough and stand up and say, “You really wanna know what’s so funny?”

Mark plants his hands on his hips and nodded…I said, “You in your Undertaker get up…you always look like you’re getting ready to run into battle an army…and you do that whole stern…straight faced look…like the Lord of Darkness…but you’re really not him…you’re one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met…and you wouldn’t harm a fly…and you know it.” Mark mocked me for a minute and then says, “I’m gonna come looking for you later…I’ve got something for you before you leave tomorrow.” I salute him and said, “Yes sir.” And I watch he walks away…muttering something about me being a smart ass under his breath.

After Monday Night Raw is over…the arena is emptied…I was supposed to go to the hotel cause mom and dad were having a going away party for me…but I didn’t feel much like partying…I walked out to the ring after everyone had left…and the crew had already taken the ropes down but left the ring up…I sat on the edge…and knew I wasn’t going to be back for a while. After a few minutes I heard someone clear their throat and I looked up and saw Mark walking over in black jeans, black t-shirt and big black boots.

Mark said, “Ms. McMahon you care to tell me why you’re the only one not attending your going away party?” I stared at the floor for a while and Mark walked up and stood in front of me and lifted my chin with his hand…I looked up and said, “I guess I just don’t feel like partying right now. Besides you’re not at the party.” Mark smirked and said, “I was…but when I didn’t find you and you’re car wasn’t in the hotel parking lot…I came back here looking for you.” I said, “Oh…ok…well what can I do for you?”

Mark said, “Remember I said I had something for you?” I nodded and said, “Yes.” Mark sat next to me on the ring apron and said, “A few weeks ago, you came to me and asked if I would think about giving you, your first kiss. Now I have to be honest…this is definitely something you’re father could fire me for…being you’re only 17 and I’m 30…but I figured out of all the guys you’re friends with…I knew I was the only one you asked to be your first kiss.” I nodded and said, “True.”

Mark got up and stood in front of me…and then grabbed both of my hands and said, “I’ve made a decision…but you’ve gotta promise me it stays a secret between us…I like my job too much to be fired for kissing the bosses daughter…” I stifled a giggle as Mark pulled me off the ring to stand in front of him…Mark cupped my face with his huge hands and said, “You’re going to be something special when you get to college…and you’ll have boys fighting and falling all over you just to get to kiss you…I want you to remember tonight…that I was the man who gave you, your first kiss. This is my going away present from me to you Aly…”

I half smiled and Mark slowly brushed his lips against mine…as he slowly pushed his tongue into my mouth…I let a moan escape my mouth…my hands came up and rested on his forearms…tasting him on my tongue and lips was intoxicating. The next morning as every one was packing up to leave for the next arena…I said my good-byes and took off to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).


Chapter 2

- -Flash Forward 6 Years Later- -

By now my father came up with the brilliant idea to spilt up the rosters into Smackdown and Raw…Mark was on Raw…My dad had been raving that he’d gotten a new General Manager for Raw…but hadn’t gone into details about who it was…

I pulled up to the Bradley Center, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…it’s were the WWE was going to be for the Raw show…I threw the emergency brake up on my red five speed mustang and got out…I pushed my hair out of my face and grabbed my backpack and hit the security alarm on my car. I walked down and found the door marked ‘New Raw GM’. I walked in and closed the door. I pulled my laptop and cell phone out and placed them on the desk and gave Shane a call.

The phone was ringing…and finally Shane said, “Hello.” I said, “Hey Big brother.” Shane said, “Aly…is that really you?” I said, “Of course it is…I’m here…but remember not to tell anyone.” Shane laughed and said, “Not even a certain nearly 7 foot tattooed man whose been asking about you for the last 6 years…you know his divorce came through for him about 6 months ago.” I said, “Shane, were just friends…the only way I’ve talked to him in the last 6 years has been through the cell phone waves and telephone lines. So don’t go getting all suspicious. Besides for the last 6 year’s we’ve only talked a total of maybe 10 times.”

Shane laughed a little more and said, “Yea, yea I know…I’m just giving you a hard time…you guys were so close when you was younger…what happened?” I said, “I grew up…I went to college…not like we still can’t be friends…I’m just not the same 17 year old I was when I left.” Shane said, “Okay…its all good little sis…no worries.” I said, “Okay…I’m going to get ready for tonight…I’ll talk to you in a while.” Shane said, “Okay…see ya later.”

I closed my red flip phone and put in on the desk as I stood up and walked over to the mirror and looked at the outfit I had picked out as my ‘debut’ outfit…it was dark blue jeans, tight around all the right curves, with a white cotton cube top…again tight in all the right places…and white steel toed boots…my long brunette hair was down past my waist and was naturally wavy and bounced when I walked. My big gray eyes usually gave away anything that was on my mind. I stood side ways and looked at my 5’10” 125lbs frame…I’d gotten much taller since going to college…and started filling out clothing in all the right spots. I looked over at the clock on the wall…it was just after 9 and I could hear the pyro for Monday Night Raw going off…it echoed through out the building.

Shane’s music went off through the speaks…as he walked out and got into the ring…the guys back stage were running around trying to make sure everything was ready for the next 2 hours of the program…Shane cleared his throat and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, for the last 2 weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about us replacing Eric Bischoff…well it’s true…but it’s only because we found someone more qualified to do the job.”

Eric didn’t even wait for his music…he stormed down to the ring in a blind rage of fury. Eric said, “Let’s wait just one minute here boy wonder…wanna tell me what the hell is going on…no one said anything about a new GM…and no one certainly said anything about replacing me. I’m the best co-GM we have on this show…Stone Cold doesn’t count…he drinks to much.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits and he stalks out to the ring…he hit all 4 posts and gives every one the one finger salute…I think you know which finger. Steve says, “I’ve been waiting for you people to finally get a new GM in here to replace Eric’s ragged ass…it’s about damn time. So who is it?” Eric said, “No one is better then me…who is it?”

Shane smirks and says, “Well boys, the New GM is not really replacing either of you…you will be reporting to her.” Eric said, “Her?” Steve smiled and said, “It’s a woman.” Shane smiled and said, “Of course it’s a woman…a beautiful one at that…so without further impatient waiting…please welcome…Alyssa McMahon.”


Chapter 3

I walk out and stand on the platform as all the fans start going wild…

The sultry beat of my entrance music dances through the speakers in the arena…

I'll always think of you

Inside of my private thoughts

I can imagine you

Touching my private parts

With just the thought of you

I can't help but touch my self

That's why I want you so bad

Just one night of Moonlight

With you there beside me

All night, doin' it again and again

You know I want you so bad

Baby, baby, baby, baby


Oooh I get so high

When I'm around you baby

I can touch the sky

You make my temperature rise

You're makin me high

Can't get my mind off you

I think I might be obsessed

The very thought of you

Makes me want to get undressed

I wanna be with you

In spite of that my heart says

I guess I want you to bad

All I want is Moonlight

With you there inside me

All night, doin it again and again

You know I want you so bad

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Oooh I get so high

When I'm around you baby

I can touch the sky

You make my temperature rise

You're makin me high

Baby, baby, baby, baby

I want to feel your heart and soul inside of me

Let's make a deal

You roll, I lick

And we can go flying into ecstasy

Oh Darlin' you and me

Light my fire

Blow my flame

Take me, take me, take me away

Oooh I get so high

When I'm around you baby

I can touch the sky

You make my temperature rise

You're makin me high

Baby, baby, baby, baby


By the time the song ended I was in the ring…and speaking to the fans and also to Shane, Eric and Steve.

Mark was in his dressing room…he looked up when he heard Shane say Aly’s name…he was surprised as hell to see her…she’d grown up into a beautiful lady…she was a total knock out…he over heard a few of the guys in the hallway saying some stuff about her…but he had to admit…they were completely right…she was gorgeous…he knew she was going to grow up to be a heart breaker.

Mark was hoping she still had the same out going personality as when they had first become friends…ever since he’d filed for divorce he stopped talk to her…he was constantly grouchy about his ex-wife and never wanted to take it out on her…he’d hoped it didn’t hurt her feelings to not get calls from him anymore. Mark decided he’d go wait for her in her office.

