Offline Reality

(Sequel to Online Fantasy)


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

- - 9 Months Later - -

“PUSH…PUSH…c’mon girl…you know you can do it…Heidi…stay focused…” I yelled as her labor was getting worse instead of better…going on 35 hours…the baby just wouldn’t budge and Heidi was so whipped…she was ready to sleep but the contractions would allow her to do anything but push…Heidi said, “Where is Mark…he promised he wouldn’t miss it…” I whipped her head with a wash cloth and said, “Girl…Mark, is stuck at the airport…can you see outside…it never snows in Houston…but guess what it does now…He’ll be here soon Heidi…he promised he would…”

Heidi grabbed my shirt as she was trying to relax in between contractions she said, “Please tell me I didn’t make a mistake marrying Mark…” I smiled and moved her hair out of her face and said, “No…you didn’t make a mistake getting married to him…Like Mark would of really let you just walk away after telling him he was going to be a father…a damn tornado wouldn’t have stopped him from wanting to be with you…Besides you know where ever Mark is, Glenn, Steve, Brock, Terry and Britt are…They won’t let Mark miss the birth of his baby…”

About that time Jaden and Brandy walked in with a resounding… “Hey didn’t you pop that kid out yet?” Brandy said with a smile. I looked at Heidi and she rolled her eyes and said, “Thanks for the support B.” Brandy smiled and said, “Any time…Just ask.” Jaden walked over and handed me my Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks…Heidi said, “Lori, if you don’t get that away from me…I’m liable to snatch it from your hot little hands and pour it all over my body…”

It took all my resolve to not spit out the swallow I had just taken from my straw…I couldn’t help but start laughing…I said, “Wow…you can’t tell you’ve not been allowed to have coffee for the last 9 months at all…it doesn’t show Heidi…” Jaden and Brandy were practically rolling on the floor with laughter…A few minutes later…a couple of nurses came in and said, “Is one of you Lori James?” I said, “Yes ma’am…what’s wrong?”

The nurse smiled and in her most beautifully annoying southern accent said, “We have 5 men and 1 female down by the nurses station bellowing about some girl being in here and having their baby…I don’t imagine all 6 of them could be the father so if you’d come down here and confirm you know the rowdy group…We will gladly let the father come down and check out mother and the not so born yet baby…” I laughed and said, “Guess who just showed up?” Brandy and Jaden were already running down to the nurse’s station to see Brock and Steve…

I looked at Heidi and said, “Traitors…The first chance they get to see a hot guy and the act like their pants are on fire…” Heidi said, “Well…I’m glad we have such resolve.” I nodded and Heidi said, “Stop…I already know you want to go see Glenn…it’s been weeks since you’ve seen him…Go ahead and go…I know you miss him.” I leaned over and kissed Heidi’s head and said, “I’ll tell Mark to come down…” Heidi said, “Don’t you dare…I’m not even cute right now.” I said, “Heidi…honey you’re beautiful…you’re just in labor.” Heidi said, “Who the hell are you trying to fool? I look like a beached whale trying to squeeze Shamu out of my blow hole.” I laughed and practically fell on the floor laughing so hard.

Three nurses came in and started taking the machines off Heidi and I said, “Look what you’ve done…we’re getting kick out of the Hilton…they are probably sending us to Motel 6.” Heidi said, “I guess I shouldn’t have been cooking that Spam on the Hot plate earlier…Hey we already said we’d pay for them curtains…no one got hurt.” The nurse said, “Mrs. Callaway…we’re going to take you up the other OR and they are going to give you a c-section.” I said, “Apparently they are tired of your screaming as much as I am…how in the world does Mark put up with your loud ass.” Heidi said, “Mark, encourages me to be loud…every time…Um…I mean all the time.” We started laughing again and I said, “I’ll go down and tell Mark…he’s gonna want to be with you.” Heidi nodded and as they wheeled her out I walked down to the nursery waiting room…

Chapter 2

**Same Warning**

As I rounded the turn in the hallway to the waiting room…the first person I saw was Glenn…I smiled…it had been 4 weeks since I’d seen him…he looked so good. I walked over to Mark and said, “If you go now…you can catch them before they take her up to the OR…they are going to do a c-section on her…if you can’t handle it lemme know…I’ll go.” Mark stood up and said, “I’ll be fine but thanks…” He walked away…5 seconds later he walked back kissed me on the head and said, “Thanks for being here with her Lori.” I smiled and said, “No problem…Just go take care of her…and Make sure you tell her she looks beautiful.” Mark smiled and took off down the hall…

Glenn stood up and enveloped me in his arms…and said, “I’ve missed you.” I said, “I know I missed you too…we might as well get comfortable it’s going to be a while..” I sat down next to Glenn curled up with my head on his chest…he wrapped his jacket around me…I soon fell asleep…

I guess you’d like to know what happened after the guys left 9 months ago…well every one started dating heavy…when Heidi found out she was pregnant she just about died…she couldn’t imagine telling Mark…or what his reaction would be…when she finally did…he was more overjoyed then anyone I know…he immediately asked her to marry him…and well a week later they were married…the wedding was small but gorgeous…and they were truly happy…All of us pitched in and helped Heidi get all her shit moved to Houston Texas onto Mark’s ranch out there…it is so huge and beautiful…Mark tried her like a princess…so much so that he started calling her that…

As for Jaden and Brock…they are living together in Austin, Texas also, 2 hours from Houston…Jaden still hasn’t given up the virginity and both said they were fine with waiting until they were married to do anything to critical…Jaden could be a gutter mind like the rest of us when she wanted…but when it came to her virtue…she held it higher then anything else…said it was something to be shared with her husband when she got married…they haven’t gotten engaged yet…but we already know they are going to be married…it’s only obvious.

Brandy started spending so much time with Steve on and off the road that Vince McMahon stuck her on TV with him…she was his valet…and man oh man did we give her shit for the skimpy ass outfits they had her wearing…Steve said “It would be a shame to have to kill someone.” When Brandy asked why he would have to kill anyone…Steve said, “Well…if they can’t keep their eyes off you…I’m liable to do something to give them some sort of incentive to not look at you.” Brandy said, “By killing them.” Steve shrugged and said, “Whatever works.” Brandy wasn’t sure…but she could have sworn Steve was serious. They are also living in Texas…they got engaged 2 months ago and are an hour away from Houston in Victoria, Texas…

As for me and Glenn…well…My hospital program was going so well that they started having me take the program to other hospitals across the states…one of the hospitals being Houston General Hospital…I asked to be permanently transfer to the Houston hospital and Glenn insisted I move in with him…he couldn’t see having his girlfriend live in the same damn state and city and not in his house…we live 25 minutes from Mark and Heidi…It’s really great seeing him more now then when I was still in California…I love being able to wake up next to him in the mornings…it’s so great.

Chapter 3

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Oh I guess you’re wondering who Terry and Britt are…Terry Gerin is another wrestler from the company...most know him has Rhyno…and Britt is his wife…Brittany…but we call her Britt for short.

A couple of hours later…I’m awakened by kisses on my eyes…My eyes fluttered open and I noticed I was laying on the couch in the waiting room still…Glenn was squatting down in front of me…Glenn said, “Hey there sleepy head…you awake?” I looked around a little and said, “Yea…some what.”

Glenn leaned over and kissed my lips and said, “C’mon, I got coffee for you.” I sat up and Glenn handed me coffee and sat down next to me again…I laid my head on his shoulder like always sipping my coffee…and said, “Thank you…you’re so good to me.” Glenn said, “Oh and what like you’re not good to me also?” I giggled a little.

All of a sudden Mark strutted…not walked…strutted into the waiting room like he was the King of the hospital…chest all puffed out…head high…and the biggest shit eating grin on his face…I looked at Glenn and we both said, “oh yea…he’s a daddy.” All of us stood up and gathered around Mark and Brandy said, “Ok Efferdent…Spill it.” Mark laughed…and said, “Efferdent?” Brandy said, “Yea…that big ole cheesy smile on your face…you look like you’re trying to show every one how White Efferdent gets your dentures…”

Mark laughed harder and then got quiet and said, “It’s a girl…Amelia Marie Callaway…she’s beautiful…Heidi is doing good…they said she’s going to be out until probably tomorrow morning.” I could see the tears brimming on Mark’s eyes…I walked over and stood on my tip toes and hugged him…he hugged me back and I whispered in his ear… “It’s okay to cry Mark…You’re a daddy…” Mark said, “I am ain’t I?” I said, “Yea…You’re going to be a great daddy.” Everyone came over and had a big cheesy group hug…

Mark sat down and let the tear slide down his cheeks…I dug in my purse and handed him some tissue…Jaden said, “Am I seeing this right…the fearless Undertaker is having a moment?” Mark looked up and couldn’t help but laugh…Mark said, “Yea…I guess I am being a baby.” Brock said, “I don’t blame you…if it was me I’d be bawling my eyes out…”

Jaden put her arms around Brock and said, “Oh…baby…” She leaned up a little and kissed his cheek…Steve said, “Hell…it’s another human life only in a shorter form…how could anyone not cry.” Brandy said, “Okay…you guys are supposed to be some big ole wrestlers…at least we know you’re some sensitive ones…and you should probably start praying now…that we don’t tell the other guys on the roster about your sensitive sides.”

Steve swatted Brandy on the ass…and she stuck her tongue out at him…Terry said, “I think it’s sweet a baby…” Britt chimed in and said, “Yea…besides…me and Terry are trying to get pregnant…it just hasn’t worked yet.” Terry said, “I think I’m trying a little harder then her…but it’s there…we’ll get in the moment soon..” Mark said, “Hell…borrow one of Mine and Heidi’s moments…we weren’t trying either…it was one of those blessings in disguise…I never thought I’d be this happy with her or the baby…I mean as soon as I laid eyes on her I knew I loved her…I just didn’t want her thinking I was some kind of dirty old man.” Glenn said, “You?…no NEVER.”

I pinched Glenn’s stomach…he let out an “Oowww…what’d ya do that for?” I said, “Stop messing with Mark…all of you…and Mark go back and be with Heidi…you know you want to.” Mark nodded and walked away.

Chapter 4

**Same Warning + Sexual Content**

On the way home Brandy and Steve…had had an argument…and Steve was getting Brandy’s ever famous silent treatment…And nobody…and I mean NOBODY could silent treatment you to death like Brandy could…she had a handle on it…When they got home Brandy went up stairs and took a bath…and then she opened the French doors going off their bedroom onto the balcony…and stood there staring out as the sun set…it was beautiful…Steve came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her…Brandy tensed…and Steve slid one hand to the base around her throat and left the other around her waist and started kissing her neck.

