(Sequel to Things Only Lonely Understands)

Chapter 1


It’s been 3 months since Lena left Mark at the arena…Dacia is 4 months pregnant and has barely a pooched belly to show for it…though she was happy the morning sickness had disappeared. MJ had been painting the babies room…trying to get it ready so Dacia wouldn’t have too.

Dacia knew her sister had been missing mark with a passion…but she also knew Lena wouldn’t budge unless Mark got his head out of his ass and just told Lena why he wanted to marry her…every one knew he loved her…too bad he just couldn’t open his damn mouth and tell her.

Anyone who’d been around them knew he loved her…why he couldn’t tell her they didn’t know…they just figured he was scared…he’d already had two failed marriages…one cause he was too young and the second cause there wasn’t enough love and his wife ended up cheating on him. The people on the tour…watched Mark change into a huge bear when Lena left.

No one could talk to Mark except certain people…and everyone basically stayed out of his way. Everyone learned really fast to just not talk to him…if they had a problem with him…they didn’t even mention it…they went to Vince…cause he seemed to be the only one Mark wouldn’t tear the head off of.

Lena would watch Smackdown every week; just to watch Mark in the ring…her heart hurt…she missed him so much. She couldn’t stop thinking about him 24/7…she even re-opened the bike shop and started working on bikes again…but it was no use…nothing got Mark off her mind.

- -3 Months later- -

“Girl you better keep those eyes closed I’m warning you.” MJ said…Dacia said, “I can’t see where I’m going…I’m 6 months pregnant and can barely see my feet, and now you’re trying to take my vision away from me…” MJ said, “Woman, will you chill out, I’m not going to let anything happen. Just trust me.” Dacia said, “I trust you, I just don’t trust your motives…something’s going on, you’re being awful sneaky about something…you’ve been dodging me all day.” MJ’s huge hand was covering her eyes with hers on top of his one and his other hand was in the small of her back steering her up the stairs.

They stopped and Dacia heard him turn something on…he said, “You’re eyes are still closed right?” She said, “Yes, honey…I promise…what’s going on?” He said, “You are not a patient woman did you know that?” She said, “Yup, I’m also stubborn and getting ready to kick you like a donkey in about 5 seconds if you don’t tell me what’s going on…” MJ said, “Patients is a virtue…”

Dacia said, “Well good for virtue, cause I have none. I’m irritable, tired, cranky, and fat…Mark Jindrak…I’m warning you...” MJ got closer up behind her and kissed her ear and neck and said, “You’re not fat, you’re having my baby…and I think you’re beautiful.” Dacia said, “You’re just saying that…” MJ said, “No I mean it…you know I wouldn’t say it, if it wasn’t true. Now, move your hands off of mine and open your eyes...”

Dacia said, “Five right?” MJ said, “What?” She said, “All I see is five fingers, and one has a really pretty silver band on it…” MJ said, “Well I’m glad to see you’re sense of humor hasn’t escaped you yet with all this pregnancy insanity.” She was laughing and MJ pulled his hand away…and they were standing in the baby’s room…and she had tears sliding down her face…

The room was white with lavender clouds all over the walls it was so beautiful, he had the crib and changing tables all set up and stocked with diapers, baby wipes and everything she could possibly need…it was full of soft toys and just everything…Dacia said, “Mark, it’s so beautiful, I can’t believe you did this.” MJ said, “I’m glad you like it…I was a little apprehensive about it, cause I know with your mood changes, I thought you wouldn’t like it.”

Dacia said, “How could I not…it’s so great...” She turned around and wrapped her arms around him and said, “I love you…and I can’t wait to get this kid out of me, he’s kicking the crap out of me.” MJ said, “I know I can feel it against my stomach…wow, maybe he’s going to be a football player…”

MJ put his hand on her belly and the baby automatically stopped kicking…for some reason every time the baby was kicking her, as soon as MJ touched her belly the baby would stop…like he knew it was MJ, she guessed that was their first bonding moment...

Chapter 2


As the months progressed on Dacia got a little bit bigger every month, and finally late one night, she was half asleep on MJ, her head in his lap…while he was watching the news…She felt a pain in her stomach and jumped up…MJ said, “Dacia, what’s wrong?” She said, “I had a pain…” She grabbed his left arm and took his watch off and was looking at it…and 3 minutes later, she had another…3 minutes after that another…

MJ was mumbling about having to wrestle against Mark Calloway, since he’d been a damn bear since Lena left him, and Dacia said, “Well can we worry about what were going to be doing tonight.” MJ said, “Why, what are we doing tonight?” She said, “Having a baby..” MJ jumped up and said, “What do you mean having a baby?” She said, “My contractions started…I’m having a baby tonight, if you don’t mind…” MJ said, “Can’t it wait until Tuesday?”

Dacia said, “Oh, yes honey, I’ll cross my legs and hold the baby in until Tuesday…HELLO…that’s how we got the baby, because I couldn’t keep my legs crossed…” MJ said, “Okay, Okay, I’m not panicking…I’m perfectly level headed about this…” She had a really big contraction and let out a scream and MJ said, “Okay now I’m panicking…let’s go…” MJ helped her to the car and took her to the hospital…

About 6 hours into labor…Dacia was right in the middle of pushing and MJ said, “Keep breathing honey…c’mon you can do it…” She said, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” MJ was taken back and said, “Doc, is it normal for her to be this hostile?” The doc laughed and said, “You’re a first time father right?”

