Let Me Touch You for Awhile



Chapter 1


My name is Mina Jaymes.  I’m 22 year’s old…I’m 5’9” and 125lbs… I have brownish-blonde hair to my waist and dark green eyes…I’m a road doctor for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation)…I’ve become quite good friends with a few of the wrestlers…There are an exceptional few I have yet to meet…I haven’t met Mark Callaway (Undertaker) or his very silent younger brother Glenn Jacobs (Kane).  I know they have different names…but I figure there’s probably a story behind it…


I have managed to meet Mark’s wife of 6 months Sara…she’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met in my life…and I’ve seen her and Mark together…they seem pretty happy considering people are constantly giving them shit about their age difference…You see the reason me and Sara get along so well is because were practically the same age, she’s a year younger then me…and Mark is 5 years older then his brother…which makes him 34…and Glenn is 29.  You can tell just by one look at the ‘brother of destruction’ (lovely pet name given to the brothers by co-workers) that they are related in every possible way…


Glenn is 6’10” and around 290-300 lbs…extremely dark auburn hair to about 4 inches past his shoulders and it is so dark it looks brown, until he’s in sunlight…and when it’s wet it’s darker then that and a matching mustache and go-tee…and he’s the got the deepest blue eyes…and they are so serious…his ring attire is just the basic black wrestling pants and matching muscle shirt, that have red buckles all over the chest, thighs, knees…and he just got a new red and black mask that shows just the cut out of his mouth…he’s got a great smile…I droll for him from afar…as I only watching him wrestle on the monitor…


Mark is 6’10” and 310-325 lbs…his hair used to be black, but when he let the original color grown out it’s auburn and used to be to the middle of his back before he had it all chopped off and is sporting a rather short look, but it’s a light auburn also with a matching mustache and go-tee…and he’s got some crazy ass emerald green eyes…he’s also covered with tattoos…they go from wrist to shoulder on both arms, then a grim reaper on the back of his neck and BSK pride across his stomach, don’t know what that’s all about…but it’s cool…Oops I almost forgot, he’s also got a tattoo that says Sara on the nap of his neck, where the top of his chest meets the bottom of his neck…it was his wedding gift to Sara…she as well has his name tattooed on the same place his does, but on the back of her neck…


Very romantic…in that branding, till death do us part sort of way…I personally don’t know if I could ever love someone enough to have them brand their name into my flesh for a few hours of excruciating pain…and a life time of having someone’s name or symbol tattooed across your arm, neck, leg, back or fanny…


The reason I know so much about them, is because I have medical files on both of them…hell I’ve got folders on everyone in the company…even right down to the CEO of the company Vincent K. McMahon, Jr., and his family…


So one night, I was sitting in my little medical office listening to wrestling while sitting on the exam table reading a book…I just had on jeans, tenny shoes and a white t-shirt and had pulled my hair into a ponytail to keep it out of my face…


Chapter 2


While I was sitting there relaxing a little I noticed some commotion going on, on the monitor…I looked up in time to see Rob (RVD) missed his mark, and ended up smashing Glenn’s left hand with a metal folding chair…I swear the camera was close enough you could hear what sounded like the bones crumbling…Glenn was rolling around in pain…and was trying not to make a sound…because the WWF had recently started making him more vocal…but the things he wanted to say and scream…they didn’t want him that vocal yet…


The next face I saw was Sara crashing through the door and she started to say something…when I put my hand up and said, “I know I saw.”  She said, “What do you think?”  I said, “Honestly, I couldn’t tell you until I looked at it…”  I hopped down off the table and grabbed my Nextel Cell phone…because it was hooked into the hospitals we used at what ever city we were in…We took off down the hall side by side…she said, “I’ll warn you right now, Glenn’s in a foul mood…he won’t let anyone touch him…”  I said, “I did my internship in an ER…believe me…he wouldn’t be the first…”


When we got to Mark and Glenn’s dressing room…we could hear stuff being thrown around and things breaking…Sara cracked the door and poked her head in for a split second and then jerked her head out as something came crashing into the door…and she said, “Trash can needed to be taken out and emptied…literally.”  I cracked a smile and said, “C’mon, if he knocks you out…have no fear the doctor is here…”  She said, “Yea, but what if he knocks out the doctor?”  I gave a little giggle and said, “C’mon…let’s go in…”  We slowly walked in…and things had calmed down a little…Mark was sitting on a chair holding his jaw…


Sara went to him and said, “Babe, what happened?”  Mark said, “He socked me in the jaw…”  I said, “Take a hot shower and stand under the water for like 15 minutes, there shouldn’t be too much swelling…”  Mark looked at me with one eyebrow cocked up and the other down and then looked at Sara and said, “Whose she?”  Sara said, “Oh god you don’t know her?  I thought she was one of your girlfriends…”  Mark smiled and said, “Cute babe…Real Cute...” I giggled a little with Sara, then she said, “Mark, this is Mina Jaymes…Dr. Mina Jaymes, she’s the road doctor…she came to check out Glenn’s hand…”  Mark shook my hand and said, “Nice to meet you doc…the injured party is in the locker room with the toilets, sinks and showers…but I wouldn’t go in there unless you’ve got some kind of metal helmet and shield…cause it’s dangerous…” 


I giggled and said, “I’ll take my chances…but thanks anyway for the advice…”  Mark swallowed and said, “No problem...”  And watched as I turned on my heels and walked straight into the locker room…the showers were going…but Glenn was standing over in front of the sinks still in ring attire and mask…I said, “Glenn.”  And while anticipating his every move ducked down as his right hand balled into a fist came skimming over the top of my head and hit a mirror and shattered it…


When I stood back up, I said, “Look at what you did…just look at it…are you insane…That mirror did nothing to you.”  He looked at me and took a step forward towards me, I thought for sure, I was a goner…but I said, “Don’t try and pull that I’m almost a 7 foot giant bullshit on me…You’re hand needs to be looked at and believe me when I say right now, I’ve worked with guys who are 10 times bigger then you…so cut the macho crap…”


Mark heard me and said, “In about 5 seconds were going to see your Dr. Jaymes, fly through the air…and land right around this spot any minute now…”  Sara smiled widely…and said, “I wouldn’t worry to much about her…she seems to be able to handle herself very well…even if it is with Glenn…”


Chapter 3


Glenn said, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”  I said, “Should I be?”  Glenn said, “I don’t know…everyone else is.”  I said, “I’m not everyone else though.”  Glenn said, “No, I guess not…”  I said, “Now can I look at your hand?”…Glenn looked down at his left hand and back at me and I said, “Please.”  Holding out my hand palm side up…Glenn said, “I don’t know.”  I said, “C’mon, I will try and look at it with giving you as little pain as possible.”  Glenn hesitated for a few minutes and then slowly let his left hand glide to my hand…and I said, “See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Glenn shook his head no…I took the black leather glove off his hand and inspected his hand thoroughly. 