Her arms slowly untensed and fell to her sides…then one hand was on top his Steve’s hand around her throat…and the other had snaked it’s way around to the back of his thigh, and just sat there. Brandy could feel his erection slowly growing bigger and bigger as it pushed into her body…as he pushed on her mid-drift to be closer to his body…which Brandy had no problem with…Steve turned her around and Brandy just looked at him, with absolutely no emotion on her face…Brandy thinking she was pretty much speechless as to what he was doing to her…Steve cupped her face in his huge hands and leaned down and his lips came to hers and burned her lips in a crazy kiss…and just intensified when she let a half moan/half sigh escape through her lips and enter his mouth…which he knew Brandy was fully enjoying what he was doing to her…

Steve pulled her in the door and led her to the bedroom…Steve sat on the corner of the bed and stood her in front of him…Steve said, “Still not ready to talk?” Brandy raised her eyebrow at him as if to say, ‘what do you think?’… As Steve was sitting she came face to face with him now…He pulled her over to him by the waistline on her pants, and started kissing on her neck again…Just feeling his lips somewhere on her body was enough to make her insane…Steve’s hands started sliding up her shirt, as he cupped one breast in each hand…his hands were so warm…as soon as his hands come in contact with her nipples they hardened in the blink of an eye…Steve pushed her shirt up, over her head and threw it across the room…after started the assault on her nipples with his mouth…he was tugging at her pants and got them down…with her panties…after which we went back to kissing again, and she couldn’t help but let her finger tips find ever button on his shirt…as Brandy unbuttoned them, while he caressed her tongue with his…

By the time we were both fully naked…Steve’s erection was so big, it was scaring her…She’d never seen his erection at that size before…so it was just kind of a mystery on exactly how he was going to get THAT in to HER…

Steve leaned against the head board…and as Brandy crawled up his legs on her hands and knees…Her face was just about to pass his erection…and Brandy decided to just give him a little tease…Brandy still hadn’t said a single word to the man…Brandy leaned her head down and slowly ran her tongue up the length of his erection…Steve let out a very slow half deep growl, half moan…when Brandy got to the head of his erection, I guess you could say Brandy sort of French kissed it…As Brandy looked up at Steve, who looked down at her at the same time…Brandy stared into his baby blue eyes as she pushed her lips together and blew hot air on his erection, which must have drove him completely crazy, cause he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up and sat her straddled on his lap…They started kissing again, and Steve moved them around to where they were laying down, and he rolled over and was kneeling between her thighs, and as he kissed, her lips and moved to her neck, he slowly pushed his erection into the core of her wetness…and Brandy let out a yelp…

Brandy hadn’t been with him for a while, since he’d been on the road, so Brandy wasn’t really prepared for Steve’s length and thickness…it was pretty painful…Steve looked in her eyes, and saw the tears gathering in her eyes…Steve kissed her eyes, he was being gentle with her, cause he knew…Steve sat still for a couple of minutes, just letting her adjust and get used to his size being inside of her again…

After a couple of minutes, her eyes were looking down and Brandy wouldn’t look at Steve…He said, “Honey…look at me…” Brandy blinked a couple of times, and tears slid down…and Brandy looked at him…He said, “Are you okay?” Brandy nodded yes…He said, “You want me to continue?” Brandy nodded yes again…and he kissed her lips so tenderly and gently…as he started slowing moving in and out of her…which obviously didn’t hurt anymore…his slow movements turned into raging passion they had always had for each other, as he started thrusting into her, and Brandy was matching every single one of his thrusts…Brandy think at one point Brandy had to of moaned his name cause he looked at her shocked, because the whole time Brandy hadn’t said a word sticking to her silence…

As soon as Brandy moaned his name for that one split second, he started thrusting harder…Brandy could feel the sanity slipping away from her as she could feel her orgasm rising inside of her, but not yet letting it be released…Steve was pretty quiet, with the exception of a growl from the back of his throat or a deep moan that emitted from his chest past his throat and out…as Brandy could feel Steve twitching inside of her, Brandy knew his orgasm was just as close as hers…he pushed her legs further apart, and his thrusts started going deeper…after a few more thrusts, they both climaxed at the same time…stopping just south of sanity…

Chapter 5

**Same Warning + More Smutty Sexual Content**

While everyone else went home cause they knew it was all over and it wouldn’t do them any good to stick around Glenn and I stayed and went walking around the Neonatal Unit…Glenn said, “I can’t imagine ever being that small…” I couldn’t help but laugh…and Glenn said, “What?” I said, “I can’t imagine you ever being that small either…I’ll have to ask your mother next time she calls…” Glenn said, “ too…You wanna go home and get some sleep?” I nodded and said, “Let’s go down and check on Mark…make sure he doesn’t need anything…and then we’ll leave.” Glenn said, “Good idea.”

We walked down and made sure Mark was okay and said our good-byes and I made sure to let Mark know that I would be working one floor above him in the morning if he needed anything to have the nurses station page me…When we got home…Glenn closed up the house and set the alarm…and I went up stairs and hoped in the shower…When I ready to get in bed…Glenn was already there waiting for me…I got in and laid in front of him snuggled in his arms…Glenn kissed my ear and neck, knowing full well if his tongue got anywhere near that little spot behind my earlobe, I would go buck wild on him…

I loved the feel of his go-tee on the bare skin of my neck…I moved my head to the side a little more, granting Glenn excess to what ever he wanted…Glenn slid his hand up the t-shirt of his that I was wearing, and I could feel my skin starting to light on fire with just the warmth of his hand on me…The softness of his hand sliding up my stomach and ribcage and going straight for what he wanted to feel, he cupped my breast as I could feel my nipple slid between his fingers, and he applied a little pressure knowing exactly what sort of response he would get from me. I let out a little moan and Glenn emitted a deep growl from the back of throat as he continued to kiss my neck. My hand went back and caressed his thigh and slid down and rubbed up against his ever present hard on, pressing into the back of my thigh.

Glenn let out another growl as I ran my finger nails up the length of his hard on, Glenn moved around and pushed my knees apart with his knee…and slid his body between my thighs…we were kissing so passionately, my nails were digging into his shoulders and back…and he started trailing kisses down my body stopping to pay some attention to my breasts and nipples, as he played with them in his mouth, his hands slide down to my ass, and pushed me up in the bed and his head was between my thighs, he was blowing his hot breath on my clit…and it was making me go crazy…He slid his hand up and placed it on my stomach and kept me still, cause he knew I was going to buck…he slowly slid two fingers into my wetness as he licked my clit like crazy…making me moan out his name in pleasure which just made him grow harder…

My hands were clenched to the sheets on the bed, and Glenn’s hand on my stomach left and found mine, and I let go of the sheets, and we laced our fingers together and held on tight, cause I was slowly going over the edge, and he knew I was enjoying every minute of it. I hadn’t climaxed yet, and Glenn was doing his damnest to make me cum. In between licks, Glenn’s deep southern voice said, “Lori, stop fighting me…let it go baby…you know I love to hear you cum…” Just hearing his deep voice, in between with what he was doing to my body totally threw me over the edge, I said, “Glenn….I’m….” and before I could get it out, Glenn knew exactly what I was doing…My fingers tightened around his…and he just let me ride it out…so to speak.

Glenn crawled up my body smiled and kissed me, I could taste my juices on his tongue still…which turned me on even more…We rolled over and I was sitting straddled on Glenn, making sure to rub up against his hard on, and he could feel how wet I was which made him harder and managed to turn him on even more…I leaned down and was placing kisses all over his chest…I licked his nipple and then blew air on it and watched it go erect. Glenn was just about to go crazy, and ran his hand through his hair…Glenn said, “That’s it. I‘ve had it.” I giggled as he practically threw me over on my back, and started after me…as I was crawling backwards up towards the head board.

Glenn stalked after me on his hands and knees…When I bumped into the head board, I stopped moving, and Glenn grabbed my thighs, and pulled me down around him, and he said, “I love you Lori…but you are a terrible tease.” I giggled and said, “I love you too Glenn…but live with it…cause giving you something to chase is fun…” Glenn said, “Oh make no mistake about it, I love chasing you…just watch out when you get caught, cause now I’m going to tear your ass up…” I said, “Yea, but I want you too.”

I bit my bottom lip and Glenn kissed me deep and passionately as he slid his huge hard on into my wetness. And I let out a little gasp, because even with as long as we had been together, I still hadn’t gotten used to how big he could get when I turned him on. After a couple of minutes of him letting me get used to it, he started trusting into me…and I grabbed onto his shoulder. Glenn got a sudden surge of energy, and he sat up on his knees, still partially in me, and grabbed my hands and pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around him pushing him back all the way into me, he pushed me against the head board, and held on to me with one arm and on the head board with the other hand, and started going crazy thrusting in and out of me...Just feeling him inside of me was way to much and was pushing me slowly…I put my hand on his cheeks and he had this intense look on his face…and we kissed and we were so close to the edge, with one final thrust of his hips…we both climaxed together…

Glenn laid back with me still in his arms and on his chest and him still inside of me…We were catching our breath and coming down from the clouds…I laid on his chest and I could feel him going soft inside of me, but twitching from the intense climax we both had. Glenn said, “God, I love you Lori…” I said, “I love you too.” Sleep over took our bodies…

Chapter 6

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language + Smut…of course**

When Britt and Terry got home…Britt was searching for her sandals cause she was going to go back into town and do some grocery shopping…when she finally located her shoes in the dinning room…Terry came up behind her and enveloped her in his arms…

Terry started to place light kisses on her neck and ears as his hands danced across her stomach…Britt knew much more of that…and she wouldn’t be leaving the house much less the dinning room…

‘Oh what the hell I can go grocery shopping tomorrow’ she thought…

Britt put her hands over Terry’s…and pulled them up to her breasts…Britt thought he was a little shocked to say the least…but he did pay them some attention…he slowly massaged them through her thin dress material…and was getting some deep seated moans from her…at the same time Britt could feel his erection pressing against her bottom…and would every once in a while move her hips a little to brush up against him…which caused him to suck in his breath…

Oh yea she was playing with him…

Terry’s hands slowly traveled back down her body, until they made their way up and under her dress…to where her panties were located…he ran his hand across her panty covered mound…and could immediately feel how aroused he’d made her…he hooked his thumbs in the string of her bikini panties and slid them down her legs…and threw them over his shoulder…on his way back up he cupped and massaged her bottom…said he couldn’t help himself cause it was just right there in his face…Britt couldn’t help but laugh…Terry slowly bent her over his dinning room table.

Britt said, “Hmmm…bent over huh…that’s a new one…”

Terry kissed her neck and ear and said, “Honey…you haven’t seen nothing yet…”

Britt said, “Oh…I believe you…”

Terry slowly pulled her dress up over her hips…and had already pulled his shirt off…and he bent over with her back tight against his chest…he was kissing all along her neck, spine…and down by her ass…and finally couldn’t take it anymore with her begging him to just do it…she thought the finally straw was when she said, “Take me…Make me yours forever baby…”

It was all the encouragement he needed…Terry freed his now painful erection from his levis…and teased her wet center with it…and then slowly slid into her…she thought she was going to fall right over…and die from happiness…or horniness which ever set in faster.