MJ nodded, and the doctor said, “Yes, well, child birth is a lovely thing because it brings life into the world, however an excruciating amount of pain is involved, her cervix has to open up to 9 centimeters, roughly the diameter of a tennis ball, and with the labor, her stomach is contracting trying to push the baby out at the same time…so it’s a quite painful process…”

MJ came over and kissed her head and said, “You’re doing so good honey, just stay calm…” Dacia shoved his head away from her and said, “Oh yea, if you think you’re having anymore of these things you’re out of your friggen mind.” MJ stroked her cheek and hands and reassured her it would be over soon...

About 4 hours later, Marcus Anthony Jindrak was born and weighted 6 pounds 4 ounces…22 inches long…blue eyes and brunette fuzz for hair…

After MJ and Dacia were left alone, she was holding Marcus in bed and MJ was looking at the baby, just watching him sleep in her arms. MJ said, “Dacia, you’re my hero...” Dacia said, “You’re hero?”

He said, “Yea, you’re my hero…you went through 10 hours of intensely excruciating pain to bring our baby into this world…you yelled and cussed at me, and fought to bring him here…and he’s perfect and he’s beautiful, and so are you…and you’re my hero…I can’t imagine what you went through the last 9 months, with your body changing…and carrying around a life inside you, knowing you’re responsible for it when it’s born…I mean I was on the sidelines the whole time, and just watched you be perfect at everything, you were the perfect mother and lover…and friend, you’re my best friend, my wife, the love of my life and I can’t imagine being here at this point in my life without you by my side.”

Dacia said, “You keep this up and you’re going to make me cry…” He said, “That makes two of us…If you had been anyone else...I know we wouldn’t be here right now…we wouldn’t have a baby…and I don’t even want to think about whether or not I would of still had you…I love you so much…and I will never stop loving you…”
Dacia said, “I love you too.” MJ came over and kissed her lips softly…Dacia giggled and said, “Watch it boy...that’s how we got the first one.” MJ said, “My heart would stand to have a few dozen more of these.”

Lena watched from the window of the hospital...She’d gotten to watch her nephew being born and then the moment after Dacia and MJ came together. It was the most beautiful moment she’d ever seen.

Damn it...She hated missing Mark.


Chapter 3


A couple of days later, Lena was sitting at home…when there was a knock at the door…She walked over and opened the door…and looked up into familiar green eyes. She said, “Hi Mark.” Mark said, “Hey darlin’…Can we talk?” Lena moved to the side and said, “C’mon in.”

Mark walked in and Lena nearly fainted…his scent wafted past her nose…and she was dying to just jump on the man. Mark sat down on couch and Lena went ahead and sat next to him…

Mark took her hand and said, “I have to be honest with ya honey…I’ve been completely miserable without you…The guys on the tour are just about ready to tell Vince to either suspend me or fire me…I’ve never been this miserable over losing a woman…But I care for you so much that I just can’t seem to stop wanting you with me 24/7.”

Lena said, “I’ve missed you too Mark…But I had my reasons for leaving…You wasn’t ready to get married…I know I was…but I knew you wasn’t…hell every time I’d start asking you about setting a date you’d change the subject. I just couldn’t take it anymore Mark…The only contact I got from you there for a while…was when ever you wanted to make love…and even then it was just sex, because I felt like you were doing it because you were obligated.”

Mark said, “I know, I wasn’t ready to get marry…and I figured if I could just keep you happy then I could post pone setting a date to get us married…but I wanna marry you now more then ever…I can’t stop thinking about you…everyday, every minutes and every second since you left has been used to think of you and where you was…I went home for a couple of weeks…and you wasn’t there…I couldn’t handle the silence…I went back on the road 7 days before I was supposed to.”

Lena said, “Mark…just cause you can’t stop thinking about someone, doesn’t mean you need to marry them.”

Mark said, “That’s true…and I agree…But I need ya…I’ve never needed anyone so bad in my life…I just can’t tell ya…what it is you want me to say.”

Lena squinted at him and said, “You mean to tell me, you came over here to see me…talk to me…and tell me you want me back so we can get married…and you still don’t know if you love me or not.” Mark said, “No…I know…I just can’t say it…I’m not fully prepared to say it yet…I want it to be the right time.”

Lena getting mad stood up and started pacing the living room and said, “So WHAT’S the right time Mark…I wish you’d let me know cause I’d REALLY love to be there to witness it.” Mark stood up and said, “Now darlin’ c’mon.”

Lena whipping around and said, “No…don’t you DARE term of endearment me to death…you figured if you came in here and told me what I wanted to know short of telling me…what I REALLY wanted to hear…that I’d crumble at your feet and say something along the lines of ‘oh Mark it’s okay that you can’t tell me you love me…how about for old times sake you throw my on the floor and fuck me with no feeling whatsoever below your neck.’…”

Mark was getting aggravated and said, “That wasn’t quite the response I was hoping for but if you’re up for a rough romp on the floor I could get into it.” Lena saw RED…and said, “Get out.” Mark said, “C’mon Lena…I want to be with you in every way…but I just can’t say it yet.”

