Online Fantasy


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

I started my day like any other…went to work, came home, fed my big fat black cat Salem, took a nice long hot shower to wash away the days stress and as I was taming my long hair, I finished drying off and got dressed…I waked over and plopped down in front of my computer with a huge cup of mocha coffee while turning on my monitor…

While desktop booted up, I couldn’t help but stare at the 6’10” 300lb monster Kane that adorned my desktop…he was a beautiful looking man…even though he wore a mask while on television…his beautiful blue eyes stared a whole right through me from the computer screen…

I remember getting his autograph a few months back and was wondering if I’d ever have the chance to meet the man behind the mask Glenn Jacobs…fans and people who had gotten to know him always stated what a great guy he was and how his wife was so lucky because he loved her so much…that is until it was leaked online that his wife didn’t love him enough and had cheated on him and they were in the process of a nasty divorce.

I never could tell if the rumor mill was telling the truth or not…it seems if all the rumors I ever read were true…then that meant that several superstars from the WWE had recently had problems in their marriages and had all been going through some pretty harsh divorces…

The most recent of the superstars was Glenn Jacobs (Kane), Mark Callaway (Undertaker), Steve Williams (Stone Cold Steve Austin), and Brock Lesnar…It seemed as though the most gorgeous of the WWE family were all becoming quite single quite quickly…

I sighed heavy and took a sip of my coffee to calm my inner self and banish all of my negative thinking away as I clicked my online icon…online a place were you could escape from the free world and enter Fantasy land…online me and me acquainted online sisters and best friends could escape the craziness we called ‘Our Lives’…

We each had a different screen name that praised the WWE superstar of our choice…Mine was of course KanesSheWolf, Jaden was The_Next_Big_Bitch…after the next big thing himself Brock Lesnar, Brandy was SteveAustinsBaby (Self Explanatory)…and of course Heidi was TakersGirl…for the obvious reasons.

Us 4 girls would meet every night at the same time online in a chat room we started a few years ago…and of course we’d talk about work, family…whatever…and then after all the usually bullshit was out of the way, we’d get down to the real nitty-gritty…and start talking about what happened with our 4 hunks during Smackdown or Raw…but then of course we talked about them outside of the wrestling subject too…

It never failed…someone would start getting gutter mind…and damn if it didn’t get all 4 of us chatting about what we’d seriously like to do to them if we ever got the “Man” of our dreams in bed…

There’s that Fantasy land part…we knew we’d never…ever…get any of them in our beds…but it was always good to dream. I know just thinking about what I would love to do with Glenn and that Kane mask gave me some pretty wet dreams pretty much every night…and I know the other girls were having the same problems I was…

Chapter 2

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

As soon as the girl saw me online, I got a chat room…the chat room invitation prompt said:

Property of Deadman Inc Room 325…

From: TakersGirl

Message: LORI, get your skinny little ass in here now…before I send the BIG DOG (Reference to Undertaker) after you…

I laughed as I clicked on the join button and was automatically whisked away to the chat room with the other girls. As soon as they saw my screen name pop up…I was greeted…

(Heidi)TakersGirl: It’s about time bitch…

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Yea! What the hell took you so long Lori…you live like 5 miles from work…

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: Yea girl, c’mon…get the molasses out your ass..

(me) KanesSheWolf: Oh yea you guys are in true form tonight…how many of you have been drinking?

(Heidi) TakersGirl: None…we just get bored waiting for you…when we started this chat room session 2 years ago…you were always the first online every night…and now you’re always the last.

(me) KanesSheWolf: Well…some of us have to be responsible and work for a living…you know car payments, rent, utilities…does any of this ring a bell?

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: Okay you guys c’mon, we are forever getting on Lori’s case…we know she’s got two jobs…of course if she didn’t live in the upper snob side of California…and lived in lower rent Ville half of Cali like the rest of us…she wouldn’t have to work two jobs…

(me) KanesSheWolf: Gee thanks for the support…You know something I give up…I’ll quit both my damn jobs tomorrow so I can get kicked out of my place and live on the street in my car if they don’t repot it first…okay…but when I can’t make it online cause my utilities got shut off cause I don’t have a home anymore…please remember the conversation we had tonight…thanks a million.

I slammed the tip of my middle finger down on the send message button and then hit the disconnect…and shoved away from my computer desk so hard…I nearly rolled into the next room…I whipped the few tears away that had begun to fall and got up and took my coffee and went to my room and got ready for bed…

I don’t know why they gave me so much shit…they knew I had been struggling since my parents had been killed 3 years ago when I was 18…it wasn’t easy living on my own, especially not without a roommate to help cover half the costs of living…

Any over time my asshole boss would offer I’d take in a second…and even then it didn’t come without a price…him always touching me and breathing his nasty hot stinking breath on me…always made me feel like a cheap prostitute or a piece of meat…Blah…he was a disgusting shell of a human being…though sometimes I questioned whether or not he was even human at all…

Chapter 3

**Same Warning**

I had made the mistake of dating him when I first got to the company…and even worse having sex with the creature from the beyond…and when I broke up to date someone else he took it personal and as soon as he moved up to a higher position above me…he figured he would take advantage of the situation. Especially when he knew I was struggling…

I caught myself getting vocal about the schmuck I worked for… “Fucker.” The only word I could verbally use when discussing him…I had a few other’s I really wanted to use…but just wasn’t inclined to waste anymore breath on the subject…enough thought process went into how to avoid him the 10 hours I was at work with him for…

I was jerked out of my thoughts when my telephone next to the bed rang…I sat my coffee down and picked up the cordless and checked the caller id before hitting the talk button…I said, “Hi B…” Brandy said, “Lori…you know we were just fuckin’ with ya honey…you shouldn’t take anything that we say personal…we’ve all know each other for so long…”

I said, “B…don’t you guys ever get tired of jumping on my case, I mean cause I know I get tired of hearing about it…I can’t help that I have 2 jobs…if I would of finished college…I would only have one job right now…and I’d be able to be online more with you guys, which is where I want to be…not at work with that under laid, over jobbed mongrel.”

Brandy didn’t miss the crack in my voice and said, “What did that nasty little shit do to you now?”