He gripped her hips and started thrusting in and out of her…and it was absolutely beautiful…he was trying to be gentle…he didn’t want to hurt her…or make her think he was some kind of wild animal…Just feeling him going crazy inside of her…was making her senses reel…Britt could feel both of their impending orgasms coming soon…and it was too far behind that feeling that Terry thrusted a couple more times and then sank all the way in her as they both climaxed over the edge…off the cliff and down below…She felt his seed explode deep inside of her…

They calmed ourselves…and Terry pulled out of her and then pulled her dress back down and turned her around…He took her face in his hands and kissed her lips like she’d never been kissed before in all her life…at that point…Britt would of told him where she buried her money in the back yard…

Terry carried her upstairs were they spent the remainder of the day and night making love…They fell asleep right about 5 am.

Chapter 7

**Same Warning**

The next morning, I woke up with the buzzing of the alarm clock…I reached over and smacked it off…and the familiar arms around my waist held me tighter…Glenn started kissing my neck and I said, “You keep that up, and I’m gonna be late for work…and it’ll be your ass.” I could hear the deep rumble of his laugher and turned around to have his blue eyes lock on to mine…

I caressed his cheek and said, “As much as I hate to leave this bed and you…I need to get going…besides I’m going to stop and check on Heidi, Mark and the baby.” Glenn said, “Okay…You want a ride to work and I’ll come pick you up when you get off?” I smiled and said, “Sure…but you do realize that means you’re going to have to get up and get dressed…” Glenn said, “Actually shower first…then dressed.” I said, “I might have to join you for that shower…it seems someone got me all sticky and sweaty last night…” Glenn smiled and said, “I can’t imagine who it was.” I said, “Yea…me neither.”

We got up and made a beeline for the bathroom and hoped in the shower together it had been forever since we showered together last time…when we got out I ran and got dressed in my red scrubs…and then went in and was combing the knots out of my hair…Glenn walked up behind me and finished combing out my hair and then turned me around and sat me on the counter of the sink…and started kissing me…I pushed him back and said, “Glenn Thomas Jacobs…We need to get going…I don’t want to be late.” Glenn smirked and said, “Okay…but first I have a question for you.” I stood up off the counter and planted my hands on my hips and said, “Okay…make it a fast question.”

Glenn got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” My jaw nearly hit the floor as I did my best impression of a fish…I said, “You’re joking right?” Glenn said, "Do I look like I'm joking?" I said, "No." He said, "Well...than I guess I'm being serious..." My mouth opened and closed several times and I waited for sound to come out...and it just got worse when Glenn pulled out a was was a blue diamond and a white diamond both in the shape of a heart on a silver band cause he knew I hated gold jewelry...Glenn said, "So is the speechlessness mean yes or no?"

I had tears pouring down my cheeks and said, "Yes...Yes...YES!!" Glenn slid the ring on my finger and I jumped on him...making him fall backwards on the floor with me on top of him...I reached over and grabbed the cordless phone and dialed a number and said, "Yes...This is Lori James...I won't be able to make it to work today..." I threw the phone into the bath tub and planted a kiss on Glenn's lips...

Glenn said, "So I guess you're not going to work today?" I said, "Nope...It seems I love a more pressing matter at home with my fiancé." We kissed a little more and I said, "Glenn...Make love to me." Glenn smiled and said, "Here on the bathroom floor?" I said, "Every where." And so we shut the phones and cell phone off and turned the answering machine down low and made love all day long...really glad I didn't make it to work...

A month later in a double wedding Jaden and Brock and Glenn and myself did our vows together…Of course Brandy, Steve, Terry, Brittany, Mark, Heidi and Amelia were all there too…It was a beautiful ceremony…Of course Glenn and I stayed at the reception to dance and talk with the others…but Jaden and Brock left immediately to their honey moon in Hawaii…After they checked into the hotel…Jaden was a little nervous…a little on the fidgety side…she’d never had sex before and her virginity was about to depart from her body courtesy of her husband…but what better way to lose your virginity right?…Right. It didn’t help she was still pretty nervous about it…

Chapter 8

**Nothing But Smut!!!**

Brock got the room all ready while Jaden went into the bathroom to get herself ready…when she walked out of the bathroom and back into the bed room and she was astonished to see the room…it looked like it had when they went to dinner that first night…Brock had beautiful white candles every where lit…the whole room was lighted by candles…Brock was sitting on the foot of the bed…he’d taken his shirt off cause it was straining against the muscles in his arms…

Jaden had on a black silk negligee…that came to just below mid-thigh with spaghetti straps and matching sting bikini panties…something she’d picked out with Lori…only Lori’s was red. Jaden walked over and Brock had been looking at the floor…when he saw two small bare feet standing in front of him…with the most amazing pair of legs attached to them…Brock reached out and put his hands on the back of her thighs and pulled her closer to stand between his legs…Jaden ran her fingers through Brock’s ¼ inch long hair…it was so soft…she was watching as his chest was rising and falling as his breathing started to get labored…she knew they had both waited for tonight…and everything was going to be perfect.

Brock looked up into her eyes and said, “Jaden…” She said, “Yes?” He said, “I’m glad you married me…I don’t think I could of wanted anyone more in my life then I do you…I love you.” Jaden smiled her warm loving smile and said, “I love you to baby.” Brock pulled her closer against his body cupping her bottom in his hands…and she wrapped her arms around his neck and started placing soft kisses on his head and worker her way down to his ears, and then neck, then she knelt down and was placing soft kisses all over his chest including his little puckered nipples…she ran her tongue around his navel and spent a little extra time putting wet kisses on each of his muscles on the 6-pack of his tight stomach…

Brock stood up capturing her lips in a heated passion filled kiss…when she opened her mouth for a split second Brock slipped his tongue in her mouth and she let a moan slip from her mouth…she loved feeling his tongue in her mouth…he was always so gentle with her…he caressed her tongue with his…and slowly started laying her back on the bed…she was crawling backwards and he was crawling forward on his hands and knees, but they never broke the kiss…Brock started kissing down her body through the silken negligee…he started slowly pulling the thinned material up until he exposed her naked breasts…Jaden sucked in a gasp of air as Brock lightly kissed both her nipples and then slowly ran his tongue around each of them several times before sucking it into his mouth and savoring the moans he was producing from her getting the pleasure from her first sexual experience.

Brock was immensely proud that Jaden was giving him her virginity…and for her to be his wife and giving it to him made him even more proud, it made his heart swell…Brock moved his way down to her panty clad mound…and Jaden gasped a few more times as He slowly and methodically ran his index knuckle up her soaking panty cover slit…he knew she was wet and getting wetter by the minute…Brock decided he’d tease her for just a second…and hooked his finger in the leg hole of her panties and pulled them aside…taking in the aroma she was giving off….he’d have to make it a fast tease as to not get lost in uncontrollable lust for his beautiful bride…as soon as he saw her little button sticking out and slowly licked up her wet slit…Jaden let out the hardest moan she had in her…and Brock knew she wanted to cum…he replaced her panties back over her mound and then moved up her body…

As soon as he came to her face to face they kissed a little while longer…as Brock discarder her negligee…he got up and also quickly discarded his pants shoes and boxers…when Jaden saw how huge his erection was…she got extremely nervous…Brock knew he’d have to be careful he didn’t want to put her in any position where she was uncomfortable or in pain…Brock crawled back onto the bed and he laid himself between Jaden’s thighs…He said, “Are you ready to do this?” Jaden was biting her bottom lip like always when she was nervous and nodded yes. Brock sat back on his heels and kissed her inner thighs as he pulled her panties down her long legs and threw them over his shoulder…

He went back settling between her thighs again…and he said, “Okay baby…I want you to hold onto me…I’m not going to lie to you…it is going to hurt but I promise it won’t hurt for long and it will be followed by nothing but pleasure…I want you to fully enjoy this…if I hurt you at any time you tell me and I’ll stop…ok?” Jaden said, “Yes.” Brock slowly entered her soaking wet center with his huge erection…and just inched his way in…Jaden was whimpering and moaning at the same time…she could feel Brock stretching her to the limits…when Brock reached her barrier he stopped for a second…and said, “Okay I’m going to break you’re barrier…it will hurt a lot…so just hold on and gimmie a minute baby.”

Brock could feel Jaden trembling underneath him…she was awfully nervous…Brock said, “Okay…” He mentally counted to three and pushed his erection forward as hard as he could breaking through his wife’s barrier…Jaden yelped out in pain…Brock could feel himself totally sheathed inside of her, so he sat still so she could get used to his size…he kissed her wet cheeks and said, “Baby, I’m so sorry…I would never hurt you on purpose. I love you.” She said, “I know…I love you too…” The pain subsided…and he said, “Ready?” Jaden nodded yes…and Brock started to slowly move in and out of her…Jaden’s senses were sent reeling…feeling Brock move in and out of her was making her insane with ecstasy…Jaden wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist…and was holding on for her first ride with her husband….

Jaden heard someone moaning “Faster, Brock, Harder…” And suddenly realized it was herself…Brock was emitting some deep growls from the back of his throat as he gave Jaden her wish…she started thrusting harder and faster…and said, “Oh my god, Jaden baby you’re so tight…Oh God…You feel so good around me…” Jaden lost in the lust of it all said, “You feel so good inside me baby….oh god…” Brock said, “C’mon baby…cum for me…” Jaden shut her eyes tight…and Brock kissed her lips and said, “Jaden open your eyes…I want to be looking in your eyes when you cum for the first time…”

Jaden obeyed and opened her eyes…she could feel it building deep inside her…Brock pushed her knees apart and started thrusting deeper into her…and she couldn’t help it…she cried out Brock’s name in love as she came…After a few more thrusts and feeling Jaden’s walls spasm around and milk his erection…Brock gave one more hard thrust into his wife and yelled her name as his seed exploded deep inside of her…Brock froze in place…he didn’t want to crush her under his weight…He could feel himself twitching inside of her…she could feel it too…after their breathing returned to normal…Brock pulled out of her and laid next to her with her head on his chest…

Jaden smiled coyly up at Brock sand shyly asked, “Does it always feel so good?” Brocks laughed rumbled in his chest as he looked down at his bride and said, “Yes baby…it does…sometimes even better…but I honestly don’t think it could ever feel any better then it just did with you…I love you Jaden…You are mine forever.” Jaden said, “I love you to Brock…I guess I really am you’re now huh?” Brock said, “Damn straight baby.” He kissed her lips in a long passionate kiss and they fell asleep…but managed to not sleep through the night…they woke up several times to make love…what the hell were honeymoons for?