I walked through the hallway to my office and I opened the door and closed it…I had my eyes closed…and was leaning against the door…so I didn’t see the man sitting in my office chair.


Chapter 4

As I was leaning against the door with my eyes closed…I got the sneaking suspicion that I wasn’t alone…Then I heard the deep throat clear…My eyes popped open and rested on Mark sitting behind my desk with his feet propped up on the corner of it.

I smirked and said, “Nice to see you again Mr. Callaway.” Mark looked over the rim of his black sunglasses and said, “Mister? Since when have you ever called me Mr. Callaway?” I said, “Oh I don’t know…I called you that a few times growing up.” Mark stood to his full 6’10” height and said, “Then I guess I’m glad you grew up so you can stop this silly non-sense of calling me Mr. Callaway.”

I giggled and walked over and Mark enveloped me into his arms and we hugged for so long. Mark said, “You do realize 6 years was too long for us to not at least see each other…I missed ya girl.” I took in a deep breath…he still smelled the same and I said, “Yea…I know I missed you too.” Mark kissed the top of my head and said, “I’m glad we kept in touch at least a little bit.” I said, “Yea…me too.”

Mark said, “Well now that you are finally back and I see working as the GM…why don’t you let me take you to dinner?” I smiled and said, “Okay…sounds good.” Mark said, “Let me guess pizza right…Canadian bacon, pineapple and chicken with massive amounts of cheese.” I laughed and said, “Wow you remember.” Mark said, “How could I forget…every Friday since you was 15…2 years straight…Pizza and Pepsi.”

I said, “So my room or yours?” He said, “Yours as always.” I said, “Okay I’ll see you after the show.” Mark nodded and walked out…

God that man looked fuckin hot…he was still build like a brick wall…with tattoos covering his arms from wrist to shoulder…his hair had been let to go back to being it’s original dark auburn…and he had it pulled back in a low pony tail. And still the same smell…that whole leather, cologne and MALE smell…

Later that night I was sitting in my hotel room in my sleep cotton shorts and tank top set…I left my hair down…I had just sat on the couch and turned the TV on when there was a knock on the door…I knew by the sound of the knock it was Mark…I looked at my watch and walked over and opened the door and said, “Right on time…as usual.”

Mark nearly fell over backwards when he looked down and saw what Aly was wearing…He couldn’t believe how much she’d grown up…and in all the right places too.

Mark walked in and said, “I hope you’re hungry little girl.” I smirked and said, “When am I never hungry?” Mark laughed and said, “Point taken.” We sat down and started eating and talking…We covered everything from me at school to him during his divorce…

I said, “Was it really hard?”

Mark said, “It wasn’t too bad…we both saw it coming…we just couldn’t do anything to stop it…but I think we’re both better off without the complications of being married…I don’t see her and she doesn’t see me…what a great deal huh.” I said, “I don’t know about that…If I would have had time to come back and see you between semesters I would have…You always understood me…I hated being at a school where I didn’t know anyone. I mean obviously I met friends while I was there…but it wasn’t the same without you.”

Mark said, “Well you had to go…your father would of shit a brick if you hadn’t.” I said, “Yea…tell me about it. He would of actually shit purple twinkies if he would of seen some of the guys I dated too.” Mark laughed hard and said, “Oh I can imagine.”

I said, “I highly doubt it…I dated a few weirdo’s but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle…but my father handling it was a totally different subject. My father would of shit his pants. But then again dad was always the one who didn’t care who we dated as long as they weren’t wrestlers. I don’t know how Steph weaseled her way into marrying Andrew (Test)…or Shane for marrying Jesyna…I dunno, maybe it’s different for guys.”

We finished up dinner and talking and said our goodbyes…we met for dinner like old times every Friday night.

Chapter 5

- -6 Months Later- -

Somehow or another every time Mark got near me I could feel myself being drawn to him…there were times when obviously we couldn’t do dinner on Fridays…I don’t think Mark noticed what was going…thank god. I didn’t think I could possible tell him the friendship and crush I’d had on him when I was 17…built into much more.

I know that out of everyone in the company…Mark and I were practically best friends…I’d watched as he dated all these weird women who only wanted him because he was the Undertaker…and not because he was just Mark. I tried talking to him about it, but he would just tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about because I was too young to understand.

I had finally given up on trying to get through to Mark about the chippies he was dating. So one night me, Lena, Julia, Jessica and Faith decided it was time for a girls night out…we met Trish, Amy, and Stacy at the club…we started drinking Tequila…and didn’t stop until we had about 6 bottles in us.

After a while were just sitting around talking…I looked over at Trish and she was licking the side of her shot glass…I couldn’t help but laugh…I said, “Trish what are you doing?” With a crocked smile on her face and slurred words she said, “I’m trying to get the rest of the liquid out of the glass and into my mouth.” I leaned over and took her glass from her and said, “Okay…Trish has definitely had enough.”

Trish, Stacy and Amy went home before us…We were all pretty shit faced. But decided we definitely need a few more bottles…

So after 3 more bottles of Tequila…we were all about 9 sheets to the wind. To match the content of 9 empty Tequila bottles, setting on the table, with 5 empty shot glasses, about a million slices of lemons and limes and 5 salt shakers. After a few hours we had the bartender put us in a cab and send us back to the Hilton Hotel…we were stumbling through the lobby of the hotel when we were spotted…

Glenn, Steve, Paul, Shane and Brock came over and stopped us…We were hanging all over each other…Shane said, “You are all drunk aren’t you?” Jessica looked at her husband and said, “Oh quick on your feet aren’t ya.” Shane put his hands on his hips like dad does and said, “Alright…whose idea was this?” I stepped up and said, “Mine…” Shane said, “Should I even ask why?”

I said, “Yes…but lemme tell ya…We needed to get a little crazy…and get a little relaxed…and…and…and.” Lena by now was leaning against her boyfriend Brock and said, “Drunk.” Which sent us girls into a fit of giggles…

Glenn said, “C’mon I’ll help you back to your room ringleader.” I walked up to him and poked him in the chest and said, “Oh yea…guess what?” Glenn humored me and said, “What?” I stuck my tongue out and blew raspberries at Glenn…Which all that did was send the girl back into a fit of laughter as we all hit the ground rolling. As I stood up I felt a pair of big arms lift me out of my feet…I looked up and it was Glenn Jacobs…I said, “Hey there Glennie Boy.”

Glenn laughed and said, “Hello trouble.” I laughed and said, “I’m not trouble.” Glenn said, “No but you’ll be in trouble if your father finds out you girls got drunk the night before a huge Pay Pre-view…Vince is gonna tan your hide.” I said, “Vinnie? Spank me? Get real. He never spanked me a day in his life, my life…our life…your life…whatever.”

I heard a familiar voice behind me say, “Yea…that’s why you’re a spoiled brat right now…someone oughta beat your ass…” I looked back and Paul was carrying his girlfriend Julia. I said, “Yea? Bite me.” I looked further back and Brock was carrying Lena, Shane was carrying Jessica, and Steve had a hold of Faith.

Glenn got me to my room…and I was tucked in bed and passed out before I knew what hit me.

Chapter 6

The next morning, hung over and big head ached…the five of us girls piled into my office popping aspirin and drinking tomato juice…it was a good thing there was 2 big couches and one love seat…I was laying across the love seat and my feet were dangling over the edge…I’d locked the door so we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Then came a loud banging on the door…I pulled myself up from the couch and walked over and unlocked the door and opened it…and Mark’s face was staring back into mine. I walked out the door and closed the door behind me…and leaning against the wall.


Mark looked pretty pissed and if he was going to yell…why subject the other girls to the loud noise during really bad hang over headaches. Mark hand his hands planted on his hips and said, “Do I even need to ask if the rumor going around the locker room is true?” I said, “What’s the rumor and I’ll tell you if it is or not.”

Mark said, “That you decided to be the ringleader of an all night drinking binge at a club here in town.” I pulled my sunglasses down and let Mark see how blood shot my eyes were and said, “What do you think?”

