All I Know of Love

(Sequel to 4 Days or a Lifetime)


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

It’s been 3 months since I left Anthony, my job at the Sacramento Bee, and my life in Sacramento, California…and just left everything behind…I moved all together and just decided being a couple of countries away or cities and towns away from Anthony wasn’t enough…and then a few states…I decided a few thousand miles would be much better…I ended up moving to Stamford, Connecticut…I just wanted to be somewhere…where I knew I could hide from everything. My old Editor from the Sac Bee, gave my new cell phone number to a guy who called to offer me a job…and when I went to Titan Towers to meet with the ‘boss’…I finally figured out who it was exactly that wanted to high me…

It was Vince McMahon the CEO of the WWE…he hired me to interview wrestlers for columns that were going to be going into Raw Magazine…When I wasn’t interviewing, I was updating the website…

I was finally assigned to go on the road and do my interviews while traveling with the wrestlers. I had an interview set up with Mark again…and he didn’t realize I’d be doing the interview he walked into the ‘press area’ with his bad…BAD attitude and sunglasses on and in the gruffest voice said, “Okay lady…Let’s get the God Damn show on the road…I have better things to do then sit here all night and answer your stupid fuckin’ questions.” Someone caught his attention as he stopped before he got in the room and was speaking to someone…

I stood up with my hands on my waist and said, “Well…That’s just too fuckin’ bad because you’ll sit here until I’m done with your stinkin’ ass and then you can go shower 'cause I have to tell you…the nasty smell being emanated off your body won’t get you any pussy boy.” Mark’s head snapped around and his jaw dropped he said, “HOLY SHIT JACINDA!” I giggled and said, “In the flesh here Deadman.”

Mark walked over and enveloped me into his arms and practically hugged the stuffing’s right outta me. Mark said, “Where the hell have you been…Glenn has been going out of his mind waiting for you to call him or hell, even e-mail him.” I smiled at the thought of Glenn…it was true every time I thought about him my pussy tingled…I exhaled slowly, trying to keep myself from getting excited…I looked up and said, “I made a few changes in my life…besides I thought he was going to try and work shit out with Marissa?”

Mark said, “Talk about change of plans…he went home and caught her in this big 3-some with 2 other guys. Apparently he could take it if it was just one guy and she stopped and they got counseling…but he walked in on the 3 of those idiots and started chasing the guys around the room growling and foaming at the mouth practically…after he had the guys arrested for trespassing, he threw her out on her collective ass…she actually tried to fight it too…but in the end she didn’t get a cent from him…and he was heart broken…even more so when you never tried to contact him.”

I said, “Mark, I’m so sorry…I never meant for him to ever think I forgot him or anything…I just had some stuff of my own to get over…Anthony had been cheating on me…and I really wanted to just take a step back and look around…I quit my job at the paper…but Vince came looking for me…I work for the Magazines now…plus I design the website ever day practically…I actually have an interview scheduled with Glenn…but don’t tell him it’s me…I want to surprise him.”

Mark said, “Okay…I won’t tell him.” I smiled and said, “Thanks Mark…now sit your big stinkin’ dead ass down…I have an interview to conduct.” Mark laughed as he took his seat…We flew through the inter view…and as soon as I got back to the hotel…I went through my files on my laptop and found Glenn’s cell-phone number and called him.

Chapter 2

**Same Warning + Smut…**

Glenn looked at the limousine, as the door was opened for him...sliding into the car...he sat back and closed his eyes as he felt the car slide out into traffic. He was tired, he had been on the road doing shows, personal appearances and interviews for almost 2 weeks...he missed his house.....he missed his bed...and smiling...he missed...her. Glenn knew this would be a rather long limo ride...he flipped on the TV and reached for a water bottle from the car bar. Flipping through the channels, he muted the sound as he grabbed the phone as it started ringing. Taking off his jacket and releasing his hair from the rubber band...he answered, “Hello.”

I had finally crawled into bed...I couldn't sleep in these least not alone. I had managed to remember packing the shirt I had taken from him the morning he’d left 3 months ago…I had quickly pulled it on. Smelling the shirt I smiled, for it smelled like him...his cologne...and a scent exclusively his. Wrapping my arms around me I grabbed my cell and dialed his cell phone number.

Glenn sat back in the limo and smiled as he heard my husky voice. "Hi" he said. Glenn said, “Jacinda, I haven’t heard from you in 3 months…” I said, “I know…I’ve been a trifle busy…but I wanted to touch base with you and see how you were…” I smiled as I heard him. “Where are you?” “In a limo.” “Must be nice.” I said. “Where are you?” “In bed” “Sounds nicer.” I smiled and said “No...lonelier.” “Why, where are you?” “Uh…hotel bed.”