Chapter 9

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

- -6 month later- -

One morning I was sitting on the counter in the kitchen sipping my coffee, I heard movement from upstairs…and a mischievous smile broke out across my lips thinking of all the pleasure me and Glenn had inflicted on each other the night before…

I heard him kick the shower on and get in…his usually 15 minute morning shower had turned into a 30 minute one this morning…I grabbed another fresh cup of coffee and headed for the stairs…I walked into our bed room and into the bathroom and slowly put my hand with the mug of fresh coffee inside the shower…

Glenn growled and said, “Thank you.” I giggled a little and his head popped out of the shower and planted a kiss on my lips and he said, “You’re a life saver.” I smiled and said, “I noticed you was having a little problem getting going this morning…finish your shower and drink your coffee…and I don’t want any grouchy red machines in my house today.” Glenn’s laugh rumbled through the bathroom as I walked back into the bedroom and started making the bed up…

The phone rang and I laid on my stomach and reached for the phone and said, “Morning…Jacobs’s residence…” Heidi said, “Jesus you sound so cheerful in the mornings…could you possibly put a lid on it?” I said, “Grouchy ass…you’re getting as bad as your old man…you know that.” Heidi giggled and said, “I noticed that to the other day…I can’t believe I’m taking on some of Mark’s finer habits…Grouchiness is just one of the better ones…”

I said, “Says you.” Heidi said, “So you guys are coming over for the cook out right?” I said, “Yea…Are the Prego Triplets coming with Steve, Brock and Terry?” Heidi laughed and said, “Yea…They will be here big bellies and all…” I laughed and said, “Yes well it has got to be something in the Texas water…” Heidi said, “If that was true you’re be pregnant too.”

I said, “No, because Glenn and I decided to wait for a while…we’re having too much fun just being the 2 of us…if and when we decide on a baby…then we both agreed we have to be prepared for it to not be just the two of us anymore.” Heidi said, “You guys aren’t the 2 of you…you have dogs…” I said, “That doesn’t count…and you know it.”

Glenn had gotten out of the shower and pulled his hair back into a low pony tail to keep the ringlets out of his face…and was half dressed in just his jeans and nothing else…he walked into the bed room and saw Lori laying on her stomach giggling and talking to Heidi no doubt…she was the only one who would call the house this early…especially on a morning after his return home from being on the road for 3 weeks…He walked up and touched the bottoms of her soft feet…

I squealed and jumped around…and Glenn nearly fell on the floor laughing at me…Heidi said, “Girl what are you squealing in my ear for?” I said, “Sorry…Glenn touched my feet.” Heidi said, “You guys have been married or 6 months…you think the boy would have learned by now not to touch them feet of yours.” I said, “He did it on purpose he’s about to wet his pants cause he’s laughing so hard at my reaction.” Heidi couldn’t help but laugh too…and she finally calmed down enough to say, “We’ll see you guys at 1…”

We hung up and I put my cold ass foot on Glenn’s warm stomach and he sucked in a breath of air and I pushed him back with my foot and said, “You ass.” Glenn laughed and touched his stomach where my foot was…and said, “Damn baby put some socks on…your feet feel like ice cubes.” I smiled and said, “Yea…well your stomach is warm.”

Chapter 10

**Nothing but tons and tons of SMUT…if you can’t handle it…DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT…**

I leaned up and hooked my index finger in the waist of Glenn’s Jeans and started pulling him forward…Glenn slowly started leaning over me…I brought my knees up and wrapped my legs around his waist…and my arms around his neck…

Glenn kissed along my neck and said, “What…you didn’t get enough last night? I figured making you scream that loud for 5 hours straight…would silence you today…” I smirked and said, “You’d think so right…but you’re forgetting one small minor detail baby.” Glenn slowly slid his tongue up my neck to my ear and said, “What’s that?” I smiled and said, “You’ve been missing in my bed for 3 weeks…I never get enough of you.” We started kissing and I just felt like I couldn’t get enough of Glenn…I was feeling his muscled move and ripple under my fingers…Glenn stood up and I sat up with Glenn standing between my legs…

I ran my hands up his sides and stomach and was placing light kisses on his navel and stomach…I could feel Glenn tensing up…and noticed the crotch of his jeans bulged out when I was toughing and kissing him…when he started growling I knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. I slowly grabbed part of Glenn’s jeans with my teeth and pulled unbuttoning them…then took the zipper clasp between my top teeth and tongue and slowly pulled it down…unzipping his pants…my hands slid up his Levi clad ass and gave it a squeeze…and then slid further up and in front and I freed his erection…

Glenn couldn’t say anything he was just frozen…I moved him around and sat him on the bed…and then I sat on my knees between his legs and slowly started blowing my hot breath on his very present erection…Glenn gasped, grunted and growled and said, “Lori…you’re killing me baby.” I said, “No…I’m teasing you...killing would involve some kind of blood shed…and you ain’t bleeding…yet.”

I slowly licked the tip of Glenn’s erection and he just shuttered…I slowly slid his erection into my mouth and let my warm saliva cover and soak Glenn…It was almost his undoing…I could feel a lot of pre-cum dripping off the end of his erection…I started sucking as hard as I possibly could…and Glenn wrapped his hands through my long hair enjoying the feeling of me loving him with a different part of my body then normally…I would slow down and go faster and slow down and go faster…Glenn was so ready…he was just begging for his release…I finally pulled my teeth slowly and methodically up the length of his erection and Glenn just couldn’t handle it anymore…he literally growled out his orgasm as I sucked him totally dry…

I stood up and went to walk away when Glenn grabbed me and said, “If you think you’re getting away that easily you’ve got another thing coming girl…if you don’t pull those pants down I’m gonna rip them off your body…” I said, “Damn violent much baby?” Glenn pulled me into the bathroom…and as he stood behind me while we were facing the mirror…Glenn grabbed my hand and placed it on his still very present hard on and said, “Feel that…I have never stayed hard after you doing that to me…” I said, “So I guess you wanna get rid of it the old fashioned way…”

Before Glenn even answered…he had my levis and shirt off, spread eagle, bent over the bathroom sink and was teasing my wet center, before he plunged forward…he took me hard and fast…and I was holding onto the sink so we both wouldn’t fall over…I loved it when his animalistic side came out…it always made rough love making interesting with him…I could feel his tongue sliding up and down my spine…and his hands just sliding softly all over my body…I loved it…even though he was as he usually put it ‘Fucking the shit out of me’…he could still be gentle with his hands and lips…

This round we both screaming out our release as I felt Glenn explode about as deep into me as he could get…we took a shower together once we both calmed down enough to move…and then we lounged for the rest of the morning until it was time for the cook out at Heidi and Marks…

Chapter 11

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

When Glenn and I got to Heidi and Mark…I could hear Amelia giving Mark a hard time…We knocked on the door and Heidi let us in…Amelia was at the point where she knew how to scream, laugh and babble, which she assumed was talking…She was almost 7 months old and figured if she crawled fast enough Mark would chase after her…which he did every time.

We walked through the living room out to the back patio and Mark had a hold of Amelia and she was squirming around trying to get away from him…I walked over and snatched Amelia from him and he said, “Hey where are you going with my daughter.” I said, “Awww…can it dad…It’s my turn…I don’t see her nearly enough.” Mark said, “Fine…next time the diaper gets full…you change her.” I said, “Please Mark…a little baby poop never hurt anyone.”

Mark said, “Please…it’s part Velcro and part toxic waste…it sticks to everything…And I wanna know why she feels the need to throw it all over when I’m changing her…Heidi changes her and she’s an angel…I do it…she’s the devil reincarnated…” I couldn’t help but laugh it was funny…Guy usually always have problems changing kids diapers.

I walked over and sat next to the pool with the Prego triplets…Some how or another Brittany, Brandy and Jaden had all managed to get pregnant at the same damn time…they were all 2 weeks apart…Jaden was 5½, Brandy was 6, and Brittany was 6½…Obviously, Terry, Steve and Brock had damn good timing. Glenn was standing by the grill talking with Mark…I looked over and Glenn was staring at me while I played with Amelia in the grass…

Jaden got up and went back into the house to help Heidi in the kitchen…Somehow Heidi had gotten Brock and Terry to help her in the kitchen…As soon as Jaden walked in and saw Brock and Terry in aprons…we heard her laughing so hard…someone thought she was going to blow the baby out of her…I got up and handed Amelia to Steve and walked into the house…and nearly fell on the floor rolling with laughter…

I leaned against the counter to hold myself up and said, “Awww…boys you look so pretty…” Brock said, “Shut it Lori…We didn’t want to get our shirts dirty with this woman’s work…so Heidi gave us a couple of aprons.” I said, “I can see that…and how pretty you two both look…” I leaned over the breakfast bar and pinched Brock’s cheek…

Brock said, “Screw off Lori.” I said, “But you look so purdy…” Terry said, “We’re warning you…knock it off…” I said, “Terry, what would Britt say if she came in here and saw you done up all beautiful?” Terry said, “Nice Legs?” I laughed…

I walked over and stood next to Brock…and said, “Okay…here’s a page out of the male life…” I slapped Brock on the ass…and messed with his apron a little and said, “Damn gorgeous…what time to you get off work…feel like takin’ a ride with me in my big black truck…sweetness? Huh? You wanna take a ride to my trailer park down yonder?” Terry was laughing so hard…and Brock just turned 15 shades of red and said, “That’s it…I warned you Lori…but you just won’t stop…I swear to god…” Brock tore the apron from around his neck and threw it at Terry…as I screamed and made a mad dash out the sliding glass door…as Brock tore out after me…Glenn and Mark watched as Brock chased me around the back yard…I was just laughing so hard…

I ran all the way around the pool and Glenn grabbed me and stuck me behind him and Brock put the brakes on…Brock said, “I’m sorry Glenn…But I’m gonna have to KILL your wife.” Glenn said, “I don’t think so…she’s mine…and she’s my responsibility…what ever punishment she gets…she gets it from me.” I peeked around Glenn’s arm and looked up at him and he looked down and winked at me. I couldn’t help but smile…

Chapter 12

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

After all of us ate…every one got in the pool…including the Prego’s…they were beached on the steps…the water coming just above their bellies…but none the less they were in there with us. As for me I was wrapped around Glenn’s body…I loved water and was an excellent swimmer…I just hated sticking my head under water…it was the whole fear of drowning thing…I had almost drowned one time when I was 7…and the memory still stuck with me…I love swimming.

But why swim when you can get a ride on your husband?

I was on Glenn’s back and he was just walking around the pool…All of a sudden he went under water…Completely…and I was totally unprepared for that…I came up sputtering and spitting…Glenn came up and was laughing…Glenn said, “Baby…you look like a drowned rat.”

I said, “Yes, and you look like a jerk.” I swam over and got out of the pool…after ringing the water out of my hair and wrapping a towel around myself I walked in the house.

Mark said, “Smooth Glenn…I think she’s pouting…you have to kiss some serious ass for that one bud.” Glenn said, “Oh she’ll be fine…she didn’t drowned or anything.” Heidi leaned down and handed Amelia to Mark who started tooling around with her in the pool…As soon as she stepped in the water, she said, “Glenn…do you know everything about your wife yet?” Glenn said, “No.” Heidi said, “Then I suggest you go talk to her…she almost drowned when she was 7.”

Glenn said, “Lori is an excellent swimmer…she loves the water.” Heidi said, “Doesn’t matter…She didn’t learn how to swim until she was13…hell it took her 6 years after the incident before she’d even step foot into a pool…Go talk to her.” Glenn said, “What a great idea.” He got out and dried off and squeezed the excess water from his dark auburn ringlets…And walked in the house with the towel draped over his shoulder.