Mark said, “I think I should go down to your father’s office and volunteer to whip your ass for him for getting drunk the night before one of the biggest fuckin’ Pay Pre-Views. Does your father even know?”

I said, “How the fuck should I know…but considering Shane saw us…and he’s got a big blabber mouth then yea…he probably already knows.”

Mark said, “You need to have your ass spanked for being a spoiled brat.”

I said, “Wow…being called a spoiled brat twice within the expanse of 12 hours…must be some kind of subliminal message…Mark last time I checked you’re not my daddy…you’re not even family…you’re just a friend…and an employee of my father. You’re also not my baby sitter. And if memory serves me correct…I’m 23…not 17 anymore. And Corporal Punishment was taken out of the Constitution Hitler.”

Mark said, “You know something you are a spoiled brat and you do need to have your ass beat…but it’s not going to be by me…I’m gonna make sure you’re father does something about that mouth of yours…I thought you had matured over the last 6 years...but I guess I was wrong.”

I said, “Like what Mark…make me wash my mouth out with soap for saying fuck…and what now it’s a fuckin’ crime to wanna go have fun. It doesn’t make me immature Mark…it makes me human…but you wouldn’t know anything about that…”

Mark said, “Oh really and why not?” I said, “Because…you’ve been too busy fucking everything with a twat lately that how could you see…” I stopped and looked up at Mark…I wanted to cry right then and there…it was the first time in the years I’d known Mark that we had ever fought…we NEVER fought for any reason…I could feel the tears starting to sting my eyes and I backed up and said, “Never mind.”

Mark said, “No, finish what you was going to say…” I said, “It doesn’t matter anymore…something happened with us Mark…Some where along the lines I grew up and you decided you want to act like my dad…well I’ve already got one…Go find someone else to yell at today…cause I’m finished.”

I walked back into the office and locked the door again.


Chapter 7

For about 2 weeks, I didn’t speak to Mark…every time we saw each other I would glare at him or just pretend he wasn’t there…Then one night Me and the girls decided to go out again and have another girls night out. I had decided earlier in the night that I wasn’t going to be drinking…I stuck with Pepsi and water…Probably the best idea I had all my life. We got to the club and I had on jeans with white steel toed boots and a white tank top that said, ‘Naughty Angel’ in black lettering across the chest. I had jut left my hair down…I wasn’t doing anything fancy.

Mark decided he was going to be the father figure in my life while my parents went to Italy on vacation…he was trying to tell me what to do during shows and what not…and I basically…well…I ignored him. I knew I was totally falling in love with him…but then again I ignored the fact that all he had to do was touch me and I’d have a Triple Whammy Orgasm. Provoked or not. I’m glad he didn’t know I was totally falling for him…No one knew how I felt about him. And that’s pretty much the way I preferred it. It was no one’s business but my own.

So Mark and a few of the other guys followed us to the club to keep an eye on us…Mark hadn’t noticed I wasn’t even drinking alcohol…but I noticed he kept watching me like my dad would. I finally decided it was time to SING. I got up on the stage and told the band the song I had in my mind…and they totally got the tempo and music going…it was sultry and sassy.

I've…tried with all my might

But still don't understand

Why…we ever let it get so out of hand

My…arms are reaching out and holding on tight

To what it always felt so right

It's hard to figure out the answers to the questions

When both our lives are going in separate directions


One…is breaking into two

And my heart is turning blue

And you still don't get it do you…do you

I thought we had all the love

To go it for the long run

So before the damage is done

Let's start back over at one

Lights…out when every evening used to get so hot

Now…we got so damned distracted we forgot

How…to lock the world away and just get lost

In…where you end and where I begin

Love is strong but it's so easy to divide

So boy let's think about how much is on the line

One is breaking into two

And my heart is turning blue

And you still don't get it do you…do you

I thought we had all the love

To go it for the long run

So before the damage is done

let's start back over at one

One…is breaking into two

My heart is turning blue

And you still don’t get it do you…do you

I thought we had all the love

To go it for the long run

So before the damage is done

Let's start back over as


One…is breaking into two

And my heart is turning blue

And you still don't get it do you…do you

I thought we had all the love

To go with for the long run

So before the damage is done

Let's start back over as one


Chapter 8

At the end of the song…I could feel myself getting tired I said my goodbyes to everyone…and grabbed my rental car keys and headed out the door and into the parking lot…I got half way to my car before a hand grabbed my arm and spun me around…

I didn’t even have to look up I already knew who it was.

I said, “What do you want Mark?”

Mark planted his hands on his hips again…I wonder if he knows how incredibly sex he looks like that…Mark said, “Want? I don’t want anything I came out to stop you from driving back to the hotel after you’ve been drinking…how stupid could you be little girl.” I said, “Do you really think I’d be THAT stupid to drive drunk or to even drive after I have alcohol in my system?”

Mark crossed his arms over his chest and said, “Lately, with you anything seems to be possible…Your attitude stinks and someone needs to beat some kind of sense into you.” I said, “Mark, butt out. I haven’t had anything to drink you moron. I can’t believe you think I’m that stupid. And my attitude is just perfect towards people who are trying to act like my dad who aren’t my dad.”

Mark said, “Well, obviously you need someone to watch out for you…you’re starting to put yourself into danger and I am not about to let you drag your friends into it with you.”

I said, “Hello! Did you not just hear me say I haven’t been drinking tonight.” Mark said, “Obviously you’ve had something to drink you don’t get all bitchy for no reason.” I said, “Yes I had something to drink…a Pepsi and about 4 bottles of water. If I’m bitchy obviously it’s for a reason.”

Mark said, “What you on your period or something…you know that excuse gets really old with girls who have a bad attitude.” I said, “Mr. Callaway, I’m not on my period and even if I was…it wouldn’t be any business of yours to know about it in the first place.” Mark said, “Please you can’t hide shit like that.”

I started to get back into my rental when Mark grabbed my arm again. I zipped around on my heels and pointed at Mark and said, “Lascili me soli scatto...che non posso credere quanto stupid siete...Io sto cadendo nell'amore con voi e neppure non lo conoscete...cinghia stupid grande del jock.”

I shoved Mark and got in my rental and took off...

Half way back to the hotel it started raining really hard...I was at a red light sitting listening to the radio...I looked down at my cell phone it was blinked like crazy and the caller id said Mark on it...obviously I knew who was trying to call me...The light turned green and as I started through the intersection I saw a pair of headlights coming out of no where.

The look of extreme fright came over my face and I braced myself...the sounds of squealing rubber...twisting shattering...the extreme pain zipping through the side of my head when it hit the drivers side window and shattered...I sat there disoriented for a while and just trying to get my senses back...I started to move around to try and get out of the car as waves and waves of dizziness hit me all at once...

The darkness over took me fast.


Lascili me soli scatto... che non posso credere quanto stupid siete... io sto cadendo nell'amore con voi e neppure non lo conoscete... cinghia stupid grande del jock


Leave me alone you jerk...I can not believe how stupid you are...I am falling in love with you and you do not even know it...big stupid jock strap



Chapter 9

Stephanie was sitting at the table enjoying her drink and watching the other guys make fools of themselves on the dance floor...there was definitely something about wrestlers who danced...they were coordinated in the ring...but they sure as hell weren’t coordinated when they were dancing to ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’...

Steph looked up and saw Mark approaching the table and he said, “You know that sister of yours is a damn spoiled brat, and she’s a stubborn ass.” Steph sipped her drink and said, “Mark tell me something I don’t already know. And Alyssa isn’t spoiled...she’s actually quite level headed for having been in the McMahon family...Now me...I was spoiled...and her and Shane will tell you that. Shane might have been the oldest...but I was the most spoiled. I could always get mom and dads attention with anything.”

Mark said, “Yea well, she just drove drunk back to the hotel...I tried to stop her and after a yelling match between us...she shouted something at me in some kind of foreign language and I’m pretty sure it was something about a stupid jock.” Stephanie perked up and said, “Did she say ‘cinghia stupid grande del jock’ by any chance?” Mark said, “Yea...that’s exactly what she said.” Steph started laughing and said, “Don’t be offended or anything...but she called you a big stupid jock strap...she says that to a lot of the guys when they piss her off...and she only says it in Italian because she knows none of them know what it means...”