Lena said, “Are you seeing a pattern here yet Mark? You can’t say it because you don’t wanna give up your heart to someone who you think could potentially hurt you…well damn it…I’m not gonna fuckin hurt you.”

Lena shoved him in the chest and said, “I love everything about your big dumb dead ass…and I’m not going to hurt you…why can’t you just trust me with your heart? Why is it so hard to believe that all women don’t want to hurt you huh? I mean hello…you’d think after my first marriage I would’ve become a lesbian…but did I? NOOO…I just fell in love with a jerk who can’t tell me how he REALLY feels about me. Just get out Mark.”

Lena said, “I can’t keep doing this Mark…MY heart physically hurts being away from you…I can’t have you in my life and not be with you…but yet…if you’re in my life and can’t be honest with me…what’s the use of hurting myself when you could do it for me…Just go.”

Mark started to say something when Lena yelled, “GET OUT!”

Mark walked to the door as Lena opened it, Mark said, “I’m sorry Lena.”

Lena said, “Yea…you think you’re sorry now…Think how you’re gonna feel after you walk out this door and suddenly realize I’m never letting you back in.”

Lena did something she'd not done in a while...she sat down on her bed and cried...she cried so hard she thought she would never stop...

Chapter 4


Dacia stalked through the hallways of the arena…she was only looking for one man…she’d watched her sister go from a vibrant, beautiful woman in love…to a shell of a human being…all her sister did was go to work, come home, eat and sleep…nothing else.

Dacia could’ve sworn she looked like she’d been losing weight…When she finally confront Lena about it…Lena told her about Mark’s visit from a month ago…She couldn’t believe Mark still couldn’t find his balls long enough to tell Lena he loved her…when it was plain as the nose on his face.

Mark loved her he was just too fuckin’ chicken shit to say it…

Dacia had MJ following close on her heels with the baby in his carrier…As soon as she spotted him she said, “CALLAWAY!” Mark turned around and saw Dacia and MJ with the baby…When Dacia jutted out a finger pointing to the dressing room…he knew it was about to his the fan…

Mark walked over there and MJ and Dacia walked inside and Dacia closed the door…She turned around and Mark held up his hands in defense and said, “I know you wanna yell so go ahead and yell.”

Dacia said, “You’re damn right I wanna yell…MJ please take the baby down to your dressing room.” MJ gave her a quick kiss on the lips, nodded to Mark and left.

Dacia waited until the door was closed and then flew off the handle…


Dacia breathed a little and said, “Mark Callaway…I should kick your ass…But my sister still loves you…she never did have good taste in men…but whatever makes her happy. I’m warning you Mark…Just fuckin’ be honest with her…you love her…you know you do, I know you do, MJ knows you do…Hell the whole fuckin Smackdown roster knows you fuckin’ love Lena…just be a fuckin’ man about it and tell her.”

Dacia calmed a little more and said, “Living life with a guard up about women breaking your heart is gonna get you nowhere…like women don’t ever get hurt…get the fuck out…women have been hurt by cheating husband and spousal abuse more in this country then men ever will…you’re not the first man who was ever hurt…and you won’t be the last.”

Mark just nodded and knew to keep his mouth shut.

Dacia said, “Mark…were both in danger of losing someone we love…Lena is thin…Really thin…I don’t know if she hasn’t been eating or what…but something is definitely not right with her…and she refuses to tell me what she’s doing to herself…Mark if she keeps it up, she’s gonna really hurt herself…Just say yes or no right now…Do you love Lena?”

Mark said, “Yes.” Dacia said, “THAN TELL HER!”

Dacia said, “You know after her first marriage was over…I thought she’d never go back to being the giant party animal she used to be…which she didn’t but at least she came out of her shell…but she’s back in it again…she doesn’t do anything except work and sleep…That’s not my sister and you know it. My sister is so full of life and love…and she wants nothing more then to share it with you…but two people can’t build a long lasting relationship…if she can flat out tell you she loves you every day…and you just look at her…”

Dacia said, “If you love her…then damn it…do something about it.”

Mark watched as Dacia walked out. He knew she was right…Now he just had to figure out what to do.


Chapter 5


Lena sat watching Smackdown like she did every week…she was relaxed in her jeans and sweat shirt…it had been a little chilly out, because it was raining the night before. She watched as Mark rode out to the ring like always…and her jaw just about broke the arm of the chair when it fell open…Mark had cut his long beautiful auburn hair…she couldn’t believe it…it was so short.

But he looked even sexier…He had on a red sleeveless t-shirt that said Big Evil on it…his arms looked bigger, so he was definitely working out a little more…his waist was a little slimmer…and he was definitely working on his abs…his long legs were encased in black leather pants…with his black boots.

The man was looking good enough to eat…Which if she put her mind to it, she could devour him whole. Lena watched closely as he moved in the ring…His muscles rippled and moved as he threw his opponent around the ring...She couldn’t help but stare at the man like he was a side of beef...She exhaled to keep herself in check...well that and too keep herself from drooling.