He sat up and said “What the hell are you doing there?” “I don't like sleeping in hotel beds alone...I’m on a writing assignment in Hawaii.” I said. He smiled and said, “Here I sat fantasizing about you all naked and sleepy in your own bed...I’m in New York City.” I smiled and said, “Sorry...clothed and in a hotel room.” He shook his head and said, “What are you wearing?” I hesitated...thinking he would laugh... “Oh...a shirt.” He could tell by my hesitancy that it must be more than that. “What kind of shirt?” “One of yours...” He said, “A Kane shirt?” “” He said, “What shirt?” “The one you wore the night before you left...” He said, “You wearing one of my dirty shirts...and how did you get it?” I cringed... “Uh...well, I sorta snatched it when you went to shower.” “Why?”

Blushing to the roots of my hair, I whispered, “Because it smelled like you.” He heard the whisper and smiled. “Really miss me huh?” I said, “No...just the way you smell.” Glenn laughed and said, “You like the sweaty smell of me...?” I chuckled and he felt his body tightening...

“Oh yeah...when you were laying on top of me...the way you smelt oh baby...its better than cotton candy…even if we didn’t make love.” Glenn shifted to ease the ache he was now feeling. Looking down he said, “Okay I got a problem...” I sat up and said, “What...” “A certain part of my anatomy has made itself...known..” I smiled and said, “ favorite part?” He said, “ a matter of is.” I sat up and said, “Awww...I'm sorry...” He said, “I find you insincere...” I said, “That was totally sincere...” “I don’t hear from you for 3 months…then when I do…you get my anatomy all excited and in an uproar…Prove it.” “What? How?” “How do you think?” Glenn asked with a grin., knowing she would never go along with this…he knew her body intimately...every inch of it.

“I could send you a…card?” I said. Knowing where this might be heading. “Or you could do something else.” “How long until you'll be your destination?” “Too long baby, too long.” Glenn said. “I think you better make it up to me now.” I smiled and said, “How would you like me to make this up to you?” Glenn laughed, surprised this little flirtation had gone on as long as it had. “Oh I think you know baby…” “Well if I was there…I would…tend to your problem…personally...but being all the way in where ever you are…there is not a lot I can do about it.” “What would you do if you were here?” Glenn asked. I paused, wondering how far this game was going to go. “I would…uh…”

“Would you touch me?” Glenn asked. “Yes…” I said softly. “Would you kiss me?” “I would kiss you...allover.” “Then what?” he asked. “I…I'd….pull your shirt off and run my hands down your chest.” Glenn smiled and thought ‘This could be fun.’. “And then I'd undo your belt…and slowly unzip your jeans.” He looked down at his jeans and his growing arousal, his hand moves down to undo his belt and ease the zipper down.... “Then what baby?” I paused again…unsure what to say…

I leaned back on the bed and shut my eyes…trying to imagine my eyes...concentrating on his scent on the shirt... “I wish I was there.” Glenn said softly. “Because if I was…” I smiled and said, “This is supposed to be about you.” Glenn grinned and said, “Who am I to argue…” “Where was I? Oh the pants…” I said. “I would lean down and place a little kiss just below your navel…and then I'd slowly pull your jeans down…slowly exposing me.....So I would toss the pants down and sit back on my heels and just look at you...Oh God baby...your body is incredible....” In my eyes I can see him... “I would lean over you and run my hands down you…my nails just barely grazing you.”

Glenn felt himself harden even more…that was just one of the things that drove him insane.

“And then I would slowly take you in my mouth.” I said with a smile.

Glenn shut his eyes imagining her sweet lips closing around him, her tongue swirling against him…he slowly brought his hand down to his arousal and began to gently stroke it. “Ummm.” he whispered huskily. “Then what?” he asked. I paused trying to think…this had gone farther than I thought it would and I was unsure how far I was willing to go. Glenn's voice brought me back to reality. “Baby?” I licked my lips…and closed my eyes…I pictured him back in my mind...and prayed I could do this. “Glenn...” I whispered. His hand slowly stroking his hardening arousal...

“Yes baby.” “What do you want me to you...” He said, “Anything you want to do...” I said, “You know...what I like the best about your body?” His eyes closed as the stroking became...faster. “What...?” he asked. “The way you taste...” He groaned and cursed fate that I would say that 6000 miles away from him. Trying to get back into the zone...he asked, “How do I taste?” “Ummm, baby its hard to explain...but when I run my tongue down your body...I taste heaven...” He groaned as his hand began to stroke faster.

I could hear his breathing and smiled. “Baby, I am sliding my lips around you...moving back and slowly...I want you to feel my teeth...gently tracing you...all of you....I'm swirling my tongue around you....just the tip of you...heaven taste like heaven...then I close my mouth around you...sucking you deep inside my deep baby...back and forth...slowly...and then...a little faster...umm tongue teasing hands are cupping you...gently stroking your sac...the skin there is so soft...Oh baby...I want you to wanna feel you...taste you...God I want you...inside me...”