When it got quiet Mark and Sara slowly walked into the locker room and saw me with Glenn’s hand, letting my fingers slid around on his hand, pushing gently and watching for reactions…I said, “Does it hurt there?” As I applied a little pressure across the bones in the back of his hand.  He made a face and said, “There’s a little discomfort…”  I smiled and said, “Okay…I won’t push there anymore.”  I flipped his hand over and was looking over the palm of his hand…


Mark said, “So how bad is it?”  I said, “There’s a little swelling, which is normal…and some bruising…but nothing broken, it’s going to be tender for a while…”  I noticed the tips of his fingers were starting to turn blue…I said, “I really don’t like this discoloration…Can you guys find me a flashlight?”  Sara said, “Sure…gimmie a minute…” And she took off…and came back about 3 minutes later and handed it to me…I turned it on and said, “Okay, Glenn I want your hand palm side down, and set it directly on the flashlight.”  Glenn did so, and I was inspecting the inside tissue and veins of the back of his hand…and then I said, “There it is…there’s your discomfort big man…”  Glenn looked down and said, “What is that?”  I said, “It’s a blood clot, and it’s cutting off the blood flow to your fingers, that’s why they are cold and blue…It’s something to be expected when you’ve had trauma to the hand like that.”


Sara and Mark came over and saw it…Mark said, “What can you do?”  I said, “Well, if Glenn will promise not to take my head off…I’m gonna try and get rid of it…”  Glenn looked at me leery…he wasn’t exactly sure what was going to happen…I looked up into his eyes and knew his hand was throbbing but that he was also not sure about me…I said, “Glenn, I would never hurt you…do you trust me?”  Glenn looked deep into my eyes, and I swear I could feel him touching my soul…and he finally said, “Yes.”  I said, “Good…you’re gonna want to be comfortable when I do this…”


Glenn moved around a little and pulled his ring muscle shirt down so it was bunched up around his waist…I just have one thing to say….WOW…that boy’s chest was massive…I felt so small compared to him.  I went over and filled the sink with warm water…and grabbed a towel…and said, “Now, I’ll warn you right now Glenn, this is going to hurt…but it has to be done, if you wait to long to get it fixed, you could actually lose your hand…and if we take you to the hospital they are going to make it more uncomfortable by sticking a needle in there to get rid of it…”  Glenn said, “Okay…just hurry…”  I said, “I’ll go as fast as I can…I promise.”


Glenn looked at Mark and Mark said, “Something I can do for you bro?”  Glenn nodded and said, “Hold my right arm…I don’t want to hit her on accident if something hurts too much…”  I looked up at him and said, “Thank you.”  Mark was shocked that Glenn would say such a thing, because normally he would hit anyone who hurt him at all whether intended or not…No questions asked, Mark walked over and grabbed on the Glenn’s right arm and had it hooked with his and then took a stance ready for the worst...


Mark and Glenn usually kept each other in check…if Glenn’s temper got out of hand Mark would step in and if Mark’s got out of hand Glenn would step in…and if Glenn couldn’t help, then Sara would stop him dead in his tracks…every time.


Chapter 4


I took Glenn’s left hand in both of mine…and slowly started running my thumbs over the back of his hand, where most of the pain and discomfort was…he was pretty quiet for a few minutes…and then I started to rub a little more aggressive…which made Glenn a little more vocal…he was grunting and growling…I said, “Did you just growl at me?”  Glenn said, “Sensitive spot.”  I said, “I know sweetie, I’m going as fast as I can.”  I got a little more aggressive, and put his hand in the water and continued rub a little more aggressive gradually…Glenn was definitely getting a lot more vocal every time I would get more aggressive with the rubbing…


I straightened his hand out and laid his palm flat on the bottom of the sink and kept one hand rubbing the back and with my free hand…I touched his forearm…and he was really tense…I could also here, Mark shuffling around, which meant Glenn was jerking his arm…I said, “Glenn, calm down…you’re so tense…just let your muscles relax…”  Glenn could feel my hand rubbing his forearm, trying to calm him and he just slowly calmed down…Sara was watching this from the side and never saw anyone who calmed Glenn down that fast before in her life…especially just by talking and touching…


Finally I saw the blue leave Glenn’s fingers, and the color came back and said, “See all done…That wasn’t so bad was it?”  Mark said, “For who?”  I let a small giggles escape my lips…Glenn turned and looked at me when I giggled, and I just smiled at him…Mark saw the look exchanged by us…Sara stepped up and said, “By the way…Glenn, you’re beautiful rescuer here is Dr. Mina Jaymes…Sound like Nina with an N…but it’s Mina with an M…Mina this is Glenn Jacobs…The most gentle giant you’ll ever meet…”  I smiled and said, “Oh yea…tell that to the mirror...”  I saw the blush creep into Glenn’s ears…and knew he was a little embarrassed by letting me see him do that.


I winked and said, “Don’t worry about it big man…I’m pretty sure at one time or another that, that mirror made someone look bad without repercussions.  I know every time I look in a mirror…my butt looks bigger.”  Glenn grabbed my shoulders and turned me around and looked at my ass…and this time I blushed…Mark started laughing along with Sara…Glenn turned me back around and shook his head no and said, “Nah, it’s just right.”  Which made me blush even more…


I said, “Ya know, for someone who seems so shy, you sure don’t act like it.”  Mark said, “He’s only shy around people he doesn’t know…”  I said, “So what, I fix your hand and now you know me huh?”  Glenn smiled and nodded.  I said, “I don’t mind you knowing me…you seem a tad more controlled then most of the other guys on this tour.  They are such babies when it comes to pain…”  Mark said, “Hey…I’m controlled.”  I said, “Only by Sara…” And smiled as he looked down at Sara who was practically rolling on the floor laughing…Mark rubbed the back of his neck and said, “Well, I’ll be damned.”


I said, “Well, as much fun as it’s been, I better get back to the medical room to close up…I have a date with a telephone tonight.”  Mark said, “Friend or Boyfriend?”  I said, “Neither…Nana...”  Mark said, “What’s a Nana?”  I said, “My grandmother…most people call them grandmother, but I call her Nana…well that or Abby.  I have a really close relationship with my grandmother, she practically raised me…well what part of my life she got to finally get me in…” 


Sara, Mark and Glenn gave me a quizzical look and I said, “My parent were killed when I was 7, and the courts made me stay with a foster family…it wasn’t really okay…they were mean to me…so when I turned 15, I ran away and went to live with Nana…I will never be able to tell her how much she means to me…or for her helping me study and get through college to become a doctor…”  Sara said, “Is that who I always see you talking on your cell-phone with?”  I said, “Probably…I call her about 2 or 3 times a week, and we always end up talking for close to an hour…I think one time we talked for nearly 3 hours…”


Mark said, “Damn…I don’t even talk to midget here that long when she doesn’t come with me on the road…That is close.”