After Mark pinned his opponent...he grabbed a mic and walked over and looked straight into the camera...Lena figured he had some shit talking to do...Lena started to get up...when Mark spoke...

“Y’all know I got a girl at home...in Houston...you’ve seen her...every once in a while I would have her ride to the ring with me...you guys liked her...she’s beautiful...well I’ve been kind of dropping the ball on my end of our relationship...Which yea I know was stupid...but I just wanted all of you to be witness to what I’m about to say to her...”

Mark walked around the ring a little and listened to the fans go crazy...he said, “Lena...You already know my life isn’t complete without you in it...I wanted you to know...that...I want you to marry my dead ass...Because...I love you.”

Lena couldn’t help but let the tears fall down her cheeks...he said it...he really fuckin said it. HOLY SHIT! He just said it on national Television in front of probably millions of fans...

If there's a plane or a bus leaving Dallas
I hope you're on it
If there's a train moving fast down the tracks
I hope you caught it

Cause I swear out there ain't where you ought to be
So catch a ride, catch a cab
Don't you know I miss you bad
But don't you walk to me

Baby run, cut a path across the blue skies
Stay in a straight line
You can't get here fast enough

Find a truck and fire it up
Lean on the gas and off the clutch
Leave Dallas in the dust
I need you in a rush
So baby run

Lena grabbed the phone and immediately started calling for flights to Chicago...because that’s where they’d be in a few days. They started running through the apartment packing about as fast as her legs would let her go.

If you ain't got a suit case
Get a box or an old brown paper sack
And pack it light or pack it heavy
Take a truck, take a Chevy
Baby just come back

There's a shortcut to the highway out of town
Why don't you take it
Don't let that speed limit slow you down
Go on and break it

Baby run, cut a path across the blue skies
Stay in a straight line
You can't get here fast enough

After stepping of the plane Lena took off to the arena...she knew Mark would be there...they were having a great house show...

Find a truck and fire it up
Lean on the gas and off the clutch
Leave Dallas in the dust
I need you in a rush
So baby run

Baby run
Oh baby run
Baby run

When she busted through the back doors she found a monitor and noticed Mark had just finished his match and was on his way back through the curtain. She ran down the hall and saw him step through the curtain behind the titan tron...and stopped dead in her tracks...

Mark looked up and saw her as he smirked...he walked closer and said, “I knew I get could your attention somehow.” Lena said, “You’re absolutely insane...you nearly broke character...and you told about a million fans you loved me...”

Mark said, “It’s okay I got permission from Vince...as soon as I told him it was because I was being a jackass to the one person I loved, but could tell her...he said if it would get me to stop being a bear to every one...I could jump around and light my arm pit hair on fire and scream whatever I wanted into the mic, as long as it got me out of the funk I was living in.”

Lena couldn’t help but laugh. She took a couple of steps and jumped into his arms while wrapping her legs around his waist. Mark wrapped his arms around her and kissed her...it was a kiss like they were going to the electric chair.

Mark said, “I love you.” Lena said, “Sweetest sound my ears ever heard...I love you too.” Mark said, “Marry me.” As more of a statement then a question.” Lena smiled and said, “Nothing I’d rather do.”


Chapter 6


- -6 Months Later- -

Mark and Lena were married...they were really happy traveling on the road and enjoying the life of a married couple. Mark had a match tonight against Glenn...they’d been having on screen feuds for a several weeks now...Tonight would be no different then any other...or so she thought.

After a few minutes…Mark finally set Lena down on her feet…and she wrapped her arms around him and they stood in the middle of the hallway kissing really passionately, that is until MJ and Dacia walked by and MJ said, “Get a room.” Mark gave his wife’s husband the finger…and with that the foursome walked over to the curtain in the back…and Lena gave Mark one last kiss and said, “Good luck…and be careful.” Mark nodded and said, “I love you.” Lena said, “I love you too.” Lena watched as Mark rode his bike through the curtain to the screaming fans…not realizing that would be the last time she said I love you to Mark.

Lena knew Mark supposed to win tonight, so she didn’t stick around and watch, Mark and her had an agreement, he’d warn her if he had to do anything stupid like blade and it would be okay with him if she didn’t watch that match…so he warned her a head of time and Lena went back to talk with Glenn and MJ…

Lena had been back there about 3 minutes, when someone busted through the door, and said, “Lena, they need you out by the ambulances…Mark’s been injured badly.” She jumped up with Glenn and MJ and they ran down the hall to the ambulance…and they had taken off before she could get there…Glenn and Dacia were standing there…

Lena said, “Glenn, what the hell happened?” Finally noticing the blood all over Glenn and it not being from him…Glenn was close to tears and so was Dacia…Lena said, “You guys what the hell happened?”