Glenn felt his body drifting into the fantasy seeing me on my knees...doing these things to him...he could almost feel my mouth on soft fingers tracing his sac...he felt his breathing his hand began to stroke harder and faster...his body arching up as he closed his hand around the tip and jerking...he felt himself jerk and then explode...everywhere...he came hard and fast....His breathing hard and labored until the last drop was spent. Looking at the mess he made and at the phone ...he said, “Baby....?” “Yes....?” “I gotta come see you....even if it is just a layover...” I snickered at the word....lay...over...” “Well baby come on...and you can lay me over anything you want...”

With that I said good night and said, I’d talk to him soon and gently hung up the phone and sex was okay...But now I wanted the real thing…since we never have had sex. I couldn’t wait to see him in a couple of days at the Raw House Show…

Chapter 3

**Wrestlers Real Names & Mild Language**

When Next Monday rolled around I flew into New York City…After I got all checked into my hotel room…I showered and changed into a black cotton skirt that barely came to mid-thigh, plus 2½ inch heeled, knee-high boots…and a white short sleeve crocheted sweater shirt that buttons up…and shows off 2 inches of my mid-drift. Plus I left my hair down.

I was on my way to the MSG (Madison Square Garden) Arena to see Glenn…and do the interview. When I got there I asked one of the guys in the back where Glenn was…they said he was down in his dressing room…I walked down and knocked on the door…he opened the door and I smiled…

Glenn said, “Jaci.” I smiled bigger and said, “Hi big man.” Glenn reached over and grabbed my hand and literally pulled me into the dressing room and closed the door behind me..

Glenn reached over and locked the door and then pushed me against the door and ravaged my lips…I pushed away and said, “Missed me much?” Glenn said, “Oh you have no idea baby…”

I said, “Let’s do the math…You’re marriage non-existence, my fiancé flushed to China by his own stupidity…and 3 months with no contact between either of us…now…I have this really great job with Raw Magazine…and this fairly big guy who I’ve missed more then Platinum Visa Charge Card.”

Glenn brushed his lips against mine and said, “Yea…that sounds about right.”

I said, “But I do believe you have a match first…what I believe is a title verses mask match.” Glenn said, “Yup…this is gonna suck…Some lady down in hair and make up is going to cut my hair all off…” I said, “Get me a pair of scissors and I’ll do it for you.” Glenn said, “You’ve got a deal.”

So we went in search of scissors and an electric razor…and I did a number on his hair…when I was finished the lady who did his makeup slapped some black paint on his face…

Glenn looked in the mirror and said, “Wow…I really look psychotic.” I couldn’t help but laugh at him…and Glenn said, “Stand by with that razor…as soon as I finish the match I want the rest of his curly shit taken care of.”

I rolled with laughter as I followed him out to the curtain…he gave me a quick kiss and then took off for his match.

Glenn lost of course and had to remove his mask…but he still looked good…even without half his hair and mask…Glenn came back to the back and I shaved the remaining hair off his head…he looked pretty friggin sexy with a bald head…That was my weakness with guys…they either have to be completely bald or tons of hair.

When I finished I kissed the top of his head and we took off to the hotel…When we got there we stopped and had some dinner…and were talking during dinner…

Glenn said, “So you and Anthony broke up…what happened?” I said, “I went home that day and found some pictured in my digital camera…so I printed them…he was having sex with a few girls and none of them were me…So I wasn’t having any of that…”

We went upstairs and I pulled Glenn into my room…We closed and locked the door…and Glenn took his shirt off and sat on the couch and was watching a little TV, trying to unwind from the nights earlier emotions…I went in and took a shower and walked into the living room area of the hotel room in panties and a Kane shirt I had gotten several years prior to meeting Glenn…Glenn looked up and said, “Good Lord, that’s one of my old…old Kane shirts…”

I said, “I bought this shirt like 2 years before I meet you …I loved the picture of you on the front, just cause you look so intense…like you was ready to rip someone’s head off and shit down their neck…so when I saw it, I couldn’t resist buying it…It’s a little big, so I always use it as a sleep shirt…so see even when I didn’t know you, you always went to bed with me…And…well…now, I get the real thing.” I straddled Glenn’s lap and eased down, making sure to rub my body up against his…obviously a seduction was coming, whether coming from me or him, it didn’t matter, but it was coming….

Chapter 4

**SMUT Warning**

I reached over and took the TV remote from Glenn, shut the TV off and threw the remote across the room…and heard it land in the corner of the room…Glenn said, “I was trying to find the basketball scores you know…the cable in these hotels have 116 channels and not one of them can tell me the damn basketball scores..” I said, “You were, the operative word being were…you were trying…but you’re not now right?”

Glenn looked down and was watching my hands on his chest as I ran my finger tips across his chest and was out lining his muscle tones with them. Glenn said, “No, I guess not…” I said, “Well, they won.” Glenn said, “Who won?” I said, “All of them.” He said, “Every single team that played tonight won?” I nodded and said, “Yup…isn’t that nice…that they let all those teams win?” Glenn said, “Yea, I guess it was a good night to be playing in the NBA.”