I looked over at Glenn and said, “You look like you’re ready to pass out…I’m heading back to the hotel…would you like a lift?”  Glenn looked at Mark and Mark said, “Go ahead, I won’t be done here for another 45 minutes…I still have my match…”  Glenn said, “Yes, please.”  I smiled and said, “Okay…I’ll meet you in the parking garage in 15 minutes…”  Glenn nodded…and I left to close down the medical room.  There was another Doctor who did the 2nd hour of the shows.


Chapter 5


As soon as I walked out the door to go close the medical room…Glenn turned and looked at Mark and Mark stepped back and said, “What’s on your mind little bro?”  Glenn said, “She’s nice.”  Mark half smiled and said, “Yea, I guess she is…you looking to make a new friend?”  Glenn said, “If she wants me…she’s not afraid of me.”  Mark said, “That’s always a plus…”  Sara stepped up and said, “Glenn, I’ll tell you right now, Mina is one of the sweetest girls who works for this company…I started talking with her a few months ago…and she’s a very nice young lady…I think it would be a good idea to let yourself go around her…you know just be yourself…”  Glenn nodded and said, “Thanks Sar.”  She smiled and said, “No problem…but be gentle like always and polite…remember to pull her chair out for her and open doors…and I think you’ll have a fairly good friend there…”


Mark said, “Ah Christ Sara, he’s not marrying the little girl, he’s just getting a ride to the hotel for her…and contemplating a friendship.”  Sara waved Mark off and said, “Glenn, don’t listen to your dopey brother…he knows that’s how he got me…by doing the little things and opening up to me…Like I said, just be yourself…”  Glenn nodded again and went in to take a quick shower and then headed to the parking garage.


I was sitting on one of the big trunks by the back door, when it was pushed open with a fairly large amount of strength…I jumped off and said, “Hey Glenn, you ready?”  Glenn said, “Yes…”  He had showered and had this great cologne smell about him, his hair was still wet and hanging in his face as usual, and he had his mask on still…I was pretty curious as to why he always wore it…I hadn’t ever heard of any stories about his face…just the ones they made up for him to go along with his Kane character…as far as I knew none of them were true.  But then again anything was possible…I didn’t have a complete medical file on Glenn…nothing that was before the age of 23…


We walked over to a red Toyota Rav4 and I hit the alarm and Glenn walked over and opened my door…and I smiled and said, “Thanks.”  :::God she’s got a great smile:::  Glenn thought.  As Glenn got in I started the vehicle up…and said, “You want to listen to come music?  I have CD’s in the back seat.”  Glenn said, “No thank you, I like the peace.”  I said, “Okay…it’s about a 25 minute drive to the hotel…if you want to kick your seat back and relax, go for it…I don’t mind.”  Glenn said, “Wouldn’t that be rude?”  I said, “Not at all…especially when those pain pills kick in that I gave you…they are going to knock you out pretty good…but with as big as you are…it should take about an hour to get through your system.”


Glenn said, “So is this a rental?”  I said, “Nope…I hate rentals…this is mine…Mr. McMahon makes sure it’s taken to every city for me…besides I don’t want to sit in a dirty car that someone might have had their dirty bodies in…the thought kind of grosses me out.”  Glenn just nodded.  I said, “So are you more hungry or tired?”  Glenn looked at me and said, “Both.”  I said, “You wanna stop and get something to eat?”  Glenn said, “Nah, I’ll wait to get back to the hotel and order room service.”  I said, “Okay.”  Glenn said, “Would you like to join me?”  I looked over at him and smiled and said, “I’d like that…it will give us a chance to talk and get to know each other a little more.”  Glenn questioningly said, “Yea?”  I said, “Yea.”  And winked at him.


When we got to the hotel, we went ahead and ordered room service…and after we ate, we sat on the couch talking…about everything…I noticed he kept fidgeting with his mask…I said, “Is it starting to bug you?”  Glenn said, “Yea, damn thing.”  I said, “So why don’t you take it off…I’d rather see all your facial expressions while we talk anyway.”  Glenn said, “No.”  I said, “Why?  Are you afraid of me?”  Glenn shook his head no…and said, “I don’t want you to see…” and trailed off into deep thought…and I said, “See what?”  He said, “My face.”  I said, “And why not?  Are you missing pieces of flesh?”  He shock his head no…I said, “Are you missing a nose?”  He shook his head no again…and I said, “Okay, give me a clue...”


Glenn said, “Can I tell you a story first?”  I said, “Sure.”  I had my knees pulled into my chest and was facing Glenn, who was sitting diagonally with his arm, stretched across the back of the couch.  Glenn said, “When I was 5 my parents divorced, Dad took Mark, and mom took me…she moved to Tennessee with me in toe…and she changed my last name from Callaway to her maiden last name Jacobs…but she couldn’t handle the pressures of living on her own with a child and she killed herself…” 


Chapter 6


I could see the pain still floating in his eyes…and I touched his hand that was resting on the back of the couch and said, “Oh, Glenn I’m so sorry…I didn’t know.” 


Glenn said, “It’s okay…anyway…when the children’s services came to get me they didn’t realize I had living family, so they shoved me into 16 different foster homes in 4 years, before I stayed with a couple permanently…by then I was 15…and they started telling me I was a hideous looking little boy and that no wonder my mother killed herself, she probably took one look at me and didn’t want to take credit for being my mother…the more they told me that the more I started to believe them…and then one day, my foster dad came to me with a brown leather beat up mask, and forced me to wear it…and to never take it off, unless I was sleeping or bathing.  I did as I was told…I mean you know if you hear someone say something enough times you start to believe them, whether it’s true or not.”


I said, “So, when’s the last time you saw your own face?”  Glenn looked at the floor and said, “Since I was 16…the last time I looked in a mirror…I was just 16…and I had just gotten out of the shower…I didn’t know what to think…I punched the mirror with my fist and broke it, then put my mask back on and left…totally enraged…”  I said, “So, the mirror in the bathroom tonight…that wasn’t your first raging mirror sneak attack huh?  So do you attack mirrors often?”  I saw the blush creep around Glenn’s ears again and giggled a little and touched his leg and said, “I’m just kidding Glenn…I’m just trying to give you a hard time.”