Glenn finally said, “Something went really wrong during the match…Mark was supposed to blade after I threw him into the ring post...except...he must’ve got the blade out to early...when he didn’t get up, I noticed Mark not moving…I almost threw up…The blade was pushed though Mark’s throat. I don’t know how it happened…I just don’t…I don’t understand how it happened…it’s never happened before…”

Lena was pretty calm and in some heavy denial…there was a monitor by the back door and they were showing what happened during the match, she walked over and was watching it…and they actually showed the whole damn thing…She couldn’t believe her eyes, Lena was nauseous…and passed out…Good thing Glenn was behind her, he caught her before she hit the floor…

When Lena woke up she was in a bed at the hospital…she had actually been knocked out for 3 days…no one knows why, they figured it was from the shock of seeing what had happened to Mark…Lena sat up, still in her levis and t-shirt…Glenn, MJ, and Dacia were sitting around her bed…Glenn stood up fast and said, “You’re awake…I’m so glad you’re awake…We were so worried about you, you’ve been in shock for the last 3 days…”

Lena looked around and said, “Where am I?” Glenn said, “Chicago Memorial Hospital.” She said, “Where’s Mark…didn’t they bring him here?” Glenn looked at the ground and Lena knew automatically Mark was gone…She said, “No…no…I refuse to accept that…he’s not gone…where is he?” Glenn said, “I’m sorry Lena, Mark died the same night they brought him in…there was too much damage to his throat...he bled to death before they could do anything to save him…He didn’t even have a chance to make it…”

Lena said, “No, he’s alright, I know he is…he’s fine…YOU GET HIM IN HERE NOW! No, I refuse to believe that he’s gone…” Glenn couldn’t say anything, cause he was still trying to get over the initial shock of his brother being dead…Dacia still didn’t have a clue what to even comment about what happened…When Lena started crying for Mark and sobbing so hard, Dacia had to leave the room…MJ went with them to help her out.

Glenn walked around the bed and closed the door…he came over and stood in front of Lena, and grabbed a hold of her arms and said, “Lena, Mark’s gone…he’s not coming back…now I’m telling you right now this is going to be a very hard thing to get over…I won’t sugar coat anything…you know I’ll always be honest with you…you deserve to cry right now and any other time you want too…so cry all you want…you’re allowed.”

Lena stood on her knee’s in the bed and threw her arms around Glenn’s neck and cried, she cried hard…she couldn’t believe the love of her life was really gone…Lena said, “Glenn, what am I going to do without him…I love him so much, I can’t live my life without him…” Glenn could feel Lena holding onto his shirt and his heart bled for her; he did
n’t know what to say to make the pain go away…all he could really do was hold her…

When Lena finally calmed down a little, she was released from the hospital and all 5 of them went back and sat in Dacia and MJ’s hotel room…Lena was sitting on the couch with Glenn next to her…MJ was in the chair behind Dacia who was on the floor…They sat in silence for a while and then Lena said, “I really need to tell all of you something…It’s really important…” Glenn still had the sniffles with MJ and Dacia…but they were trying to stay calm…he had already called his family obviously, so his family was making all the funeral arrangements…and everything…

They all looked over at Lena and she swallowed hard and said, “That night...I was going to tell him…I’m pregnant…” Lena started crying again…

Chapter 7


“Lena wake up…Lena…honey wake up…” Lena moved around a little and opened her eyes, and Mark was staring back at her…Lena sat up fast and said, “Mark?” Mark smiled and said, “Babe, you was having a dream and you started to cry…that’s why I woke you up…” Lena threw her arms around Mark’s neck and held on for dear life…

Mark said, “Baby, what happened…you’re going to choke the air out of me…” Lena said, “I just had a really bad nightmare…Thank God it was only a dream…” Glenn came running out of the shower in a towel dripping wet and said, “Is everything okay in here? I thought I heard someone crying?” Mark said, “Everything’s fine bro…Lena just had a bad dream.” Glenn said, “Are you ok?” All Lena could do was nodded yes…

Mark held onto Lena as tight as she was holding onto him…Mark said, “Besides, I wanted to wake you, we’re getting ready to go out for our match…you was going to come watch, because we’re not doing anything dangerous tonight…” Lena pulled away from Mark and looked in his emerald green eyes and said, “I love you so much…I will never be able to tell you that enough times…”

Mark smiled and said, “That, must have been some dream…I love you too baby…Are you okay? You wanna talk about it?” Lena said, “Maybe later…I just want to hurry up and get out of here…we have a lot to talk about.” Mark said, “Okay…I’m gonna go finish getting ready…Dacia and MJ called earlier and said, “Thanks for watching Marcus earlier, since they didn’t have a chance to say it cause I snatched you up..”

Mark started to stand up, when Lena grabbed his arm and pulled him back down on the couch in front of her and said, “Mark, what happened after you carried me over your shoulder out of their room?” Mark said, “We stopped and kissed in the hallway for a couple of minutes, MJ walked by and said ‘get a room’…I gave him the finger, we laughed and came back to the room…and you said you was going to lay down cause you hadn’t been feeling good. So you fell asleep on the couch, and you’ve been sleeping for the last 45 minutes…”

Lena said, “Thank you so much for waking me up…you can’t imagine the nightmare I was having…” Mark touched Lena’s face and said, “Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Lena said, “Yea, the dream just kind of shook me up a little.” Mark said, “Why don’t I have Dacia and MJ come sit with you, while we’re in the ring…would that make you feel better?” Lena nodded and said, “Please.” Mark said, “Okay…” And kissed Lena’s forehead.

