Loving Every Minute

(Sequel to The Trouble with Love)


Chapter 1


Glenn sat in the hospital room he’d become so familiar with in Knoxville Tennessee…watching his wife sleep peacefully in the hospital bed…it had been 3 months since she slipped into a coma.

It all started 2 months after they had been married…they were getting the babies room ready…Glenn couldn’t believe it…he was going to be a father…their honey moon had been incredibly beautiful…they’d decided to just stay home rather then travel any where…Alyssa had been getting morning sickness, and he agreed he didn’t wanna add to the fact of flying anywhere.

Alyssa had decorated the bedroom with at least 15 shades of crimson and deep dark reds…she said red was for love…and they always had tons of that for each other. They made love for hours upon hours…after words Glenn was just content with holding her in his arms instead of sleeping…he would touch her stomach and feel it…and kiss on it…he wished he could make time go faster…he wanted to see if it was a boy or girl.

2 months later, they were moving stuff around for the baby’s room and getting it painted and decorated…Alyssa was around 3 months now and had decided she wanted to run out and buy a cute cartoon border she’d seen at the store. Glenn reluctant handed over the keys…he couldn’t help but feel letting her go alone was a bad idea.

Alyssa left and Glenn continued to work on the room…all of a sudden it had started pouring down ran…the day was a little over cast, but had gotten darker within the span of 2 minutes. Then it happened…the telephone rang…Glenn got a sinking feeling in his stomach. He went down stairs to answer it.

It was the police chief saying, Alyssa had been in a car accident…she was driving through an intersection, when another car had hydroplaned into her when his brakes didn’t work…Glenn dropped the phone and immediately took off like a bat out of hell to the hospital.

The doctor met him at the nurse’s station and immediately took him to Aly’s room. The doctor apologized and said, they’d done all that they could to help her, but she had lost the baby…and to make matters worse, she had a severe concussion and had slipped into a coma moments before he’d arrived.

Glenn dropped besides his wife’s bed and prayed she would wake up soon…Glenn didn’t know what he would do without her…all the questions of what if she never wakes up…or what if she wakes up and there’s something wrong with her mentally…or worse, wakes up and doesn’t remember who he is…Glenn sat by her bed not knowing what to do or how to help his wife.

Finally, Glenn turned to the only person he knew could help him, help her. Glenn and Alyssa’s best friend, Mark Callaway. After the wedding and the announcement of the baby at the reception…every one came up and congratulated the newly married couple.

A few weeks later, Glenn and Aly were shocked to be greeted by Mark on their door step he’d wanted to talk…Glenn looked at Aly and she nodded her approval for him to come in. He’d said he wanted to talk to Aly alone, if it was possible. Aly kissed Glenn’s cheek and said, it would be fine. Glenn hesitated but then walked up stairs.

While in the kitchen they’d apparently mended their friendship and just wanted to forget about what had happened and went on. Which was why Glenn knew Mark would want to be there to try and help get Aly back.

Mark was working a house show in Florida when Glenn called him and explained everything that had happened…Mark was devastated…he immediately took personal time off and got to Knoxville 4 hours later. When he walked in and saw Glenn was a mess and Aly was a paler shell of her former self…Mark could feel the tears in his eyes…she was in a come and had lost the baby. Mark knew he had to do everything to help them.


Chapter 2

I’m laying in a bed…I feel like I’ve been sleeping forever…I can hear voices…sounds like Mark and Glenn…My head hurts…I start to move a little when 2 pairs of big hands come out and Mark and Glenn are both telling me not to move until a doctor can check me out. I open my eyes and suddenly realize I’m in a hospital bed.

I am close to freaking out but Glenn calms me down. He’s whispering calming words to me, while stroking my hair. After the doctor checked me out medically wise, he explained to me about losing the baby. Mark left the room and let us talk alone for a while…

A week later…the hospital released me.

Glenn took me home and we got on with our lives…Glenn knew I wasn’t acting like myself…I was feeling very distant from my husband and it was just because I lost the baby…I kept thinking if I had just stayed at home and not gone out to get the border for the babies room...I wouldn't have gotten trapped out in the rain storm...I wouldn't have missed 4 months of my life and I'd still be pregnant.

It was all my fault...and no one can tell me any different. I was getting more with drawn as the week went on...I started traveling with Glenn on the road...but nothing was really helping...Glenn really tried...but nothing seemed to be working. Glenn decided he was going to take 3 weeks off...I didn't feel like going home just yet...I wanted to stay on the road and help clear my mind.

Glenn suggested I join Mark on Smackdown...I called up Mark and he was more then happy to have me on the road with him, like when I was younger. We saw Glenn off at the airport and I joined Mark and the rest of the Smackdown roster on the road to Chicago.

Once we got there we were having a really great time. I watched night after night as Mark demolished his opponents one by one in the ring...spending those 3 weeks together with him help get back the time we'd lost from the fighting and what not.

Smackdown was in Knoxville for the night and I decided it was time to go see Glenn...Mark dropped me off and said he'd be at the arena if I needed anything.

I unlocked the door and found the house complete pitch black and quiet...almost too quiet. I set my bag down and walked up stairs...I stopped in to use the bathroom and thought I heard a noise...but dismissed it when I didn't hear it again...I walked down the hallway to mine and Glenn's room and suddenly heard 'Oh Glenn'.

I thought maybe I was just hearing things...until I heard the same voice 'Oh God Glenn...baby right there...Mmmm...GOD!'.

I slowly pushed the door open...and let my eyes adjust to the darkness...There was just enough moonlight lighting the room to see my husband on top of some blonde, with her legs wrapped around his waist...I could see all the muscles in Glenn's back, thighs, arms and legs moving, pumping...like a wild animal who hadn't had sex in years.

I just watched as he called out her name as his orgasm raked his body over the coals...while she practically screeched out his...Tina...I don't know anyone named Tina...but obviously he did...I couldn't believe he was screwing this girl in our bed...my husband was cheating on me in our own bed...But how long had this been going on??

I just stood there dumb founded...I didn't know what to say...I didn't know what to do...

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard the female gasp a big breath of air...Glenn bolted up and said, "Whose there?"

Chapter 3

I reached over and flipped on the light switched and said, “No body important...just your wife...please continue what you were doing...I'm just going to get my things and I'll be out of your way in 2 seconds.”

Glenn jumped out of the bed and threw his jeans on while I went over and started stuffing all my clothing in to my 2 suitcases...Glenn came up and said, “Baby, It's not what it looks like.” I looked at him and said, “Oh that's a relief for a second there, I thought I just saw you fucking some girls brains out...my bad.”

As I was dragging the suit cases down the stairs...I said, "You know something I don't even think I'm mad about you fucking around on me...cause I know I've been distant lately with the accident, the coma, and the fucking miscarriage...but just the idea of watching you making love to another woman who isn't your wife...which would be...oh...ummm...ME!...that's just kind of a low blow to my heart...if you didn't love me anymore why didn't you just tell me you wanted a divorce instead of sneaking around behind my back fucking other women in OUR bed."

Glenn followed me through the house and said, "You're the one who actually took me up when I said you should stay on the road with Mark...am I supposed to believe that you didn't try to make a go at it with a man you've been in love with since you was 15?"

I whipped around and said, "Actually you asshole, I would NEVER cheat because I'm married to my husband...which would be…oh...ummm....YOU! I'm sorry I ever believed you would ever be grown up enough to have an adult relationship...let alone a marriage...well I'm officially out of your hair...no more worries...When you go to work I'll come back and pick up the rest of my things."

I slung my bags in the back of my red Toyota RAV 4 and got in and left...I drove over to the arena to find Mark...I cried the whole way to the arena...As I walked into the arena I grabbed the first person I see and asked where Mark was...they directed me towards Mark's dressing room and I knocked...

Mark was getting ready for his match when he heard a knock on the door…he walked over and opened it and was greeted by the sight of Alyssa red eyed…she looked like she’d been crying for hours. Mark took her hand and pulled her into his dressing room and closed the door behind him. Mark sat her down on the couch and then squatted down in front of her and watched as she had a blank expression on her face and stared at the floor.