I almost couldn’t tell her without crying…tears were sliding down my cheeks as I tried to explain it…I said, “He cornered me in his office again and pinned me against the wall…he slid his hand up my skirt and was sexually assaulting me…I couldn’t have been more happy to hear someone interrupting him by banging on his door…I took off as fast as I could after I clocked out…I can’t take much more of it…I really can’t…but I’ve been there so long and when my 3 year review comes up in 4 days I’m getting a raise for 12 bucks an hour…I couldn’t make that anywhere else…not without starting at the bottom again…if only my parents funerals hadn’t put me in debt…we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

Brandy said, “Lori…you need to tell someone about his ass…report him…file charges…do something against him…kick him in the balls a few times…then he’ll stop.” I said, “The last time I tried pulling away or kicking him, I got a black eye from my troubles…and he keeps saying if I tell anyone he’ll come after me and I’ll be sorry…” Brandy said, “Girl…don’t take that shit from him…” I said, “Look B…just drop it okay…I’m tired and I’m going to bed…tell the girls I’ll talk with them tomorrow. Good night.” Brandy said, “Okay…good night Lori.” We hung up…

Chapter 4

**Same Warning**

Brandy hung her phone up and all she could think was how much she wanted to strangle the life out of Lori’s boss…That man had been doing this shit to her for months now and it just kept getting more and more out of hand…she was scared that one night Lori would be on the channel 13 news “Woman Raped, Beaten and Murderer…body dumped behind work”…

Brandy looked over at her WWE 3 feet tall monthly calendar…Kane’s picture looming for the month…Brandy said, “If only I could hire Kane to go after that guys ass…he’d learn some God Damn respect after a few thousand choke slams from the Big Red Machine…” Brandy smirked when she caught herself using the same word to describe Lori’s boss that Lori used… “Fucker”. She couldn’t help but laugh to herself…

As she got ready for bed…she walked closer to her calendar and looked at Kane and said, “Glenn why can’t you have an on and off button…I want you to be Kane and go after Lori’s boss…he’s an asshole…and he needs to have his ass beaten…and oh…uh…could you take your brother with you to help beat his ass…he really deserves an ass whippin’.” Kane’s on screen brother was the Undertaker…

Brandy knew no amount of talking could bring the person on the calendar to life…no matter how much she talked to it…She knew getting the Summer Slam tickets for Lori’s birthday surprise was just too good to be true…4 tickets, 4 backstage passes to go back and meet the men behind the characters…ogle them a little, smile, bat your eyes…and maybe just maybe get to know them better then they’d hoped for…

Brandy knew this was definitely just the thing to bring Lori out of the funk she’s been resonating in for the last few months…seeing Glenn Jacobs live and up front as Kane and as himself…oh yea…she’d never forget it. Now if she could only get Jaden and Heidi to lay off of Lori, before they lost her to her temper…and believe it or not Lori did have a temper on her…she very rarely showed it to anyone…but when she did…watch out….cause you’re liable to not live through it.

Brandy jumped back online and got back in the chat room…

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: Now hear this…You two will knock off the shit you keep giving Lori…she doesn’t need it…for the next several weeks I want nothing but happy positive comments leaking out of your mouths…or fingers as the case maybe…at least until after her birthday…I want her happy, cheerful and ready to party when we go to Summer Slam…

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Is she okay…we didn’t mean to upset her…but lately that’s all that we seem to be doing…it’s that idiot boss of her again isn’t it?

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: Yes…she’s still taking his shit and then some…and believe me…you don’t want to even know what the then some is…please you guys just lay off until we can surprise her for her birthday…she deserves it.

Jaden and Heidi agreed…no more shit until after Lori’s birthday…

Chapter 5

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Every once in a while someone we didn’t know would pop in and see who we were discussing and sometimes would stay to discuss the deadly sexy men of the WWE with us… A few weeks later, while we were all in our Smut Club chat room as we all liked to refer to it as…the four of us were sitting there discussing what happened that night on Smackdown…

(Heidi) TakersGirl: I can’t believe my little Marky beat some serious ass tonight … man and could he get any finer?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: I noticed…Mark has been getting his booty back in shape…he looked really good...but not as good as his “Little brother."

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: Not as good as my Steve looked…he looked so God damn fine…I just wanted to eat him up with a spoon…or a straw…a nice big thick STRAW…

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Oh no honeys…Brock was the bomb tonight…he could blow all your men’s shit outta the water with his fine looking ass…

We laughed at her…we couldn’t help but laugh at her…suddenly some girl came in the room and her screen name was BubbaBombGirl.

BubbaBombGirl: Hey ladies…lemme guess you’re all fans of the WWE?

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: Fans…hell no more like devoted followers.

(Heidi) TakersGirl: No more like wish I could love ‘em or hate ‘em theme…we love them to death…but wish it didn’t come at a price.

BubbaBombGirl: What do you mean?

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: We’ve all heard what they are really like outside the ring…they are either huge assholes, because they know the female fans just want them for sex recognition…or they are completely sweet…and the only guy we know whose sweet outside the ring but not in it is Brock Lesnar…

BubbaBombGirl: Oh you’d be surprised what those guys are really like.

(Heidi) TakersGirl: No way…I’ve already heard that if you don’t work with Mark or related or friends with him…he can be a real ass…he might be fine and wrestle fantastically…but I’ve already heard what he said about his female fans…that they don’t want to be with him…cause they wouldn’t like the real him out of the ring…and that they just want to be with the Undertaker not the real him…I think that is such a fucked up thing to say…cause I don’t care who he is…or what he made with his life…be it good or bad…I think he is a fascinating wrestler…but I can separate the two personalities…I know the difference between the Undertaker and Mark Callaway…too bad he thinks so little of his female fans…shame on him for thinking it…but shame on me…for him still being my favorite wrestler…even after all the shit the stubborn ass has said…”

BubbaBombGirl: Wow…I guess you are damn opinionated…

(Heidi) TakersGirl: You better believe it…especially when it comes to someone who is a public figure…he might not have wanted the stardom he’s gotten…but he got it…his fans respect him so much, but then again we take it to another leave…I love watching that man work…the fans love him…but yet he sits there and says he female fans just want the Undertaker…that’s bullshit…he’s just a stubborn ass and needs to take a closer look…

(Brandy) SteveAustinsBaby: But that’s not just her opinion….it’s all ours…we respect them as athletes…because of what they put their bodies through day in and day out…but we also love the men behind the characters…we’re proud of them because they make personal decisions everyday to go out and wrestle no matter what, whether they are sick, tired, injured, mad, sad…for whatever reason…they give up to the fact that they want to see their fans happy…and that’s why we love them as professional wrestlers but also as human beings.

The conversation ended…

Chapter 6

**Same Warning**

As the Blonde was running down the hallway in the back of the arena…Trish was trying to remember everything she’d read that the girls had typed when she was in the Smut Clubs chat room last night. She wanted the foursome to know exactly how those women felt about them…ever since they’d gotten their divorces from their other halves…they’d been moping around like nothing could ever come to any good anymore…she had been so excited about finding the 4 gentlemen the ladies had been discussing…that she didn’t see Mark walk out of his dressing room and ran right into him…He grabbed her shoulders to steady her so she wouldn’t fall.

After Trish got her senses back she looked up in the piercing green eyes…and said, “Ya know something, Mark we really should stop meeting like this.” Mark chuckled and said, “How many times this week is that…girl…you’re gonna put a permanent outline of your body on mine if you keep doing that…then Bubba is gonna get jealous and then I’ll have to kick his ass for being a punk.” Trish couldn’t help but laugh and she said, “Ha, ha…” Mark said, “So Blondie…where were you headed in such a hurry?” Trish said, “Trying to find you and the other 3 musketeers…I should say gloomy dudes…but that doesn’t work…

Mark had his hands on his hips and said, “Now what would you be searching for us for?” Trish said, “I was in a chat room last night and it was pretty interesting…You should of seen the conversation I was having with these 4 ladies…they are pretty adamant on how they feel about you, Glenn, Brock and Steve…” Mark gave Trish the raspberries…and said, “Girl…I don’t go for any of that online crap…you know that.” Trish cocked her eye brow and said, “I bet you would if you read what the lady had to say about you in particular…she was just straight forward…You should read it...I saved it on my laptop…I know it might not mean anything to you now…but I figured it was something to look after.”