Glenn smiled a little and I said, “Was that a smile?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile since I started working for the WWF.” Glenn tried to clam up but it wasn’t working…I said, “Don’t get all shy on me…”  Glenn said, “Sorry.”  I said, “Don’t apologize.”  I moved around so I was sitting on my knees…and said, “You never answered my question…Are you afraid of me?”  Glenn looked at me for a minute and then said, “No, I don’t think so.”  I said, “So, why are you hiding from me behind that mask?”  Glenn said, “You know why.”  I said, “Do you honestly think I would ever say or do anything to you to make you feel uncomfortable?  Cause I wouldn’t…I would never say anything to hurt you…” 


Glenn looked at the floor again and I stood up and said, “Do you trust me?”  I held out my hand…and Glenn looked at me and then at my hand and said, “Yes.”  And he put his hand in mine and I pulled him to his feet…and guided him into the bathroom…I turned the light on and standing behind Glenn, I steady him in front of the mirror, I stood on the toilet behind him and I was running my fingers through his hair…GOD HE SMELLED GREAT!  He could feel my hands in his hair, and was watching me in the mirror…I said, “Do you still trust me?”  Glenn nodded yes and felt my fingers slid around back to the buckles of his mask, once he figured out what I was doing, he grabbed my hands…not rough…just took both of them in both of his and said, “No.”


I started running my thumbs over his hands softly and gentle.  I said, “C’mon, I won’t hurt you Glenn, I promise…I haven’t hurt you at all tonight, why would I start now...”  Glenn put my hands back on the buckles…and said, “Okay.”  I undid the buckles and said, “Are you ready?”  All Glenn did was nod…I slowly slipped the mask off and Glenn lowered his head…and his hair fell forward to cover his face…before I could say anything he hung his head and walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and rested his elbows on his knees with his head in his hands…and said, “I can’t do it Doc.”


Chapter 7


I walked in the bedroom and knelt down in front of Glenn, and I said, “Why, sacred you’ll see the real you?”  Glenn said, “No…I haven’t seen myself since I was 16…that itself is a little scary…”  I said, “Okay, I’ll make a deal with you…if you don’t like what you see or you feel even the least bit uncomfortable you can put it back on…deal?”  Glenn thought for a minute and said, “Deal.”  I moved his hair and said, “How in the world can you see though this forest you call hair?”  Glenn seemed to of laughed a little…I smiled at him.


Glenn slowly ran his huge hand through his thick curly hair and as he did that he pulled it back out of his face.  I just stared in complete amazement…Glenn was watching my face for some type of expression…and when he got the stunned and shocked look…he jumped up and stood over in the corner of the room, letting his thick curls fall back in his face…I jumped up and said, “No…no…Glenn…you misunderstood my reaction…I’m just in a complete state of stunned…”  Glenn said, “Why, is it really that bad?”  I grabbed his hand and said, “Actually it is and probably was never bad…C’mon you have to see…”  I pulled him back into the bathroom, and stood on the toilet behind him, and then slowly gathered all his hair and pulled it back so he could see his face in the mirror…


He didn’t really say anything, he just stared…I was now waiting for his reaction…Glenn looked at me in the mirror and said, “What do you think Doc?”  I said, “You really want my opinion?”  Glenn nodded and I said, “I think you’re beautiful…I think you’ve got to be the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on in my whole life.  I think you have the most unbelievable blue eyes I’ve ever seen…and think you should keep them looking natural instead of doing the whole white and brown contacts…I realize your supposed to look like a monster…but I don’t think you’re scary enough to be a titan.”  Glenn looked at himself in the mirror a few more times…and I said, “Now smile for me.”


Glenn was a little skeptical and went ahead and smiled…and I was absolutely stunned…I said, “I can’t believe foster parents would be so cruel…I think you’re gorgeous…I think maybe they were just jealous, because you didn’t look a thing like either of them…that’s why they tormented you.  Don’t you ever let anyone make you feel like you’re nothing ever again…because you know what I see right now?”  Glenn said, “No, what?”  I said, “I see a gorgeous, confident man, who could steal the very heart out of the first young lady he crossed paths with in the hallway…One look from those baby blues, and she’d be falling at your feet for the rest of your life.”  Glenn looked at me and said, “No.”  I nodded and said, “Absolutely…I think if you ever walked into a WWF arena without your mask on, every single Diva would be at your beck and call for the remainder of your career in that company.”


We sat down and talked a little more…and about an hour later, Glenn went to stand up and his legs were a little wobbly.  I stood up and grabbed his waist to help steady him…I said, “I see the pain pills are kicking in…I suggest you give up your body to the medicine and let yourself sleep a good 8 hours…so when you wake up in the morning you’ll be refreshed and ready to kick a little more ass for Smackdown taping tomorrow night…”  Glenn said, “Okay…Will I see you tomorrow?”  I said, “I’ll be at the arena…we will probably have a run in somewhere…C’mon let’s get you into bed…you look like you’re ready to drop.” 


Chapter 8


I walked him into the bedroom and he flopped onto the bed, and I pulled the top blanket up over him, and had set his mask on the night stand…I ran my fingers through his hair one more time and said, “Good night gentle giant.”  Glenn moved over on his side and had let sleep take him over and said, “Good night Mina.”  I smiled and then proceeded to turn all the lights off, and pushed our dinner dishes out into the hallway, and pulled the door closed behind me and made my way down to my room…


I laid in bed and couldn’t help but think of that country song from Allison Krauss & Union Station ‘Let Me Touch You For A While’.



It's been a long time coming
As you shed a lonesome tear
And now you're in a wonder
I wonder what you're doing here
The flame no longer flickers
You're feeling just like a fool
You keep staring into you're liquor
Wondering what to do

I don't hardly know you
But I'd be willing to show you
I know a way to make you smile
Let me touch you for awhile

I'm gonna ruin my black mascara
You're drinking whisky when it should be wine
You keep looking into that mirror
But to me you're looking really fine

I don't hardly know you
But I'd be willing to show you
I know a way to make you
Laugh at that cowgirl as she's walking out your door
I know a way to make you smile
Just let me whisper things you've never heard before
Just let me touch you, baby
Just let me touch you for a while

I don't hardly know you
But I’d be willing to show you
I know a way to make you smile

It's been a long time
Let me touch you for a while



Chapter 9


For the next couple of months Glenn would spend all his free time down in the medical room with me at the arenas…and we would just sit there and talk about nothing in particular…just things we went through in our lives…


The more time we spent together…the more I really enjoyed his company…it got to a point where he trusted me so much that he would, take his mask off around me, but when someone would walk in or when he would leave, he’d put it back on…when ever we would leave the arena for the hotel, as soon as we got into my Toyota, he’d take it off, until we got to the hotel…and then take it off again, once we got to his room…his room was joined with Mark and Sara’s…they would usually come in and check on him before they went to bed and 9 times out of 10, I’d be there, and we’d be laughing and talking…


Then one day it happened.


I was sitting in the medical room talking with Sara and Mark.  Mark said, “So what’s up with you and my baby brother?”  I said, “What ever do you mean sir?”  Mark said, “Every time I see him, I see you…and vise versa…I walk into his hotel room at night to check on him and you’re there, and he’s got his mask off and he’s laughing and talking and having a normal conversation…and he’s actually happier then he’s ever been…”  I said, “You’re brother, gives off the impression that he’s the strong, silent, stupid type…but he’s far from stupid…he’s not even remotely dumb…there’s nothing retarded about him…I can sit there and have these full conversations with him about anything and every thing…he graduated college…did you know that?” 