Mark took my hand in his and said, “Aly, what’s wrong sweetie? What happened?” I opened and closed my mouth several times…I couldn’t have bribed the words to come out of my mouth even if I wanted to. I finally blinked as tears poured out of my eyes about a million at once…

Then all at once I started babbling, “It’s all my fault…If I would have been a better wife, a better soon to be mother…none of this would have happened…I would still be at home, with a baby and I would still have my husband…no one’s to blame but myself…I was so stupid…I shouldn’t have left the house that day…I wouldn’t be missing 4 months from my life…and I wouldn’t have lost the baby…”

Mark moved carefully and sat next to me…and pulled my into his chest…I cried and cried…I couldn’t stop myself…Mark finally calmed me down enough to where I told him everything that happened…Mark did his match and then took me back to the hotel he was staying at and I had fallen asleep…he carried me upstairs and placed me in his extra bed and after he tucked me in he grabbed the keys to my Toyota RAV 4 and took off to my house…seems he really wanted to pay Glenn a ‘friendly’ visit.


Chapter 4


Mark clenched the steering wheel as he made his way out into the country…for all the years he’d known Aly…she’d never cried so hard in all her life. He was absolutely gonna kill Glenn…he couldn’t believe it.

The stupid son of a bitch had cheated on her and then tried to say she cheated on him with her best friend…what a sack of shit Glenn could be…

Glenn was Mark’s best friend…but for the love of God and all that was holy…he couldn’t see past the look on Aly’s face when she broke down and sobbed against his chest…he could feel the sobs raking through her tiny framed body…like she’d just been told someone close to her had died…Mark guessed it was similar she’d just cause her husband in bed with another woman…

Why can’t anything be simple?

Mark could feel himself getting madder and madder by the second…he finally came to Glenn and Aly’s home…and noticed that Glenn’s red expedition was sitting in the drive way. Mark parked my vehicle got out and stalked up the steps to the front door and knocked on the door…well if you can really call that knocking…it was more like banging and beating down the door…

Glenn swung the door open and was only wearing his jeans…no shirt, no socks…Seeing the stupid ass like that…Mark looked him up and down and took note of all the lipstick kiss marks all over his chest, arms and body…Glenn said, “Hey buddy what are you doing here?” Mark said, “I came to deliver a message from Alyssa…”

Glenn said, “So give it to me.”

Mark said, “With pleasure.”

Mark pulled back and belted Glenn right in the face…after which he watched as Glenn’s body flew up into the air and back and listened to the sickening THUD sound the floor made when Glenn’s body landed on the hard wood floors. Mark stalked over towards Glenn and picked him up and threw him into the wall…

Glenn’s nose was busted and bleeding…and so was his mouth… Mark slammed Glenn into the wall several times...and then started punching him in the stomach several times. When and only when Glenn started coughing up blood, did Mark stop beating the shit out of him. Mark watched as his best friend’s husband slid down the wall and fell into a heap at his feet.

Mark walked towards the front door and looked back at Glenn crumpled up on the ground and said, "I can't believe you was stupid enough to cheat on the best thing on your life...If Alyssa wants a divorce from your sorry ass...do not give her any shit...just do it and leave her alone about it." Leaving the house, Mark slammed the front door so hard all the windows in the house rattled.

Mark took off back to the hotel...he hoped Aly was doing better...she'd been so tired and upset she nearly passed out.

I slowly woke up and moved around...I was a little disoriented until I suddenly started remembering what had happened...I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes again...but instead of crying about it...I decided to go and shower. I got in the shower letting the warm water wash and run down my naked body...over my muscles and tendons...trying to calm my whole body.

I heard the main door to the hotel room close and knew Mark was back from where ever he had gone...Mark's deep southern accented voice softly entered the bathroom as he said, "Aly, you okay?" I said, "Sure...can you get me a towel and something to wear please...I forgot to get my stuff out of my suit case." Mark said, "Sure sweetie."

Mark placed the clothes and towel on the sink and said, "You hungry?" I said, "A little yea." He said, "How about a chicken sandwich?" I said, "That's fine."

Mark ordered some room service and by the time Aly got out of the shower the food was there...Mark said, "Food's here...C'mon Aly."

I got out and dried off and noticed Mark had left his red 'Big Evil'...I also pulled on my shorts and combed out my hair...I walked out of the bathroom and Mark said, "Feel better?" I half smiled and said, "Okay I guess." Mark walked over and pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight against his body...I wrapped my arms around his waist...it felt good being so close to someone who cared about me so much.

We sat down and Mark ate and watched me pick at my food...Mark said, "C'mon Aly eat something..." I made a face and said, "Yea...I am hungry...But I just don't feel like eating for some reason." I couldn't eat...I just walked over and laid across the bed again...after about 20 minutes, Mark turned off all the lights and laid in his bed.


I let the sleep take over my whole body.


Chapter 5

A few weeks later, Mark had insisted I move in with him in Houston, Texas…He said he had more then enough room…and besides he didn’t see any use of me getting a place of my own, when I’d be on the road with him for the majority of the time. Plus also because we spent a lot of time together…on and off the road…

One week we brought Brock and his long time girlfriend Lena to stay with us for a while…Mark and I went out to dinner and then we went back to the house, Brock and Lena, still hadn’t left the guest room…we sat in the den watching TV…Mark was sipping on a long neck bottle of beer…and I was drinking water…Mark said, “I fear, I’ll need to buy a new bed for that guest room after tonight.” I laughed and said, “Yea, probably, but leave em alone…its fun being in love…” Mark said, “And how many times have you ever been in love?” I said, “Twice…it was enough for me to enjoy it fully…and then move on…it was nice while it lasted…”

Mark said, “Really…well I guess I actually did love my first wife…we just didn’t love each other enough to keep the relationship together…with me always gone, she was lonely, which obviously led to her cheating on me…and when she finally came clean about it…I really wasn’t surprised…and just decided to give it up…I think she moved to Michigan or some place like that.” I said, “Obviously I know what pain feels like, because of Glenn…but learning the love do’s and don’ts was obviously not an option in the schooling material…”

Mark said, “So, you’re what 23 right?” I said, “Yea…I’ll be 24 in about 8 weeks…and you?” Mark said, “Damn, the dreaded age question…okay, so since I’m about 3 days older then dirt…that makes me about 37…having just turned 37 a couple months ago…” I said, “That’s not so bad…I’m waiting to turn 30…I know I’m going to have some sort of mid-life crisis…” Mark laughed and said, “Actually, I bet you’ll be relatively normal at 30.” I said, “Oh, I don’t know about that…”

The more we talked…the more I was watching him…and looking at him closely…I mean here was this huge 6’10” man, who was 300lbs of beautiful muscle, tattoo covered arms from wrist to shoulder…plus one tat across his mid-drift that said BSK Pride…which I didn’t know what it meant, and wasn’t about to ask…and a tat of the Grim reaper on the back of his neck…He also had the most seductive, yet piercing Emerald green eyes…he still had his dark auburn hair…and it was long down to the middle of his back, but he usually kept it pulled back in a braid…and his go-tee and mustache were a total turn on…any kind of facial hair, automatically did it for me.

We talked a little more and watched a little more TV…and then we got into a movie that was on TV, and we ended up falling asleep on the couch…I was laying on Mark’s chest, I wasn’t sure how I got there, but it was pretty nice…he had his arm around me…he actually woke up and looked down…and saw me…Mark moved around and picked me up and carried me upstairs and put me in his bed still in my clothes…

Brock and Mark left the house about 4am, they had to catch up with the wrestling tour…on their way to catch up with the tour Mark was talking about Alyssa to Brock, telling him all he knew about her now…Brock thought it was cute that Mark had finally taken an interest in someone, especially after the way things were left with his ex-wife. Lena and I had decided to stay at the ranch for a while.