Mark looked at the Blonde head like she’d grown 3 heads and he said, “Oh…damn girl…You know good and well me and my fans don’t have the best track record.” Trish stuck out her bottom lip as a pout and said, “Please…Pretty please.” Mark couldn’t resist her cute little girl voice…and said, “Damn…I know I’m going to regret this…but okay fine…you go get your stuff and get back here…the guys are already in the room…You might as well show them too..” Trish smiled and said, “I was planning on it…” And she was gone like a flash…

Mark couldn’t understand how someone so small had so much damn energy…

Chapter 7

**Same Warning**

Within a matter of minutes Trish was back and had her laptop set up and the guys were reading over what she had saved…Glenn said, “Okay…the name of the room is called Smut Club.”

Trish said, “Yea…this is only part of the conversation…you should be there on a night after Raw or a PPV…they get down right dirty. I’ve been in the chat room before with these ladies…and this is mild compared to a regular night, but then again I didn’t stick around for the whole conversation…It’s interesting to see what they have to say…”

Mark said, “This girl…whose supposed to be my fan, called me a stubborn ass.” Glenn said, “Damn, she hit the nail right on the head.” Mark scowled and said, “How would you liked to get hit in the head?” Glenn thumbed his nose at Mark…

Trish giggled and said, “I was in there one night and the one girl…SteveAustinsGirl said she got her and the other girls tickets for the KanesSheWolf…Ummm…Lori I think her name is…anyways…they got tickets to Summer Slam…and they are going to surprise her with them for her birthday…they have backstage passes and everything.” Glenn said, “What a good birthday…seeing us wrestle and then seeing me…” He smiled cheesy…

Mark said, “Yea…some birthday…at least you wasn’t called a stubborn ass…” Trish said, “C’mon Mark…you know when you made that statement a few years ago…it was pretty freakin’ harsh to say…she’s just being truthful…you don’t want her to lie do you?” Mark said, “No…I guess not…man I’m still regretting that statement…woo those females were pissed at me.” Trish said, “I can’t blame them…you have a shit load of followers and to say that about just your female fans…was just down right mean.”

Mark sighed heavy and said, “Yea…but you have to think about the time…when I said it…I had women fuckin’ throwing themselves at me and I was trying to be married to Sara…and she was just one big nasty bitch like me…I think in some ways I’m glad we got divorced…she never really was made for this kind of a job.”

Glenn said, “Hell…At least you’re wife didn’t cheat and lie to you…she said ‘Honey I’m 3 months pregnant…’ I hadn’t been home in 5…” Brock said, “It was a good try…you know…like you mailed sperm home to her.” Glenn couldn’t help but laugh…

The guys were glad they could laugh about their fucked up marriages…Glenn said, “Trish what name do you use at night…when you go into this room?” Trish said, “BubbaBombGirl…why?” Glenn said, “I’m going to get in that room tonight…and snoop around…I wanna know more about my wolf…”

Mark perked up and said, “Yea…me too…” They all chimed in and agreed to meet in Trish and Bubba’s hotel room that night and see what the conversation was going to be like that night.”

So after they got to Trish and Bubba’s room…they all piled around her laptop and watched as she signed on and started looking for the room…

Chapter 8

**Same Warning**

I got home from another ragged day at work and did the usual I hoped online and the girls were in full color tonight…As I signed in I noticed BubbaBombGirl had joined us again…figured what the hell we can always use new smuts…

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Good evening ladies.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: Hey Lori…how was work?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: You know me…same old shit, just a different day.

(Heidi) TakersGirl: Lori do you still have that group picture of us from Wrestle Mania last year?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Yea…why what’s up Chica?”

(Heidi) TakersGirl: BubbaBombGirl was dying to see it…will you e-mail it to her?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Sure…what’s the e-mail address?


(Me) KanesSheWolf: Okay it’s been sent.

BubbaBombGirl: That’s a great picture of the 4 of you…so who’s who on it?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: I’m the one with the long brown hair and the baseball cap on, Heidi is the one with long curly red hair, Jaden is the one with long black hair with tints of red in it, and Brandy is the one with have medium length reddish blonde hair…

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Lori…how’s that asshole boss of yours…ready to castrate him yet?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: I swear, if he gropes my ass one more time, I’m going to grope his ball sack with a sledgehammer…I’m so sick of him holding when we had sex over my head…I’m never having sex again…I give up…fucking is for the weak…and I’m tired of being weak.”

BubbaBombGirl: The Next Big Bitch…cute name.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: Yea…cute…but too bad it’s true.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Hey B…Go stun gun yourself.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: **Giving the big bitch the finger** Sit and rotate baby.

(Heidi) TakersGirl: My goodness ladies…calm down…is it my imagination or are you too getting revved up for Summer slam this weekend? Cause you know I can’t wait to see Mark on that big beautiful Harley, rollin’ his ass down to the ring. My drought will soon be over ladies…

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Mmm…and to see Glenn light up the arena with his pyro…he’s so good looking…I could eat him up with a spoon.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: Or suck him up with a straw…or just suck his straw.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Good lord…we haven’t even gotten in an hour worth of talking before gutter mind strikes again…

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: I can’t help myself...I’m okay until I start thinking about eating Steve…then I started thinking I wonder how may beers it would take to seduce Steve? And then that’s how my gutter mind starts.

(Me) KanesSheWolf: 1 ½…hehehe…probably not even that.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: LOL...yeah right...I ever get to meet him, I'm bringing a whole truck, hose and all, tying him down and pumping his stomach full of alcohol!

All of us were laughing in the room…

The guys were shocked, bewildered…and…turned on. They had no clue how women talked about them…this was definitely one of those moments they wished they knew where their fans lived.

Chapter 9

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Glenn stared at the laptop screen with the other three…and couldn’t help but stare at the picture…Mark looked over at Glenn and said, “Something wrong bro?” Glenn said, “Yea…I think I’m in love with someone I’ve never met.” Mark started laughing hard from the back of his throat. Mark said, “Yea…well from the looks on Brock and Steve’s faces they aren’t too far behind you…I gotta say…that little Heidi is pretty adorable…but she does have some mouthy traits on her.”

Glenn said, “Please, you’re just mad cause she pegged you perfect….stubborn ass.” Mark laughed again and said, “Yea…I know I deserved it.” They turned back to the computer and were watching the girls talking in the room again.

(Me) KanesSheWolf: So ladies…we haven’t decided where we’re going to meet for the inevitable Summer Slam this Sunday…Are we doing it at Heidi’s again or would ya’ll like to come up to my place?

