Another Monster

(Sequel to Falling In Love with a Monster)


Chapter 1


It’s been 6 months since I left my husband knocked out on his dressing room floor, after I walked in and seen him cheating on me…When I left that night…I in all honesty didn’t know what I wanted or how to get it…but soon I had Brock served with divorce papers…He was completely livid…I had to change my cell-phone number, cause all he wanted to do was talk me out of it…and I knew I would never be able to forgive him for what he’d done…and I knew I’d never be able to forgive myself if I let him talk me out of it…


Brock even went as far as to see Mark and Glenn…He said, “C’mon Mark…she’s you’re crazy ass sister…all I want to do is talk to her…”  Mark said, “Get real Brock…don’t you get that you hurt her…man she trusted you…you’re the first guy she’s trusted with her heart in a long time…and you totally betrayed her trust by not only cheating on her…but doing it with someone from the damn company…hell even if the girl hadn’t been from the company…she would still be divorcing your ass right now…I’m telling you right now…sign the papers and just let it be what it was…a marriage that happened way to soon and ended over one of the parties being way too stupid…Brock I know you’re a highly intelligent guy…but man if you don’t do some of the stupidest things…” 


Glenn said, “Brock…how could you even think about doing that to Kathy?  She had been nothing but nice to you…every time someone was talking about what a Monster you were, she was right there telling them if they only gave you a chance to get to know you…they’d realize you was nothing but a sweet guy…and then you went and proved her wrong by cheating on her…man that just ain’t right…I was on your guys side when you got engaged and decided to get married right away…and I was even happy when you two had decided to start trying to have a baby….even when Mark was spitting nails about not being able to call the shots in Kats life anymore…but the minute you had the infidelity thing going on with Victoria…and I do mean the very minute your pecker left your pants and fell into that psycho diva…you lost all my respect…I know you’re a great wrestler…man you bring a lot to the ring and you put everything into your matches for your fans…you just didn’t put everything you had into your marriage…she’s my best friend…she loved you…”


Mark said, “Brock no one screwed this up but you…no one held a gun to your head or forced you to have sex with Victoria…you did it all free will…that broken jaw she gave you…was just an ass whippin’ that should have been expected.”  Brock touched his jaw…it had actually healed fully a couple of weeks earlier…Brock knew in the bottom of his heart, Mark and Glenn were both right…Brock signed the papers and sent them off…He knew eventually he’d make it up to Kate…if it was the last thing he did…even if it meant moving mountains…and shit like that…he wanted to apologize for sucking as a husband.


Brock received a letter in the mail about a month later, telling him that the divorce was final…for the first time in a long time…Brock cried…He knew he’d hurt Kate…he’d never meant to do anything that hurt her like that…and He had wished he could go back and change everything…and put at least 200% into his marriage to her…he’d gone about the whole marriage thing the wrong way…he’d heard some guys in the back talking abut how they could juggle having a wife and family at home…but then having a girlfriend on the road with them…he thought ‘how stupid was I to ever imagine I could do that to Kate…I am going to rot in hell for this…and I should’…I don’t deserve Kate’s love…I was real lucky to get it the first time…it was a damn miracle…but I should have taken more pride in my marriage to her… ‘I promise Kate…if it’s the last thing I do…I’ll make it up to you’.


Chapter 2


So that’s what got me to here right now…6 months…of just relaxing and trying to find a new job…something to keep me busy and paid until I feel ready enough to go back onto the wrestling tour…I started working for a Physical Therapist at a local hospital in Houston Texas, just giving patients massages before and after they had therapy…I saw Mark, Sami and Glenn a lot when they were off the road…Glenn has just recently started dating Trish Stratus…which I thought was adorable…cause here was this 6’10” man, with a 5’4” petite blonde lady on his arm…it was so cute…I loved teasing them…Sami was dying to marry Mark…but Mark was just taking things way slow…He didn’t want to rush anything…


So, one day I was sitting in my office and I had just finished with my last patient before lunch, I re-adjusted my baby blue scrubs…when I heard the door slowly creep open…I turned around and almost freaked out enough to scream…It was David Bautista…he had on exercise pants, a t-shirt and tenny shoes…I backed myself against a wall…and Dave put his hands up and said, “Kate….please wait…hear me out…I honestly have something to say to you…”


I relaxed a little and said, “Okay…hurry…I’m getting ready to leave for lunch.”  Dave said, “Kate, I wanted to apologize for the rotten way I treated you and the horrible things I said to you those two times I barged into your office…I never realized what a straight asshole I was being…I just didn’t realize until it was too late…when they transfer my contract over to Smackdown off of Raw…I was completely clueless…and went to Stephanie and asked her what it was all about…when she pulled my contract out…it had everything on it, from things I had said to the things I had done to you…and I don’t know if my mind chose to block it out or what…but I decided then and there that I would get some help…and I did…I went to therapy for a while…and did a lot of anger management classes.”