Brock called Lena later and told her everything Mark was talking about…and Lena said, “You know if we were really careful about this, we could actually get those two too hook up again…they both need each other…and right now, they seem perfect for each other.” Brock fully agreed…Thus started Brock always talking about Alyssa to Mark…and Lena constantly blabbing to Alyssa about Mark…

The more time I spent at Mark’s, the more I never wanted to leave…no one knew where I was except Mark, Brock and Lena…and that’s the way I wanted it.

Chapter 6

Mark and Brock would come back once a week, stay for one night, and would leave the next morning, before we were even awake…it was nice to have someone to talk to other then Lena…we of course wouldn’t see her or Brock for that day…but it was always nice to see Brock for that two seconds before they did there sexual disappearing act. Mark and I would sit and make fun of them for hours…just because it was hilarious…

A month later, one night after dinner, when the guys had just gotten back, it was probably around 6…and the sun was just getting ready to set…Mark said, “I have a great idea…go put some levis on with your steel toes and a hooded sweatshirt on…and meet me in the garage in like 5 minutes…” I said, “Okay.” I went up stairs and pulled my levis on, my steel toes on, and a black hooded sweat shirt on…I also pulled my hair up into a pony tail…I went back down and Mark was already in the garage when I walked in and noticed Mark had on dark blue jeans, steel toes, and an Undertaker black hooded sweat shirt, with his hair pulled back into a tight braid and a black bandana over his forehead…I stood there and watched him as he uncovered one of his infamous Harley’s, the tank was black with lightening bolts on it…and on the side a bunch of little tombstones painted on it, and it said ‘Undertakers Bitch’.

I said, “Oh nice.” Mark smiled and said, “And you thought this was just part of the wrestling gimmick…” I said, “Good lord, it’s beautiful…almost more beautiful then the property it sleeps on…almost.” Mark looked up at me and shook his head…and said, “It’ll always be more beautiful then anything I own…” Mark got on and started it up…it had a lovely growl to it…Mark pulled out and put the garage door down and said, “So get on…” I smiled and said, “You got it.” I grabbed onto his shoulders and grabbed and got on…he flipped the pedals down for my feet…and I wrapped my arms around his waist…and we took off…

Mark liked how Alyssa was holding on so tight to him…he could smell her perfume and was thinking how intoxicating it would be to have her laying on his chest again…he could never get that feeling off himself…he loved how he woke up and she was laying on him…

The faster Mark would go, the tighter I would hold on…it was so great…and his cologne was great…I caught myself smelling him so many times…it was crazy…when the sun had fully gone down and the moon was all the way out, Mark stopped by a field…the moon was full so it lit up the whole field…I got off and was moving around a little and said, “Where are we?” Mark said, “The back of the property…” I said, “All the way out here? Damn.” Mark said, “So you think it’s still beautiful?” I said, “You mean now that I’ve seen the front and back?” Mark nodded, I was standing towards the front of the bike, with my hand on the handle bar, just looking at the acres and acres of land…it was hilly and beautiful…I said, “Nah, I think it’s gorgeous now…” Mark said, “Is that an upgraded opinion?”

I said, “Of course…the only reason it’s so beautifully gorgeous…(Mark laughed at my mixture of the two words)…is because the first 17 years of my life was spent in my parents house…which I was never fond of anyways…I dunno why, but I could never wait to get to college and live on my own…and then of course having my own apartment…it was nice while it lasted…then living with Glenn for a year and a half…For some reason this place just make me feel so safe…I wish I never had to leave…I mean it has really felt like an actual real home…I mean, having some place to put all your shit…” Mark said, “I can’t fully understand no, because I’ve never had to go through something like that, but I get the meaning behind it.”

I said, “I’ve really enjoyed talking with you…you’re a really great listener…even though I don’t get that whole camp counselor vibe from you…I am really glad were friends Mark.” Mark laughed and said, “No, I’m a good listener…hell I can listen to a lot of people talk…it just depends on if I want to hear them.” I said, “Well, that’s true too…” Mark said, “By the way, I heard you say, you wish you never had to leave…you do know you can stay as long as you like.”


Chapter 7

I said, “Wow…Are you feeling okay? I mean being nice to me twice in a couple months span?” Mark smiled and said, “Very funny…you kind of grew on me…besides you’re really doing wonders with those roses that are in front of the house…” I laughed and said, “Yea, well it helps if they actually get water…I mean when it’s not raining season…they are very beautiful…”

Mark said, “I used to hate them, because my ex planted them…but after a while, I kept thinking it as the only thing nice she left behind…” I said, “Why, were there some bad things she left behind?” Mark said, “Yup…me…I was an absolute asshole for like 3 months straight at work, home, where ever….the poor fans that crossed my path those three months, had to of been terrified of me…” I said, “Hmm that sounds vaguely familiar…” Mark said, “Yea, yea…gimmie shit, I don’t mind…I know I deserve it…”

I said, “I’m not going to give you shit anymore…you already apologized a couple of times and plus…well the whole letting me stay at your house…sort of more then makes up for it…don’t sweat it anymore…I just like watching you squirm…” I started laughing and Mark said, “Oh really…” He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to him and started tickling me…and I was leaning against him dying laughing, trying to get away from him…but it was pretty much no use…I said, “Okay…Uncle…UNCLE!!” Mark was laughing at me and said, “No more making me squirm…promise?” I said, “Yes, I promise…” I was trying to get all my giggles out…I pushed my hair out of my face as I looked up at Mark’s eyes…they were gorgeous…

I smiled and Mark smiled back, I started to push off against his body, cause I was still leaning against him…but he pulled me back…I sat side ways on the bike, with my butt between his legs, and my legs draped over his…Mark wrapped his arms around me, and held me against his chest…I made no move what so ever to make him let me go…I felt so safe when I was with him…it was virtually impossible for me to be afraid…We sat there like that for a while…before Mark said, “You ready to go back?” I said, “Sure.”

I got up, and hopped on the back again, and wrapped my arms around Mark’s waist again…on the way back…I had my head lying against his back. His body radiated so much heat…when we pulled into the garage, we got off, and Mark was wiping the bike down, and I let my hair down out of the pony tail…we walked into the back door into the kitchen and came face to face with Lena and Brock, in some lounge clothes…I said, “Wow…so how does it feel to be out of the cave at night?” Lena said, “Smart ass…so where have you two been?” I said, “Mark took me for a ride on his Harley…” Brock looked pretty surprised and looked at me and said, “Oh he did?” Mark walked out of the kitchen bathroom and said, “Yes he did…” And gave Brock a ‘shut up’ look…because Brock knew Mark didn’t let anyone near his bikes…or on them…not even when he was married…he didn’t take people for rides…it was just the way he was about his bikes…

I said, “Why did you give him that look?” Mark said, “What look?” Brock said, “Ha! Finally someone who sees everything…” I said, “You know the look…the shut up before I rip your tongue out look…” Mark said, “I didn’t give him any kind of look that said that…” I said, “Well, there was a look exchanged there…I’ll figure it out mister.” Brock was laughing so hard…he couldn’t help it…The guy went in to check out the sports channel to find the scores for the day, which Lena came with me upstairs to talk to me while I took a shower…

Lena said, “Ya know Aly…you and Mark should get together again.” I said, “Are you losing your mind?” She laughed and said, “No…it just seems to a lot of people that you and Mark are getting awfully chummy these days…” I said, “He’s a nice guy…not to mention sexy as hell…but we already tried it once before remember? It didn’t work…” Lena said, “Girl, if you still like each other and you care for one another…what is the harm?”

I said, “You’re asking what the harm is? What if it didn’t work out again…what if we started fighting again…I don’t think my heart could handle it.” Lena said, “What if you guys got married…I mean…?” I said, “Married…please Lena let’s not jump the gun here babe…I mean…My divorce isn’t even finalized from Glenn yet…let me have a breather…besides I had the first romantic thing happen between us tonight in years, and now you’re talking marriage…”

Chapter 8

Lena said, “What romantic thing…you didn’t tell me anything?” I was brushing the knots out of my wet hair and said, “We stopped on the side of the road to rest and we were joking around when he grabbed me and started tickling me…by the time he stopped I was leaning against him…I went to push off…and he grabbed a hold of me and pulled me back into his arms…and just held me there…it was so peaceful…and I felt so safe…”

Lena said, “That’s so romantic…and yet super sweet at the same time…” I said, “Let’s not forget one tiny…minor detail…sex…” Lena said, “Been there, done that…waiting for Brock to recoup so we can do it some more…” I said, “Yea, well, I’ve had sex with Mark…I don’t wanna ruin our already recovering friendship by having meaningless sex again…”

Lena said, “I’m sure you’re not the only one who doesn’t wanna have meaning less sex…what about Mother Theresa?”