Mark shook his head and said, “I didn’t have a clue.”  I said, “Yea, he’s actually got a degree to be an English teacher…”  Sara said, “Holy Shit!”  I said, “Tell me about it, he would be one of the sexiest English teachers I would ever lay my eyes on.  That boy is so intelligent it’s not even funny, he damn near puts me to shame.”  Sara said, “You’re a doctor, how’s that possible?”  I said, “Just cause he graduated and could have a different life style, doesn’t mean he stopped there…he read books upon books, upon books…books have so much knowledge, and as far as I can tell, he’s just soaking up the knowledge.  Once I got out of college, I stopped reading…unless I have a seminar or a new procedure in ER training for doctors…the only books I open involve, love, lust and passion…or whether or not Miss Scarlet did it in the dinning room with the pipe…I hate reading anything educational unless it’s for my patients health and well being.” 


Mark said, “Should I be worried about you not reading anything educational?”  I laughed and said, “Have you been killed yet?”  Mark said, “Well, no.”  I said, “Then, I think you’re life is still intact…but seriously, everyone around here just assumes, he’s a monster or titan that no one can stop…and think that just because he’s strong and silent, that dumb, stupid and retarded follow right behind him every where he goes…but that’s not the case…I’m pretty sure if you had him tested, his IQ, would be way above the normal standard level…I’m telling you you’re brother is damn close to genius level…and why he’s messing with this pop stand is beyond my comprehension.  He could be doing so much more…hell, he could be doctor, he puts me to shame.”


Mark leaned against the exam table where Sara was sitting with a stunned look on her face…and said, “I had no idea…I mean, I never thought for a minute he was stupid or anything or that sort, but I didn’t realize his intelligence surpassed mine.”  Sara said, “Yes, Mark there are people smarter then you out there somewhere.”  We both looked at her and Sara and I started laughing so hard…Mark shook his head, and just gave Sara a look…She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his upper body towards her and kissed his cheek and said, “C’mon Boo-Boo, I was only teasing you…” 


Mark threw his hands up in the air and said, “Oh My God…I can’t believe you just called me Boo-Boo in front of Doc.”  Which by now I was rolling on the couch…trying to get some composure back…Sara giggled a little…Sara said, “She has a name ya know…sound it for me baby…MMMMIIINNNAAA.”  Mark said, “Smart ass.  I know what her name is…I just feel more comfortable calling her doc.”  I said, “Its okay Sara, I get a lot of the Doc from the other guys as well as Glenn.  I don’t think he’s used my real name yet.”  I giggled a little…


So we were laughing it up, when the door swung open and there was Glenn in all of his chiseled muscle glory…but there was something definitely different about him…that I know Sara, Mark and I recognized right off the bat.


Chapter 10


The boy wasn’t wearing his mask.  I stood there completely shocked as hell, with Sara and Mark also…Mark said, “Did you forget something little brother?”  Glenn puffed his chest out and said, “Nope.”  Sara was doing a great imitation of a fish with her mouth hanging open…Mark looked back at her, and put his hand under her chin and pushed up, closing her mouth.  Glenn looked at me with those blue eyes and I melted…well I smiled first, and then I melted.


Glenn pointed at me and said, “You…I want to speak with you in private right now.”  In his sternest Kane voice…woo…that almost did it for me.  Mark said, “C’mon Sar, let’s go get ready for my match.”  Mark grabbed Sara’s hand and led her out of the room and down the hall to his dressing room.


Glenn closed the door behind them and walked over to me.  I stood not moving or speaking, just staring at Glenn’s…..chest….as short as I was, it was pretty much all I could stare at without breaking my neck to look up and stare at his eyes.  Glenn noticed the height difference, and readjusted the situation…readjusted….if that’s what you want to call it…he picked me up by my waist, and sat me on the counter so we could be eye to eye.


I looked at him pacing back in forth in front of me…and said, “Glenn, what’s up?  Why you so antsy?  Got a hot date tonight or something after the show?”  Glenn froze up and I said, “That is it isn’t…you’ve got a date tonight…so who’s Mrs. Right?”  Glenn shook his head and said, “I don’t have a date…but I do want to ask someone out.”  I said, “Okay, and the problem is?”  Glenn said, “I don’t know what she’ll say…what if she says no…or bug off…or I don’t know something.”  I said, “Chill out…just walk up to her, look her in the eyes…and in your sweetest Glenn voice that I know you have in there some where…ask her to dinner.”  Glenn said, “Okay.” With a nod, he walked right up to me and said, “Would you like to go out to dinner?”  I smiled and said, “I don’t believe this…I was scammed…You used my own advice against me.”  We both started laughing…and I said, “I’d love to go to dinner with you”  


Glenn smiled and said, “Thank you.”  I said, “For what?”  He said, “Forgiving me a piece of my life back that I lost a long time ago, and for getting me out of that damn mask…I know I’ll still have to wrestle with it on…but I won’t have to do any living with it on.”  I touched his cheek and said, “You’re so welcome.”  Glenn leaned over and out lips connected…There was something electric about his lips on mine…his tongue parted my lips and snaked it’s way into my mouth and caressed my tongue.  This was a serious lip lock…I couldn’t have escaped even if I wanted to…and believe me, I didn’t want to.


So we went to dinner that night after the show…and every thing just kind of went from there…every one noticed his change…from not wearing the mask, to being with me…to actually smiling when he wasn’t in his Kane character.


Chapter 11


About 4 months later, one night after a show we were sitting in Glenn’s room talking again…we had become so comfortable with each other…it felt so amazing to be in love again…I hadn’t had this feeling in a really, REALLY long time…Though we hadn’t actually uttered the words…we both just knew what the other was thinking and wanted to say…


We were watching a movie and all the lights were out except the glow from the TV…I looked up and Glenn and he looked down at the same time…and we started kissing…I loved the way his lips felt on mine…the kiss was always so intense…almost as if we couldn’t get enough of each other…Glenn’s arms tightened around me…


When we separated from the kiss, Glenn said, “You don’t know how bad I want you right now.”  I said, “Oh I think I can figure it out…”  I stood up and turned the bed room light on…and then turned the TV off, and walked back over and held out my hand…I said, “C’mon, it’s time for bed.”  Glenn took my hand and stood up and said, “I’m not tired yet.”  I said, “Who said we were going to sleep?”  And smiled at him.  Glenn smiled and pulled me into him and kissed me again…I swear I thought the earth was shaking.

There was something there, almost like a magnetic attraction. Glenn kissed me again.  His tongue searched mine. He wrapped his arms around me and drew me into him. He smelled my hair. He became enticingly aroused. He traced the outline of my face with his fingers. He rolled my hair between his fingers.

:::It was soft and silky::: Glenn thought.