I could tell just by the sound of his voice he was being honest with me…and I said, “You’re serious aren’t you?”  David said, “Yea…I am…I should of never done that too you…and I’m really sorry…I can understand now why you ended up marrying Brock…he’s a really sweet guy…and he seems to love you an awful lot…”  I said, “He doesn’t love me enough…”  He saw the look in my eyes and said, “What happened?”  I said, “We got divorced 4 months ago…two months before that…I caught him cheating on me…and I wasn’t about to be married to someone who didn’t respect me…” 


Dave walked a little closer and said, “Kathy…I’m so sorry…How could he be such an ass…why on earth would he want to screw up something that was so great with you just for a piece of ass…was it a ring rat?”  I said, “No…it was a psycho rat…Victoria…”  Dave said, “Geez, talk about bad taste…she’s been with every one in the company…trying to screw her way to the top…I think the only ones who have yet to touch her are, me, Mark, Glenn…and a few other guys in the back who have morals…Don’t let it get to you…it’s his loss.”  I said, “Thanks…wow…I never imagined in a million years I’d be having a normal conversation with you…what in the world are you doing in Houston?”


Dave said, “Ahhh…well…here’s the fun part…I pulled both my hamstrings  severely…and needed good physical therapy…and found out the best rehab place is this place…so I rented a house out of town and away from crazy ass people…and I drive into town twice a week and do my rehab…then I just relax the rest of the time…That’s actually how I knew you was in the building…when they were putting your name on the Massage Therapy board…I talked to a few people and confirmed it was really you.”  I said, “So…why didn’t you come talk to me before?” 


He said, “I guess I was chicken shit…I wanted to come at you with more then just an apology…I wanted to make it perfectly clear the steps I had taken to ensure I never did what I did to you again…I don’t like what I saw in myself when I did that…and it kind of scared me…I was turning into my father…and I thought I was doomed…that’s why I immediately started getting help.” 


Chapter 3


I said, “Well…I’m proud of you…I think you look a little more relaxed…that was one of the things that always scared me about you…because you always looked so intense…like wrestling was just some job and you’d been stuck doing it…” 


David said, “Yea…I am more relaxed…I know my intense side shows a little more when I’m trying to get pumped up and get in the ring…but I would never show my off character side to anyone…I figured if I just stayed in character all the time…it would be easier to face critics who at the time kept saying I wasn’t a wrestler and that I should quit and go into the bodyguard business…And that pissed me off…I love wrestling…I love my job…I just have to learn to keep my life and my career separate.”


I said, “Looks like you’re doing a pretty good job of it…”  David said, “I’m sorry I kept you…I know you need to get going to lunch…I just wanted to make sure I came in and talked to you…”  I said, “Thanks for talking to me…I figured I was destined to be afraid of you forever…Hey what are you doing right now?”  Dave said, “Nothing why?”  I said, “You hungry?”  He said, “Famished…”  I said, “Why don’t you come with me to my place and I can whip up some lunch…”  David said, “Are you sure?”  I said, “C’mon…you just delivered that beautiful apology speech and I thought it was awfully sweet…I can see it in your eyes…You wouldn’t lie to me…you couldn’t even if you tried.” 


David agreed and we took his big black ford explorer back to my place…and I made some tuna fish sandwiches…and we ate those and drank some water while we talked a lot more…about everything…he was a really sweet guy…once you got past all his rough exterior…


God if only Mark could see us now…he’d shit purple twinkies…


David and I started seeing a lot of each other…the two days he came in for his rehab, we’d go to lunch…and then the other days we ended up going to dinner or out to see a movie…My work load at the hospital had slowed down considerably…but it was okay, cause then David and I would just spend the extra time together…


Ever since we’d started with the lunched, dinners, and movies…My seeing Glenn, Mark, Sami and Trish time…had been cut big time…Mark was worried about me…especially when he couldn’t get a hold of my at my work, home or cell phone…he would scream over the phone at me for a little more then 30 minutes…and I would just say okay…and hang up…he hated that…he wanted me to explain where I was…but I ignored the questions until I hung up but by then it was too late…