I couldn’t help but giggle…and said, “You are too adorable…” I leaned over and started kissing along Glenn’s jaw line…Glenn said, “What are you doing?” I said, “Nothing…” He said, “You know, it sure doesn’t feel like nothing.” I said, “Good, it wasn’t supposed to…” Glenn said, “Oh, good…that means I haven’t lost any nerve feelings from wrestling…”

I sat up and felt Glenn’s erection growing harder and harder as I moved around a little on his lap…moving my hips just enough to brush against him every once in a while, making him insanely crazy with passion. Also managing to make his hormones run wild…

I looked in Glenn’s eyes and said, “Glenn..” He said, “Yes?” I said, “Kiss me.” Glenn smiled and said, “My pleasure.” We started kissing, and Glenn was feeling my breast on the outside of the t-shirt…we stopped kissing and he had a puzzled look on his face…and I said, “What?” Glenn said, “Well, I have a bit of a dilemma…” I said, “Oh really what’s that?”

As I shifted on his lap, rubbing against his hard on again…and could feel him breath in pretty deep…Glenn said, “Well, I want to rip that t-shirt off of your body and ravage you while I make love to you, but you look so good in my shirt, I don’t really wanna get rid of it…besides…you fill it out so nicely, much better then I ever could.” Glenn hooked his index finger in the collar of the t-shirt, pulled it away from my body and looked down the front of my shirt…

I had my hands on my hips and said, “Enjoying the view?” Glenn said, “Well, I like what I see if that’s what you’re wondering…” I tapped him on the chest and said, “By the way my eyes, are up here…” As I pointed to them…Glenn said, “Believe me, when I say I know where every part of your body is…I just so happen to be a bit pre-occupied with two parts in particular at the moment…” I said, “Oh really..”

I shifted on his lap again on purpose…Glenn really drew in a deep breath, and said, “Okay, that’s it, I’ve really got to stop you from doing that…cause I know, that you know, you’re making me insane every time you brush up against me…”

I said, “I am?” With an innocent look on my face. Glenn said, “You are not that innocent baby, I know you way to well…” I smiled and leaned over and slowly outlined Glenn’s bottom lip with my tongue…making him crazy and wanting to kiss me, as I pulled away…Glenn said, “And you sure don’t act innocent either…” I smiled and said, “I never claimed to be innocent…I can only try and look the part.” I leaned over and kissed Glenn’s lips…

Chapter 5

**Same Warning**

Glenn’s hands were roaming my body as he intensified the kiss…one of his hands made their way down my body and I moved on his lap again…which made him intensify the kiss even more…and he started messing with my panties…and finally got them moved out of the way, and started rubbing on my clit…which was now making me insanely crazy…

I felt him slide two fingers into my wetness…and while we were kissing, my grip on his shoulders got a little tighter…as his lips kissed down my neck…I finally pulled the shirt up and over my head…Glenn started going after my nipples with his tongue and teeth…

Glenn noticed my moans were getting a little louder, with each thrust of his hand…while he kissed my neck, Glenn whispered in my ear, and said, “What do you want baby…you gotta tell me what you want…” I said, “I want you.”

Glenn shook his head no and said, “No, you have to tell me exactly what you want.”

I said, “I want you inside of me…I want to feel all of you inside me right now.” Glenn said, “Oh, I believe that can be arranged…” Glenn undid his pants which was a good thing cause I thought his cock was about to bust through the zipper of his jeans.

Glenn removed his finger and pushed his erection all the way into me…which made my gasp for air, cause I just never expected it…Glenn was kissing my ear and said, “Damn baby, are you always so tight…” I said, “If we keep this up, I won’t be.” We started kissing again, and Glenn said, “That’s a chance I’m willing to take…”

Glenn moved them, onto the floor, so he could lay between my thighs…and have much better leverage…and then just started thrusting in and out like a wild man…I absolutely loved feeling Glenn’s huge strong body on top of mine…it always turned me on more to have that much power between my legs…

Glenn was thrusting into me so hard…I’d never felt so much pleasure in all my life…I was so caught up into having this man buried deep inside of me…I never noticed that out hips were crashing together as I met him thrust for thrust…Glenn grabbed my waist and rolled over with me straddled on top of him and said, “Ride.”