(Heidi) TakersGirl: Well…we already decided where we’d be watching it this year.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Yea, and we’ve decided your place simply won’t due…even though we will be up in Sacramento with you..

(Me) KanesSheWolf: How’s come I get the feeling ya’ll are hiding something from me?

(Heidi) TakersGirl: Probably because we are dopey.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: We’ve decided to watch Summer Slam at the arena…Since they are going to be in Sacramento at Arco Arena anyway…We bought tickets 5 weeks ago…and we also chipped in and bought yours as our birthday present to you.

I was completely speechless…I started crying and couldn’t type.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: I hope you’re happy Brandy you’ve killed her.

(Heidi) TakersGirl: Maybe she fell off her chair or something?

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: You guys she’s probably just crying…stop you know how emotional she can get.

(Me) KanesSheWolf: I’m here…I didn’t fall off the chair…I almost wet my pants…but I didn’t fall…I am crying though…you guys are the best…I love you guys… Since my parents were killed 3 years ago…you’re the closest family I’ve got…I’ve got some good news too…I got my raise and grant from the hospital for the pediatrics floor…I can quit working at the restaurant…you know what this means right?

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Girl if you’re fucking with us…it means we’re going to beat your ass before we leave your Apt for Summer Slam…

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: No more BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO.


(Me) KanesSheWolf: I know…I’m so excited…I’m finally getting the right pay and the grant to up date peds…I’m so siked…you guys…I get to start peds after Summer Slam…I already gave asshole my 1 week notice.

Chapter 10

**Same Warning**

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: Uh…isn’t that supposed to be a 2 week notice?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: B…you think after what that little…FUCKER put me through the last several months…I’m going to stay any longer then I really have to?

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: LOL…Guess not…damn girl…you got me calling him Fucker too.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Well…possibly because that’s what that little bastard is…you guys dated for 3 months…you had sex once…and then his ass gets promoted…but now he thinks it’s okay for the sexual assault he gives you every night?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: It wasn’t that bad…Okay maybe it was…he made me physically ill…I would come home and use the hottest water I had…just scrub away his diseased self.

(Heidi) TakersGirl: You’re damn right it was that bad…I mean hello…he had you pinned against the wall and hand his hand up your skirt…doing unimaginable things…I don’t even want to know what he was doing…but you should of slammed him in the balls girl…him and the boys would have been down for a while.

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Hell every time I tried fighting back he would punch me…I went home a few times with a black eye or a bloody nose…no one ever seemed to notice.

BubbaBombGirl: What is this guys name…he sounds like someone I used to know…

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Bryan Houseman…he’s the manager of the Red Lyon on Madison and 10th in Sacramento…he’s such an ass…I dated him for a few months and then when I moved on, he got pissed and when he got the promotion, he’s been messing with me. He’s a freakin’ giant compared to me…I mean I’m no shorty, but he’s huge compared to me.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Lori, you’re almost 5’10”…he’s 6’2”…but he is stalker then you…he’s like what…200 pounds more then you?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: I don’t know what he’s at now…I’m still 125…and if I was to stand behind him…I’d be lost forever.

(Brandy) SteveAustinsGirl: I prayed for Kane to show up one night and beat the piss out of him…I think I got my calendar convinced…but the rest of him…I’m not so sure.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her…

(Me) KanesSheWolf: You an that talking to that WWE calendar…Besides…I don’t think that even Kane could take Bryan…Don’t get me wrong…you know I have faith that, that man could move mountains if he put his mind to it…but Bryan is gigantic…Hell it would probably take Glenn, Mark, Brock and Steve to whip his sorry ass…two to hold him down and two to beat the piss out of him.

(Jaden) The_Next_Big_Bitch: Oh yea…My kind of odds…hey there’s four of us…why don’t we beat his ass?

(Me) KanesSheWolf: Girl please…his one arm is bigger then the diameter around my and your waists put together…he’d crush all four of us, before we could get any punches in.

We talked a little more and noticed BubbaBombGirl left the room…

Chapter 11

**Same Warning**

Glenn was pacing the hotel room like a caged animal…Mark said, “Now…Boy don’t go getting all enflamed…we won’t be getting to Sacramento until tomorrow…there’s nothing you can do about it tonight…besides this isn’t your battle…those women do not even know we were watching their conversation unfold.”

Glenn said, “That’s such bullshit…some guy misusing his position in a company to get what he wants from an ex-girlfriend…that is so fucked up.”

Bubba’s real name is Marc…but so as to not get the two mixed up…they usually referred to him as his character Bubba Ray Dudley…Bubba said, “I’m sorry Mark…but I’m on Glenn’s side with this one…If anyone in this company tried that with Trish…I mean in anything other then a script or storyline…I’d beat the piss out of that asshole.”

Mark looked at Bubba (Marc LaMonica) and said, “Marc…you’re not helping…Glenn don’t go off half cocked…you don’t even know this girl she could be full of shit…trying to get sympathy from her friends.”

Glenn glared at Mark and said, “What if it was someone you knew…what if it was Trish…or even that little cutie in that picture that has a fondness for the Deadman…what would you do then?” Mark said, “I hate it when you use that reverse psychology bullshit on me…Just because you have a degree in English…don’t mean you should use it against us…damn it…”

Mark sighed heavy and finally said, “Alright…fine…I’d beat the fuck out of him too…but we’re not going to do that…and neither are you…it’s none of our business…we’re just going to continue our lives like we never seen them…none of them…NONE. I’m serious.”

Mark left to go to bed in his room…he knew as soon as he left…they were already devising a plan…And he was right as soon as the door closed, Brock looked at Trish and she just nodded…she was in.

Brock said, “Okay…this is what we’re going to do….” And proceeded to lay down the plan he had running through his brain. Brock kept thinking that girl Jaden was so beautiful…if this guy had ever done that to her…he would find out about it…a little torture and a good old fashioned ass beating is all that guy needed…They wanted this guy Bryan Houseman in the worst way…so much so that they didn’t care if any one knew it was them…they didn’t care if they killed the little bastard…as long as he paid for what he’d done and put one of their fans through…it wasn’t right…but they really weren’t in the mood for giving a shit.

Chapter 12

**Same Warning**

My last day at the restaurant was Friday…today is Saturday…Jaden, Brandy and Heidi are all piled on the couch watching the old Wrestle Manias I had on DVD…I walked into the living room and continued watching them with the ladies…we went out to a huge club later that night…partying, drinking, gyrating…just trying to have as much fun as possible.

Meanwhile, Downtown at the Hilton Hotel in the lobby…4 males and 1 female were all dressed in black…Glenn said, “I feel like James Bond…You know, beat down the guy…get the girl…”

Trish looked at Bubba and said, “You know sweetie…black is definitely your color…I wish Devon could of come with.” Bubba said, “I thought you said the camouflage was my thing?” Trish laughed and said, “Only when you’re in the ring battling it out…right now…you look hot…and if we weren’t getting ready to leave…I’d make you take me right here.”