Glenn walked up stairs to the spare room cause that’s where our clothes were…Glenn opened the door and saw me standing next to the window with his sweatshirt on…He could hear I had the sniffles…He walked over and wrapped his arms around me…I didn’t fight him…Glenn said, “Lori…I’m sorry baby, I didn’t know…Heidi told me.” I touched his hands and said, “It’s okay…” Glenn moved my hair out of my face and said, “Obviously it’s not…I never meant to make you cry.” I turned around to face him and wiped my tears away and said, “No…Glenn I know honey…you didn’t know…I’m fine…really.”

Glenn pulled me over and sat me on the bed and said, “If I ever do something that bothers you this bad again please let me know…I don’t ever want to see you cry like this again…I would never want to see you hurting for any reason. I love you so much baby.” I smiled and touched his cheek…I ran my thumbs across his red lips and said, “I know…I love you too…” I leaned over and kissed his lips as gently as I could…and wrapped my arms around him…

As Glenn stood up with his arms wrapped around me…I wrapped my legs around his waist…Glenn said, “You ready to go home?” I said, “Yea…I just wanna spend the next 6 days with my husband, before he has to leave again.” Glenn said, “You do realize you can come with me anytime…I’d love to have you on the road with me.” I said, “No…I don’t wanna cramp your Kane style.” Glenn held me tighter and said, “Cramp away baby…I’d rather have you in my hotel bed then a big empty space next to me.”

I said, “Okay…You talked me into it…” Glenn smiled and said, “Good…” We got dressed and said our good-byes to every one and spent the next 6 days getting things in order…I left with him on the road…it was kind of interesting…watching how the fans reacted to him all over…we were only on the road for 2 weeks…but it was so tiring all the traveling they did…Now I knew why I work and a job where the only traveling I did was by elevator from floor to floor in the hospital.

Chapter 13

**Same Warning**

It was a really great 2 weeks…I got to meet all the Diva’s they were pretty sweet…I think the one I got to know the most was Trish…She had been my Raw and Smackdown buddy…We’d watch Glenn’s matches together in the Divas dressing room…One night, all of us were watching Glenn’s match with Mark…Torrie said, “What’s Glenn like when he’s at home…cause when he’s on the road he is nothing but business…” I laughed and said, “He’s the opposite…he doesn’t take anything seriously at home…He’s very much into having fun while he’s at home.” Trish said, “He’s pretty nice when he’s here…is he like some big romantic?”

I said, “Romantic…I don’t know if that’s what I would call him…I mean he does have a romance side to him…his thing is he’s big on talking…He wants to know how and what I did while he was gone…it’s like he doesn’t want to miss a minute of me when he was gone…I laugh at him all the time…”

Torrie said, “He’s pretty quiet when he’s here…other then laughing and playing jokes like the rest of the guys…I’ve never seen him mad or anything.” I said, “He doesn’t get mad often…and I’ve only seen him mad once…and I’m glad it was just that one time…only it looked like full fledged Kane rage…” Stacey said, “What made him so angry?”

I said, “I usually drop him off at the airport to say good-bye to him…and we were standing at the terminal…and some fan probably in his early 20’s came over and said ‘So Kane has a wife…I wonder how good of a lay she could be considering you’re the burnt retard’…I’ve never seen him get that mad that fast.” Trish said, “Most people are such idiots…they don’t release that everything we do is scripted…Jesus…I can just imagine what Glenn did…”

I said, “No you can’t…cause I can barely believe it…He grabbed the guy by the collar of his polo shirt and lifted him up to be face to face with him and said ‘That is my wife you’re talking about…this is my personal life…if you can’t separate TV from reality then just between us…the only one here that’s retarded is you…now apologize to my wife…she doesn’t deserve to hear a punk ass like yourself running your mouth…you little bastard’…”

Torrie said, “Holy shit…Did he apologize?” I said, “He was pretty hesitant at first…and Glenn started shaking him like a rag doll…and after he pissed himself he apologized…and even called me ma’am…Glenn dropped him like a sack of potatoes and he scampered off like a wounded rat. From then on…I call him my protector.” The girls were all laughs…we hadn’t noticed that the match was over…someone knocked on the door and Trish said, “Who is it?” The familiar voice said, “Is my wife in there?” I said, “Yes I am…how may I help you.” He said, “Don’t make me come in there after you…”

I stood up and said, “Glenn Thomas Jacobs…you do and you’ll be sorry…half these girls in here don’t have but half their outfits on.” Glenn laughed and said, “All the more reason to come in.” I walked over after the half naked girls finished getting dressed and pulled the door open…I sucked in a breath cause he’s taken a shower and only had on his levis…

I said, “What? I’m not enough…you wanna see every one else?” Glenn said, “I knew that would get you to open the door.” Glenn leaned over planted a quick kiss on my lips and threw me over his shoulder…I waved by to the girls as Glenn walked me back down to his dressing room…and he finished getting dressed and we left. We went home that night cause the 2 weeks were up…I promised the girls I’d come back on the tour soon…

Chapter 14

**Same Warning**

A month later…I was sitting at home and decided to give Glenn a call…he was on the road and stuck in Chicago for 2 days for a photo shoot with a few guys and the Divas…His cell rang and rang and rang…when someone finally picked up it was a woman’s voice…

She said, “Hello?” I said, “Who is this?” She said, “Does it matter?” I said, “It does cause you’re answering my husbands cell phone…Now who the fuck are you?” She giggled a little and said, “Oh you must be the fearless Lori Jacobs…I’ve heard so much about you honey…you husband is such a talkative boy.” Her voice just dripped with disdain and venom…it was silky like a snake would be if they could talk.

I said, “Yes…I’m Lori…but I still don’t know who you are?” She said, “That’s not important…I’m really more of an acquaintance…a co-worker if you like…so tell me…is your husband the faithful type? Not one to go romping around in other Divas beds while your not here with him…you know while the cat is away the mouse will play…but I guess in his case…he’s a little bigger then a mouse now isn’t he…” I said, “My husband is very faithful…he loves me very much.”

She snickered and said, “I wouldn’t be so sure honey…he has seen a lot more of my secret places then he’ll ever tell anyone…of course…I’ve seen a lot of his too…I know now why they call him the…BIG…red machine…cause there is nothing small about him…Mmm Just thinking about him…lights me on fire.” I said, “You’re lying…Glenn would never do anything with you…”

The voice on the other line said, “I honestly wouldn’t be so sure if I was you honey…I found out first hand just what an animal that man can really be…especially in bed…I don’t think I had ever been fucked that hard in my whole life…or screaming as loud as I did…His stamina is amazing…He pounded me so hard I was nearly knocked unconscious…And Oh my god when he came inside of me…it was absolutely amazing…It was just a none stop steady stream of cum deep inside of me…But enough about our little fun…Can he make you scream so loud you go hoarse?”

By now I had tears sliding down my cheeks but I wasn’t going to give it away that she was getting to me…I said, “Glenn never slept with you…you’re lying…My husband would never cheat on me…especially not with a 2 bit whore like you.” She said, “Awww…I’ve upset you sweetie…I’m sorry I thought you knew…Me and Glenn have been seeing each other for the last 2 years…why do you think he divorced his first wife…he didn’t want to be with her cause she cheated on him…but he knew I loved him…and that I’d take care of him no matter what…and that he can have my pussy anytime he wants it…”

I said, “You’re a liar…you’re a whore and a liar…my husband would never…” She interrupted me and said, “Please…no one ever knew about us…it’s a shame I’m gonna have to break up your happy little family life…I love him more then you ever possibly could…but I need to tell him…the last time we fucked a month ago I got pregnant…I’m so looking forward to having his baby…I gotta run now…I’ll be sure and let him know you called Honey…” I said, “You are lying.”

She snickered again and said, “Am I?” The phone went dead.

Chapter 15

**Same Warning**

I threw the cordless phone across the room and it broke into a million pieces…Heidi and Brandy had been over…and I had stepped out of the room to make the call…when they heard something break they ran into the kitchen…I was kneeling on the floor leaning against the cabinet crying. Heidi said, “Lori…what happened?” I was crying so hysterically I couldn’t say anything…Brandy said, “Lori…Girl…Calm down and tell us what happened.”

Heidi said, “Did you call Glenn?” I nodded and continued crying…I started calming down and said, “Glenn is screwing one of the Divas.” Brandy said, “What?…No way…Glenn would never cheat on you….” Heidi said, “Did Glenn tell you this?”

I said, “No…I called his cell phone and some girl answered the phone and started talking to me…like she knew everything about me…then she started talking about Glenn…and how they have been together for the last 2 years…and how she loved him more then anyone else…and said she takes care of him no matter what…and she’s why he got divorced from his first wife…she told me everything…when he has sex with her…what it feels like…what he’s like when he cums…everything…and she’s got it down to a T…she wouldn’t know all that stuff if she hadn’t really been with him…you guys…she said the last time she fucked him was a month ago…and she said she’s pregnant…and that she’s busting our family up.”

I could hold it back anymore…how would she have known what he’s like in bed unless she had been telling the truth…I just felt so sick…I jumped up and ran to the bathroom…I threw up several times…After Heidi and Brandy had calmed me down and went home…I was laying on the couch…when the front door opened and Glenn walked through…

I stood up and just looked at him…Glenn came over and said, “Hey baby…I got to come home early…I’ve got the next 2 weeks off…so what do you wanna do?” He went to go give me a kiss and I moved out of the way…I said, “Well…for starters you can tell me…who you’ve been fucking behind my back…I had an interesting conversation with some woman…identified as you’re 2 year lover whose pregnant with your baby…wanna explain?”

Glenn was speechless and said, “Lori you can’t really believe I would ever cheat on you…” I said, “How could I not?…She sat there and explained every detail of your screwing sessions with her…and it’s the same exact way we have sex…everything…all the way down to when you orgasm…now can you explain that one? She knew things about you that she just wouldn’t know unless she’d had sex with you…she said the last time you guys fucked was a month ago…and that she’s pregnant from you now.”

Glenn said, “Baby I would never cheat on you I swear on my life…” He started walking towards me and I shoved him away and had tears sliding down my cheeks again and said, “I wouldn’t do that if I was you…swearing on your life, could get you killed…She knew too much Glenn…You son of a bitch…I can’t believe you cheat on me…you bastard.” I turned and went up stairs and Glenn followed and started to come in the room and I shoved him out and said, “No…No…you’re not coming in here…get the fuck out…I don’t want to see you…I don’t want to hear you…Just get out of my life you asshole…”

I threw a huge duffle bag at him and it was stuff full of his clothes and shoes…and slammed the bedroom door on him and locked it…I fell against the door crying and violent sobs raked through my body…I just cried and cried…Glenn could only hear me crying…He put his hand on the door…he was gonna demand I open the door so we could talk…but he figured he’d give me sometime…and I’d come around to realize he’d never cheat on me…Glenn just grabbed his bag and left…

I heard him set the house alarm and closed the front door…I went over to the window and looked down…he threw his bags in his car and headed to Mark and Heidi’s no doubt…I laid down on the window seat and cried myself to sleep…I couldn’t imagine what lay ahead for me the next morning.