I laced my fingers with his as I started riding him hard…I wanted him to feel as much pleasure as I was feeling when he was on top of me…pretty soon…Glenn’s hips were coming up off the floor to crash into mine to make the impact more intense…We were both out of breath…In short gasps Glenn said, “God, baby you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to make love to you…just wanting to feel my cock deep inside of you…makes me insane…thinking about it and then feeling it…”

I kept slamming down on top of him and said, “I know baby…I’ve waited so long…too feel you going deep and hard into me…God you feel so good baby inside of me…” Glenn grabbed my hips and flipped us back over and said, “Cum for me baby.” I whimpered at the dirty talk…his voice was so low and the thoughts that went through my head…especially when he would whisper about his cock being inside of me…he pushed my legs apart and started thrusting harder and deeper…

The last couple of thrusts and I flew over the edge screaming….With a very loud yet deep growl, I felt Glenn empty himself into me…Glenn didn’t collapse on me like I figured he would…he held himself up and we just stared in each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity…until their breathing regulated…

We started kissing again, but Glenn got up and picked me up and carried me into the bed room, turning off the lights along the way…we made love 4 more times that night, not to mention the 2 times in the shower the next morning…

Chapter 6

**Wrestlers Real Names & Mild Language + a little Smut (Yea right)**

- -2 Years Later- -

For some reason…while my relationship with Glenn moved on and on…Everyone else’s around us seemed to just stop…Mark and Summer had broken up and so had Brock and Heidi…I found out after being with Glenn for over a year, that Mark had retired from wrestling and had ran into Heidi down the road and they got married…Shock to me…Hell shock to every body…And then were expecting their first child.

One night Heidi was walking by the bed, when Mark grabbed her and pulled her into bed with him…Mark proceeded to push Heidi all the way over and he crawled up her body on his hands and knees…and grabbed one of her legs and pulled it up and over his one leg and then did the same with her other leg so he was kneeling between her thighs…

Heidi said, “Mr. Callaway just what do you think you’re doing?” Mark said, “Well…Mrs. Callaway , first I’m going to kiss you.” Mark leaned over and kissed her, and he took her arms and wrapped them around his neck…still kissing. Then he slowly lowered his body to hers…and it felt so good to have him between her thighs…lots of power.

Mark said, “I love you Heidi.” She smiled and touched his face and said, “I love you too Mark.” Mark smiled and said, “Yea…That’s my girl…Now you know what I’m going to do to you?” Heidi shock her head and said, “No, what? Mark automatically moved his pelvis and she could feel his erection through his jeans and through the crotch of her jeans…Mark said, “You feel that?” Heidi giggled and said, “Yea…it would be hard not to.”

Mark said, “You do that to me…every time I see you…it doesn’t matter what your wearing or what your doing…but lately since you’ve been pregnant…you look beautiful…you always look beautiful…but now I know there is no one in the world more beautiful then a pregnant woman…I saw you earlier looking at your stomach in the mirror at the arena…I know you’re only 8 weeks…but just the thought of how big it will be because of something we made together…turns me on…makes me remember why I fell in love with you…every morning when I wake up and you’re next to me…I remember why I love you and why I asked you to marry me…sometimes I just find it hard to figure out why you married my ass.”

Heidi smiled and said, “Because I love you…I could never imagine being at any stage in my life right now…without you…you mean more to me then anything…” Mark’s hands roamed her body as his lips relentlessly ravaged hers. His hands went to the zipper of her jeans. He could feel her nipples hardening through her tank top and lacy bra. He finally got her jeans unzipped and pulled them off with her panties.

"OH God! Baby. Remember the last time we were at home in the dinning room on table. I can't wait anymore. I want you now!" he whispered. Heidi was biting her bottom lip and nodded…Her hands were roaming his muscled body and Heidi placed soft kisses where her hands had been, knowing this combined with the knowledge that he was going to make her scream was driving him totally over the edge. He lifted her bottom up, urging her to wrap her legs around him, this bringing her wet center in direct contact with the straining bulge in his jeans.

Heidi tried to get her hand between them as he laid there kissing her neck and pulling at her bra and tank top. “Mark! You have entirely too many clothes on…" she whispered urgently as he laid her back against the bed. “Not for long, sweetie" he said and smiled devilishly as he stood up, ripping his shoes and socks off, then quickly he discarded his shirt only having on the jeans. Heidi was breathing hard as she watched his hands move slowly, to the button of his jeans.

Heidi parted her legs wider in anticipation of their coming together. He unzipped his jeans and drew them slowly down his legs and his hand reached for his painfully aching erection, the jeans sliding down his beautifully sculpted legs. He kicked them into a pile over by his shoes and her clothes. Mark watched her laying there, her hair spread out around her and her legs parted just waiting for him to come inside her.

He eased his hardness into her slick opening, but didn't move any farther. He grinned as he looked down into her eyes. Heidi’s eyes pleaded with Mark to continue and end her torment…Mark groaned as the tip of his magnificent erection eased a little deeper into her heat. Heidi knew then that she had him, and quickly slid her hands down his back. Heidi moaned as she pulled him closer and slid him into herself completely.

Mark could no longer stand the tightness and surged deep within her. Their movements were fast and hard as they fell together…Finally he was fully inside of her hot wetness, but stopped all movement from his side. Heidi tried to lay still until he regained control, but the exquisite pressure and his laying very still was just too much!