Glenn said, “Hey, hot pants can you keep your thermostat down to a dull roar, until we finish? I’m pretty sure Marc doesn’t want you giving all of us a show.” Trish said, “Oh what…like you’re so against those God forsaken panties and bra matches me and the rest of the idiotic divas get thrust into nearly every week?”

Brock raised his hand and said, “I’m not really against them.” Steve smiled and said, “Yea…me neither.” Glenn threw his hands up in aggravation…and said, “I swear…I’m working with horn dogs here…people could we possible think about fixing our erections after we get back?”

Just then a low rumbling laughing came from the elevator doors and Glenn looked over and saw it was Mark…Mark stepped off the elevator and sauntered over to the group and said, “I knew you guys couldn’t resist playing the hero’s…but then again if I wasn’t trying to be so level headed…I’d be pissed as hell…I’ll wait till I get face to face with that little prick and then let myself get pissed. Only one thing…Trish, you’re staying here…I don’t know who all is going to be at that place and I don’t want you getting hurt…I can just see us trying to explain to Vince in the morning…while he’s bailing us all out of jail for nearly killing some guy…and why one of his biggest money making Divas is in the hospital for unseen reasons.”

Trish nodded and said, “Mark…thanks…I know you don’t know her…but I know you’d do the same for me…and I know this wasn’t an easy decision for you to make.” Mark half smiled and said, “Thank me in the morning honey…I want to be pissed right now…”

He gave her shoulders a quick squeeze and kissed the top of her head…and then Bubba gave her a kiss and a booty squeeze and swatted her ass as she went back up to their hotel room.

Chapter 13

**Same Warning + Violence**

- - 30 Minutes later…12:30 - -

Across town at the Red Lyon…on Madison and 10th…the restaurant was just closing down, doors had been locks, answering machine switched on, lights all off, and the night manager Bryan Houseman was locking the back door…when he felt like he was being watched…he turned around and was face to face with 5 of the biggest guys he’d seen in his pathetic life.

A deep southern accented voice said, “You Bryan Houseman?” Bryan sort of whimpered out a “Yes.” The same voice said, “How big are you boy?” Bryan stuck his chest out and said, “6’2” 325lbs.” Mark gave the kid a once over and noticed right off the bat he was bigger then Paul (Triple H)…he damn near put Paul to shame…his arms and chest were huge much bigger then Paul…and his thighs…could probably crush a Buick.

Mark said, “You know a lady by the name of Lori?” Bryan was getting cocky and said, “Yea…what of it?” Mark said, “You been fucking with her?”

Bryan said, “No…ever since the little bitch broke up with me…I’ve been trying to fuck her…but she won’t let me…I’m gonna have to take it from her pretty soon…she’s such a cock tease…I’ve had her once before…that sweet pussy was kind of like fucking a velvet glove.”

Through clenched teeth Glenn said, “I wanna beat his ass right now…” Mark knew he was serious…so they did what they came to do…they absolutely beat the hell out of the guy…

The next morning…Jaden, Brandy, Heidi and I were woken up by someone pounding on my front door…I walked to the door and it was a couple of Police Officers…I said, “How can I help you officers?” One said, “Are you Lori James?” I said, “Yes…would you like to come in?” They came in and started asking me question about Bryan and so on and so forth then they showed me a picture of him found in the alley behind Red Lyon…I nearly passed out…I said, “How bad are the damages?”

The officer signed heavy and said, “All of his ribs are broke, two broken arms, broken leg, even all ten of his fingers had been broken, his cheek bones were cracked in a few places…busted nose, broken jaw on both sides, severe concussion…missing several teeth..” I handed the picture back and said, “I don’t know who did this…but they deserve a friggin metal…Bryan Houseman was a sick…disgusting shell of a human being…I hated working there as much as I hate onions on my food…I can work with anyone…but Mr. Houseman as a bad problem with roaming hands…and they were usually on me…I don’t feel bad because he got his ass beat…I feel bad that I wasn’t the one who did it.”

The officer said, “Well…at least your honest…Thanks for your time.”

And they left…I turned around and looked at the girls and Jaden said, “No Fuckin’ way man…It has to be a dream.” Brandy said, “Some dream…I pray for someone to beat his ass…Prayer granted…” Heidi said, “Maybe we have a wish master who lives close by or something…and decided to grant our wishes…” I scoffed and said, “Thank you wish master.” We laughed and then got ready for Summer slam which was going to be that evening…

Chapter 14

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

- - 6:15 p.m. Sunday Night…45 minutes before Summer Slam- -

We each had on either black leather or black plastic pants…we were out for hotness…I had on black plastic pants with matching steel toed boots, and a black tank top that said ‘Big Red Machine’ in red letters…and I left my hair down and flying…Jaden had on Black leather pants with keyholes cut out down the sides of her pants all the way down…matching boots, and a Black ‘Here Comes The Pain’ t-shirt tied in the middle showing off her navel ring…and her hair was curly and left down…Heidi had on the same pants and boots as me and had a black tank top on that said ‘Property of Deadman Inc.’…And Brandy had on the Leather pants and boots like Jaden and she had on a black tank top that had the Steve Austin Skull on it and it said 3:16 ME…

All four of us piled into my red convertible mustang with the black lighting bolts down the side…we put the top down as we pulled onto Highway 99 going North into Sacramento to Arco Arena…we got there with 15 minutes to spare…We found our seats…we were right next to the ramp…we sat down and were talking while waiting for the show to start.

Meanwhile, backstage…Trish was passing by the monitor and grabbed a guy with the head set and said, “I want you to get security to surround those 4 ladies right there…not right now…but after the show…make them stay put until every one leaves the arena…Mark, Glenn, Brock and Steve want to have a few words with these ladies…but make sure that security gets over there before they try to leave.” The young set director nodded and informed security of the ladies that the gentlemen wanted to have a few words with after the PPV was over.

The show was under way at 7 o’clock sharp…no one had a clue what the main event was going to be…we knew it was going to be a huge four person tag match…in other words four people on one side against another four people…we just couldn’t figure out who it would be…Well we were about to get the shock of our lives.

All of a sudden Mark’s music was cued and ran through out the arenas speakers…

Dead man walkin

You've done it now
You've gone and made a big mistake
and I can't allow, you to think you can just walk away
so turn around, and face the piper you're gonna pay
'cause the end is now
this is gonna be your judgment day

A cheap shot
that's the way that you play the game
I was blindsided, things will never ever be the same
nice guys, it's said they always finish last
but bad-asses, always kicking @#%$'s ass

kick it

You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
there's no forgiveness this time
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
It's my business, your mind
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm burning these ones to the ground
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
I'm gonna Bring you down

You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay
You're gonna Pay, You're Gonna Pay

No more chances,
No more excuses, no lies
your stories ending, time to say your goodbyes
nice guys, it's said they always finish last
but bad-asses, are always kicking @#%$'s ass

Chapter 15

**Same Warning**

All four of us stood up and were looking up at the ramp…and were almost close to passing out…there was Mark, Glenn, Brock and Steve all on Harley’s side by side of each other at the top of the ramp…they all raised they right arms and the fans went completely ape shit…we would have been if we wouldn’t have been to busy staring at the boys.