I was lost in passion. My heart was racing; my mind was spinning. I could feel the heat mounting between my legs.  My thoughts screamed out.

Glenn scooped me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom.  I held onto Glenn and snuggled into his chest. Glenn reached the bedroom and stepped inside carrying me and shut the light off.  The moonlight from the window lit the room perfectly for us.  He set me down next to the bed. He stood there and looked down into my eyes.  I looked up at Glenn and smiled.

Chapter 12

I couldn’t explain it, but I sensed something deep within Glenn. I reached out and started to untuck his shirt.  Glenn took that as a cue and reached for my shirt. He pulled it up exposing my thin white cotton bra. 

I finished untucking his shirt and Glenn raised his arms so she could pull it off. His chest was hard and smooth. I drew near to Glenn wrapping my arms around his back and kissed his bare chest.  He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head.

Glenn traced his hand along the edge of my bra at the straps. He reached over and unsnapped the front close bra and then reached up to my shoulders and pulled the straps down dropping it to the floor. I stood before Glenn.  He traced my collarbone. He felt my heart beating within my chest.

“Mina, are you sure you want…” he started to say. I reached a finger up and pressed it to his lips silencing Glenn.

“I want you…and only you.” I said softly.

Glenn reached down to the waist of my jeans and undid the button and zipper and slowly slid my jeans and panties down my legs, as he knelt down in front of me pulling them down, he kissed my thighs, knees and calves.  Glenn reached out to touch my breasts slowly.  I let out a small gasp; his hands were so soft against my flesh. I reached for his pants. I could see the bulge in them already starting to grow and harden.  I went to release it from its confines when Glenn stopped me.

He pushed my shoulders back and laid me gently on the bed. Then passionately kissed my lips.  I felt the fires burning within me. I felt a stirring that was so foreign and yet so familiar growing deep inside of me.  Glenn kissed his way down to my breasts. He thought of them as succulent fruits. He kissed them then took each nipple, one at a time, into his mouth and suckled it.  I felt as if I was going to burst. I wanted to rip Glenn’s pants off of him right then.  Glenn felt my heart pounding in my chest. He could almost feel the pulse as it pumped freshly oxygenated blood throughout my body.  My breathing quickened.

He ran his hands down my stomach. He could feel the heat radiating. He could almost smell my passion.  He traced along my thighs and over the mound. I almost held my breath. Slowly, he dipped a finger. I was already very moist with anticipation.  He ran his finger along my damp slit.  He dipped a finger in slightly.

Another gasp escaped my lips.  Glenn withdrew his finger and licked it.

:::She tastes sweet:::

  He ran his fingers down my thighs. He turned his attention back to the flesh between my legs. He stroked each fold with long slow strokes. He brushed my clit and dipped a finger inside of me.

:::So warm and moist. She is also tight. He would have to go slow:::

Glenn stood and removed his pants. His erection sprang to life. A shiver went down my spine as I looked at it thinking about what he was going to do to me with it.  Glenn returned to my side and kissed me lovingly, tenderly. He looked into my eyes. They seemed to be pleading with Glenn, almost begging Glenn.

He knelt between my legs and rubbed his erection up and down my slit. He touched the tip of it to my entrance. I felt as if I was going to jump out of my skin.  I looked into his eyes.  “I love you.” I uttered quietly.  Glenn said, “I love you.”  He entered me slowly pushing only the head in a little bit at a time.  He continued pushing a little bit at a time inside of me, stopping each time to let me adjust to his thickness.

:::She was so tiny, compared to him; he didn’t want to hurt her. He wanted to run her through, but he knew he had to be gentle and take his time.  He wanted her so badly. He desperately needed her as much as she needed him:::

When he had finally pushed all of his girth inside me, he felt my insides quivering against him. I moaned in passion. He kissed me as I continued to contract around him. When he felt I was finished he slowly began to withdraw from me almost all the way. Then he entered me again, slowly, but a little quicker this time. Each time he picked up the pace a little.

I was writhing and taking short breaths now. He knew I was close to another one. He wanted me to hold off and wait for him, but Glenn knew that I couldn’t wait. He didn’t want to hold me back from such pleasure.

I had become accustomed to his size and he quickened the pace. He could feel his passion mounting in his loins.  I was now rolling my head back and forth and moaning loudly.  Glenn continued a few more strokes, and then he felt himself stiffen inside of me. He pushed one final push as far into me as he could.  I wrapped my arms across his back, and drew my legs up around Glenn.

Glenn hit the end of my insides and lost it. I felt Glenn touch my spot inside and screamed in passion. Our two souls became one in an intertwined orgasmic wave that came crashing down onto the shore. Glenn spilled his seed inside me. I felt my senses going crazy. My body jolted and tingled all over.

Glenn kissed me tenderly as we began to come down from our precipice. Our souls began to separate.  We laid there in each others arms until sleep over took our bodies for the rest of the night.

Chapter 13


In the morning, when I woke up…I looked down at the pair of muscle filled arms wrapped around my waist…I slowly touched Glenn’s forearms…and he moved around a little and started kissing my neck and said, “Good morning beautiful.”  I said, “Morning big man.”  I rolled over onto my stomach as Glenn rolled over onto his back, I rested my chest on his chest…I could feel my cold breasts pressed against the side of his warm chest.  And his warm hand on the lumbar of my back, rubbing up to my shoulders and all the way down to my butt…slowly and methodically…


We were just staring into each others eyes, and couldn’t break eyes contact.  Glenn said, “So did you sleep good?”  I said, “How could I not, someone wore me out last night, so naturally I slept well.”  The blush crept into Glenn’s cheeks as he smiled.  I leaned up and we kissed a little…and I said, “Okay…I need a shower, and I certainly know after last night, you need one also…”  We got in the shower together and washed each other…slowly and enjoyed every minute of it…it was definitely one of the best showers I’d had in a long time.


After we got out of the shower, Mark called us to see if we wanted to go to lunch…and we said yes and meet him and Sara in the hotel restaurant.  While we ate lunch, Glenn had his hand on the inside of my thigh, and was messing with me under the table where no one could see what we were doing…when his hand started slowly snaking it’s way up my thigh and was doing things, that should have only been done in a hotel room, and since I had shorts on, it just gave him easy access…I just looked over at Glenn wide eyed who smiled back at me and I shook my head…and said, “Shameless.” 


Mark looked up and said, “Shameless?? Huh?”  I said, “You’re baby brother is shameless Mark.”  Mark gave us both a questionable look and we laughed…I just giggled and Mark said, “Are you two okay?”  Glenn said, “Yup.”  I said, “Just fine.”  Sara said, “You guys look way to happy to be just fine…what’s going on?”  I said, “Nothing…Glenn has just done…I mean, said a few shameless things.”  Glenn leaned over and whispered in my ear, “God, I want you right now.”  I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Me too big man…me too.”  I turned red…and Mark said, “Okay, Doc why are you the same shade of red as you’re shirt?”  Sara said, “What exactly did you say to her Glenn.”  Glenn said, “That’s my business.”  I couldn’t help but laugh again.