Mark said, “Then how do you know what it means?” Steph smiled and said, “I have one of those voice speaking translator machines...Like for when I talk to Rey Mysterio, I know it’s easier for him to talk in Spanish sometimes to get the right words I have it so I can understand what he says...but then I can talk to him in English...anyways...she said it one day and my translator went off and I was like whoa...but the more I heard her say it...the more familiar I became with it...I called Andrew that once.”

Mark just started laughing...he said, “I’m not offended in the least...I would expect nothing less then that from Aly. She always was the one to use phrases in different languages to make people wonder what the hell she was saying...but then again she has never said anything like that to me before.”

Steph laughed and said, “Hey...Maybe you grew on her know when she was growing up she had a big crush on you...and then she left for college. I think that’s why she didn’t come back for 6 was’re not married now...but I think you’re having more effects on her then she’s willing to admit to anyone.”

Mark said, “Aly? Crushing on me? You’re talking jibberish woman. If anything we’ve been friends for a long, LONG time.” Steph said, “It’s not jibberish Mark, think about guys have been fighting non-stop like a couple of teenagers in love who can’t get their shit straight. I’m telling you right now that Aly likes you as more then a crush...I don’t know to what extent...but it’s there...I can tell.”


Stephanie pulled her phone out of her purse and said, “Hello?....WHAT?!?!...Oh My GOD...Okay...yea - yea...bye.” Mark said, “Who was that?” Steph was 3 shades of white paler and said, “That was the hospital...Aly’s been in a car accident...something about a drunk driver.” Mark jumped up and said, “C’mon darlin’ I’ll drive you.” As they left the club they called Shane and a few other people.

Stephanie got to the hospital and ran up to the nurse’s station. She said, “My name is Stephanie just got my little sister Alyssa in here...she was in an accident.” The nurse looked over the charts and said, “Yea ma’am...Have a seat and I’ll page the doctor...he’ll come out and tell you what’s going on.” Stephanie walked over and Mark and they sat down.

Chapter 10

“Is there anyone here for Alyssa McMahon?” A voice said. Stephanie’s head snapped up and she walked over with Mark and said, “Yes...I’m her sister...he’s a friend of the family...what’s going on with my sister doctor?”

He said, “First of all My name is Dr. Alexander Michaels...I’ve been working on your sister since she came in...she’s pretty lucky...all she’s got is a concussion, not as weak as a mild concussion but not as bad as a severe concussion...her car was t-boned by another driver. She was at a stop light and it turned green and she went but the other driver went through a red light and hit her. But the problem is that we did a blood alcohol test on her and it’s 5 times over the legal the cops are trying to find witnesses and talk to them and see if the stories match up.”

Steph said, “Can we go see her?” Dr. Michaels said, “Sure...she’s in room 510...she’s gonna have to be here over night...but we will release her in the morning.” They walked down to the room and opened the door and saw Alyssa sitting up in bed holding an ice pack to the left side of her head.

When I heard the door open I looked over and saw Steph and Mark...Steph came over and threw her arms around me...and said, “Oh my god I was so worried about you.” I patted her back and said, “I’m okay...just a small concussion.” Steph said, “Do you need anything?” I said, “Actually a Berry Blended V8 would be wonderful right now...” Steph said, “I’ll run down and get you one.” I said, “Thanks.” Steph left.

Mark just stood there leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. He was watching me...I said, “What?” Mark said, “I told you not to drive drunk.” I said, “Mark I’m not drunk...I haven’t even had any alcohol tonight.” Mark said, “Then how’s come your blood alcohol level was 5 times over the legal limit?” I said, “What? What in the world are you talking about? I only drank Pepsi and Water tonight. Nothing else is in my system...well except for those chicken strips I had for dinner...but those hit bottom a few 100 hours ago.”

Mark said, “Bullshit Aly...the doctor just said he gave you both a blood alcohol test and you are 5 times over the legal you have a drinking we need to get you some help.” I said, “What? You see me hung over once after some fun with friends and now all of a sudden I’m an alcoholic? Get the fuck out my god.” I rolled my eyes at him...

Mark said, “I want the truth...tell me now I wanna know what you had to drink tonight...You’re blood alcohol wouldn’t be that high from water and Pepsi...nice try Aly.” I couldn’t take it anymore...between my throbbing head and the moron accusing me of being drunk...I sorta...well I guess you could say...I snapped.


I put my hands in my head as a sharp pain zipped through my skull at 300 miles an hour. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes...I wasn’t going to let him see me cry...but I hated myself cause I knew my voice would crack and show weakness...


I said, “Mark leave...I don’t want to hear you...I don’t wanna see you, I don’t wanna talk to you...I dont even wanna be around you...You’ve been my best friend since I was 15...I never lied to you...why would I start now...especially over something as stupid as getting drunk or being drunk...I don’t care what the test said...I never had anything to drink...I just...I just want you to leave me alone...Mark please just leave...”

Mark didn’t move a muscle...I finally said, “LEAVE! GET THE FUCK OUT!” I finally started throwing things at him that were on the tray next to my bed, which is when Mark walked out and closed the door behind him.

I laid down on my side with my back to the door and I finally let the tears fall...I cried so hard my head hurt even worse...the nurse came in and gave me a shot for the pain and I fell asleep...but the nurse came in and woke me up every I didn’t get much sleep...I kept thinking about how things had gone down between Mark and I and I would just start crying again...but I didn’t go back to sleep at 3 am...I couldn’t sleep...too much my head and in my heart.


Chapter 11

The next morning, I dozed for about 10 minutes, when Shane woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked over and Mark was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest AGAIN! I said, “Didn’t I tell you to leave?” Mark said nothing and pointed to Shane.

I sat up and Shane said, “As per mom and dad…neither me or Steph will be able to watch over you because of the concussion…so they’ve asked that Mark take care of you because you guys are such good friends…and also because he’s a friend of the family also. So you’ll be staying in his room with him for the next few days or a couple of weeks until the doctor thinks your concussion won’t be a problem anymore.”

I looked at the ceiling and said, “Un-fuckin’-believable.” Shane looked at me like I was insane…I said, “Get out so I can change.” They both left and pulled the door closed behind them…my whole body hurt from head to toe…not to mention as soon as I stood up I thought was gonna land on my face…I pulled my jeans on and socks and tenny shoes and then pulled on a sweatshirt Shane had brought me…and tucked my hair behind my ears and slowly walked down to the nurses station where Shane was signing me out.

I was holding onto the wall so I wouldn’t fall…I was getting dizzier by the second. All of a sudden someone came up behind me and bumped my knees and I fell back into a wheel chair…I looked up and it was Mark…I really didn’t want him by me…but if it saved me from taking a header to the hard floor and making my concussion worse and my stay longer in the Rat Infested Ward…then I didn’t care who was pushing the wheel chair.

Mark pushed me out to the rental and helped me get inside…I still said nothing to him…I decided staying silent…would be better…cause the minute I got upset my head would throb. I just stared out the window as we drove on to the next town.

When we got to the next time…Mark checked in and gave me the extra room key…we walked in and I took the bed next to the wall and just threw my things in my closet and after laying out my laptop and cell phone I crawled onto the bed and dozed off.

About an hour later, I was woken up with someone shaking me…and I took a swing at someone’s head. Someone grabbed my wrist and said, “Aly wake up.” I opened my eyes and Mark had a hold of me…and I jerked my hand away from him like he had just burned all my skin off my wrist. Mark said, “You know you can’t ignore me and not talk to me forever.”

I stood up stretched and started to walk into the bathroom but grabbed the wall when a dizzy spell hit me.

Mark said, “Don’t be stubborn Aly…if you want help ask for it…don’t get yourself hurt again cause you’re being a stubborn ass.”

I gave Mark the finger and walked into the bathroom…slamming the door shut and locking it. I splashed cold water on my face and woke my self up…but I was so dizzy when I sat down to pee I nearly missed the toilet. Of course I had to laugh at myself while I peed…but hey that’s the way it goes.