I said, “She doesn’t count…she’s dead…and neither does any other nun or habit wearing Catholics…they took that no-sex vow…I didn’t…I’m just trying to keep myself from making another mistake in my life…” Lena said, “Yea but this time it wouldn’t be a mistake…you guys really do care about each other…when you was in that accident and went into a coma…no one…not even Glenn took it as hard as Mark had.”

About that time, Brock and Mark walked in the bed room and Mark said, “Who took what hard?” We looked at each other and started laughing so hard…I looked at them and they looked pretty confused and I said, “See what you started?” Lena said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t realize that if I threw the name out there, he would show up in the wrong part of the conversation.” I said, “I didn’t expect him to show up at all for that conversation…” Mark looked at Brock, who shrugged his shoulders and then looked back at us and said, “Are you ladies feeling alright?” I just shook my head and laughed a little…Lena said, “Yea, were just dandy…g’night Alyssa…” I nodded and said, “G’night Lena…”

Brock and Lena departed to their room…while Mark grabbed some sleeping clothes and left…he would sleep in the couch when they were in town for that one night…but always managed to leave me a note before he left in the early mornings…His couch was huge, so he never had a problem sleeping on it…

I went and laid in bed for like 30 minutes…and finally fell asleep…around 2 am…I woke up and went down stairs to get some water…I drank a small glass of water…and walked back through the den and saw Mark on the couch…I walked over and sat on my knees in front of him…he was laying on his side and he looked so peaceful…

I whispered “Mark……Mark.” Mark moved around for a minute before his eyes shot open and he jumped up and said, “Are you okay?” I put my hand over my mouth to hide my smile and said, “Yea, I’m okay…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…” Mark lay back down and said, “What’s wrong?”

I said, “I just realized something…” He said, “You mean…other then the fact that you just gave a 300lbs man a heart attack by waking him out of a sound sleep at 2 am…” I giggled a little and said, “Yes, besides that…” Mark said, “What’s that?” I said, “I forgot to say thank you…”

He looked at me with one eye brow up and the other down and said, “For what?”

I said, “For the ride tonight…I really enjoyed it…I usually have to go jogging for an hour to relieve stress…but you did it in 25 minutes…and I just wanted to say thanks…and I had fun.” Mark said, “No problem…anytime…is it safe for me to go back to sleep? I mean you’re not going to try and sneak attack me an hour from now right?” I stood up, leaned over and kissed Mark’s cheek…and said, “Yea, go back to sleep…but stay on your toes…If I sneak attack you…I guarantee you won’t hear me…besides I wouldn’t warn you before I attack…that’s half the fun of a sneak attack…”

Mark watched me walk away…then realized all I had on was a black lace tank top, and matching shorts…it was a tease outfit…you couldn’t see all the important parts…but it made you want to see them…it was a sleeping set I had found at Victoria Secrets.

In the morning the guys were off and running again…


Chapter 9

So the guys were gone again…while they were gone, Me and Lena did a lot of riding…just to have something to do outside of the house…every time the guys were back for the one night, after dinner Mark would take me for a ride on the Harley…I really enjoyed it…One night, I decided to wake Mark up again, because I forgot to thank him again, I always wanted to make it a point to say it, cause I knew he didn’t have to do this…

I really did feel bad about waking him up in a sound sleep…cause I’m sure it took a lot to wake someone that big up…I had on my exercise pants and a t-shirt of Mark’s…he hadn’t noticed I was wearing it…my hair was hanging down…and I walked down stairs…I went in and got some water first…I walked over into the den and was watching him…watching his chest rise and fall, it was almost like a dream…I sat on my knees again and before I could even say anything…

Mark said, “So is this going to be a regular thing with you waking me up in the middle of the night?” He scared the crap out of me…

I let out a little scream…and he jumped up and said, “What?” I smacked his leg and said, “You scared the crap out of me…you were supposed to be sleeping…”

Mark laughed and said, “Yea…doesn’t feel so hot does it…and besides I couldn’t sleep…well that and the fact that I just got back from the bathroom…” I said, “How’d you know it was me? It could have been some burglar or something.” Mark said, “I could smell you…” I said, “Smell me? What do I stink? I thought I took a shower before bed.” Mark said, “On the contrary…you smell really good…and I could smell the shampoo you use…that strawberry bullshit…” I smiled. Mark moved over onto his side to face me…and looked down…He said, “Is that my t-shirt you have on?” I laughed and said, “I was wondering when you was going to see it…I was in the middle of laundry tonight after my shower…and decided to wash the shirt I was wearing…but forgot you was here, so I couldn’t walk around in just my bra and panties…so I snatched your shirt that I had folded earlier…”

Mark said, “So, now that you got your sneak attack…well almost sneak attack over with…why aren’t you sleeping?” I said, “I couldn’t sleep…I’ve been having nightmares for the last 3 weeks…Now that I think about it…I haven’t gotten much sleep for the last 3 weeks since these stupid nightmares started…I guess it’s just something I’m going through.” Mark said, “I can’t imagine, but I’m here if you wanna talk or anything…” I smiled and said, “Oh, like you haven’t done so much already…I’m not going to bore you…” Mark said, “No, I’m serious…you yourself said I was a good listener…and I like to listen to you talk…so I don’t mind…” I said, “Thanks Mark.” Mark said, “Any time.”

I sat there looking at the floor for a couple of minutes…Mark said, “You look like you want to ask me something…so give it up...” I laughed and said, “No, you’ll think it’s dumb…” Mark said, “No, I won’t…I promise.” I said, “Well…would you mind, if I slept out here with you? That bed of yours is too big and way too empty to sleep in it alone…and Lena usually stays in there with me, when you guys are gone…It just kind of freaks me out…” Mark said, “I don’t mind…and it’s not dumb…” Mark pulled his blanket back and said, “C’mon.”

I smiled and got up and laid in front of Mark on the couch…he covered me up and then proceeded to wrap his arm around me…Oh my goodness…he was so warm…and I immediately fell asleep listening to him breathe…it was so peaceful…

Mark was shook awake a couple of hours later, Brock was standing over him and said, “Nice…we’re leaving for the airport in an hour…are you alive?” Mark moved around a little and said, “Don’t wake her up…I’ll kill you I swear…” Brock said, “What’s she doing down here with you?” Mark said, “I’ll explain later, when I’ve had more sleep and fully awake…I’ll be ready in 30 minutes…” Mark carried Aly upstairs and laid her in his bed and left her to sleep…and they were gone with the wind…like always…

Chapter 10

A week later and it was my birthday…Mark and Brock came back to the ranch and stayed for 3 days…and brought some of the wrestlers with them, to help celebrate my birthday, it was a surprise…I didn’t know they would even be back for my birthday…Mark had Lena take me shopping for the morning…so I decided to go comfortably…I had on levis, a white tank top, and white tinny shoes…and when my hair was wet, I put a little gel in it to keep it curly and then pulled the sides up…when my hair was wet it had a million little spiral curls…there was not a strand of hair on my head without a curl.