Glenn said, “Lunch was great, but if you’ll excuse us…we have something’s we need to do get done.”  Glenn stood up and took my hand in his and said, “Thanks Mark, Thanks Sar.  See you guys later.”  Mark and Sara watched as we made our way across the lobby and stopped to kiss as we waited for the elevator, then watched as the doors opened and no one was on, Glenn lifted me up, while we were still kissing, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he walked into the elevator as the doors closed behind us.


Mark said, “What the hell has gotten into those too.”  Sara said, “They remind me of a couple I knew a couple of years ago.”  Mark said, “Who?”  She said, “Think about it…2 years ago, a blonde escorted a 6’10” 325lb, tattoo covered, long hair scary looking guy known as The Lord of Darkness…into a joint like this.”  Mark said, “Me and you?  How do they remind you of…  Mark having just caught onto what she was saying…said, “No shit, my little brother is having sex with doc?”  Sara pinched his arm and said, “Mark Callaway…don’t go all sex weird…you know Glenn doesn’t do sex…he’s to gentle for sex…maybe making love, but certainly never just sex.”  Mark smiled and said, “Yes, ma’am.”  And leaned over and kissed her cheek.


As you guessed it, when we got back to the hotel room, we ended up making love again, well we actually did it twice, once in the elevator…then a few more times once we got to the room.  We pretty much stayed in bed until it was time to go to the smack down taping that night…When we walked into the arena…I had my arms around Glenn’s waist, and he had one arm around my shoulders.  The other had a hold of his bag.  We were talking and laughing all the way to Glenn and Mark’s dressing room.


Chapter 14


A few months later, the WWF got a new female wrestler Trish Stratus…she was a short bit of a thing, but she could hold her own in the ring.  She used to be a fitness girl, so she had a killer body…she immediately grabbed Glenn’s attention.  And since his body was flawless, he grabbed hers also…I didn’t even think anything of it…


I went down to see Mark about his knee that had gotten smashed a few days earlier, and Glenn was missing from the dressing room, I walked in and Mark was sitting on the bench.  I said, “Hello…I wanna look at that knee…”  Mark said, “Okay.  Hey by the way, what’s with the purple streaks in your hair?” Pulling his pant leg up and laid down on the floor…I sat on my knees and was inspecting his knee and said, “I dunno, just wanted to do something different with my hair…Glenn seemed to have liked it…Where’s my boyfriend by the way?”  Mark said, “Dunno, I thought he went to see you.”  I said, “Nope, he’s not with me…speaking of which how’s Sara?”  He said, “I wouldn’t know, she filed for divorce the last time I saw her.”  I said, “What?  What happened?”  Mark said, “She doesn’t like the fact that I’m constantly on the road…in fact she pretty much hates it.  So we both agreed if she’s miserable and really wants out, she can get out.”  I said, “I’m really Sorry Mark, I wish I could say something to make you feel better…Poor Boo-Boo.” 


Mark propped his torso up on his elbows and looked at me and said, “You just couldn’t wait to use that against me, could you?”  I giggled and said, “Of course.” I winked at him and he just chuckled.  I said, “I’m going to release you to wrestle tonight, but I don’t want you actually in a match for another couple of weeks…you can do run ins and interferences…but nothing serious, I don’t want you to end up damaging it worse, before it has time to fully heal.”  He let out a heavy sigh and said, “Yes, Doc.”  I said, “Will you ever use my real name?”  He said, “Eventually…but then again maybe not…Boo-Boo.”  He rolled his eyes and I just laughed again.


I got up as Mark got to his feet, and I said, “If you see my boyfriend, would you tell him, I’d like to see him sometime before my next birthday.  And by the way, if you need to talk about this whole crazy divorce thing, let me know…I know this can’t be easy on you.”  Mark said, “Yes, ma’am.  By the way…Thanks Mina.”  I smiled and left and went back to the medical room.  When I didn’t hear from Glenn…I went back to the dressing room and Mark was still there, and I said, “Where is your brother?”  Mark said, “I don’t have a clue, he’s been gone since you guys got here…he hasn’t even come back since you checked my knee.”  I said, “You better look for him, he’s got a match in about 2 minutes.”  Mark said, “You mean he’s not out there for his match yet, that’s not like him…he’s never this irresponsible.”  I said, “Well, I can’t imagine where he is.  Especially since he hasn’t even been to see me yet…”


We set out and went looking around the arena…we couldn’t find Glenn anywhere at all, and he missed his match all together…Vince was not too thrilled with that either.  In fact he was pretty hot under the collar about Glenn missing his match…which started a search to find Glenn…Paul (Triple H), Mark, myself, Vince, and a few other wrestlers, were looking over the entire arena, while Smackdown was still going on…


Me and Mark went down one hallway and heard a bunch of noise coming out of one the empty dressing rooms, where there was no one occupying the dressing rooms, on the other side of the arena, cause a few were closed for repairs and broken lights and what not…I said, “What was that?”  Mark said, “I don’t know…No one should be down here, Vince gave strict rules for all the wrestlers to stay away from this side of the arena, cause 50% of the dressing rooms were closed for maintenance problems.”  I said, “I think someone’s, in that room.”  Mark said, “With as loud as that person is moaning, I’m assuming there’s more then one person in there.”  I said, “Damn, talk about orgasmic.”  We both started laughing.


Chapter 15


Mark walked over and we opened the door and stood in the door way…when Mark flipped the light on…we came across the most nauseating picture in the world.  It was Glenn with Trish Stratus smashed against the wall, both naked as the day they were born…in mid orgasm.


I literally thought I was going to throw up.  About 5 seconds later, Vince and Paul walked up behind us…Paul’s eyes got as big as potatoes…and noticed my skin had gone kind of pale.  Paul said, “Mina, why don’t you come with me…You look like you could use some fresh air.”  I really couldn’t say anything; I just nodded…and could have sworn I forgot to breathe.  I got about 30-40 feet from the door with Paul by my side, and I just totally passed out…and Paul grabbed me before I hit the hard floor, and said, “Shit…Mark!” 


Mark looked down the hall and saw me laying in a pile next to Paul…Mark ran down and said, “What happened?”  Paul said, “I don’t know, I was trying to get her talk to me…but I didn’t get anything from her, and she just totally dropped like a load of bricks.”  By now Glenn and Trish were already dressed, being reamed by Vince, and the other wrestlers who had joined us.  They were standing against the wall in the hallway…Glenn looked down the hall, and saw Mark pick me up into his arms and carried me to the medical room.