Mark finished getting ready and then walked down to Dacia and MJ’s dressing room, who both had just finished up showers after MJ’s match…and Dacia invited Mark in and said, “What bring you down to our dressing room, and where’s you’re wife…I thought you two went every where together?”

Mark shoved his hands in his pockets and said, “Well, some thing really weird happened…after we went back to our dressing room, Lena fell asleep on the couch and I woke her up about 20 minutes ago, cause she was actually crying so hard in her sleep…it was scaring me…she clung to me for a good 10 minutes…I don’t know what she was dreaming, but what ever it was it scared the shit out of her…and then it scared me to see the way she was acting…when she first opened her eyes, she looked at me like I wasn’t supposed to be here…it was really weird…anyways, Glenn and I are getting ready to go to the ring for our match, would you guys go sit with Lena…she’s still pretty shaken up about this dream…”

Dacia said, “Sure, no problem…did she say what she was dreaming about?” Mark said, “Nope…said she’d tell me later…” Dacia said, “Okay…we’re on our way…” Mark walked back to the dressing room, and Lena was sitting on her feet in the couch watching Raw on the TV monitor…Mark walked over and sat next to her, she leaned over and laid her head on his shoulder…Mark looked over at her and kissed her forehead…Lena knew Mark was worried about her and she looked at him and said, “I’ll be fine sweetie, I promise…I just never had a dream like that before…and it scared me…”

Mark said, “Scared you…hello…it scared the shit out of me…” Lena touched his cheek and smiled a little…she leaned over and brushed her lips against his and kissed him softly and slowly…Dacia and MJ walked in the door and MJ said, “Oh that’s so sweet…”

Lena smiled and said, “Hello.” Mark kissed Lena one last time and said, “I love you…and yes, I’ll be careful…I promise.” She smiled and said, “I love you too…” Mark smiled as Glenn and him walked out the door and Dacia and MJ sat down…They talked a little and Lena explained the dream cause they were really concerned about her…Dacia said, “Holy Shit…no wonder you was freaked…Poor Mark, you scared him to death…” Lena said, “I know, well it scared me more, I was the one who had the dream…”

MJ said, “That’s so eerie…what do you supposed it means?” Lena said, “I dunno, but obviously I have to tell him, I’m pregnant now…maybe this was one of those weird dreams that pregnant women get, a friend of mine had weird dreams the whole time she was pregnant…after she had her daughter, they stopped…” Dacia said, “That’s weird…but it’s all good…you’re gonna be a mommy…that’s so cute…I’m gonna be an auntie.” Lena said, “Yea, yea…”

Mark and Glenn finished their match…came back and took showers back in the dressing room…They said their good byes to Dacia and MJ and then took off out the back door.

After dinner Mark and Lena were riding up the elevator in the hotel and Lena said, “I need to tell you something...” Mark said, “You’re not just now finding out your lesbian are you?” Lena pinched Mark’s arm and said, “Mark Callaway!!” Mark jumped a little and was running his arm and said, “Well, I just figured I should ask you, you know, since we’ve been married 6 months today…”

Lena said, “No, it’s a little more serious then that…” Mark said, “You really used to be a man named Johnny…” Lena put her hands on her hips and said, “Mark!” Mark started laughing and said, “Okay, okay…I give up…what is it sweetie?”

Lena said, “Well…I found out a couple of days ago…I’m sort of pregnant…” Mark said, “How is the word sort of in there? It’s not one of those things that can be half way…you either have to go all the way or forget it…” I said, “Okay…fine…Mark, I’m pregnant…” Mark got this smiled across his face and said, “Baby…were going to have a baby…” Mark picked up Lena and swung her around in circles…

Chapter 8


"PUSH…C'mon PUSH...you can do it baby."

Mark had his arm around Lena and kissed her temple and Lena said, “I’ve changed my mind about this whole baby thing…Let’s switch places…you do it…I’m too tired.”

Mark said, “C’mon baby…I know you can do it.”

Mark was trying to get Lena to focus and bare down. Finally, after 35 hours of labor Marie Callaway was born…she was 5lbs and 5 ounces Marie was 24 inches long. Big green eye and very little red hair.

While Lena was recouping with baby in a private room, Mark ran down to the waiting room, where Dacia and MJ were waiting to hear something. Mark walked into the waiting room and Dacia jumped up and he said, "It's a girl. We had a girl." Dacia ran over and threw her arms around his neck and they were hugging.

Mark said, "I'm a father…this is so weird." MJ came over and shook his hand.

Everyone walked upstairs to see the new bundle of chaos and joy with Lena, and she said, "She's so perfect." MJ was holding her, and said, "Damn she's tiny."

Dacia said, "Well, Lena is 5'10…but she only weights 125. Mark you maybe a giant, but she is not, and it looks like she's got most of her mommy's genes...okay maybe she's got Mark's eyes and hair color, but everything else on that girl comes from Lena." Mark smiled and said, "Well at least, I have something of mine on her."

Lena kissed his cheek and said, "Yea, there's more then that in her...you helped make her." Mark said, "I'm glad you realized I have that power."

Lena looked at Dacia and she looked at Lena and they started laughing...

Dacia said, "Don't get on to much of a power trip Deadman, she was the one in labor for 35 hours...not you."