Then Mark took the lead and went down to the ring, following him was Glenn, then Steve and Brock…they circled the ring a couple of times…and we looked at the license plates on the bikes…and Mark’s usually said Undertaker…but not tonight… Mark’s said, ‘Deadman Inc.’ Glenn’s said, ‘Big Red Machine’. Brock was, ‘Pain’. And Steve’s said, ‘3:16’…

We couldn’t help but laugh…the boys looked absolutely beautiful…Mark with his flowing dark auburn main pulled back in it’s usual low pony tail and his bandana…Glenn with a new Kane mask on that show from his mouth to his go-tee…Mmm facial hair…always a plus. Steve in his tight black t-shirt and jean shorts. And Brock in Leather pants…oh goodness…The four of us were pretty close to going way over the edge by just looking at them intently…

As the boys got in the ring…they all lined up and were waiting for their opponents to come down…Glenn leaned over and said, “Where did Trish say they were?” Mark said, “Straight ahead and look towards the right…by the ramp.” Glenn said, “Son of a Bitch…” Brock smiled and said, “He found ‘em.” Steve said, “So did I…damn…The little girl Brandy is fuckin’ hot.” Mark glanced in the girls’ direction and said, “I will admit that Heidi is short but cute.”

About 1 minute later…the Bubba and Devon Dudley came out…Trish escorting…and Edge and Christian. Trish got on the top rope and was fan fairing and I looked up and spotted Trish’s t-shirt she had on…and went white…Heidi looked over and saw the look on my face and said, “Lori…what’s wrong?” I said, “Trish’s shirt..” Heidi said, “What…it’s a little too tight…and…Oh SHIT.” We both turned white…

When Brandy and Jaden finally caught on to what we were looking at…all of us just stood there…speechless…Can you guess why we were looking at Trish’s t-shirt?…yup you guessed it…because it said ‘BubbaBombGirl’…we were in a state of panic…shock…whatever…we couldn’t decided if we wanted to make a run for it…or just stick around for the 15 minute match in front of us featuring all our favorite spicy hunks.

Brandy said, “Maybe they won’t notice us?” Jaden said, “Maybe they already did…” I said, “Chill out you guys…chances are they don’t even know…” Heidi said, “Yea…like what odd is in our favor…4 to 5…” Jaden said, “Okay…if we keep cool…when it’s over we can just walk out with the rest of the fans…just walk really fast.” Brandy said, “Damn fast…”

Chapter 16

**Same Warning**

After the match was over…we were about to walk out…when we were detained by 6 security guards…they waited until every single fan was gone…and still kept us in our seats…well not so much in our seats but just where we had been standing…

Jaden said, “Okay…I’m going to jump the barrier and make a run for it…” We laughed at her…Brandy said, “Well…if she’s jumping I’ll go with.” Heidi said, “C’mon you guys it can’t be that bad…maybe they just know we’ve got backstage passes.”

I said, “Yea…I told ya’ll to chill out…they more then likely don’t know a thing.”

From behind me a deep southern voice said, “Make a bet.”

All four of us had our eyes clinched tightly closed …I stood there and Heidi had a hold of my hand…I felt someone standing in front of me…the breath was coming from above my head…I felt a hand under my chin…and raise my head up…and the softest pair of lips captured mine, in the softest, gentlest kiss I’d ever had placed on my mouth before…I was in total heaven…me free hand just sort of ended up on a huge forearm…

The kiss left my lips a little swollen and me a little breathless…I couldn’t open my eyes though…a deep voice whispered in me ear… “Happy Birthday Lori…Open your eyes…” My grip on Heidi’s hand tightened…and I slowly fluttered my eyes open…and nearly forgot to breathe…it was Glenn…out of his Kane costume…I opened and closed my mouth several times…I just couldn’t get the words out of my mouth…Heidi said, “Lori, are your eyes open yet?” I said, “Uh-huh.” Brandy said, “How bad is it?”

I looked around and there was Glenn, Mark, Brock, Steve, Bubba and Trish…I said, “You don’t want to know.” Glenn took my hand and said, “You’re coming with me…I got something for you.” I didn’t move…I said, “My friends came with me in my car…I’m not leaving them here…” Glenn said, “Don’t worry they will be taken care of…I promise. Do you trust me?” I said, “Scary as the thought might be…yes…I do.” I looked at the other guys…and Glenn said, “C’mon.” Mark, Brock and Steve all nodded…letting me know it was okay. I walked away with Glenn…

Mark walked up behind Heidi and put his hands on her shoulders…and said, “Now then little girl…I’m assuming you’re the one who referred to me as a stubborn ass.” Heidi just nodded…and he said, “You wanna tell me why?” Heidi said, “Because you are…” Mark said, “I read your reason for calling me that…Can’t say as I blame ya for feeling that way…I know I was harsh on my female fans…why don’t you come with me and help me understand what I need to work on.” Heidi looked up and said, “Okay.” Mark lifted her over the barrier and grabbed her hand and led her up the ramp and behind the curtain…

Brandy was next Steve walked over and did the only sane thing…Threw her over his shoulder and walked off with her laughing hard…Brock and Jaden sat down and talked for a few hours before he took her to dinner…

Chapter 17

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Brock and Jaden were in the hotel that the wrestlers were staying at while in town…he had the whole hotel restaurant closed up with no one but the waiter and cook working…They walked in and Jaden stood there looking around in awe…she couldn’t believe it…the whole place was beautiful…it was lit by nothing but candles…white candles every where and they were all lit too…it was the most beautiful thing Jaden had ever seen…

Jaden said, “I can’t believe you did this.” Brock said, “Why not?” She said, “You hardly know me…And you wouldn’t have known me either if Trish hadn’t been such a good spy.” Brock said, “I’m glad she did it…cause you’re beautiful…and you’re worth it.” Jaden half smiled and looked at Brock…he had tons and tons of passion smoldering in his eyes…Jaden bit her bottom lip and Brock caressed her cheek with his massive hand…he leaned over and placed a light kiss on her lips…

When he pulled away, he took her hand and led her over to the table and they ordered their dinner…while they waited for the dinner…They got up and danced to some really soft violin music…Jaden felt like a princess in his arms…the glided across the floor and a nice slow pace…just letting the music take them where ever they wanted to be…

Meanwhile, across town…Glenn and I were walking along the beach just talking…I still couldn’t get over just how big he was in person…I don’t remember him being his big when I had gotten his autograph a few months back…hell maybe the boy grew a little…hell…the boy probably grew a lot.