Mark wrapped his arms around Heidi and said, “Hold on tight, I've got you.” Heidi wrapped her around him, and did as she was told. The sound of his sexy vice and the gentle rocking motion of his body was more than they could both take! That and the fact that Heidi was so warm, and wet, and so damn tight, and so completely wanting this too, was overpowering for him. Mark moved slowly at first to let her adjust to him and his rhythm, but soon slow wasn't enough for either of them and Heidi was urging him to go harder and faster. He could feel her beginning to explode all around him and moved deeper still.

"That's it! Cum for me! I can feel you are almost there, let it go! I will hold you." he whispered against her lips. Heidi shrieked as she climbed over the top then released into pleasure. Heidi’s orgasm hit and all she could do was hold on. Mark had almost stopped all movement just watching her come apart in his arms. Beautiful, so beautiful, he thought as he speeded his motions up. He could still feel her tight muscles contracting around him when he reached his own edge and flew over. A few more hard thrusts and he was right behind her, filling her willing body with his exploding seed.

Chapter 7

**Same Warning**

Brock had gone after Summer when he found out her and Mark broke up…apparently he had liked her for a long time, but didn’t have the heart to tell Heidi…so when Heidi finally ditching him…he tore out after Summer. They are engaged…and will be getting married any day now.

As for me…I’ve been married to Glenn for 2 years…We got married 6 weeks after we had reunited…it was weird…I dropped everything in my life for the one man I never thought I’d be with…

Things happen for a reason…and obviously we were meant to be together…we’re soul mates…we knew it the first time we kissed and knew we’d never stop until we could have each other fully.

As for Brandy and Steve…they are still kicking ass and taking names…they are probably the most insane couple on Raw…if she’s not whacking him in the back of his bald head…then he’s smacking her ass…

You always knew when he’s looking for her, cause you can hear his deep raw voice “WOMAN WHERE ARE YOU?” About 5 seconds later she appears with her usually response of, “Yea, yea, yea, what do you want redneck man?”

No one can keep a straight face around them…it pretty much impossible…their two personalities fit together so well…

As for April and Paul…they were pushed over to Smackdown but they are expecting their first child any day now…Supposed to be twins…but no one is saying anything…April screamed not to jinx them.

In place of April and Paul, Raw got Kelly and Adam…who are completely insane…If they weren’t fighting then they were having sex somewhere…you know, dressing rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, I think they even got busted in the conference room at a few of the hotels…they truly were made for each other…

For some reason a few months later every one started popping out the junior wrestlers. On one side of the country is was April and Paul…Paul trying to convince April she could do it if she pushed hard enough and her calling Paul every name in the book…with a few that weren’t in the book…April was trying to convince Paul it was okay to sell one of the babies on the black market…Paul kept telling her she’d regret it…Of course she insisted she wouldn’t.

On the other side of the country it was Mark and Heidi…Heidi screaming at the doctor to just put the baby back where it comes from and Mark trying to encourage her…as she got pissed and squeezed the crap out of poor Mark’s nut sack. Mark in all honesty shouldn’t have been standing so close to where her hands could get to that part of his body…obviously he’d done enough damage with it. And Heidi fully let him know it too.

Chapter 8

**Same Warning**

I found out I was pregnant and Glenn was excited…I went and told Kelly…and she didn’t seem too happy…and then told me that she and Adam had a fight…

Kelly and Adam had been fighting for the last month…they were just going through a fighting phase…she had actually started rooming by herself on the road…but Kelly decided she was tired of sleeping in a cold bed without her husband…so she marched right down to his room after Raw one night…as soon as she walked in she saw the look on Adam’s face and decided it wasn’t the right night…

Kelly started to open the door to leave, when Adam’s hand covered hers and closed the door again…She all of a sudden got chills down her spine…She could feel Adam’s warm breath on the side of her neck, and whispered in her ear, “Don’t go...please.” Kelly turned around and leaned against the door and said, “Okay.” Adam touched her cheek so softly with his warm hand, and they were in a dead eye lock stare…she couldn’t seem to break eye contact away from those chocolate brown eyes…like they were putting a spell on her…

Adam lowered his lips to hers…and it was so beautiful…he was being so gentle like he didn’t want to break her or hurt her…the moment Kelly parted her lips and let his tongue slide in, he deepened the kiss and was putting twists of passion in it…Just as they were starting to pull away he gently sucked on her lower lip a little…which almost sent her hurdling to the floor…but Kelly braced myself against the door…

All she could do was exhale…Kelly said, “Adam…What was that all about?” Adam said, “I’m actually not sure…I just couldn’t help myself…” He got frustrated and walked over and sat back down on the edge of the couch again. She walked over stood in front of him and touched his cheek and said, “Adam…I didn’t mind…” Adam said, “Come again?” Kelly smiled and said, “Adam, I don’t mind that you kissed me…I’m actually glad you did…You know I hate it when we fight…” Adam said, “So is that good or bad?”