I never noticed how big of a guy David was…he was 6’5” and 275 - 300 lbs…depending on his gym time…we really hadn’t done much in the hooking it up to be heavy daters…we were just going slow…and we’d actually been dating for 3 months already…we’d sneak kisses and touches all day when we were around each other…


Chapter 4


One night, we’d been out all day just messing around…shopping and catching a movie…just enjoying how beautiful the day was…and I was beat…I didn’t realize how tired, until I fell asleep on Dave’s chest…I was sitting on my feet, with my short white summer dress pulled down over my knees, cause I was getting a chill from sleeping...he enjoyed it and wasn’t complaining about it…He had his arm around my shoulders…I had actually slept for about 45 minutes…and I started to stir…Dave said, “Hey there sleepyhead…feel better after your nap?”  I said, “Yea…Sorry about that…I guess I didn’t know how tired I was.”  Dave said, “Don’t apologize…I was enjoying having you sit this close to me.”


I looked up and Dave pushed my hair out of my face and he said, “God, you’re beautiful…”  I blushed a little and he said, “Kate…don’t started getting all shy on me now…”  I smiled and leaned up and kissed his lips softly…and said, “I better get going…I’m going to go home and go to bed…”  Dave got up with me and I said, “Where did I put my sandals?”  He said, “They are in the dinning room…when we walked through you untied them and kicked them off…”  Dave followed me into the dinning room and I bent over the get them and Dave came up behind me as I stood up and he wrapped his arms around my waist…and said, “Sure you don’t want to stay the night?”  I said, “That is such a tempting offer…”


Dave started to place light kisses on my neck and ears as his hands danced across my stomach…I knew much more of that…and I wouldn’t be leaving the house much less the dinning room…Oh what the hell…I put my hands over Dave’s…and pulled them up to my breasts…I think he was a little shocked to say the least…but he did pay them some attention…he slowly massaged them through my thin dress material…and was getting some deep seated moans from me…at the same time I could feel his erection pressing against my bottom…and would every once in a while move my hips a little to brush up against him…which caused him to suck in his breath…he knew I was playing with him…


Dave’s hands slowly traveled back down my body, until they made their way up and under my dress…to where my panties were located…he ran his hand across my panty covered mound…and could immediately feel how aroused he’d made me…he hooked his thumbs in the string of my bikini panties and slid them down my legs…and threw them over his shoulder…on his way back up he cupped and massaged my bottom…said he couldn’t help himself cause it was just right there in his face…I couldn’t help but laugh…Dave slowly bent me over his dinning room table and I said, “Hmmm…bent over huh…that’s a new one…”


Dave kissed my neck and ear and said, “Honey…you haven’t seen nothing yet…”  I said, “Oh…I believe you…”  Dave slowly pulled my dress up over my hips…and had already pulled his shirt off…and he bent over with my back tight against his chest…he was kissing all along my neck, spine…and down by my ass…and finally couldn’t take it anymore with my begging him to just do it…I think the finally straw was when I said, “Take me…Make me yours…”  It was all the encouragement he needed…Dave freed his now painful erection from his levis…and teased my wet center with it…and then slowly slid into me…I thought I was going to fall right over…and die from happiness…or horniness which ever set in faster.


He gripped my hips and started thrusting in and out of me…and it was absolutely beautiful…he was trying to be gentle…he didn’t want to hurt me…or make me think he was some kind of wild animal…Just feeling him going crazy inside of me…was making my senses reel…I could feel both of our impending orgasms coming soon…and it was too far behind that feeling that Dave thrusted a couple more times and then sank all the way in me as we both climaxed over the edge…off the cliff and down below…I felt his seed explode deep inside of me…


We calmed ourselves…and Dave pulled out of me and then pulled my dress back down and turned my around…He took my face in his hands and kissed my lips like I’d never been kissed before in all my life…at that point…I would of told him where I buried my money in the back yard…Dave said, “Can I say it now?”  I said, “Say what?”  He said, “No…it’ll keep…I don’t want to look like a dumb ass…I’ll wait until I’m fully sure…I can get the right response out of you…”  I said, “Are you sure?”  Dave pondered for a minute and said, “Yea…it’s fine…”  God I loved his huge brown eyes…


He helped me put my panties back on and I said, “I don’t know why you’re putting those back on me…they are just going to come off again upstairs…”  Dave looked up at me and said, “What?”  I said, “Is that your best Steve Austin impression…I thought I told you I was staying the night…”  Dave smiled and threw the panties over his shoulder and then picked me up draped over his shoulder and carried me upstairs…rolling with laughter all the way up.