Glenn said, “So, I guess Trish was pretty sneaky about getting into the chat room.” I smiled and said, “I can’t believe you guys saw everything we were talking about…that’s so embarrassing…it’s a good thing that was a mild night…cause usually after we’ve had a couple of glasses of wine…it’s a gutter minds dream discussion…hence the name of the room…We really are the Smut Club…of course we blame it on the alcohol…but you guys could just say, it’s 4 horny women getting together to discuss what we’d like to do with these fictional characters on TV.”

Glenn said, “Fictional huh…Steve isn’t really all that fictional, and well…neither is Brock…Mark…well his out of the ring attitude leaves something to be desired…cause he’s usually the same out of the ring as he is when he’s in the ring…and well everyone knows I’m not some horrible monster out to destroy every one I come across…and with the new mask it’s supposed to make me more vocal and show emotion…Don’t know if I like that yet.” I said, “You don’t like the new mask?” Glenn said, “Not really sure yet…why you like it?” I smiled and said, “Of course…It shows off you’re really great smile…For a few years now I didn’t know you even had one…”

Glenn said, “Thanks Lori…So what exactly do you do? I mean I heard about your old job…really glad you got out of that one…but What is it you were getting the grant for?” I said, “I’m trying to start a program for the pediatrics ward of the hospital I’m working for…for kids who have cancer but their parents don’t have insurance for them…The program will pay for their chemotherapy sessions the vitamins…and the new pills that help them not to throw up after their chemo treatments every 4 weeks…” Glenn said, “So you’re a Angel of mercy huh?” I said, “I don’t know about eh Angel part, but I do like to make sure kids who have cancer get treatment and have a full chance at life.”

Glenn grabbed my hand and stopped walking, then pulled me back to him, and wrapped one of his huge arms around my waist…and touched my face with his soft finger tips…Glenn said, “I don’t know…I think you’re Angel…you’re beautiful and sweet like one.” I smiled and Glenn lowered his lips to mine…it was almost as breathtaking as the first kiss me gave me…he ran his tongue across my lips and I granted him access into my mouth…his tongue snaked between my lips and caressed my tongue…

When we separated…I said, “It was you wasn’t it…you’re the one who beat the crap out of Bryan for me…” Glenn smiled sheepishly and said, “I had help…Mark, Brock, Steve and Bubba…Trish was going to help too…but Mark made her stay at the hotel…didn’t think it would be good for one of the biggest money making divas in the WWE to be seen in a street fight.” I wrapped my arms around his waist and had my ear against his chest and was listening to his heart beat…it started beating faster when I latched onto him…I said, “Thank you so much Glenn.” Glenn enveloped me into his arm and kissed the top of my head…he said, “No one is ever going to hurt you again…I promise.”

Chapter 18

**Same Warning**

Meanwhile down the street…Steve had a theater set up to watch a really good love story movie called Bed of Roses (I fully recommend if anyone hasn’t seen it…See it now)…Brandy and Steve walked into the theater and it was empty…they sat in the middle, and Steve was holding Brandy’s hand. Brandy said, “Wow…I didn’t know the rattlesnake had a romantic side to him.” Steve smiled and said, “Yea well…I’ll deny it if you ever tell anyone…I have to keep up my reputation for being an SOB…I don’t show this side to a lot of people and very few know about it…It’s no one’s business what I do in my personal life, but me and the one I’m getting personal with…” Steve gave Brandy’s hand a little squeeze.

Brandy looked over at Steve…his once piercing blue venom filled eyes were now soft and full of desire as he looked at her…Brandy leaned over and kissed Steve’s cheek and he said, “What was that for?” Brandy smiled and said, “Well…just incase I forget to tell you later…I had a really nice time tonight…” Steve leaned over and captured her lips with his…Brandy reached up and took his hat off and then as they continued to kiss, he was running his finger through her hair and she was running her fingers lightly across his bald head…when they separated Steve said, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Brandy smiled and said, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to do it.” Steve kissed her one last time before he settled with her wrapped his arms as the movie started up.

Meanwhile in a bar a few blocks from the arena…in a private pool room…Mark and Heidi were talking while she was cleaning his clock at pool…Heidi had won 4 games and Mark had only won 1…Heidi was an expert billiards girl…she could have been a professional hustler if she didn’t just play for fun…Mark was enjoying watching her play…she looked like she was really in her element…she was short but she was awfully gorgeous…he loved watching her lean over the table and concentrate on her shots…Mark had had a sudden urge to kiss her…but was just trying to bid his time.

Heidi was walking around the table making her shots knowing when ever she leaned over, Mark was either looking down her Deadman Inc shirt, or admiring her ass…Thank god for Black plastic pants…she made a mental note to thank Lori later for making her buy those pants cause they matched her. The music from the bar was starting to get loud and break her concentration…as she leaned over to take her shot, her right foot went back and closed the door…nice and tight.

Mark walked around the table taking his shots remembering their earlier conversation as the night was beginning, she had really chewed his ass but good for making all those stupid comments about his female fans and internet fans…she chewed him up one side and down the other…all he got out at the end was an ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I’ll have to remember to think the next time I speak.’ He remembered watching her laugh…she had a great smile and her laugh was intoxicating…she said it was funny to see the Deadman cower to a woman whose a foot and a half shorter then him.

Of course Mark had failed to mentioned the only way he would ever cower to any woman is if she had a profound effect on him…And man was he feeling the profound effects she was having on him…especially after she’d managed to give him an enormous erection…he didn’t realize how present his erection was until he bent over just now to make his shot…damn he needed to get out of those jeans…he was going to lose circulation and pass out…Mark missed his shot on purpose to get Heidi back over in front of him…he stood behind her about 3 feet away…after she made her shot and stood up straight again…she could swear she felt someone looming over her…

Heidi looked up and sure enough he was so close she could feel his erection pressing into her back…she exhaled really slowly…Mark took her cue from her and laid them on the pool table behind him…Mark took Heidi by the shoulders and turned her around to face him…then grabbed her waist and lifted her up and sat her on the pool table…Mark was standing between her legs…Mark was leaning over her as she started leaning back not sure what he was going to do…she asked, “What are you going to do?” Mark said, “I’m going to kiss you…” she said, “Why?” Mark said, “Gimmie your hand.” She did and he kissed the palm of her hand and then put it on his chest and slid it all the way down to the bulge in his pants…Heidi sucked in a gasp of air and the whole time Mark was staring in her eyes…

Mark said, “You feel that?” Heidi said, “Yea.” He said, “You did that to me…something that not just anyone can do…so I’m going to kiss you…the rest is up to you…if you wanna go further let me know and I’ll take you out of here…cause this is not really a romantic place to do the things that I want to do to you…” Heidi slowly slid her fingernails up the bulge in Mark’s pants and he could of just taken her right there on the pool table but thought it best not too…Mark said, “Never mind…I think we’ll just leave now…” Mark was about to move when Heidi grabbed his go-tee and pulled his face down to hers and got him in an unstoppable lip lock…obviously they stopped in the nick of time…cause hands, mouths, tongues…and uh…other body parts started roaming…Mark grabbed her had paid the bill and stuck her on his bike and drove off in the night…like a man and woman possessed.