Kelly stood there for a minute and then she leaned down and said, “You tell me.” And this time Kelly kissed him…which he was totally not expecting it. Adam’s hands found her hips and moved down to her thighs, and pulled her closer to him…Kelly braced herself by holding onto his shoulders…she pushed him back a little and then slowly sat straddled on his lap…his hands slowly made their way up her hips, waist and then to her breasts…he gently squeezed, which actually made her let out a little moan into his mouth…which just made the kiss get a tad more intense.

Kelly stood up off of Adam’s lap, and grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet and ended up leading him into his bedroom and closing the door behind him…Adam sat on the bed and pulled her closer, and while they were kissing, he was undoing the laces on her top…and pulled it off and is mouth started placing light kisses all over her chest and breasts…he took her nipples into his mouth and teased a little…

Adam turned her around, and got the laces on her pants undone…and slowly slid them down, looking at her panties that were nothing but lace…he tossed her pants like he did the top…and Kelly slowly crept onto the bed, and Adam followed and was laying half on her body and half off…they started kissing again and Kelly could feel his hands all over her body…it sent her senses reeling…

Kelly’s body was going crazy…like she had been set on fire…Adam got up and discarded his pants, boxers and her panties…Adam came back and they were moving rather slow…just kissing and feeling each others bodies against each other…it felt really good…she could feel his growing erection against her leg, and could absolutely feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every touch, lick and kiss…

Adam had finally slithered his way between her thighs…Adam was about to enter her wetness with his erection, when he whispered in her ear… “Are you sure, you want to do this…we don’t have to have sex every time we make up.” Kelly said, “Yes, we do…the best part of fighting…is all the making up we get to do…I want to feel you inside of me for the rest of my life.”

Adam leaned down and kissed her deeply…and then slowly slid himself into her, Kelly was definitely caught off guard by how big Adam was, they hadn’t had sex in a month…and she just forgot how big he could get when she made him horny…she did a cross between a gasp and a moan…Kelly thought her eyes were going to roll up into the back of her head…Adam started thrusting in and out of her…and her sense went even more wild…they climaxed together, and Kelly swore she could feel the intensity shoot out her toes and finger tips…

Oh yea…making up was always the best part of their fighting

Chapter 9

**Same Warning**

I was 7 months pregnant and laying in bed late one night…Glenn’s hand on my belly rubbing it…he said, “You’re beautiful.” I scoffed and said, “I looked like a whale.” Glenn laughed and said, “No you don’t…you are having my baby…well our baby…you look beautiful.”

I leaned over and kissed his lips and said, “You’re lying, but thank you anyways.”

Glenn was rolling with laughter and said, “I’m not lying…when’s the last time I ever lied to you?” I smirked and said, “Never.” He said, “Okay then…if I say you’re beautiful…then you are…” I said, “Yes sir! I love it when you get all forceful with me baby.”

Glenn said, “Oh…In the horny stage of your pregnancy again are we?” I said, “Again? I don’t think I ever left…I gave up watching you on TV…cause I just about killed myself watching all your muscles move and tendons work your body.” Glenn leaned over and kissed my lips so softly.

I turned over to face him as we kissed… His hands slid down my body and he started slowly pulling up my sleep shirt, when he got it up around my waist…he grabbed my ass with both hands…

Glenn pulled away from my lips and said, “Some Naughty little girl isn’t wearing panties.” I said, “That isn’t all I’m not wearing.” Glenn pulled the shirt the rest of the way off…and my freezing cold breasts came in contact with his warm chest. His huge hands automatically covered my breasts in an attempt to warm them up…when it didn’t work…his mouth latched on to them and warmed them right up…

As Glenn lost his boxers. I looked down and saw Glenn ’s erection was huge…I said, “Gee, what are you going to do to me?” Glenn said, “Well…I’m not going to make love to you…I’ve been waiting since forever…I’m gonna fuck you Jacinda…plain and simple…We always make love…but if you can handle it…I’m going to fuck you and make you mine permanently…and I’m going to do it right now…” I smirked evilly and said, “Oh I think I can handle it…”

Glenn got me in my hands and knees and grabbed my hips pulled me back to the edge of the bed and said, “You ready?” I said, “Ready as I’ll ever be baby.” Glenn said, “Let me check…” He slid 2 fingers inside of me…and said, “Yup…you’re ready baby…Now Are you ready to get the shit fucked out of you?” I said, “Glenn?” He said, “Yea baby?” I said, “Shut up and fuck me already.”