We left…and while we were gone…unbeknownst to me, Mark and Brock slipped like 15 wrestlers from the tour in the door, along with themselves…and got ready to surprise me…we did a lot of shopping…and when we came back…Lena said, “So did you have fun?” I said, “Yea…it’s been a long time since I went shopping…and after I get the bill, I know it will be along time until I go again…” We started laughing…

We walked up to the door and Lena pushed me in first and I nearly had a heart attack when every one jumped out and yelled, “SURPRISE!” I jumped back a little and said, “Holy shit!” Of course I dropped every single bag in my hand…Mark and Brock were standing in the back of everyone…I made my rounds and gave every one a huge and said, thanks to them…I looked at Lena and said, “It wasn’t me…go yell at those two…they had this planned for the last couple of weeks…” I walked over and they both leaned down and I hugged the both and said, “Thanks guys...” They both gave me a kiss on the cheek and wished me a happy birthday…

We all partied and had a great time…after everyone left, we were all helping clean up…When everything was clean again, for obvious reasons Brock and Lena disappeared yet again…Mark and I were sitting on the couch watching TV just relaxing and talking during the commercials…I said, “I can’t believe you guys planned the party without me knowing it…” Mark said, “You know, you don’t have ESP or anything…I love to do anything that has to do with surprising the shit out of someone.” I said, “It worked…I really loved it…” Mark said, “I’m glad…so you’re officially 24 now huh…” I said, “Yea…” We talked a little more…and I went a head and went to bed…

Of course, Mark’s night home wouldn’t be complete without a sneak attack from me…I went down and skipped the water this time…I just had on red cotton shorts and a matching tank top…and left my hair hanging again…I walked into the den and sat on my knees again…and touched Mark’s lips…they were so red and soft…I removed my hand and said, “Mark……Mark.” He moved around a little and said, “Can’t sleep…or don’t want to?” I said, “No, I just forgot to thank you again…” Mark said, “For what?” I said, “The party…I haven’t had a party in a while for my birthday…and I have to say it was a great party…I just wish everyone else could have stayed longer…” Mark said, “They would of, but Vince was pretty adamant about them getting back to tap Smackdown…Otherwise they all would have stayed.”

I moved around and said, “If I ask you to do something for me…will you do it and not ask a bunch of questions?” Mark looked at me and said, “Like what?” I said, “See…no questions asked…” Mark said, “Okay, okay…sure I’ll do it and won’t ask questions…I promise.” I said, “Kiss me…” Mark looked at me but never asked or said a word…by now Mark was sitting up and scooted to the edge of the couch…and pulled me to him…and took my face in his huge hands…and slowly brought his lips to mine…and kissed me, as soon as he felt me relax into his arms, Mark deepened the kiss…and I could feel his tongue part my lips gently and slide into my mouth and so softly intertwined it with mine, when the kiss was over…he was pulling away as he ran his teeth off my bottom lip…

Chapter 11

I sat there looking at Mark and he said, “You okay?” I sighed heavy and said, “Yea…Thank you…I needed that…” Mark said, “Sure...” I stood up and kissed his cheek…and said, “G’night…and uh…thanks for the really great birthday…I’ll remember it always…” Mark said, “You’re welcome...”

Mark was in total amazement, he couldn’t believe Alyssa actually asked him to kiss her…he really enjoyed the feel of her lips pressed against his…and hope she enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed just doing it.

Of course 2 days later the guys went back on the road as usual…

2 months later…Lena and I had been staying at Mark’s for 4 months…we really enjoyed it…but I think we were starting to get cabin fever…I was going off and riding the horses by myself a lot…Lena, kept herself occupied with a few hundred books…Brock knew she loved to read, so when ever he’d come off the road he’d have a new book for her…she had a few stacks in the guest room…and had only gone through about 5 so far…

The day before the guys came back for their weekly check up with us…I had gotten a phone call from the Lawyer working on my divorce informing me that they had indeed received the papers from Glenn’s lawyer the divorce was now final…and said I could resume a normal life if it was possible…

I had a lot to think about…like what I was going to say to everyone…if I was actually going to move out and continue my job at the Pepsi company…or take up My fathers with his offer to go back to work for the WWE…Okay, so I had a shit load to think about.

I was out riding one of the horses again, when the guys came off the road…Lena and Brock actually stayed in the kitchen with Mark and they talked…Lena said, “Alyssa’s been really distant the last couple of days…I don’t know if something happened and she’s not telling me…or maybe something’s going on in her head and she doesn’t want to mess with it.” Mark said, “I wouldn’t worry too much, she’s pretty level headed, especially with everything she’s been through in the last few months...” Brock said, “She’s an awfully sweet girl…too bad we can’t get Casanova here to make his move on her…” Mark said, “Okay…for the last time…she asked me to kiss her…I did…and then she just walked away…we haven’t talked about it since it happened 2 months ago…we talk about everything else…but the kiss…it was amazing…” Lena said, “I don’t know…maybe that’s what she’s been so silent about lately…but there’s no telling…”

When I got back to the house and put the horse up, I knew Mark and Brock would be there…I took my slow ass time just walking to the house from the stables…I sat on the back porch looking at all the acres of beautiful green land…and watching as the very light breeze moved the trees and grass to one side a little…as I was sitting there, I head the back door open and some pretty heavy boots walking along the porch and up behind me…I knew it was Mark…

He was standing directly behind me…I leaned back with my head against his leg…and didn’t say anything…Mark touched my head…and I could feel the heat radiating off his hand…I almost wanted to cry…it had been exactly 2 years to the day that I married Glenn…today was supposed to be our 2 year anniversary…and it was weird that everything would come to an end on the same day…I was struggling to keep the tears from coming out of my eyes…The more love I could feel coming from Mark…and the more I thought about him…because he’s so sweet and gentle…

Chapter 12

I wanted to tell Mark that somewhere in the middle of the last 4 months I fell in love with him again…but my mouth wouldn’t let it come out…I figured he could never feel that way about me again…we had become really great friends in the last 4 months…and I didn’t want to do anything stupid to jeopardize it…I knew I could say it to Mark if I was really forced to…but just coming right out with the whole… ‘Hey how was your trip…hey guess what I fell in love with you again’ yea right, I don’t see that coming off to well…I…in all honesty really wanted to tell him how I felt…I just couldn’t get the words out…I guess I could always write it down…but of course that always does lack the emotional side…I’ll have to tell him before I leave…but when…

Mark squatted down behind me…and I leaned back even further into his chest…we had this way of talking without actually saying a word…I swear half the time he could read my mind…Mark finally sat down, putting one leg on either side of me…and wrapped his arms around me…and I leaned in even more…he was so warm…and so gentle at the same time…We just sat there like that for a couple of hours…hell I could of stayed there all night…but Brock and Lena came out and let us know dinner was ready…

After they walked back inside…Mark got up and said, “Are you coming?” I said, “In a little while…I wanna watch the sun go down…Thanks Mark…for everything.” Mark said, “Sure…no problem…” He could hear my voice crack…and came back over and squatted down to the side of me…and saw the tears sliding down my cheeks…and said, “What ever it is that’s making you cry…you know you can talk to me anytime…Lena told me you’ve been distant…I figure it’s whatever has you in tears right now…but either way…when you’re ready to talk…I’ll be ready to listen…”

I looked at Mark…his eyes were so hypnotizing…and I touched his cheek and said, “Thanks…I’ll let you know…” I sighed heavy…Mark leaned over and kissed my forehead and went inside…I had myself a long cry…I guess in some ways I grew up way to fast…but in others…I didn’t grow up at all…I missed my parents…and thought about them every minute of my life…and now with my feelings for Mark…I had been thinking about Mark more then my parents…and was feeling a little guilty about it…I mean how dare I let myself fall in love with someone who was so great…and leave my thoughts of my family on the back burner…

I realize that this thing for Mark was getting stronger…and was also getting harder to ignore, even more so when he could come home for his weekly check ins…I knew after I stopped crying I would have to tell him soon…otherwise he’d think I was just another emotional female…and lose interest all together…

So later that night I was laying in the bathtub full of warm water and bubbles…trying to get all the stress and tension out…when I got out…I had on navy blue cotton sleep shorts and a matching tank top…I dried my hair…I laid in bed staring at the ceiling…wanting to go down stairs and wake up Mark…but yet I wanted him to actually get some sleep…since I had such a horrible habit of waking him up…but then I couldn’t keep still any longer…I started for the door 4 times…before I finally walked down the stairs and into the den…and sat on my knees as usual in front of him…