Chapter 19

**Same Warning**

Around 8 am the next morning…Brock woke up with the most beautiful looking creature laying in front of him on his hotel couch…still fully clothed…they had talked the night before…he didn’t want their encounter to be just a one night stand…he wanted to be with her…after they’d gotten to know each other so well over dinner, they had gone up to his room and watched a mid-night movie…after the movie he looked down and noticed Jaden had fallen asleep on his chest…she looked so peaceful and fragile…he didn’t have the heart to wake her…

So he laid down on the couch and set her in front of himself…wrapping his arm tight around her waist so if she moved in the middle of sleeping, she wouldn’t fall off the couch…he decided to let her sleep until he absolutely had to get up to leave for their flight down to San Jose to do Raw.

Next door in Steve’s room…they were fully clothed and laying across his hotel bed…Steve being vertical in the bed and Brandy somehow falling asleep horizontal with her head on Steve’s chest. But had her small hand curled tightly with his big hand…Steve didn’t dare move…he didn’t want to wake her…he checked his watch and there was still a good 5 hours before the flight to San Jose…he was going to let her sleep…but at the same time…he wasn’t getting up either..

Steve was just content to stay that way forever…every time she’d move her hair would tickle his belly and chest…but he could live with it…he wasn’t going to miss one moment with her…he knew if she woke up, she might want to leave…and he wasn’t having any of that.

Across the hall in Mark’s room…he was being woken up with kisses…his eyes slowly fluttered open and he saw the angel waking him up…Heidi smiled and looked up at him…she had placed small kisses all over his BSK Pride tattoo across his stomach…Mark was usually a bear when he first woke up in the mornings…but he had to agree…being woken up like that, had taken all the bite out of him…in a husky and groggy voice he said, “Heidi, Darlin’ you keep that up…and you’re never leaving this room…unless I fold you up and stick you in my suitcase to take you with me.” Heidi moved up the length of his body and kissed his lips softly…

Heidi smiled as she pulled away and said, “Yea…well I’m not really inclined to let you leave here without me.” Mark said, “You know this isn’t going to just be a one night stand…I don’t operate that way…last night was amazing…and I guarantee if you aren’t sore when you get up later…I didn’t do it right…” Heidi giggled and said, “Believe me…I’m already feeling it…” Mark wrapped his arms around her and said, “Good…let me help you ease that pain darlin’…” Mark flipped them over and as he kissed down her body…he pulled the sheet up and over them both…which when he got to what he really wanted…it emitted some strange and unusual noises from Mark’s hotel room…

Meanwhile, Glenn and I went back to the arena and grabbed my car and headed to the hotel…we stepped out of my car at the Hilton Hotel…the wrestlers had been using…and during the elevator ride up to his room…Glenn just held me against him and said, “I don’t want any of this to end…” I said, “Yea…me neither…I can’t believe we stayed out walking and talking on the beach the whole night…It felt so good to just have a normal conversation with a human being for once…I really had a good time.” Glenn smiled down at me and said, “Yea…me too…So you’re officially a year older now…” I said, “Yea…what a way to spend a birthday…22 and spending the entire night talking to someone I just can’t seem to get enough of.” Glenn’s grip around my waist tightened…and said, “Yea…the feeling is mutual…Are you tired?” I said, “A little…what time are you guys leaving?”

Glenn checked his watched and said, “Not for another 5 hours…feel like taking a nap with me?” I smiled and said, “Sure…as long as you don’t drool on me…” I winked at him and he said, “Drool…no….Kissing, biting, sucking, licking…yea…” I smiled and we laughed as we got off his floor and went in the room and after we put everything down, and Glenn unloaded his pockets he turned his cell phone off, my cell phone off and even un plugged the hotel phone…I set the alarm for the time he wanted to get up…and we crawled in bed and Glenn covered us with just a small blanket and he wrapped his arms around me kissed my neck a few thousand times and we fell asleep…

Chapter 20

** Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Around 11 o’clock…I moved around and noticed I was in bed alone…I could hear some singing…or maybe humming coming from the bathroom…I laughed…I wondered what Glenn was doing up…he had to of been spent…not sleeping after a PPV the night before…I got up and woke myself up a little and grabbed the remote to the TV…I had moved around and was sitting on my feet in the middle of the bed…Glenn walked out of the bathroom, with just levis on…and I nearly fell off the bed…Glenn’s hair was hanging in his face and I couldn’t help but stare at him like he was a damn piece of meat…

Glenn laughed at the look on my face…and I blushed furiously…Glenn leaned over the bed in front of me and said, “Lori…don’t get shy…that’s the reaction I was trying to get out of you…” I said, “Yea…you do that again…and you’re never leaving this city…” Glenn laughed again and sat down at the foot of the bed and was putting his socks and boots on…I crawled over and leaned my head on his shoulder. Glenn leaned over and kissed the top of my head…and said, “I feel like I’m deserting you.” I said, “Nope…You’re just going to work…” After Glenn got his boots on and laced up he stood up and pulled his pant legs over his boots…

Then scooped me up and sat me on his lap…Glenn said, “Lori, you realize it’s going to be hard the first couple of months?” I smiled and said, “I’d be the first to ever think anything didn’t come hard.” Glenn said, “Well…just be patient with me…I promise I will get back to you as much as I possibly can…I promise…You have my cell number…and I have your cell, work and home numbers…plus we have each others e-mails…” I smiled and said, “Yup…I’ll be fine…until you get yourself back to me…” Glenn smiled and said, “Good.” We kissed a few times, before he set me on my feet and finished getting dressed…

By the time we finished our conversation and order room service lunch and ate…it was time to meet everyone in the lobby and go to the airport…Glenn said he didn’t want me driving him to the airport cause he knew it would be hard enough to say by in the lobby…

We stepped off the elevator and everyone was already waiting in the lobby…Glenn pulled me to the side before we walked completely over to the crowd of people…Glenn pushed my hair out of my face and said, “I’ll call you later…and then again when I get to the hotel after Raw…” I nodded and could feel myself trying not to get emotional…C’mon Lori…you’ve only known the man for one night…I wrapped my arms around Glenn and said, “Thank you…” Glenn laughed a little and said, “For what?” I smiled up at him and said, “For making my birthday so perfect.” Glenn said, “You’re welcome…but I should be thanking you for making my night here in town perfect…”

Glenn ravaged my lips with one last kiss…and said, “I have to get going…I don’t want them to leave without me…well I do…but I don’t.” I said, “Yea…I know.” We walked over and I saw Heidi had Mark in a mean ass lip lock…also his bandana hanging out of her back pocket did not go unnoticed…Steve was kissing Brandy so lightly…and Brock was talking with Jaden…and as the four men who came into our lives so fast the night before…left our lives just as fast…We waved to them…we each had a couple of tears sliding down our cheeks…that one night meant so much to us…took us way from our ragged lives and into an online fantasy in the blink of an eye. We knew our lives would be changed forever.

The End…

Look For the Sequel: Offline Reality.