Chapter 16

**Wrestlers Real Names & Mild Language**

The next morning I woke up and someone was ringing the door bell…I stumbled down the stairs, smashed in the code to disarm the house alarm…and yanked the door open and Heidi and Mark were standing in front of me…I said, “I’m not in the mood…go away.” I closed the door and walked into the kitchen and started picking up piece of the cordless phone that were still on the floor from the night before…I knew me slamming the door in Heidi and Mark’s faces wouldn’t get rid of them…

They walked in and followed suit into the kitchen and Mark said, “Girl, I don’t care what you’re in the mood for…we came over here for a reason and damn it…” I stood up and threw the pieces of phone away and hit the button on the coffee maker…the brewing coffee started waking me up a little more…

I jumped up and sat on the kitchen counter…I said, “By all means c’mon in…sit please…you two nosey busy bodies want some coffee?” Mark said, “Don’t get smart Lori we want to help…it’s time to grow up and fucking act like an adult.” I said, “Why should I act like an adult…Glenn is the one who hasn’t stopped dating yet…but yet you’re here in our house telling me to grow up…if you’re going to stand there and act like you own this house…you’ve got two options…you can either leave right now…or you can watch me leave…Just because you’re standing in my kitchen doesn’t mean I have to listen or talk to you.”

Heidi said, “C’mon Lori…I saw your face last night…That phone call just about killed you.” I said, “And what now every one wants to get involved and help us “work” shit out…no way…this is a problem between Me and Glenn…not you or Mark or anyone else he and I are friends with…Obviously when we got married 8 months ago…Glenn left out a few minor details about his life…oh you know the simple ones are always so hard to remember…I’m sorry but before we can get married I should tell you…I’ve been fucking a co-worker for quite some time now…and we’re hoping she gets her whore ass knocked up…I hope you don’t mind.”

Mark said, “C’mon Lori, you know that’s not called for…and you know it’s not true…Hell Glenn even beat the piss out of that old manager of yours for you…Why would he deliberately be dating someone when he’s married to you.” I said, “Pussy recognition? You know…he’s pounding 2…but the other one doesn’t know about it…well the other one found out about it last night…Mark…I’ve had to digest a little more then what I was prepared for in the last 12 hours…is it possible that you could save your ‘Glenn is such a good guy’ speech until I’ve had a few days to at least to myself…”

Mark started to say something and I stopped him and as my voice broke and tears slid down my cheeks I said, “I want to be really pissed off for a couple of days…and then I want to cry for a few more…And then maybe…but that’s a big maybe…Maybe when my sanity returns to me…I’ll be able to think a little more clear…” Mark said, “C’mon Lori…the best thing to do it talk it out right away…that way both parties don’t get hurt anymore then they have to.”

I said, “No…you c’mon Mark…You’re married to one of my best friends…and you are my husbands best friend…I don’t want to hear anything anyone has to say right now…12 hours ago…I was informed that my husband of 8 months has been screwing someone while on the road…at work…I called his cell phone and some girl answers and starts telling me everything they’ve done together…when she started telling me what Glenn is like in bed…and she got every detail down perfect…that’s when I lost faith…No one…but no one would know what Glenn is like in bed…if he hadn’t actually been in bed with her…”

Chapter 17

**Same Warning**

I wiped my eyes and continued, “I love my husband so much that even the thought of him being with someone other then me…make me physically ill…I had to of puked a dozen times last night…it was one of those times that just when you think your finished you start puking again…Glenn can be gone for weeks and months at a time…I always miss him…he could be laying in bed next to me…and I still miss him…I love him Mark…I love him more then anyone knows…And not one person can make me think he didn’t sleep with her…The things she said…the things she knew…it was all true…all of it…”

Mark said, “Will you at least talk to him…Lori he’s miserable…he doesn’t know what the hell happened…all he knows is when he came home last night you started yelling about him screwing someone…and you didn’t even give him a chance to defend himself.”

I said, “Do you think if the story was flipped I’d have a chance to defend myself…and if you say yes…then you’re wrong…” Mark said, “Maybe.”

I said, “Get real, Glenn’s first wife cheated on him…that’s why they got divorced…I would never cheat on him…but I know somewhere in the back of his mind he doesn’t believe that…he doesn’t have full trust in our marriage or me…hell he probably thinks the first chance I get I’m gonna screw you or one of the other boys…but I could never do that…you guys don’t tempt my senses like he does…he does amazingly weird things to my body that no man has ever done before…Sometimes I’m scared just being married to him…cause he can make my senses go so wild in 1 second that I don’t know how to control myself…but that’s what I love about him…things are never the same…”

Mark shrugged and said, “So what do you want to do?”

I said, “I don’t know…I don’t know if I want to pursue this and find out if it’s true or if it’s a lie…or if I just want to walk away from the marriage with part of my heart still intact…I just don’t know…I love him and I want to know the truth…but right now I don’t even know if I could handle the truth. I just love him so much Mark…no one will ever realize what Glenn has done for me…He started by giving my that great birthday a year or so ago…and then us getting married…was amazing…there is just so much about him I love…and it’s so hard to put all of it into words…the only phrase I can keep saying is I love him…”

Mark said, “Lori, we know you love him…but c’mon if you love him so much then come with us over to our place and talk to him.”

I said, “I would literally do anything for him…I would die for him if God saw fit…I would give up everything I have in the world as long as I got to keep him for the rest of my life…I need a couple of days to myself…I need to believe our marriage is sacred…before I try putting all my faith back into him…I don’t want to live the rest of my life without him…”

Heidi kept watching me…she knew it was coming…you know the but part of the conversation…there was always a but.

I said, “But if what that girl said is true…then I don’t want to be with him anymore…as much as it will hurt…I won’t be with a man who doesn’t respect me. I will not play that game with myself…I won’t let a man walk all over me because he thinks he can get away with it…I’m gonna start talking and asking around…I’m gonna get to the bottom of this stupid shit…but I want to know the truth…I wanna know if this is a lie why that girl said it to me…and just exactly who the hell she is.”

Heidi thought ‘There it is…Lori is out of the emotional phase…she’s in survival mode now…she wants her husband back…but she also what’s to know what’s true…and what’s bullshit.’…

Chapter 18

**Same Warning**

A few days later…I started getting nosey myself and checking into Internet people…I asked around to see if anyone had heard rumors about Glenn and any of the divas doing anything shady without fans knowing it.

Brandy, Brittany and Jaden had, had their babies…Funny enough was they were all girls…Brandy had Elizabeth Williams, Brittany had Theresa Gerin, and Jaden had Samantha Lesnar…All 3 little girls were a handful but none loved any less then the other…

A few months later, I hadn’t heard anything…I was sitting at the house one day and someone knocked on the door…and I answered it…it was a FedEx guy…he had me sign the clipboard and then handed me a huge white envelope. I looked at him like he was crazy. I walked out and sat on the porch…it was so beautiful out the sun was shining…I sat on the front steps…

I opened the envelope and pulled out a bunch of documents…it was a petition for a Divorce…The bottom of all the documents had been signed by Glenn…I read through the whole packet of papers…

The phone started ringing…and I answered it… “Hello?” “Hey Lori…What’ca doing girl?” I said, “Oh hi…Heidi…what’s up?” She said, “I wanted to warn you Glenn was talking with Mark the other day…and he doesn’t know that I know but…”

When I heard nothing but the silence, I said, “It’s okay Heidi…I know Glenn filed for divorce…I just got the papers 5 minutes before you called…” Heidi said, “I’m so sorry Lori…I was going to call you yesterday…but Amelia has been sick with a cold and I’ve been trying to get her better with Mark on the road…” I said, “Thanks for trying to pre-warn me.” She said, “Lori…he doesn’t know what you want from him…he’s lost without you…but he said if you want a divorce then you can have it…he won’t force you to stay if you don’t want to.”

I said, “No…I don’t blame him…I guess I haven’t been much of a wife to him have I?” Heidi said, “Glenn doesn’t blame you honey…he doesn’t know what he would have done if the rolls were reversed…he just knows you guys are both miserable and he’s just not up for making you be with him when you don’t want to.” I said, “I won’t know what I want…I can’t find out anything about Glenn and before we were married…it’s like no body knows what he’s like in his personal life before me…other then his first wife.”

While I finished talking to Heidi, I walked into the house and set the papers down on the kitchen counter…I kept reading through them while Heidi chatted my ear off…and when I heard Amelia go off in the back ground at Heidi and Mark’s Heidi said, “Oh lord…I gotta go Lori…I’ll call you later and we can make plans to have dinner together later this week if you’d like.” I said, “That’s fine…Take care of my baby girl and yourself…I’ll talk with you later.” We said our good-byes…

I walked over and hung up the cordless phone…yes I bought a new one to replace the one I destroyed…I leaned over and turned the radio on…and just by some weird coincidence mine and Glenn’s song was on the radio…

Artist: Kellie Coffey

Album: When You Lie Next To Me

Song: When You Lie Next To Me



We could close the door and lock ourselves inside
Take time…to feel
I don’t wanna miss the chance to be so…real
The days all fly away
And I forget the truth
Everything that matters…is…in this room

When you lie next to me
Breathin’ the air I breathe
We don’t have to speak
And just be
Our love’s a precious thing
Don’t wanna waste a day
Or one more minute
Without you…in…it
Life…is so sweet
When you lie next to me

My heart…is yours
But every part of me still wants to give you…more
More time…to love
Cause you never know when life will leave…us
I wanna take in all the beauty here, oh
Let the world around us just…disappear

When you lie next to me
Breathin’ the air I breathe
We don’t have to speak
And just be
Our love’s a precious thing
Don’t wanna waste a day
Or one more minute
Without you…in…it
Life…is so sweet
When you lie next to me

Oh, lie next to me

When you lie next to me
Breathin’ the air I breathe
We don’t have to speak
And just be
Oh…our love’s a precious thing
Don’t wanna waste a day
Or one more minute
Without you…in…it
Life…is so sweet
When you lie next to me

When you lie next to me

When the song ended I had tears sliding down my cheeks…I took the top of the pen off and signed all the papers…and just set them in me backpack leaving a mental note to remind myself to mail them in the morning…

Chapter 19

** Wrestlers Real Names & Mild Language**

A few weeks later…Trish called me and said I should come on the tour with them…cause she had over heard someone talking on the phone and she could of sworn it was too me…but she wanted to confirm it, before she called me…I didn’t think anything about it…but I went ahead and packed a bad to stay for a few days…She got a hotel room with double beds…and picked me up from the air port.