I walked out of the bathroom…and Mark said, “You hungry?”

I rolled my eyes at him and walked over and called down and order some food…and then handed the phone to Mark so he could order also. Mark said, “You know it doesn’t have to be this way…c’mon Aly…just talk to me please…you’re my friend.”

I said, “Yea sure…some friend you turned out to be Mark.” Mark said, “See I got you to talk…” I said, “You didn’t get me to do shit…I don’t do anything that I don’t want to.” Mark said, “Why do you have to be such a spoiled brat?”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Whatever Mark…you might think I’m being a spoiled brat but you know something? You know nothing about me.” Our food came and we ate in silence.

Chapter 12

A few weeks later, the doctor had determined my concussion was still present but was now down graded into something less then a mild concussion. I was still getting the dizzy spells if I moved my head too fast…but other then that no pain…so I didn’t need the pain killers anymore.

I was so ready to leave Mark’s room and check into my own…we’d had about a million fights it seemed like…nothing I did was right…added to the fact that no matter how much pain I was in I never gave him the satisfaction of letting him see me hurting.

I had just gotten back to the hotel from the doctors and noticed Mark wasn’t in the room and decided to take my fighting free opportunity to start packing my shit and moving to another hotel room…the doctor finally said it wasn’t necessary for me to stay with anyone. I hating needing a baby sitter…mom and dad were still on vacation and instead of being gone for only one month they added two more months onto it…

I was packing my suitcase when I heard a key card being slipped into the door…I cringed at the thought of Mark making a fuss about me leaving. I didn’t acknowledge his presence, but just continued to pack.

Mark stood with his hands on his hips watching Alyssa packing…he stood there thinking of the many conversations he’d had with Stephanie about Aly…and had come to the conclusion that she was in love with him just as much as he was with her…but he had enough of a hard time admitting it to himself, how in the name of God and all that is holy was he going to admit it to her. Mark never was one for showing his feelings…

Mark finally spoke and said, “Aly c’mere, I think we need to talk.” I said, “Mark I don’t feel like talking right…I just wanna pack my shit and get out…the last few weeks haven’t exactly been something I’d cherish for the rest of my life.”

Mark walked over and grabbed me around the waist…I said, “Excuse….” And was cut off by Mark’s mouth…literally…I was shocked to say the least…but once I figured out what he was doing I started kissing him back…Somehow the kiss got a little reckless and we ended up on the bed…I pulled back and noticed his eyes were a dark forest free darkened with passion…

I leaned over and kissed him…and surprisingly enough he kissed me back…his hand went to my hip and then around my waist and pulled me closer…Mark’s hand slid down my thigh to the back of my knee…and he pulled my leg around his thigh…and was rubbing the back of my thigh as the kissing got a little more intense…Mark’s hand traveled up the back of my shorts and under my panties to my booty…his hand was so warm on my skin…I pulled the rubber band out of his hair and was running my finger through it…

Mark rolled over until he was situated half on me and half off of me…his free hand slowly crept up my body to the bottom of my top…and he slowly started sliding it off…he looked up at me and just stared at my eyes like he was asking permission to remove my top…I smirked a little and then nodded my approval of him removing my top…so he finished sliding it all the way up and off my arms…he tossed it next to the bed…the first thing my now naked cold breasts came in contact with was his warm chest…my nipples were hard enough to cut out someone’s eye…but soon softened up under his body heat…

Mark started to slowly lick and kiss his way down my neck across my collar bone, and down in the valley between my breast…then soon started a full out assault on my nipples, lick, sucking, nipping between his teeth but not too hard…just enough to get me aroused by it…which I will admit…it was working. Then he kissed and licked down to my navel where he pulled on my navel ring with his teeth for a few minutes…and then went a little lower and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts with his lips, teeth and tongue…as he was pulling my shorts off, he was placing kisses all along my hips, legs, knees, calves, then went back up and grabbed the string of my panties that was across one of my hips with his teeth and started pulling them off with his teeth…and dispose of them and his own shirt, jeans and boxer/briefs at the same time…

His erection had been present the whole time…I could feel it being rubbed all over my body any time he moved…Mark crawled back up to face me…and he pushed my knees apart…and he looked at me with smoke filled green eyes and in the sweetest softest voice he said, “Alyssa…Are you sure you want to do this?” I said, “If I say no…would you be able to stop without getting mad?” Mark said, “No.”

I said, “Then don’t ask me…I don’t know what I feel for you…I know I like you a lot…and I already know I’m sure about doing this…hell even if I wanted you to stop I still wouldn’t ask you too…I want it too bad.” Mark said, “Are you a virgin still?” I bit my lower lip and nodded…Mark said, “You realize it is going to hurt right?” I said, “Yea…fully prepared…if it hurts to much I’ll pass out…I’m just kidding…I’m fine Mark…”

Mark positioned his the head of his erection at the opening of my wet center…and he kissed me as he started sliding his erection into me…I could feel my walls expanding and expanding…but then he stopped…Mark said, “Okay…hold on sweetie…I’m going to break through you’re barrier…it will only hurt for a few minutes…”

I said, “Barrier? What am I a road block?” Mark smiled and said, “I’ll explain later…” I said, “I know what it is…just do it.” Mark took one of my hands and laced our fingers together…and very quickly thrusted into me…I yelped a little…damn he was right that did hurt…

I had tears sliding down my cheeks…once Mark had sheathed himself all the way in me…he laid there perfectly still for a few minutes, letting me calm down and also get used to his size…Mark whipped my tears away with his thumbs and said, “You okay sweetie?” I said, “Sure…I feel like I have a Buick parked inside of me right now…but I’m fine.” Mark laughed a little…and said, “Well…hold on…” He slowly started moving in and out of me…I was moaning when he’d push in from all the pleasure…and groan when he’d pull out, cause I felt empty…

Pretty soon, Mark grabbed my hips and rolled us over to where I was sitting straddled on him and he said, “Ride me baby.” I smiled and that’s exactly what I started doing…Mark had a firm grip on my hips…helping my glide up and down his erection…I leaned down and kissed him and he sat up while still working me up and down him…Mark wrapped his arms around me and said, “Jesus…girl you are tight…” I said, “That happens when you’re the oldest living virgin on the face of the earth.” Mark looked and me and smirked and said, “Not anymore.” I couldn’t help but smile…Mark growled a little and said, “Damn, baby, you feel so good on me…it feels like you was made especially for me…” I said, “Well…I’m glad I was made for someone…”

I threw my head back and my long hair trickled over Mark’s arms…as his one hand found my butt and was trying to pull me closer…as if that could happen…you couldn’t have gotten a single strand of hair between us as it was…then he suddenly stood up with me still on him and moved around and laid back down with me under him again…I wasn’t complaining…I liked him being between my thighs…Mark’s thrusts were getting hard, faster and definitely deeper…much, much deeper…I was going crazy out of my mind…

Mark could feel my walls starting to shutter around him….tightening and releasing…and he knew my obviously building orgasm was approaching fast…he started going deeper…I thought if he goes much deeper…he’d never find his way out with out a wet suit and a mining helmet…I started grinding my hips into his as his thrusts were so wonderful…Mark said, “That’s it…c’mon…just let yourself go…I want you to cum for me…c’mon Aly…I want to hear you cum for me…c’mon baby girl.” I said, “Oh god Mmmmmmmmmmmmark.” As I called his name my climax hit me…which as soon as he felt me release…he soon followed and growled out a furious climax as well…as I felt him explode deep inside of me…

Mark didn’t collapse on top of me…cause he didn’t want to crush me…he pulled out and laid next to me…pulling me over and I laid my head on his chest, listening to his breathing and heart beating slow down…as mine slowed down with his…We both ended up falling asleep.


 Chapter 13

The next morning when I woke up, I noticed I had a pair of tattooed arms around my waist and nearly freaked out until I remember the night before. Wow was what me and Mark did making love…cause that’s a foreign feeling…

I can’t believe I handed over my virginity to the man I’d been in total love with since I was 15…wow first time I ever admitted that to myself…I always tried to play it off as a crush…I guess now I was really admitting it.