Chapter 13

Instead of waking him up like always…I leaned over and pressed my lips against his…once he woke up and saw that it was me kissing him…he grabbed a hold of me and pulled me under his blanket on to the couch with him…he was laying half on me and half off me…and I could feel his hands roaming all over my body…he slowly ran his hands over my breasts and my nipples became instantly hard…then when he got to the bottom of my shirt, he slid his hands under my shirt, sliding the shirt up as he went and pulled it off…he slowly kissed down my neck…I loved the feeling his go-tee slide across my bare skin…it was pretty erotic…

His mouth met with my nipples and he was just ever so gentle with me…as he finished with my chest, he slid his tongue down my stomach and was sliding my shorts off with my panties…but didn’t touch my anywhere else…he moved my legs apart and was kissing the sides of my thighs…and left a hickey on the inside of my right thigh…really high…he kissed his way back up to me and we continued kissing again…then he stopped and got up…I watched him and he said, “Stand up.” So I did…but I didn’t take the blanket with me…Mark grabbed my clothes off the floor…and wrapped the blanket around me…and picked me up…and carried me up to his room…and closed and locked the door…

I laid on the bed still wrapped in the blanket…Mark got rid of his t-shirt…and then his flannel pants he slept in when he was on the couch…and everything else and was standing there in his total naked glory…wow that boy looks good with or without clothes…ESPECIALLY without…hehehe…

Mark started unwrapping the blanket and as he was kissing up my stomach he said, “Are you sure you wanna do this…you’re supposed to make love with someone you love?” I said, “Oh…interesting…so…uh…how do you know I’m not making love to someone I love?” Mark looked at me and said, “Are you serious?” I looked down and then looked back up into his eyes…and said, “Yes.” Mark said, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to say that…”

I was kind of shocked and said, “Why’s that?” Mark said, “Because I knew I loved you the first time we meet…” I said, “How so?” Mark said, “Because no matter what we went through we were able to keep our friendship…now it’s only getting stronger…I was never just pretend dating you…I was really with you and I was really in love with you…” I said, “Thank you for telling me that…I think I love you more…”

I grabbed Mark’s go-tee and pulled his lips up to mine and we started kissing a little more passionately…and intense…very…VERY intense…Mark slid his body between my thighs…and was so careful about sliding himself into me…as Mark was thrusting in and out of me…we were still kissing and holding onto each other…he wasn’t going fast…he was keeping it pretty slow so I could really enjoy my first time…We actually managed to time it perfectly and climaxed together…I could feel him empty himself inside of me…

We were lying in his bed…and I was listening to his heart beat…and said, “Mark…” He was half asleep and said, “What?” kind of groggy…and I said, “The detective who was working on mine and Glenn’s divorce called and the divorce was finalized yesterday and said I can return to my normal life now that I have one…” Mark was a little more awake now and looked down at me and said, “Stay with me.”

I said, “I don’t know…why would I want all of this when I could go back to working for my parents…and go back to dating the jerk offs again…” Mark said, “Well, I could give you two choices as to why…one because I love you…or two because I love you and I just got you back and I’m not letting you leave that easily ever again…” I said, “Can I pick more then one?” Mark said, “Sure…” I said, “Okay, then I pick one and two…Mark I could never leave you…I’m way to in love with you…” Mark said, “Good…because I’m not letting you leave…and besides I love you just as much…” We kissed a little more and fell asleep…


Chapter 14

“Oh my gosh Lena! Are you serious?” I screeched…Lena laughed and said, “Pretty positive…I went to the doctor and everything.” I said, “Good lord…What is Brock going to say? Pregnant…wow…Awwww but it’s a baby…what could he say…” Lena said, “I don’t know…I haven’t told anyone else…so please keep things quiet.” I said, “Hey…you know…Researchers, they know what causes pregnancy now…” Lena laughed and said, “Girl…you’re so asking for it…” We both giggled…

It’s been 2 years…I’m 26 now and Mark is 39…we’re pretty happy…we’ve been extremely happy together…

We got quiet just in time, when Mark and Brock walked through the door…to Mark’s dressing room, where we were sitting on a couch…facing inward talking…Mark came up behind me and kissed the top of my head…and I said, “What are you up to Mr. Callaway?” Mark smiled and said, “Nothing Mrs. Callaway…”

That really did have a nice ring to it…

Oh side note: If I forgot to tell you…we got married 6 months ago…Just thought I’d throw that in there for you…it was actually a double wedding…me and Mark with Lena and Brock…It was great!! The honeymoon was even better…two weeks…Hawaii…we never left the hotel room…when we go back, we really need to go sight seeing…but of course…I saw all I needed to see in that hotel room for two weeks straight…

Ever since I stayed at Mark’s request…how could you say no to those eyes?!?! We actually went to Connecticut 2 weeks before our wedding and had my stuff in storage sent to the ranch…and visited my parents…for a couple of days after we left I was kind of distant, but Mark was totally understanding about the whole situation…he knew it was hard for me to be leaving again…but he helped out by knowing exactly when to touch me…it goes back to that whole mind reading thing again…I swear he constantly knows what I’m thinking without me having to tell him…I really love that about him…

I stood up and sat with my knees backwards in the couch to face Mark…and wrapped my arms around his neck…I smiled and Mark said, “What’s on your mind?” I said, “Nothing special….just in deep thought...” Mark said, “Okay…” I kissed his lips and said, “C’mon, you’ve got a match…and Lena needs to talk with Brock…” Mark wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me over the back of the couch…and put me on my feet in front of him…We were walking down the hall and Mark was about to walk out for his match when we heard this loud…‘WOOOOOHOOOOO!’.

Mark said, “What in the hell?” I said, “Oops…Lena must’ve told Brock…” Mark looked over the rim of his sunglasses and said, “Told Brock exactly what?” I said, “That she’s pregnant…” Mark said, “Oh...good reason for the screaming…” I smiled and said, “Yea…I thought so…” Mark leaned down and we kissed several times…before he left to go do his match…Mark was walking away when I said, “Hey Undertaker…” Mark turned around and took his sunglasses off as he stopped and was looking at me…I lifted up my shirt and bra and flashed him…BIG TIME…I then quickly pulled my shirt and bra down…and acted as if I didn’t do anything…” Mark really couldn’t say anything…he was shocked I had done it at all…he just shook his head and walked out for his match and all I could do was giggle and yell, “Give them hell baby.” Mark went out there and beat the crap out of his victim and then came back and I was standing next to Lena and Brock…and we were deep in conversation…

Mark walked over and said, “By the way…thanks babe.” I smiled mischievously and said, “For what Mark? I didn’t do anything…” Mark shook his finger at me and said, “You know good and well what you did…you know nothing’s worse or more painful then having to try and wrestle with an enormous erection.” I started laughing so hard I had to squat down before I fell down….

Lena looked down at me and said, “What happened?” Mark said, “Why don’t you ask the flasher here?” As he pointed down to me. Brock said, “I would think it would be rather difficult to wrestle with any kind of erection…enormous or otherwise.” Mark said, “You just ain’t a shitten…” I couldn’t stop laughing…Lena said, “Okay chill out for a minute and tell me what happened…” I looked up and said, “I flashed him…I don’t know why I did it…I just called his name before he walked out and I gave him some full frontal chest nudity…” Brock said, “Did I hear her right? Full frontal chest nudity…is that the same thing as boob flashing?” Mark said, “Hell yes…I was in total shock I couldn’t believe she had done that…anyone could have seen her…” I said, “That’s why I made sure no one was around when I did it…it was for your enjoyment only…”

Mark said, “Oh, I plan on getting some enjoyment out of them tonight…you gave me this thing…now you get to help deal with it…” As he pointed to the crotch of his black Levis…I don’t know why…but to me he always looked sexier in his black Levis…I said, “Well, maybe if you flash me, I’ll be a little more inclined to help you get rid of it…” Mark said, “Now there’s a thought…But I’m not about to do it in front of Lena and Brock…”

Them being the smart asses they were both said “Thanks!” at the same time….