On the way to the arena, we stopped and dropped off my bag…but I kept my backpack with me…it had all my stuff in it as far as purse and what not. We walked in the back door and Trish stashed me in an empty dressing room…we didn’t want Glenn to know I was there…or Mark either…

Trish said, “Okay, a few months ago I over heard this Diva talking on the phone…and she kept saying this was great in bed and that she was going to break up their happy little family cause she was pregnant with his kid…then I peeked around the corner…she walked over and handed Glenn the cell phone and said, ‘here you go Glenn…you left this on the truck in the costume room.’…and I talked to Glenn a few weeks ago and he told me what had happened between you and him and why…and I started putting one and one together…I asked around and I found something pretty interesting out…Glenn used to date the girl who was talking to you…and I guess Glenn cut it when he meet you that night…He had broken up with her like a few weeks before he started watching me talk to you online…apparently she got pretty jealous and when you called his cell phone and she just happened to answer…she knew it would be her chance…”

I said, “Wait…so who is it?” Trish said, “You never met her, because she was on vacation when you came on the road with Glenn…It was Dawn Marie…She’s had it in for you, since she heard about you guys…you know the pics we took of you and Glenn when you was with him that 2 weeks?” I said, “Yea.” She said, “She saw them…and freaked out…I left them in the costume room one minute and when I came back to get them to show some of the guys…they had been ripped to shreds…She was the last one with them…”

I said, “She nearly destroyed my marriage single handedly…I’m gonna kill her…I want to see who she is…take me to her…NOW.” Trish saluted me and said, “Yes ma’am.” I followed her down the hall and into the Divas dressing room…and Trish said, “Dawn…I got someone for you to meet…” Dawn walked over…pushing her chest out with her ass and lips…hands on her hips and said, “Yea…who is this a fan?” I said, “Oh I guess you could say that…” She said, “Well…I’m please to meet you…Dawn Marie is the name.”

She stuck her hand out and I put my hand in hers and as I started shaking it…I said, “Lori Jacobs…Glenn’s wife.” As the words were being processed in Dawn’s mind…she was trying to pull her hand out of mine…but I held it in a tight ass grip…She whimpered out, “Glenn’s……wife?” As her eyebrows furrowed…I said, “I gather you remember me…you know…I called my husbands cell phone a few months ago and you answered…and decided to try and bust up my happy family…You know something…it almost worked too…Almost.”

Dawn said, “I can explain.” I said, “Save it sister…There is only one explanation for girls like you…You can get any man you want…and when you can’t keep him for whatever reason…you try to hone in on someone else’s husband or boyfriend…or whatever…but I’m telling you right now…” I pulled Dawn over and under and had her back to my chest and my forearm across her throat…and made sure my lips were by her ear so she heard ever word I said…

I said, “I’ve got your number little girl…and I’m telling you …if you ever and I mean EVER…try that bullshit again to me and my husband or to anyone else in this company…or If I even hear of you wanting to do it to someone else…I will not think twice before kicking the shit out of you…because I am the kind of girl who beats ass now…and asked questions later…I don’t care what your excuse is…if you step out of line even once…be waiting for me…cause I will be coming to kick your ass..”

Chapter 20

**Same Warning**

I moved Dawn a little ways away from me…and put my foot on her butt and shoves as hard as I could and watched as she flew out the door.

Trish was laughing her ass off…I said, “Now…where is my husband?” Trish said, “Down by the ring…probably going over moves and stuff for tonight…” I followed her that way…and when I walked down the ramp with Trish…Mark looked up and saw me and tapped Glenn and pointed…

Glenn nearly fell on the floor…he slowly walked up the ramp to me…and stopped…I stopped about three feet in front of him…Trish continued to the ring to leave us alone…I smiled a little and said, “Hi.” Glenn said, “Hi…what are you doing here?” I said, “I had some business to take care of…thought I should come down and talk to you.” Glenn said, “Yea…I wanted to call you a few weeks ago…but I knew you’d gotten the papers…and I didn’t want to bother you.”

I whistled over at Trish and she walked over and said, “What’s up?” I said, “Run to the back and grab my back pack please.” She said, “No problem…I’ll be right back.” She took off and Glenn said, “You realize we’re not married anymore…the divorce went through this morning…” I said, “Did you’re lawyer call you…Cause I know mine didn’t.” Glenn said, “No…actually he didn’t…he was supposed to…but maybe he just got side tracked…” I said, “Maybe.”

A few minutes later, Dawn Marie walked out and she said, “What makes you think you can treat people that way you bitch?” I turned to her and said, “How am I supposed to treat a 2 dollar whore…who tried to break up my marriage? Like a divine queen…get real lady…you’ve taken one to many chair shots to the head princess…get over yourself…and if you don’t get out of my face you’ll be sorry….by the way…Glenn you do remember your ex-girlfriend right…she’s the one who I spoke to on your phone that day…when I thought you was cheating on me…but Trish helped me put the pieces together…I know if I looked hard enough there was a way to figure out you wasn’t really cheating on me…”

Glenn looked at Dawn and she said, “Glenn, baby you know we were so good together…if we could of just gotten back together.” Glenn said, “We broke up cause you was an obsessed bitch…and you tried to get me to marry your ass after only 3 weeks of dating…and now I find out you broke up my marriage to Lori…you fucking cunt…” Glenn started to stalk after her…and I touched his arm…and when he looked back…I smiled and said, “Allow me honey.”

Glenn stepped out of the way and I walked over and got in Dawns face and pulled back my arm and plowed forward…I punched Dawn so hard it knocked her out…and then it also knocked her off the ramp and onto the concrete floor…it was a bit of a drop…but on the plus side she did look really good in one of those big white neck braces when the EMT’s carted her ass out to the hospital…we told Vince she jumped…

Trish came back and handed me my back pack and Glenn said, “So where do we go from here?” I said, “Home.” Glenn said, “We’re divorced remember…the paper work went through this morning…” I smiled and said, “No it didn’t…because I never sent mine in…I forgot to mail it…Glenn I’m so sorry about not believing you…I should have believed you’d never cheat on me…I was so stupid…I can not imagine living the rest of my life without you…I love you so much..” I pulled the paper work out of my bag and ripped it up in pieces and handed it to him…

Glenn just looked at it and said, "I love you too Lori." He threw the ripped up papers over his shoulder…and caught me when I jumped into his arms…and wrapped my legs around his waist…and we stood there kissing for a good 30 minutes…Mark, Brock, Steve and Terry…were all clapping, whistling and cheering…they we’re happy to see that we had finally worked everything out…

Chapter 21

**Just a Little Smut…Yea Right…Who Am I Trying To Fool?**

Glenn didn’t even make it to his match that night…he called Vince and told him he wouldn’t be on a vacation leave for 2 weeks…then he grabbed me and took me home…of course when we got there…we shut everything down…not wanting to hear from anybody…we locked ourselves in our bed room and went to work…on each other that is…

Glenn laid me down after stripping us both of our clothing…Glenn got on his knees in front of me…and said, “You took the initiative last time…so this time…I know it’s my turn baby.”

Glenn moved my butt to the edge of the bed…and put my feet on his shoulders as he spread my legs…he could smell my arousal…the tip of his tongue reached out and stroked my clit slowly and it was almost my undoing…I let out a deep moan from inside…Glenn could hear my breathing get all erratic…he caressed my thighs and as he dove into licking circles around my clit…he slowly slid two fingers deep inside of me…he could absolutely feel my walls tighten and release around his fingers…

Glenn started to slowly suck on my clit as he added a 3rd finger inside of me and then his fingers worked in and out of my dripping wet center faster and faster and then harder and harder…Glenn could hear my whimpering and moaning and going absolutely insane…he reached up and grabbed my hand as we laced our fingers together…and I gripped the bed as I practically yelled out Glenn’s name as the most intense orgasm ripped through my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes…

Glenn stood up and was licking his fingers clean with a smirk on his face…I couldn’t help but laugh…he looked like a little kid who’d gotten into the cookie jar without permission…I guess in a sense he had. As I moved back on the bed and laid my head down…Glenn crawled up my body on his hands and knees…and stopped to lick at my navel and then at my nipples…giving them both the same treatment to get them hard enough to cut glass…which…worked.

Then he came to me and captured my lips in the most soul burning kiss I could of felt…I thought my whole body was on fire…

When we separated from the kiss I looked in those blue eyes and said, “Welcome home baby…I missed you.” Glenn ran his hands all over my body and said, “I missed you too…Can we make a promise to each other?” I said, “Sure…what?” He said, “That starting right now…we never fight again and we start having a shit load of babies…Nothing would make me happier then having you be the mother of our children…”

I smiled and said, “Deal…” Glenn said, “Good…now…when’s the last time you took your birth control?” I smiled and said, “Oh…about 4 months ago when I threw your ass out.” Glenn said, “Oh…this is gonna be more fun then I thought…actually being allowed to knock up my wife.” I said, “Wow…baby that is so romantic…never use that word again…”

Glenn said, “Hmmm…yea not very romantic…a little on the dirty side huh?…Maybe I’ll use it while I’m fucking your brains out in about…” Glenn pushed my legs apart with one of his and got himself between my thighs and then slid his erection onto me…which automatically gave me chills…and he continued, “3 seconds.”

I bit my bottom lip…he knew just having his erection sitting in me not doing anything was making me incredible insane and I said, “Yes…okay…fine…you win…Knock me up…” Glenn smiled and said, “I knew you’d see it my way…I love you baby.” I said, “I love you too.”

Chapter 22

**BIG Smut warning…Not Joking this time…**

Glenn started slowly stroking in and out of me…he knew I was going under…I hated it when he went slow…I started kissing along his jaw line and around his neck and just relishing in feeling of Glenn giving me a slow fuck…He wanted it to last forever…I could feel him kissing my neck and my chest and then my breasts…rolling my nipples…and then sliding his hands down and grabbing the back of my thighs and pushing them up a little and start thrusting deeper inside of me…

I was moaning and groaning…I just wanted him to fuck the shit out of me…but then I was also like him…I wanted it to last forever…Then on a shot of energy and impulse…he grabbed my hips and rolled over pulling me on top of him and my body automatically started where he left off…Glenn groaned, “Oh yea….that’s it baby…ride me.”

Glenn laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over my neck, breasts…and running his thumb across my lips…I sucked him thumb into my mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…I could feel Glenn get instantly harder and larger inside me…I knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Glenn groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…” Glenn knew I loved the dirty talk…

I had my hands on his 6-pack stomach and I was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…I leaned over and my hair slid over my shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…It’s then I knew he was probably hornier then he’d ever been…I leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let my tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed my ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of my body to go faster…

I sat back up and leaned back putting my hands on his thighs…I could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Glenn sat up and was leaning over and kissing my breasts and nipples…as I was still moving on top of him…I moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…” Glenn grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on my neck.