I moved around a little and Mark’s arms tightened around my waist and he started kissing my neck and said, “See what happens when you don’t fight me Ms. McMahon?”

I smirked…as I turned over to face him I could feel the delicious ache between my thighs. I felt Mark’s hands slide down to my bottom and pull me closer as we started kissing and making out again…

Mark’s hand slipped between us and he started stroking my clit…as soon as he made contact I moaned into his mouth…

Mark pulled away and said, “God you’re so hot Aly…Can I make love to you again?”

I said, “Why are you asking?”

Mark said, “Cause I know you have to be a little sore from last night…I don’t want to hurt you.”

I touched Mark’s cheek and said, “Not sore enough to keep you from me.”

Mark nudged my thighs apart and while he kissed and sucked on my neck, shoulders and collar bone…He slid two fingers into my core…which massaging my clit with his thumb…I had my fingers running through his long hair…holding on as Mark pumped his fingers in me slowly…

Mark smirked as I arched into his body and begged him to make me cum…he said, “I wanna make sure you’re good and wet baby, before I even get to the making love.”

He continued to torture me with his fingers, lips tongue and teeth for the next couple of minutes, before he pushed my thighs apart all the way and slowly pushed his erection inside of me.

Mark sat still letting me get used to it…and then…he started moving inside of me…slowly at first…and then he pulled my knees up and started thrusting in deeper…

Mark grabbed my waist and rolled us over and I picked up where he left off…rolling my hips as I was moving up and down his shaft while raining kissed, licks and nibbles all over his chest, neck and even lips.

Mark pulled out got up and pulled me up to my hands and knees and then gripped my hips and thrusted his erection into my soaking wet center…He started thrusting into me like a mad man…his fingers were digging into my hips, I balanced myself on my knees and grabbed his hands with mine and slowly ran them up my body and around my waist…

Mark leaned over my back tight against his chest and he never stopped thrusting into me…he was kissing my neck and along my spine…at the pace we were going it didn’t take long for my orgasm to rack through my body…and as soon as Mark felt me cum, it triggered his…he growled loud as he exploded into my body…he rode out our orgasms…and hit the bed like a ton of bricks…

I slide down and into his arms…where we kissed for a little while longer…then got up took showers and packed and left for the next town.

Chapter 14

- -2 Months Later- -

Mark and I were going strong…

One night before Smackdown, we were sitting back stage and Mark had his arms wrapped around me…we were standing in the back waiting for Smackdown to finish up so we could get going…my parents would be flying in from their vacation in the morning. I couldn’t wait to see them. 3 months and I was ready for my own vacation.

The girls and I decided to go out again…we’d been out a few times to have fun in the past 3 months…but it was definitely time to do it again…we needed some kind of release…we hadn’t been out in a long time. I told Mark I would either be in really late or I’d bunk with one of the other girls…Mark said that was just fine and for me to have tons of fun.

After the show…we all went out.

Mark went back to the hotel…after he showered he sat on the balcony dialing a number on his cell phone. The phone on the other line rang a few times before someone picked up…Mark said, “Yea…it’s Mark…everything is set up for tomorrow. No she doesn’t suspect a thing. See you tomorrow sir. Have a safe flight.” Mark hung up the phone and decided to turn in.

I walked…well more like stumbled into the hotel room around 5 am…I wasn’t sure it was even my room until the key card I had on me actually unlocked the door. I walked into the bathroom and showered and then in all my naked glory I crawled up beside Mark in bed…he rolled over and enveloped me into his arms and kissed my neck and cheek before he drifted off with me.

In the early morning light…I felt for Mark’s warm body but he wasn’t there. I dragged my lazy ass oughta bed and noticed it was only 8…I crawled into the bathroom on my hands and knees…knowing full well if I tried walking I’d end up either on my head or my ass. I showered one more time for good measure…and then got dressed in my jeans, white steel toed boots and white tank top…I left my long hair hanging. I went to leave the room…but saw a note taped to the back of the door…I pulled it off and adjusted my eyes. I looked down and read it…it said:

Hey baby, were all meeting down in the conference room for a private wrestlers breakfast…c’mon down and join us when you wake up.


I walked down and took the elevator to the lobby floor and walked over to the conference room…I walked in and found Shane and his wife Jessica, Paul and his girlfriend Julia, Brock and his wife Lena, Steve and his wife Faith, Mark, Glenn, Stephanie and my parents all sitting around the big round table…Everyone got quiet when they saw me walk in.

I looked up and everyone was staring at me and I said, “What? Did I all of a suddenly grown 3 heads or something?” My dad got up and walked over and gave me a hug and nearly squeezed me to death…I said, “Thanks dad I missed you too…”

Mom was next to get up and squish me. Mom pulled back and looked at me and said, “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.” I furrowed my brow and said, “Seen what Ma?” Mom said, “Honey if you need to talk about something then please feel free to get it out now…while there’s still time.”

I pulled away and backed up and said, “Okay…did someone talk to my doctor do I have cancer and I’m gonna die within the next 48 hours and no one is telling me yet?”

Mom said, “Oh heavens no sweetie…we just think if you need to talk about something it should be now.” I gave my father a questioning look and said, “I’m dating Mark…is that it?” Dad said, “No…Mark was telling us…you have some what of a problem.”

I said, “I do?”

Chapter 15

Dad said, “So you’re admitting it?” I said, “No…when I said I do…that was with a question mark…So what is my problem?”

Mom said, “That you have a drinking problem…he said you have been drinking a lot since we haven’t been around he said he tried to stop you from driving back to the hotel drunk and you wouldn’t stop and it’s why you ended up in the accident…and that your blood alcohol was 5 times over the legal limit. And that when he tried to confront you about it you yelled and cussed at him…so he had to lie to you to get you to trust him…So he pretended to be going out with you.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening…I looked at Mark and he just looked at the table…

I crossed my arms over my chest for a defense and said, “I figured going from Best friend to girlfriend in one night was a little too curious…Now I fully understand why it happened that fast…you know for someone who was pretending to be my boyfriend…you sure did enjoy fucking me for the last 2 months…I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone was low as you Mark Callaway…You know how many times we went out drinking in the last 3 months?”

My dad said, “How many?” I said, “3 times…We went out to clubs on a nightly basis to release stress and dance…but I was drinking water…always, always, always water…I pick selective nights to drink alcohol…Last night was one of them…but it’s only because it had been 3 weeks since the last time I had anything alcoholic in me. And the night I was in an accident…I was drinking water and Pepsi…I had no alcohol in my system…”

Mark stood up and said, “That’s bullshit Aly and you know it…you’re blood alcohol was 5 times OVER the legal limit…” I said, “My blood alcohol couldn’t have been over the legal limit…do you know how I know that?” Mark said, “No Miss know it all please inform me.” I said, “Well first cause all I drank was water and Pepsi…and second cause no one gave me a blood alcohol test…no one took my blood…no one gave me a breathalyzer…So Mr. Callaway you sir, and I use that term loosely…can go to hell.”

I turned to my parents and said, “As of right now…I quit. Dad you’ll have my resignation on your desk by 5 o’clock today.” I turned and walked out. I went out to my car which I always had on the road with me…a bright red Toyota RAV 4…I was driving down the street and heard a song come on the radio…I leaned over and turned it up. I couldn’t help but cry while I was driving.

Everybody’s talking

But they don’t say a thing

They look at me with sad eyes

But I don’t want the sympathy

Its cool you didn’t want me

Sometimes you can’t go back

Buy why’d you have to go

And make a mess like that

Well I just have to say

Before I let go…

Have you ever been low

Have you ever had a friend

That let you down so

When the truth came out

Were you the last to know

Were you left out in the cold

Cuz what you did was low

No I don’t need your number

There’s nothing left to say

Except I never thought

It’d hurt this much to be sane

My friends are outside waiting

I’ve gotta go…


Have you ever been low

Have you ever had a friend

That let you down so

When the truth came out

Were you the last to know

Were you left out in the cold

Cuz what you did was low

What you did was low (low)

What you did was low (low)

What you did was low (low)

I walk out of this darkness

With no sense of regret

And I go with a clear conscience

We both know that you can’t say that

Here's to show

For all the time I loved you so…


Have you ever been low

Have you ever had a friend

That let you down so

When the truth came out

Were you the last to know

Were you left out in the cold

Cuz, what you did was low

Have you ever been low

Have you ever had a friend

That let you down so

When the truth came out

Were you the last to know

Were you left out in the cold

Cuz, what you did was low

Have you ever been low

Have you ever had a friend

That let you down so…

Cuz what you did was low…



Chapter 16

- -1 Year Later- -

I was going over some new contracts for the company I had started doing PR for…I had a degree in business…so when I quit working for my father…it really wasn’t all that hard to find a job to replace it.