He smiled and said, "This is true...I can only imagine how I'm going to have to make it up to her too."

Lena smiled and said, "You better believe it boy! I'm talking shopping spree, you babysitting while I get my figure back at the gym...I'm also needing a girls night out, cause I tell you, I've spent the last 3 months looking at your mug, don't get me wrong I love you...but you make me nuts...and don't even think of having any more kids, cause I'm never having that kind of pain again...if you want more…then you can have them."

Mark said, “Oh hell no…I want a son…” Lena smiled and said, “There’s room for negotiations…Just remember who has to carry it.”

Dacia and MJ were leaning against each other laughing so hard...they couldn't stand it...watching Lena put Mark in his place, when he usually walks around like the king of his castle, she totally beheaded him.

Lena said, "You guys are going to stay tonight right?" Dacia looked at MJ and he said, "It's up to you…" Dacia said, "We're staying yeah." Mark had the nurse bring in cots and extra chairs, cause they were going to stay.

The next morning Lena and the baby were released.

Chapter 9


- -2 Years Later- -

Lena was pregnant yet again…She was around 7 months…and extremely miserable…Mark tried to help her in any way possible…she’d stopped traveling with him after 5 months on Doctor’s orders. She was miserable without Mark when he was on the road…Dacia tried to keep her company, while Marcus and Marie would play in the living room.

Mark and MJ were on the road…Lena started having serious contractions…and Dacia took her to the hospital…and had Mark’s mom come pick up Marie and Marcus…then she called and yelled into MJ’s phone and hung up.

After they got me to the hospital, Dr. Robin Malorka, my OB/GYN checked me out and said that my contractions were too early, and they gave me a shot to slow them down, and hopefully stop them. They also gave me something to help me sleep because I kept panicking and they didn't want me to keep panicking because it would make the contractions start up again. The hospital went ahead and put me in a private room on the maternity floor. I was sleeping sitting up partially...my hand was laying across my stomach and I could feel the baby moving around.

Dacia's cell phone rang and it was MJ…He said, "Excuse me, but you just yelled at me and then hung up…I didn't get any of it." Dacia said, "Damn it MJ you 2 dummies need to get your asses home, Lena is in the hospital, she." Her cell phone cut out because of the machines in the building.

MJ scrambled around and threw himself and Mark on the private company jet and took off to Connecticut. When they got to the airport, MJ wouldn't let Mark drive because he was a nervous wreck…so MJ was driving Mark's Chevy Silverado. MJ not being big on driving huge trucks was swerving in and out of traffic between vehicles, cars and semi's.

Mark grabbed the crash / also known as (oh shit) handles several times, and held his breath…Mark said, "MJ...remind me later, to never let you drive my truck again...you drive like a maniac when your nervous." MJ said, "C'mon...you're the Deadman for Christ sake, you beat the shit out of people and steel their souls, and you can't take a little nervous driving…stop it…you can fool some of the people some of the time, but never me."

Mark said, "Yea...well...I already saw my life flash before my eyes 16 times, and we have only been on the road for 5 minutes."

Meanwhile, Dacia were sitting in chairs watching over me, staring at their watches, hoping the guys would show up soon...The guys finally showed up to the hospital and took off up to the third floor Maternity.

They went over to the nurse's station and found out my room number, and when Stephanie and Marissa saw them show up, they walked out of the room and closed the door behind them.

Mark said, "Dacia, what's going on...all you told MJ was that Lena was here."

Dacia said, "First of all calm down...her contractions started earlier tonight, they gave her a shot to hopefully stop the contractions and a shot to help her sleep...the baby was trying to come way to early. Lena is fine…She just fell asleep about 30 minutes ago, don't you dare wake her up or I'll break your neck."

Mark looked at Dacia and said, "MJ, your woman just said, she was going to break my neck." MJ laughed and said, "Hey, she means it. Don't cross her." Mark said, "Well, can I at least go in and see my wife?" She smiled and said, "Yea, but don't wake her up, she's tired." He walked in and up to me and was watching her sleep.

Even before I opened my eyes I knew he was there, I could smell his cologne...it always smelled so good on him. Mark had sat in a chair next to my bed and had his head in his hands, with his elbows resting on his knees.

Lena opened her eyes and looked down, and reached over and put her hand on his wrist. He looked up and when he saw she was awake, he stood up and said, "So...I understand you're trying to have this baby without me." Lena said, "Not likely...I was so scared." She started to tear up.

Mark said, "There's no reason to be scared baby, the people at this place will take good care of you...they won't let anything happen to you, and neither will I." Lena said, "I know, but you weren't here...and the pain was so bad."

Mark said, "Whoa...baby calm down...I'm here, the pain is gone, and the baby is fine. I promise." He leaned over and kissed her forehead and the moved lower and kissed her lips so softly. Lena smiled and said, "I guess I'll shut up now." He said, "What an excellent idea."

Lena moved around on the bed and Mark sat next to her and she fell asleep on his chest, he wrapped his arm around her belly, and fell asleep with her.

Lena woke up the next morning, and started having contractions again, only this time, her water broke, and the contractions were coming stronger and faster…the only problem was Lena wasn't dilating for some reason. Of course her being the worrier in the family, she panicked, and the contractions got worse.