Glenn got a little animal running through him…and grabbed my ass and stood up with him still inside of me…and pushed me into the wall…I wrapped my legs around his waist and as he took a stance with his feet slightly apart and his hands on the wall…I gripped his forearms for leverage and he just started thrusting into me…we never broke eye contact…I believe we actually kissed a few times…but he was thrusting into me so hard he was actually taking my breath away from me…His stamina was excellent…as always…

Finally tired of the wall…we…I should say He…moved back over to the bed and laid on top of me…and really pushed the back of my thighs up to thrust into me as deep as he could…I had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel my walls starting to react…and knew my orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Glenn leaned down and kissed my lips and said, “Tell me Lori…C’mon tell me…you want to get pregnant tonight?” My breathing was irregular and coming in short gasps…and I managed to say, “Yes…...Yes.”

Glenn said, “C’mon…I wanna hear you say it…you know I love the dirty shit…I wanna hear you talk dirty to me baby…and I want you to cum for me…” I said, “I want you to knock me up…please…I want you to cum inside of me…” Glenn said, “That’s all I needed to hear baby...” He relished in the fact that he’d gotten me to finally talk dirty to him…not as dirty as he would of liked…but there was always next time…He gripped my thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally I started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as my orgasm tore up one side of my body and down the other…as soon as Glenn felt me go over the edge…his orgasm was right behind mine…and I felt him explode so deep inside I thought he’d never stop cumming…

We laid in bed and we just both so spent…we fell asleep in each others arms…

Chapter 23

**Same Warning**

As we suspected a few weeks later…I was pregnant…The girls were so happy for me…and in fact Heidi was pregnant again…damn did we have some timing down or what?

So things just seemed to be falling into place and Glenn actually got the baby room done by himself…when I was around 6 months…I had been at Heidi’s and Mark left to go help out Glenn…after Glenn came and got me…he showed me the room it was totally beautiful…it was lavender…cause we didn’t want pink or blue…in case we were having a boy or a girl…Glenn kept referring to it as he…or him, when ever he’d ask me how the baby was doing in me…

We spent a lot of nights awake and talking…and Glenn always had his head on my tummy…he would talk to me for a while…and then talk to the baby for a while…and he would rub my tummy and comfort me…keep me warm…cause I was always cold…As fate would have it...when I was 8 months…Heidi was 9…and she obviously went into labor before me.

I went and sat with her at the hospital yet again cause the guys were where else? On the road…Heidi was in the middle of a horrible contraction when she said, “You know something…when Mark said he could stand to have a few more…I was hoping he was talking about himself…”

I couldn’t help but laugh…Heidi said, “Seriously, Can you imagine if guys had to carry around 5 to 9 pounds for 9 months…and then when the little bundle of joy pushed it’s way out the end of their penis…they would be talking like the fire department had to bring the jaws of life in there to pull the damn kid out…but women do it every day damn it…Women have babies all the time…we never complain once…sure, our backs hurt and our god damn feet swell and lets not even mention how fat ya get just from one lousy kid….oh no…but we don’t fucking complain about a thing..”

I said, “I’m not complaining…I always wondered what it felt like to be pregnant…and now that I have…I love it…” Heidi glared at me and said, “Lori…it’s only because you don’t know what labor feels like…honey by the time you get to the hospital and have had your 15th million contraction…you’ll be asking the God damn doctor to knock your ass out.”

I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off…Heidi said, “Why is it Mark can’t be here again? Work…He almost missed Amelia’s birth because of work…and damn it…now here I am again…pushing my ass off…and where is he? WORK!” About that time Mark walked in and said “Hey baby…Sorry…I got here as fast as I could…” Heidi glared at Mark…and I was sent out to the waiting room again like last time…

About 13 hours later…It started raining and I was looking out the window and watching the rain come down…Glenn walked over and said, “You feeling okay sweetie?” I smiled up at my husband and said, “Yes sweetie…I’m fine…Just think we’ll be back here in a month…” Glenn said, “Yea…the only difference will be…it will be our baby.” I stood up and hugged him…about as close as I could…

About that time Mark walked out and said, “It was a boy…Marcus Michael…7 lbs. 2 ounces and 26 inches long…He’s got my eyes and hair color…but he’s got Heidi’s face.” Every one congratulated him and he went back in to be with Heidi…Her and the baby we were released the next morning…

A week later, I was called into the office and I knew better then to go…but Glenn was sleeping and I needed to go in and see what the hell all the fuss was all about…It was raining pretty good…it was the rainy season…but I knew if I didn’t go in the hospital would keep calling and bug me until I agreed to go in…so I got dressed and left a note for Glenn…I knew I had to be done by 11…cause Mark and Heidi were bringing the kids over and we were all supposed to go out to lunch…

So I took off…I snatched Glenn’s Red Expedition…I knew it was better in the rain then my mustang…and Glenn hated when I drove it…especially since I’d gotten pregnant.

Chapter 24

**Same Warning**

About 5 blocks from the hospital, my light turned green and I went to turn…and coming out of no where a car ran the red light and smashed into my drivers side…I know I blacked out…because when I came too there was a fireman and a police officer standing next to my drivers side window, that had been busted out in the crash, like the windshield…I went to try and open the door but I couldn’t get it open…The fireman said, “Ma’am…just sit tight we’re going to get you out of here as fast as possible…Are you in any pain or discomfort?” I moved around a little and said, “My belly hurts…I feel like I’m pressed against the steering wheel…” He said, “Can you reach the seat lever to adjust the seat?” I looked at him and said, “I’m 8 months and 1 week…what do you think?” He chuckled a little and said, “Good point Ma’am…Lemme see if I can reach it…Maybe I can alleviate some of the pressure.” He stuck his hand down the front of the seat and hit the lever and freed the seat…I scooted back and said, “Thank you so much.”

He said, “No problem ma’am.” I said, “Stop calling me ma’am…My name is Lori…I work for the hospital…” He said, “We’re waiting for the guys to bring in the Jaws of Life…we can’t get to you at all…” I looked to the other side and didn’t even realize that another car had hit the other door…so both front doors were smashed in and I was trapped for a while…I went to readjust myself in the seat and thought I felt something wet under me…I touched my pants on and I had blood all over my hand…and started to completely freak out…The fireman tried to keep me calm and was taking my vitals while the other fireman started clipping the drivers door off the side of the vehicle…They finally got me out and got me to the hospital in record time…

Glenn got to the hospital with Mark, Heidi and the kids…followed by everyone else they called on the way there…After 2 hours of hearing nothing…the doctor finally came out and said, “Is someone here for Lori Jacobs?” Glenn, Mark and Heidi jumped up…and walked over…Glenn said, “She’s my wife…how is she?…how’s the baby?…are they okay?” The doctor said, “I’m really sorry to have to tell you this…but Lori had some pretty serious injuries…if we save her…they we’re liable to lose the baby…but if we save the baby…Lori could die…Lori is already suffering from injuries she’ll never recover from…her heart is starting to give out on her…and the best bet right now would be to Morphine up Lori…deliver the baby…and just let Lori go…she’ll never be able to recover from this accident…Never.”

Glenn had tears sliding down his cheeks and said, “You’re telling me my wife is going to die and there is nothing you can do about it?” The doctor said, “Yes…I’m afraid so…I’m sorry Mr. Jacobs…but you’re wife only has about 10 minutes at the most…and I feel it would be better if she was pain free when she went…I wouldn’t want to see her suffer any more then she already has.” Glenn nodded and said, “I wanna see her.” Heidi was in tears and so was Brittany, Jaden and Brandy…the guys were just trying to console them as much as possible…trying to help them with the news they had been given as they saw Glenn walk away with the doctor.

Glenn walked in the room and I was semi-awake…I saw him…I knew I was going to die…Glenn walked over to me and took my hand, he watched as the nurse injected my IV with the pain meds…and he and said, “Baby…why didn’t you wake me?” I had tears sliding down my cheeks and I could barely breathe and said, “I’m so sorry Glenn…” Glenn touched my cheek and said, “Listen you’re going to get better…you have to…this baby needs a father and a mother…I love you so much Lori…you can’t leave me yet.” I touched Glenn’s face and said, “Glenn…you’re gonna have to be mother and father to this baby…I have full confidence in you…you can do it baby…I know you can…I’ll always be with you…I’m never gonna leave you. I will always love you.”

My hand slipped out of Glenn’s as the darkness took over me…

Chapter 25

**Same Warning**

“Glenn…Hey Glenn…wake up man…” Mark’s voice pulled Glenn out of a deep darkness…Glenn jumped to his feet and said, “Lori and the baby.” Mark grabbed Glenn and said, “Man...they are fine…They just came out of surgery…don’t you remember what happened?”

Glenn ran his hands over his face and said, “What the hell is going on?”

Mark said, “Lori was in that accident…her contractions started when she started bleeding in the car…remember they took her up for an emergency c-section man…they just came down from surgery…they are both doing fine…the baby is a boy.” Glenn grabbed Mark and said, “They are both fine…you’re not shitting me are you?” Mark said, “No…you laid down and must’ve fallen asleep…” Glenn said, “I had the weirdest dream man…I don’t believe it…it was so fucking real…” Mark said, “You’re gonna have to tell me about it some time…but for now…go down and see your wife.”

Glenn said, “My wife…”

Glenn smiled and Mark and actually kissed him on the forehead and took off running…Mark yelled after him and said, “ ever kiss me again and I will whip your ass…” Heidi was rolling on the floor with laughter as she played with Amelia and watched Marcus sleeping.

Mark pushed her with his foot and said, “And you…what the hell is so funny?” Heidi said, “I have no doubt in my mind that if that would have been any one other then Glenn…you would of beat their ass right now…but because it’s Glenn he gets a warning…I think the Deadman is slippin’…big time.” Mark sat on the floor and played with Amelia while he tickled Heidi…

Glenn walked in my room and I was laying down and he came over and he said, “Don’t you ever do that again…you hear me?…I’m serious Lori…I almost lost you for good…I love you…I don’t need these kinds of scares in my life.” I grabbed his hand and said, “Glenn…I promise I’ll never do it again…I love you.”

Glenn looked down and said, “I love you too baby…” He leaned down and kissed my lips softly…and said, “So we have a boy?” I smiled and said, “Yup…what should we name him?” Glenn said, “How about Jonathan Michael?” I said, “I think it sounds beautiful.

Glenn was pacing around the room and I said, “Will you lay with me please?” Glenn walked over and as I turned to lay on my side…Glenn got behind me in the bed, but on top of the covers and wrapped his arms around me and was kissing along my neck softly…I left something wet hit the back of my neck and I turned around and Glenn had huge tears coming from his eyes…

I said, “Baby…you really was worried wasn’t you?” Glenn said, “More then you’ll ever know…Lori please promise me you’ll never leave me.” I said, “I promise baby…I love you.” Glenn said, “I love you too…” I said, “Do you realize how far we’ve come in 3 years? At first we were nothing but an online fantasy…and now we have noting but offline reality…we have 3 years behind us…I can’t wait until we’ve had like 30 or 300…I wanna love you for the rest of my life Mr. Jacobs.” Glenn smiled and said, “Good…cause I’m not going to let you love anyone but me for the rest of your life Mrs. Jacobs.”

The End.