Mark said, “Smart asses…no wonder you two got married…you couldn’t keep your hands off each other…for a while…I thought you were sewn together…” Lena said, “I’m sure if we could find the right doctor we would be…” Lena and Brock said they were going back to the hotel to spend some quality time together…and Mark squatted down in front of me…he pushed my hair out of my face and said, “I really enjoyed you flashing me…” I said, “I know…I could see…” Mark smiled and said, “You ready to head back to the hotel?” I said, “Sure…Let’s go.”

We took off for the hotel and needless to say I did end up helping him with that enormous erection…that just happen to be my fault in the first place…I swear…It was pretty nice though…we stayed in bed for the next 72 hours…just cause we had no place to go…it was great!

As it turned out, Lena wasn’t really pregnant, it was a false positive…but it was just as good a reason as any for her and Brock to start trying to get her pregnant…they couldn’t wait to have a baby…

Chapter 15

One night Mark would be going up against Paul Wight (Big Show)…which worried me a lot because of Paul’s known ring presence…he always had a bad attitude whether scripted or not…he always put the other wrestler through hell before he eventually pinned them for the win…tonight was no different…it was a crazy match…Mark wasn’t really nervous, but he didn’t relish the fact he had to wrestle a guy who had a worse attitude then him…I was standing with him backstage…Paul walked past us and said, “Maybe you should give Mark a good-bye kiss cause the only person who will be walking through that curtain in 15 minutes is me.”

I walked over and stood looking up at him and said, “Is that supposed to be funny Paul? Because it’s really not…I see nothing funny about the statement you just made…” Paul’s wife Bess came over and said, “Paul, knock it off, leave them alone.” Mark grabbed my hand and drug me down the hall into an empty dressing room and said, “Alyssa, don’t start anything with that man, I have to wrestle him in 3 minutes…I don’t need him to kill me let alone come after you for being a smart mouth…” I said, “I wish you would of let Brock go down to the ring with you…you know Paul, he’s relentless…he won’t stop until you give up.”

Mark said, “Aly, no…I’m a big boy I can fight my own matches…” I said, “This isn’t a match it’s an ass beating…and you know it…you’re going to get hurt…” Mark was getting more pissed by the second…and said, “Stay out of it Aly…I mean it...” I knew he was serious…he didn’t want me to interfere with his work…but I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach something bad was about to go down. I just knew it…Mark kissed my forehead and said, “I’ll be right back…I have to go take down a giant…” I said, “Be careful…I love you…” Mark stopped by the curtain before he walked out and said, “I love you too baby…”

I didn’t realize that was the last time I would hear that from Mark…at least not for a while…During the match I was watching on the monitor and I could see Paul talking a whole mess of trash to Mark…the match was supposed to be over in 15 minutes, but it ended up last 30 minutes…all the matches were backed up and every one knew that Paul was just basically torturing Mark in only the way Paul could…Brock said, “What the hell is going on, why doesn’t he pin Mark already, he knows he’s supposed to win…” I said, “He’s doing it on purpose to prove a point that he’s better then anyone else…” Paul’s wife Bess was standing with us and said, “I’m gonna kill Paul. I swear to god.” Bess was getting pissed off because Paul was being immature, Brock and Lena were on the brink of running to the ring just to help Mark…

The camera got a close up shot of Mark’s face and he’s eyes were all glossed over and his nose was bleeding…At this point, as soon as I saw the blood, I had tears sliding down my cheeks…Finally, Paul choke slammed Mark through two tables and then gave Mark his own finishing move the last ride (power bomb) through two more tables…Mark was totally out as in he was unconscious. Brock and Lena ran out as Paul was walking back…Paul walked behind the curtain and leaned over to me and said, “See I told you I’d be the only walking through the curtain.” Paul turned and was walking down the hall with Bess bitching at him and I said, “Hey Big Show!” He stopped and looked at me…I gave him the finger and said, “If you can’t see this one…here’s another to go with it…” And basically gave him double the bird…

About that time Brock and Lena came through the curtain with the EMT’s and had Mark on a stretcher…I rode in the ambulance with Mark and Lena and Brock followed in the rental car…

All 3 of us were sitting in the waiting room waiting to hear something, a few of the other guys decided to join us also…Trish Stratus and her boyfriend Mark LaMonica (Bub Bub Ray Dudley) & Devon (D-Von Dudley)…

After being there for almost 2 hours the doctor finally came out and said, “Alyssa Callaway.” I grabbed Brock and Lena and we walked over and I said, “I’m Alyssa…how’s my husband doctor?” He said, “I’m afraid I don’t know yet…he’s got several bruised ribs, and he’s beaten pretty bad, the problem is he’s still unconscious, and we can’t under stand why…there’s nothing internally wrong with him…he should of woken up an hour ago, but no such luck…he’s got a severe concussion, and honestly I don’t know if he’ll ever regain consciousness. If he’s got any other family, you might want to call them…”

Trying to keep my composure I said, “Can I see him?” The doctor said, “Yes, he’s up in the Intensive Care Unit, only one person at a time please…I’ll warn you he’s got a tube down his throat to help him breathe once he regains consciousness we can remove it…he’s also on a heart monitor…he’s in room 1452…” The doctor walked away and I said, “Brock you want to go see him first?” Brock said, “No honey, you go…he’s you’re husband…” I nodded and as I was walking up to the room, I was crying cause I didn’t know what I would do if I lost Mark…but then in the back of my mind, I was getting extremely pissed off at Paul for pulling such stupid shit…

Chapter 16

Since the wrestling tour was in Sacramento, California for the next 2 weeks doing tapings, autograph sessions, photo sessions…all the wrestlers were staying at the hotel…I would stay with Mark at the hospital during the nights and most of the days…the only time I left his side was to go to the hotel shower and change and then I was back…a week later, Mark still hadn’t regained consciousness, and I was getting ready to go out of my mind…

Brock and Lena both had a photo shoot to go to at the arena, so Brock said, “Aly, why don’t you come with us…The doctor and nurse said they’d call us if anything changes…” Lena said, “Yea, c’mon Aly, you need to get out of here at least for a while…” I said, “Okay…” And we left…

When we got to the arena, I was walking around with Lena, and Brock was off at his photo shoot…We decided to sit on one of the big trunks in the hallway, while drinking coffee, when Paul walked by and said, “How’s lover boy doing?” And gave the most evil little laugh as he sauntered down the hallway, head held high in a proud moment…Lena said, “Aly…what are you thinking? You’re making a face…and you’ve got bad thoughts just swimming around that mind of yours…” I got up off the trunk and ran down the hallway…Lena followed as quick as possible…

I ran over and stopped Paul and said, “Let me make something really clear to you Paul Wight…Mark is my husband, not my lover boy, not my sex buddy, and certainly not my boy toy…he’s my husband…and for your information he’s still unconscious you asshole…it’s been a week and nothing…the doctor said if he doesn’t wake up soon, he’ll probably never wake up…now I know that Mark doesn’t mean anything to you, but he sure means a hell of a lot to me…and if you think I’m going to sit around and let you make jokes at his expense then you have another thing coming…” Paul smiled walked around us, and said, “It’s probably too late…he’s probably a vegetable already.” He laughed again…

I looked at Lena and she looked at me…we both had the same idea…we took off running down the hallway at Paul and both jumped at the same time and landed on him, we actually knocked him to the ground, I was sitting on his back, with my forearm against his head pushing his face into the cement floor, cause he was facing the floor…and Lena was sitting on his ass and had a hold of his feet, and he couldn’t move around that much…

I said, “Ok…get this…if you ever do what you did to Mark to anyone else…I swear to god you won’t have time in your life to regret it…I maybe two and a half feet shorter then you and 400 lbs lighter then your fat ass, but I can fight…make no excuses about it Mr. Wight, you screwed with the wrong girls husband…don’t think for a minute I wouldn’t give my life up for my husbands…because that’s just how much I love him…how many people do you know would say that about you or anyone else in this god forsaken tour?” Paul said, “I swear if you two don’t get off me, one if not both of you are gonna be very sorry…” I said, “Swear all you want to…Look in my eyes and know I’m serious…don’t take anything I say lightly…because believe me, if it came right down to it…sir…and I use that term very loosely…I would do what ever it takes for my husband.”