Glenn gripped my hips and thrusted his erection into my soaking wet center…he wasn’t joking either when he said he was going to fuck the shit out of me…He started thrusting into me like a mad man…his fingers were digging into my hips, I balanced myself on my knees and grabbed his hands with mine and slowly ran them up my body and around my waist…

Glenn leaned over my back tight against his chest and he never stopped thrusting into me…he was kissing my neck and along my spine…at the pace we were going it didn’t take long for my orgasm to rack through my body…and as soon as Glenn felt me cum, it triggered his…he growled loud as he exploded into my body…he rode out our orgasms…and hit the bed like a ton of bricks…

Glenn turned me over and said, “Now you’re mine…forever.” I laid on him and said, “I thought I already was…” Glenn said, “Well more now, 'cause you’ve got my baby in you and my cum…” I giggled and said, “Good.” Glenn said, “I love you Jacinda..” I said, “I love you too Glenn .” I laid my head on Glenn ’s chest and listened to his heart beat…we both let sleep take us over…

Chapter 10

**Same Warning**

~~~Italian Translation is in [ these] brackets.~~~


Once…I found a perfect love
And you showed me everything there was…to know of love
Time…will not betray the truth
And for all the years we've shared…I celebrate with you


2 months later, I had a baby girl…we named her Michelle Marie Jacobs…she was the spitting image of her father…brown curly hair and big blue eyes…


For you...

Un giorno t' incontrai [One day I met you]

And me...

Pensai, "adesso lei" [I thought, "now it is she"]

Will be...

D' allora insieme noi [From now on together we are]



I couldn’t help but watch as Glenn was holding her…walking around the hospital room with her tucked tightly in his arms…he was totally in love with his daughter…and I was so in love with him…he came over and sat on the bed next to me, after he handed the baby to the nurse…to take her back to the nursery…


You…are all I know of love
How could I ask for more
You're everything I’m dreaming of
You're all I need from love
And every star above
Spells out your name
I swear I’ll always feel the same
You're all I want...
From love...

All I want from love...


Glenn leaned over and ravaged me lips…and said, “I love you so much baby…you are my hero. You went through pregnancy and childbirth and you have this glowing look on your face like you have some kind of magical powers…you’re beautiful and I love that fact that we have a daughter and that you’re my wife…I love you more then words can express.”

I put my index finger over his lips to silence him…and pulled him to me and kissed him deep…and as I pulled away, I said, “I love you too.”


Dimmi [Tell me]


Che è per l' eternità [It's for eternity]

Like a memory

'Mi terrai ad abitare nei pensieri tuoi' [You will hold me to live in your dreams]

Con te [with you]

You are my only heart

In te [in you]

I loved you from the start

Noi due [we two]

Together not apart


6 months later, Mark, Heidi and Marcus Jr. came for a visit as we took Michelle to be baptized…We found out Heidi was pregnant again…and they heard Glenn talking to me about wanting to have another baby…OY VEY!


You…are all I know of love
How could I ask for more
You're everything I’m dreaming of
You're all I need from love
And every star above
Spells out your name
I swear I’ll always feel the same
You're all I want...
From love...

All I want from love...


After the ceremony was done…My cell phone started ringing and I handed Michelle to Glenn as I walked into the coat closet in the lobby and answered it… when I finished, I turned around and just about jumped out of my own skin…Glenn was standing behind me…

I said, “Christ Glenn…you scared the shit out of me.” Glenn wrapped one of his arms around me, pulling me tight close to his body (God he felt good) and then put his index finger on my lips to silence me and said, “Is that any kind of way to speak in a church?” I smirked and the slowly ran my tongue up his index finger and kissed his finger tip. I instantly felt him get hard against my leg…

Yup…I still had it.


Pensami [Think of me]

I think of him

Perche` io sogno te [Because I dream of you]

You'll be with me

Due cuori ed un anima [Two hearts and one soul]

My love flows free through you

Guariti e liberi [Healed and free]

I live my whole life

I'll live my life


I slid my hand between us and slowly stroked his erection once through his jeans…where I know he was painfully confined…and said, “My sir…is that a bible in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?” Glenn didn’t say anything…he didn’t have to…he captured my lips in a mind blowing kiss…I let a little moan escape my lips, and Glenn immediately knew I was enjoying it…He pulled me closer, intensifying the kiss, and slid one hand down and grabbed my ass…I thought my thighs were going to burst into flames…

Yup…he still had it too.


To be with you
You'll always be the one who taught me everything
My heart knows to be sure
My heart knows you

I heard Heidi calling my name and I pulled away from Glenn…I swiped my thumb across his lips to remove my lipstick from his lips and said, “That shade of lipstick does nothing for you babe…we’ll continue this conversation at another time.” I winked and Glenn said, “Fine with me baby.” I walked out of the coat room and went to find Heidi who had Michelle. Glenn soon followed…but not before re-adjusting the boys, his erection was painfully strained against the zipper of his jeans…

On the way home that night Glenn and I talked about having another baby…and both came to an agree meant…we might not have known everything in the world…but being parents and being married…

It was all we knew of love…


You…are all I know of love
How could I ask for more
You're everything I’m dreaming of
You're all I need from love
And every star above
Every star above

Spells out your name
I swear I’ll always feel the same
You're all I want...
From love...

All I want from love...

You're all I know of love…


The End.