When I didn’t wake up within a matter of 30-45minutes, Vince told Mark to go ahead and take me to the Emergency room…After a few tests, they just said, I was in shock.  After Mark explained what had happened, they sedated me, because they didn’t want me to jump awake and freak out…Mark stayed with me that night…


When I woke up the next morning…I looked around a little and Mark was asleep in the chair next to the bed…I sat up and leaned over and touched Mark’s arm…he slowly opened my eyes…and I said, “What am I doing here?”  Mark stood up and stretched and said, “You went into shock last night…Do you remember why?”  I said, “Yes.”  I pulled my knees into my chest and had my head down.  Mark said, “Let, me go get the doc.”  He walked out of the room and went to get the doctor.


The doc came back in and Mark stayed in the hallway, while the doctor checked me out…I got dressed as the doctor walked out to tell the nurses I was checking out…Mark waited in the hallway.  I walked out, pulling my hair out of the collar of my shirt…and Mark said, “You ready?”  I said, “Sure.”  We walked out to the parking garage, and Mark helped me into his rental…and we drove back to the arena, where our stuff was, and plus the road crew was packing up everything so we could get ready to leave for another town.  On the way to the arena, I was sitting with my knees in my chest again, staring out the window…


I said, “Mark?”  He said, “Hmm, What?”  I said, “Why didn’t you tell anyone about Sara filing for a divorce?  I mean why not tell me or Glenn?”  Mark brought the big black F-150 pickup to a halt at a red light and looked over at me and said, “You guys were so happy, I didn’t want to bring you down with bad news…besides it’s my problem, not anyone else’s.”  I said, “Mark...”  Mark said, “Yes?”  I said, “I think me and Glenn are having problems.”  Mark heard my voice crack under pressure, he looked over and saw tears pouring our of my eyes.  About that time we pulled into the parking garage of the arena, and Mark got out and walked around to the other side.


He opened the door, and he pulled me to him, and let me cry on his chest…I said, “I didn’t even know we were having problems…I thought we were happy.” 


Chapter 16


A voice from behind Mark, said, “Mina, we were happy…”  Mark turned around and I got out of the truck, and there was Glenn…I said, “If we were so happy why did you do it?”  Glenn said, “I will be totally honest with you, I don’t have a clue why I did it…”  I said, “Oh my god, you’re so full of shit…you know exactly why you did it…you just don’t have the balls to tell me.” 


Glenn said, “No…honest, I don’t know.”  I said, “You can hurt me all you want to and cheat on me with whoever you want to…but don’t stand there and lie to my face…I think I deserve a little more then an ‘I don’t know’…I don’t understand…We’ve been together for almost a year, and we were so happy…or so I thought…and I could honestly see myself getting married to you and spending the rest of our lives together…but right now, I can’t even look at you, without wanting to throw up.”  Glenn said, “Mina, I’m so sorry…I never meant to hurt you…I swear…I wanted to tell you myself…I never wanted you to find out that way.”


I looked at Glenn and said, “Are you standing there telling me that, last night was not the first night you fucked her?”  Glenn looked down at the ground and barely got out a “No.  It wasn’t the first time.”  I said, “You Son of a bitch…How long have you been fucking that bottled blonde?  I can’t believe you had such little respect for me…for my feelings…for what we had…you’re nothing but a bastard…I can’t believe you…you make me wanna puke.”  Mark was watching, he wasn’t saying a word, it was between me and Glenn…Glenn took a step towards me…While I took two steps back…and said, “Don’t you dare come near me…you make me sick…I mean physically sick…I loved you…I gave you everything I had in me…and now I find out all along…you never deserved it.  I hate you…I’ll hate you for the rest of my life, until the day one of us dies…but I wouldn’t count on my hatred stopping after I die…cause I’ll hate you more after I’m a ghost in some run down old haunted house.  That I can guarantee you.”


I walked around Glenn and walked into the building.  Mark just stood there shaking his head at Glenn…Glenn said, “Say it Brother...”  Mark said, “You’re completely stupid.  You’re such a fool for treating her this way…After everything you two put into the relationship…this is how you treat her…I can’t even begin to figure out how we have the same blood flowing through our veins.  If I were you, I’d feel a whole lot worse then I was meant to feel…I don’t understand…”  Mark walked around Glenn and went in the building also.  Glenn left outside to contend with his thoughts.


I took about 2 months off…I needed the time to collect my thoughts…I was standing out back waiting for the taxi to come pick me up…Mark said, “I wish you’d let me take you to the airport.”  I said, “Nah, you’ve done enough already…more then any friend should really have to put up with…I just wanted to say thanks for listening…and I’m sorry I cried on your poor shirt and got it all wet.”  Mark said, “Ah…it doesn’t bother me…besides that why I have a washing machine…and other shirts.  You sure you’re going to be okay?”  I said, “Of course…I can handle anything…I just think this little vacation will give me enough boost to get over this whole situation…”  Mark said, “I’ll give you a call sometime next week and check on you…”  I said, “Okay.” 


About that time the taxi pulled up, the driver put my bag in the trunk, and I gave Mark a hug and he kissed my cheek, and he opened the door for me and helped me in…he closed the door…I put my hand on the window, and Mark put his hand over mine, on the opposite side of the window…and gave me a re-assuring smile.  I smiled and Mark watched the taxi pull out of the parking garage and leave.


While I was sitting on the plane waiting for it to take off…I had my head phones on listening to a local radio station, cause I knew once we were in the air, it wouldn’t pick them up and I’d be stuck listening to my CD’s. 


The radio DJ said, “We have a request that was just called into the station by a guy who only called himself The Undertaker…how morbid is that kiddies…he wanted to send this next song out to a friend sitting on an air plane with a broken heart…Mina Jaymes…this is for you….Here’s ‘Somewhere Out There’ by Our Lady Peace.”



Last time I talked to you,
You were lonely and out of place.
You were looking down on me,
Lost out in space.

Laid underneath the stars,
Strung out and feeling brave.
Watch the riddles glow,
Watch them float away.

Down here in the atmosphere,
Garbage and city lights,
You gotta save your tired soul,
You gotta save our lives.

Turn on the radio,
To find you on satellite,
I'm waiting for the sky to fall,
I'm waiting for a sign.

All we are

Is all so far.

You're falling back to me,
The star that I can't see.
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling out of reach,
Defying gravity, yeah
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

Hope you remember me,
When you're homesick and need a change.
I miss your purple hair,
I miss the way you taste.

I know you'll come back someday,
On a bed of nails awake.
I'm praying that you don't burn out,
Or fade away.

All we are

Is all so far

You're falling back to me,
The star that I can't see.
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling out of reach,
Defying gravity,
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling back to me,
The star that I can't see.
I know you're out there, oh.

You're falling out of reach,
Defying gravity....
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling back to me,
The star that I can't see.
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling out of reach,
Defying gravity,
I know you're out there,
Somewhere out there.

You're falling back to me.

Well I know,
I know.

You're falling out of reach.

I know...



The End.