Lena started crying and said, "Mark this isn't supposed to happen...it's too soon." Mark took her face in his hands and he said, "Calm down...and breath...everything will be okay, I promise, nothing will happen." She said, "But it's too early."

The nurses got scared for her and made Mark leave the room, he fought the whole way.


The nurse said, "Mr. Callaway, we know she's you're wife, but for her safety and the baby's safety, were taking her up to OR to do a c- section...please calm down and sit in the waiting room...it will take a couple of hours...she'll be fine...Mr. Callaway she has the best OB/GYN helping her, we won't let anything happen to her. As soon as I find out something I will come down and tell you."

Mark was so mad and scared at the same time, he just started to walk away, MJ went to go put his arm on Mark's shoulder, when Mark jerked away and said, "Don't touch me MJ."

Everyone knew better then to talk or touch Mark when he's angry...because he's liable to hit or say something he'll only regret later.


Chapter 10


About 2 hours later.3 hours after they had taken Lena up to the OR…the nurse came into the waiting room and said, "Mr. Callaway."

Mark jumped up to his feet and said, "Yes ma'am." She smiled and said, "I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on becoming a father of a beautiful baby boy. Your wife is doing fine...they have her in recovery right now, and you can see her in about an hour...your son is in an incubator in the Neonatal ICU, only because he's 2 months premature. Which means you can't exactly take him home until after 2 months or until he gets a little stronger."

Mark said, "How big is he?" She said, "I believe they said 4lbs and 9 ounces…and he's 16 inches long...he's not very big, but they said his lungs sound nice and strong. Dr. Malorka said, if he handles the next month really good, she might let you guys take him home early. You can go see your son if you'd like."

Mark said, "Uh...no I'll wait and see him with my wife...Just let me know when they have her in her room." The nurse said, "Okay, I will."

Dacia ran over and said, "Well?" Mark smiled as big as possible and said, "It's a boy...I have a son…Lena is doing fine, we can see her in an hour, she's in recovery...they have the baby in the Neonatal ICU cause he's a preme. Other then that every thing is fine."

While Lena was in recovery Mark had the task of naming the baby...He picked out Jonathan Michael Callaway.

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power yeah
Some people live just to play the game
Some people think that the physical things
Define what’s within and I've been
There before but that life's a bore
So full of the superficial

And some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you yeah

An hour later, Mark came into the room first and Lena was half awake...he kissed her forehead and she woke up all the way...Lena said, "Hi baby." Mark said, "Hey sweetie...how you feeling?" She said, "Not too bed…I really like the drugs...no pain. How's the baby?" He said, "Fine...I think...I decided to not see him, until we were together." She said, "Well we have to go down the hall to Neonatal, because they can't bring him in here it's unsanitary."

A couple of hours later, Mark called the nurse, and they brought in a wheelchair and Mark wheeled Lena down to the Neonatal...they went in and put gowns on, as soon as Mark put his hand in the incubator, the baby grabbed Mark's pinky finger, and Mark had tears in his eyes...Mark was actually down on one knee and was staring at the baby...He said, "I don't believe it...he's actually ours…we have a son."

Lena said, "Yea...he's so beautiful too...so I told them to let you pick out the name...what did you pick?" He smiled and said, "Jonathan Michael." Lena smiled and said, "I think it's beautiful." Mark said, "See, that's what I was saying…I think he's beautiful, just like you also...I love you baby." She said, "I love you too." Mark leaned over and they kissed a couple of times and he took her back to her room because she was started to get drowsy again.

Some people search for a fountain
Promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that’s the only way to prove you love them
Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be
No one to share
No one who truly cares for me

And some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you…you…you

Lena was in the hospital for 4 days, and released...they went back up to the hospital every day for four weeks straight...at the end of one month Jonathan...had moved his weight up to 6 lbs and 4 ounces...and grew up to 21 inches long. Lena’s remark was, "Good lord, he's starting to get big like his daddy."

When they got to bring Jonathan home, Mark was so excited. Everyone was waiting at the house for us...Dacia ran out and said, "Don't even think about picking that boy up…I'm holding him first." Mark said, "Be my guest…we'll let him pee on you second, since he got me first…for some reason he doesn't pee on Lena...just me."

Dacia laughed and said, "Welcome to fatherhood...that's the first thing that Marcus did when MJ picked him up…we had just given him a bath so he was cold and naked…I didn't warn MJ cause I figured he had to be initiated into fatherhood some how." Lena rolled with laughter…and said, "You should of seen Mark's face when Jonathan did it...he was just stunned...absolutely stunned...I wish I would have had a camera...cause there's no way he'll ever have that look on his face again."

They all walked in side and Dacia was cooing with Jonathan in her arms as she sat on the couch...by now Marie was up walking around, saying very few words...mostly mommy and daddy...She was very curious about everything, so when Dacia came in holding the baby...she walked over and Dacia said, "Look Marie…this is you're new baby brother Jonathan."

Marie leaned over and gave Jonathan kisses on the head.

That’s when Lena knew if she didn’t have Mark…she wouldn’t have anything.

And some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you yeah

If I ain't got you with me baby oh ooh said
Nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing
If I ain't got you with me baby

The End.