I’m working for the Pepsi Company…as the PR girl…I come up with commercials and marketing…So far being with the company for 12 months…I’ve had 3 raises…and I’m currently making the same amount of money as I was when I was working for the WWE…and I don’t even have to be on the road with the guys 200 days of the year.

I was sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen when a pair of big arms wrapped around my waist and I couldn’t help but smile…I said, “So you finally woke up I see…” That familiar voice said, “Of course…I didn’t realize how tired I was until I woke up and saw what time it was…but of course someone here, who shall remain nameless, did wear me out last night.”

I giggled and said, “Don’t forget early this morning too.”

He said, “That was all you baby…it was your fault too…you woke me up in the most amazing way…but it’s okay…I didn’t mind at all…you didn’t hear me complaining did you?” I said, “No way…I fully enjoyed waking you up that way. Might even do it again tonight.”


Those familiar lips touched my neck and said, “Why wait until tonight?” I giggled and smacked his hand and said, “Shame on you! I am trying to go over these contracts.” His mouth by my ear…“Awww c’mon baby…those contracts will be here when you come back…” He said in a husky voice. Feeling his breath on my ear I did a full body shiver.

He continued to assault my neck and said, “In fact how about I wake you up a little more the same way you did…actually I have an even better idea.” He spun the stool around so I’d be facing him…I looking up into those beautiful blue eyes and smiled. I said, “What?…You didn’t get enough last night?” His smile made me melt as he said, “I don’t ever get enough of you baby…”

He slowly sank to his knees in front of me as he slid my skirt up and hooked his fingers into my panties…as he pulled them down my legs…and the pulled me to the edge of the stool…I felt him blow warm hair on my clit…and then slowly brush his finger tip across it…as he was placing soft kisses on the insides of my thighs…I had my fingers tangled into his long hair…Practically biting off my bottom lip, I felt him slip 2 fingers into my core. I moan out, “Glenn…”

As soon as his tongue touched my clit, I could feel my pulse start to race and my breathing get a little quicker. He moved my thighs apart further to get his fingers deeper into my core…I moaned, “Oh God…I need you inside me.” He chuckled a little and said, “I am inside of you…can you not feel this?” He wiggled his fingers and I squealed and said, “STOP THAT!”

He pulled out of my and totally sucked his fingers clean…as he stood between my thighs and I was working the button and zipper on his jeans…I finally freed his erection as he lifted me off the stool and I wrapped my legs around his waist…he carried me over to the dinning room table, as he laid me back onto the table he slid his erection into me…I pulled him closer as he started pumping into me…I wrapped my arms around him and held onto him tight.

Kissing his ear, neck and whispering, practically begging him to go faster…harder …deeper…His hand slid between us as he started rubbing my clit…I started moaning out my orgasm and ended screaming…I felt his thrust extra deep into me as he spilled himself inside of me.


We stay joined for a few minutes as our breathing gets under control…he pulls back and says, “I love you.” I smiled and said, “I love you too.” We kiss a few more times before we straighten ourselves up.

Chapter 17

We walked into the living room…and Glenn said, “So when are you flying up to tell your parents…” I scowled and Glenn walked over and wrapped his arms around me and said, “C’mon Aly…it’s been a year.” Glenn pulled me down onto his lap as he sat in the big plush chair.

I said, “It could have been 5 years…I would still feel the same…I really don’t want my parents or anyone else who works for that god forsaken company at our wedding. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about what might have happened if my parents had actually listened to Mark. I’d be in some Betty Ford Alcoholics clinic in up state New York…drying out from water and Pepsi.”

Glenn said, “C’mon baby…don’t get yourself worked up into a tizzy…Mark did what he thought was best…he thought you had a drinking problem…I knew you didn’t…but he wouldn’t believe anything his eyes didn’t show him.” I smacked his hand and said, “Don’t you dare defend that asshole.” Glenn said, “That asshole is your best friend.”

I said, “No he was my best friend was…before he fucked me for 2 months while pretending to be in a relationship with me…before he didn’t know when I was telling the truth, when I had never lied to him. Before he acted in a manner so low that even rats wouldn’t eat his dead body.” Glenn said, “C’mon Aly, calm down…I don’t want you getting stressed out.”

I said, “I can’t help it Glenn…It hurts…When I first met him when I was 15…we became best friends right off the bat…but I fell so in love with him…all through high school and college…then we fought like cats and dogs for 6 weeks…2 months before my parents come back Mark gets all lovey…and we spend every waking moment together…and I find out that not only was he pretending to be my boyfriend but he not only took my virginity, but he stole it…he didn’t have the right…it might not have been by force…but it hurts just the same.”

Glenn wrapped me in his arms and said, “I know baby…I know it’s hard…I’m sorry he was such an ass…and I didn’t know to protect you from him that day…I wish I would have known what he was doing…I could of said something to you or tried to stop him better…” I said, “No it’s okay…It was my own fault…I should have known something was up with as fast as we got into that fake relationship…”

Glenn pulled me closer to his body and said, “So you can be mad at Mark it’s allowed…you know I don’t agree with what he did…but you don’t have to punish your folks…you moved out of your apartment and to Knoxville in this house with me…you’re parents don’t know where you are…you haven’t spoken to Shane or Stephanie since you left. You can’t get married without at least your brother and sister being there…and you need your dad to give you away…C’mon babe…we said traditional wedding.”

I got up and walked over to the huge bay window in the living room and was watching clouds move slowly…Glenn walked up behind me and enveloped me into his arms and kissed my neck lightly…and said, “C’mon baby…you’re never this stubborn…I know it hurts…don’t you want our kids to know their grandparents and aunts and uncles and the rest of the guys I work with…” I smacked Glenn’s hand and said, “You know something it’s not fair that you bring up kids that we don’t even have yet.”

Glenn’s hand slid down my side and squeezed my waist a little and I squirmed in his arms and said, “No fair…tickling will not sway my decision.” Glenn said, “Okay…how about…” His hand came down on my ass and I felt the sting he finished, “A few smacks on the ass.” I said, “Oh now you’re just trying to turn me on.” Glenn spun me around and lifted me off the floor by my ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist and said, “I don’t even have to try...I know you’re ready when I’m ready…” I giggled a little more.

I pressed my forehead against his and looked deep in to those beautiful blue eyes I love so much and said, “Okay fine…when you leave for the Pay Pre-View tomorrow I’ll come with you and tell my parents…Maybe I won’t tell them…maybe I’ll just leave an invitation for them on the desk.”

I got another swat on my ass for my sassiness…I reached down and pinched Glenn’s left nipple…he growled and took off up the stairs taking them two at a time. That was considered foreplay…but foreplay from Glenn was always so nice.

Chapter 18

We left for the PPV the next morning and got to, Miami, Florida for Summer Slam…we walked into the arena and down to Glenn’s dressing room. Glenn locked the door once we got inside and Glenn walked over and turned the monitor on, and then leaned against the arm of the couch…I walked over and stood in front of him and leaned back against him.

After a few minutes of watching the fans file into the arena and watching the wrestlers warm up…I turned around and said, “Do I really have to?” Glenn said, “C’mon babe…were getting married in a week…if you can look me in the eyes and honestly tell me you don’t want any of our friends or your family at our wedding…then we’ll leave right now…and I’ll tell them I got sick and couldn’t make it.”