Brock, Mark L. and Devon walked around the corner and saw me and Lena sitting on Paul…they all 3 looked at each other and said, “SHIT!” They ran over and Brock grabbed Lena and Mark L and Devon grabbed me…Paul turned over and sat up and he said, “You have a lot of guts for someone so small.” I spit in his face and jerked away from Mark L and Devon and just walked down the hall the other way…The guys looked at Paul and he wiped face off and said, “I guess I deserved that.” Lena said, “Not even close enough to what you deserve.”

Lena went after me and she said, “Damn that felt really good.” I said, “No, it felt great!” Brock caught up with us and said, “Have you two completely lost your minds, do you even realize what you just did to Paul Wight?” I stopped and said, “Brock, look in my eyes and ask yourself if you really think I gave a rats ass. That man tortured my husband a week ago for 30 minutes…you guys barely spend that much time ever in the ring in one night…let alone in one match…my husband…your best friend is laying in a hospital bed, and I could lose him…” The emotions had finally got to me and I lost it in the middle of the hallway…I sat down on the floor and said, “I could lose him Brock…and so could you…we’ve only been married 7 months…What am I going to do without him?” Brock and Lena both held me together while I cried…they helped me stand up and walked me down the hallway to the car, and we left…thus ending the lovely day out at the arena….

About 4 days later, every one was down in the cafeteria, and I was in Mark’s room, and was sitting in a chair, I had my hand on his chest so I could feel it go up and down…I had my head leaning to the side with my eyes closed…I hadn’t gotten any sleep since this whole fiasco happened, and I was trying to stay awake…all of a sudden I felt a hand on top of mine…and I looked over and it was Mark’s hand…I jumped up and he had his eyes open…I couldn’t really say much, I ran out and grabbed the doctor…who shooed me out of the room…

Chapter 17

I was sitting in the waiting room and Brock and Lena walked in and I said, “You guys he’s awake.” Lena let out a heavy sigh of relief…and we sat there hugging, Brock was bouncing around the room…and picked me and Lena up and swung us around…Brock started calling everyone from the tour and was telling them the good news…

The doctor came back out and said, “Mrs. Callaway, you’re husband would like to see you right now…he asked that you come alone.” I said, “Okay…” I walked down the hall and into the room…Mark was sitting up and said, “Hey you.” I said, “Hey yourself.” Mark patted the bed, and I walked over and sat next to him and couldn’t help but have tears slide down my cheeks…Mark said, “Baby, I’m okay.” I said, “Yea, but you almost wasn’t…I almost lost you Mark.” Mark pulled me into him and we sat there holding each other real tight and Mark said, “But you didn’t and I’m still here baby…c’mon don’t cry…you know it breaks my heart to see you upset.” I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it…all I could think was what will I do without you…you have to promise me you won’t ever do that again…I love you Mark, I don’t know what I would have done if I would of lost you.” Mark said, “I can’t promise it won’t happen again…you know what my life is like…all I can promise is to be more careful. I love you so much Aly…I’m never going to leave you again.”

2 months later, Mark was back to work…Monday Night Raw…the guys would be tag teaming again, it was noticed that the fans loved them better as a tag team then singles wrestlers. Mark found out what me and Lena did to Paul Wight and laughed at first and then tried to get all serious to talk with me about it, but couldn’t get the mental picture of me and Lena sitting on Paul in the hallway man-handling him…

When we got to the arena that night there was a card in an envelope in Mark’s locker…he read it and had this confused look on his face…I said, “What?” He said, “This is so weird…it’s a get well card from Paul Wight…” I said, “You’re kidding me right? Why would he send that to you? He’s the reason you had to get well.” Mark said, “Beats me...” I looked at it and said, “I’ll be right back sweetie...” Mark said, “Okay babe…I’m gonna meet you in the back by the curtain, were getting ready for our match right now.” I said, “Okay…” I leaned over and said, “Kiss.” And pushed my lips out…Mark leaned over and kissed me and I said, “Oh, I like…Can I have another?” Mark said, “You can have as many of those as you want those are free…” He leaned over and kissed me again, but this time grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him…obviously the kiss was a little deeper and a lot more passionate…

Brock got really close to us and said, “Oh wow, Mark, what does that taste like?” We started laughing and Mark said, “Pretty good…” I moved Mark’s hair behind his ears and said, “How much did that one cost me, cause that was pretty good and I don’t want to run out of money before the nights up.” Mark said, “I’ll put it on your tab.” I said, “Okay…I’ll be right back.” Mark winked at me and smacked my ass as I walked out.

Chapter 18

I walked down to Paul Wight’s dressing room and knocked on the door, Paul said, “Come.” I walked in and he looked at me and said, “What you back to finish the job? You know I had to visit a Massage Therapist after yours and Lena’s sneak attack on me…” I said, “And what…you don’t think you deserved it?” Paul said, “No, I know I did…I just never realized how mean two small girls could be to a guy my size.” I said, “One question.” He said, “What’s that?” I held up the card and said, “Why?” Paul dropped his head and said, “I didn’t realize how much of an asshole I was being until you pointed it out to me that day, plus Bess pointed it out to me later when I told her you two jumped me…of course after she stopped hysterically laughing at me getting my ass kicked by two women she also said I deserved it..”

I smirked and said, “Smart woman…” Paul said, “Also, it didn’t sink in fully…everything you said to me…you asked me how many other people do I know that would lay down their life for their husbands…I know one other, that is other then you…Bess would…Just like I’m sure Mark would for you and I know I would for Bess…anyway…nothing set in until I was going down the hall and I saw you crying…I didn’t know you guys had gotten married…let alone only being married for only 7 months…when I heard you crying…my heart broke and I couldn’t imagine what Bess would do if the roles had been reversed and it was Bess …and not you…” I said, “You know something Paul…you can be awful sweet when you want to.” Paul said, “Yea, well don’t let it get out; I have a reputation to keep up.” I walked over and pulled Paul down and kissed his cheek and said, “Don’t ever make me hurt you again…” I winked at him and we laughed…

I was never really breathing

My heart was never really beating

'Till you held me in your arms

And every love that didn't last

Every second of my past

Simply disappeared into the dark

And with that first kiss

I felt my life beginning

And the clock just froze

And the world stopped spinning

Now the magic of that moment

Is never ending

You make time stand still

..... And I'm loving every minute


I left and walked down to where the curtain was and Brock, Mark and Lena were standing there…Mark said, “And just where were you?” I said, “Taking care of some business.” Mark said, “We’re getting ready to go out, stay out of trouble.” I said, “You’re kidding right…don’t you know who my husband is…The Undertaker…the biggest trouble maker in the WWE.” Mark said, “Hey, yea I think I heard of him…he’s this sexy hot looking guy, who’s married to the most beautiful woman in the world…” I said, “That’s him…”

It's a need that never changes

A passion that is ageless

It consumes me like it did when it was new

You have lead me to a place

Where every day's the same

And I'm always falling more in love with you

And with that first kiss

I felt my life beginning

And the clock just froze

And the world stopped spinning

Now the magic of that moment

Is never ending

You make time stand still

..... And I'm loving every minute


I smiled as I heard Mark’s music blast through the speakers and the fans went completely insane…I said, “Have a good match, be careful…” He said, “I will…” Mark pulled me close to him again and gave me another toe curling kiss and I said, “How much do I owe now? I don’t want my tab up too high…” Mark smiled and said, “Don’t worry; you can always use your Mark Callaway Credit Card.” I said, “Good, I’ll be charging a lot of frequent flyer miles on that bad boy tonight.” Mark kissed me one last time and said, “I love you Aly.” I said, “I love you too, Deadman.”

Mark went out and wrestled like he’s never wrestled before…and won the Heavyweight Championship belt from Brock that night…all was as it should be…

And with that first kiss

I felt my life beginning

And the clock just froze

And the world stopped spinning

Now the magic of that moment

Is never ending

You make time stand still

..... And I'm loving every minute

Oh, and I'm loving every minute


Oh, loving you baby


The End