I exhaled and looked up at him and playfully shoved him and called him a stubborn ass…Glenn wrapped his arms around me as he fell back onto the couch he took me with him…I squealed and then pounded on his chest and said, “Oh…you son of a bitch…you scared the shit out me…don’t ever do that to me again.” Glenn couldn’t help but rumble with laughter.

I crawled up his body a little and sat straddled on his lap and said, “Doesn’t this feel weird to you…Next week were gonna be married…I’m so excited.” I bounced on Glenn’s lap a little and he gripped my hips and said, “If you bounce again I swear to God I’ll spear you.”

I slowly leaned over so our chests were pushed together and kissed his lips softly and said, “What makes you think I don’t want you too right now?” Glenn smirked and said, “You are so bad, but totally in a good way.”

Glenn cupped my face and he traced my lips with his index finger…I sucked his index finger into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue as I slid his finger from my mouth I moved to his mouth and we started kissing…His hands slid down and pulled me closer to his body as we deepened the kiss.

After about 20 minutes of out erotic make out session I pulled away and said, “Okay…I’m gonna go talk to my parents.” I looked myself over in the mirror and saw my jeans, black steel toed boots and black tank top…I left my hair down.

Glenn gave me a few more quick kisses and wished me luck as I walked out of the room and down to find my parents office. I walked down and looked in…they weren’t in their office…duh…it was 2 hours before a PPV…they probably had all the wrestlers held up in the conference room giving them the ever popular win big…lose good pep talk…

I walked down and the wrestlers were all filing into the conference room…I slowly snaked my way in. I walked towards the front and saw my mom and dad standing there with Shane and Stephanie…My mom started to make her way towards me…then I heard Mark’s voice rumble through the room as he was greeting some of the wrestlers…

I inhaled and exhaled hard…it took all of the strength in me not to walk over and break my foot off in his ass…but I kept my resolve up…I looked over and waiting for my dad to quiet them down…and then he gave me the floor.

I stepped forward and said, “I just have a small announcement to make…I’m not back here for some big family reunion…I came to let my friends and family know I’m getting married…in a week…and you’re all invited if you wanna come then come…next Saturday at 11…St. Joseph’s Church. Knoxville, Tennessee.” I smile as I see Glenn walk into the room and I wink at him…and he winks back.

I walk out of the conference room…like I’m making some grand exit. Before I can make it 20 steps down the hallway back to Glenn’s dressing room…I’m grabbed my a pair of hands and pulled into an empty room. I turn around to throw a punch and I’m face to face with Mark.


Chapter 19

I couldn’t believe it…I stood there start at Mark like he’d grown 6 heads…his dark auburn hair was shorter…I couldn’t believe he had cut all of his long hair off…he looked completely sexy with long hair…shorter hair just showed me he was getting older…

Obviously starting to feel his age.

I stifled a snicker at that thought and said, “What the hell do you want Mr. Callaway?”

Mark crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door and said, “So you’re getting married…mind telling me to who?” I said, “Actually yes I do mind…Cause it’s none of your business.”

Mark said, “How could it not be my business…we’ve been friends for a long time…I would think you would wanna tell me.” I said, “Mark, you lost my friendship the day you decided taking advantage of me was okay to do in the back of your pea brain.”

Mark scoffed and said, “You wanted it…tell me you didn’t.”

I said, “I wanted to be with you in some fairytale way…I mean…Christ on a Bike Mark…I was falling in love with you…it started at 15 and just gradually worked it’s way up…but you figured since you knew I was liking you far more better then any friend should…you would just take advantage of me…it’s not cool Mark…I may have wanted it…but not like that.”

I looked at the floor and back up at Mark and said, “I was stupid enough to let you take my virginity…Because I thought you really cared about me as much as I cared about you.”

Mark said, “I did care…I still do.”

I said, “Oh HORSE SHIT!…you never cared about anyone but yourself. I really hope you enjoyed fucking me for 2 months…because it’s the last time that will ever happen. You thought you was so right, you nearly ruined my life, and you don’t even give a shit…trying to tell people I was some kind of alcoholic.”

Mark said, “What if I was to tell you I am in love with you.” I said, “I’d tell you it was too little too late. I have a fiancé who loves me…and I don’t even need proof…he doesn’t have to tell me he loves me…I see it in his eyes, and I feel it in the way he touches me, holds me, kisses me, makes love to me…he does things to my body that looking at you could never do to me. Just one look from him makes me weak in the knees…”

Mark said, “So that’s it…12 months with some bum who knows how to fuck ya good and you’re just gonna run off and marry him.”

I said, “I didn’t even need 12 months with him…we’ve only dated 6 months. I didn’t realize the one person under my nose…someone who’s always been a friend for me…I didn’t realize I had the opportunity to be with this man…until the moment had arisen. But it’s definitely a decision I will never regret.”

I walked out into the hallway and Mark followed.

Mark said, “So who is this guy?” Glenn walked up and grabbed me around the waist and said, “Excuse us for a minute Deadman.” Glenn whipped me to the side and laid one hell of a toe curling kiss on my lips.

Glenn pulled me up right as I wiped the corners of my mouth and said, “Mark…I believe you know my fiancé, Glenn.” Glenn scooped me up into his arms and we walked away, leaving Mark to stand and do his best impression of a fish.

Chapter 20

Love can be a many splendid thing

Has another joy you bring

A dozen roses…diamond rings

Dreams for sale…and fairy tales

It’ll make you hear a symphony

And you’ll just want the world to see

But like a drunk that makes you blind

It’ll fool you every time

The trouble with love is

It can tear you up inside

Make your heart believe a lie

Gets stronger then your pride

The trouble with love is

It doesn’t care how fast you fall

And you can’t refuse the call

See you’ve got no say at all


- -1 Week Later- -

We had just gotten married, and were dancing at the reception…Glenn had me wrapped up tight in his arms…he looked down and said, “So are you happy now?”

I looked around and smiled and said, “I couldn’t be any happier, then just being right here with you…my life is so full of love…and surrounded by the one person I just can’t seem to get enough of.”

Now I was just a once a fool it’s true

I played the game by all the rules

But now my world’s a deeper blue

I’m sadder but I’m wiser too

I swore I’d never love again

I swore my heart would never mend

Said love wasn’t worth the pain

But then I hear it call my name

The trouble with love is

It can tear you up inside

Make your heart believe a lie

Gets stronger then your pride

The trouble with love is

It doesn’t care how fast you fall

And you can’t refuse the call

See you’ve got no say at all


Glenn said, “Oh yea…who’s that?”

I smacked his arm and said, “My husband.”

Glenn said, “Hey…say that again…”

I stood on my tip toes and said, “You’re my husband and I love you.”

Glenn said, “You sure your husband doesn’t mind you dancing with me on your wedding day?”

I said, “Well…I don’t see why not…he’s never really been a jealous man…of course I’ve never really seen him mad yet…but I must warn you he is quite a big man.”

Glenn said, “Bigger then me?” I smiled and said, “Almost.” Glenn said, “You think you’re husband would mind if I kissed you?” I said, “I doubt it…It will be just our little secret…I’m really good at keeping secrets, since I’ve been hiding one from him for a few weeks now.”

Every time I turn around

I think I’ve got it all figured out

My heart keeps callin’

And I keep on fallin

Over and over again

This set story always ends the same

Me standin in the pouring rain

It seems no matter what I do

It tears my heart in two


Glenn said, “Since when do you keep secrets from me?”

I said, “You sure you can handle one of my secrets.”

Glenn said, “Hell yes.”

I smiled and looked down a little and then back up and said, “I’m pregnant.”

Glenn’s picked my up and swung me around in circles on the dance floor. He put me back down and pulled me even tighter against him as we danced the night away..

I couldn’t wait to see what the future would hold for us…we were so in love…you really don’t have any say at all when it comes to love…just remember what it feels like…and hold onto that feeling for the rest of your lives.

The trouble with love is

It can tear you up inside

Make your heart believe a lie

Gets stronger then your pride

The trouble with love is

It’s your heart its in your soul

It doesn’t care how fast you fall

And you can’t refuse the call

See you’ve got no say at all

The trouble with love is

It can tear you up inside

Make your heart believe a lie


The End