Chapter 5


The sun was not too bright this morning as I picked my head up and looked towards the huge window…I thought last night had to of been a dream…then I realized it wasn’t when a very large, very warm hand trickled down my bare back and caressed my bare butt…I moved around to seeing these huge brown eyes staring at me…with a small smile playing on his lips…I touched his lips and said, “Morning.”  David said, “Morning beautiful.”  He rolled over onto his back and pulled me over to his chest…


My hand, having a mind of it’s own, started tracing the tattoo he has around his navel…while his hand was rubbing up and down my spine…I slowly started to see the sheet that covered his thighs slowly start to rise…I, of course said nothing…but David said, “You woke him up…”  I said, “I didn’t even touch him…”  He said, “He must’ve known you was close enough to play with, otherwise he would have never gotten up this early…”  I giggled a little and said, “Hmmm…maybe we should see just how fast he can wake up…”  My hand started to slither under the sheet down to his growing erection…when David said, “If you want to play…I’m gonna need to go to the bathroom first…” 


David rolled out of bed and stretched…I couldn’t help but admire his magnificent body…all those muscles in places you would of never thought the human body could even have muscle…as his naked form went into the bathroom…he left the door open and while I could hear his steady stream…David said, “So…what do you want to do today?”  I said, “I don’t know…What sounds good?”  David flushed and washed his hands…and came back in the bedroom drying his hands off…he got back in bed and maneuvered around me and laid half way on me and half off me and said, “Oh, I don’t know…I think maybe we should stay in bed all day…especially after last night…I don’t know if my poor body will ever be able to recoup from that…It was so amazing…”


I smiled at him and touched his face and ran my thumb down his soul patch under his bottom lip…Some kind of facial hair was always a big turn on for me…So after a couple more minutes of talking and about 3 more hours of making love…we were laying in bed again wrapped up…I had my head on his chest and my hair was sprawled all over us…


I was just listening to the sound of David’s breathing…and thought he was asleep…that was until he started chuckling a little…I said, “I thought you was sleeping?”  David said, “I was until I got this image in my head and couldn’t help but wake up and laugh about it…”  I got up and reached over and pulled David’s t-shirt on and then sat on my feet next to him and was tracing his well defined muscle tone with my fingertips and said, “So what was so funny?”  David moved around a little and put his arm around my legs and he said, “I was just thinking about your brother and what he’s going to do when he finds out about us…You do know he’s going to possibly kill me…he already threatened to do that once before…”


I looked at David and started laughing…he said, “What?”  I said, “You’re absolutely right…Mark is so going to kill you…he’s gonna think you brainwashed me into being with you…and then when he really finds out I came willingly…he’s gonna give me an ass whippin…”  David said, “Hell…over my dead body…he ain’t touching that beautiful ass of yours…it’s mine now…no one can touch but me…well other then you…”  I leaned over and we kissed a little…and I said, “I definitely think staying in bed is the bed idea I’ve heard in a long time…I’ll face the Deadman inc music tomorrow…but the rest of to day is going to be spent in this bed with you…doing what ever the hell we want.”  David pushed my hair out of my face and said, “I can deal with that…”  We went back to kissing, and making love for the rest of the day…and did very little sleeping.


Chapter 6


The next morning…I got up and showered quietly as to not wake David…I knew he was totally spent…especially with as tired as I felt…he had to have been equally tired.  When I got out of the shower, I got dressed in Levis, white tank top and my white steel toed boots…I combed the knots out of my wet hair and let it air dry…I walked into the bedroom and David was still asleep…I sat on the edge of the bed adjusting the laces on my boot…when an arm was thrown around my waist and I was pulled backwards up and over Dave’s body and laid next to him with my legs draped over his hip…


I was laughing so hard…I finally stopped and Dave said, “Where do you think you’re going gorgeous?”  I smiled and said, “Over to see Mark, Sami, Glenn and Trish…and to talk to Mark about me and you…he should probably find out before your fans find out and blab it around the internet…Mark would die finding out from online rather then from me…”  Dave said, “If you’ll give me 10 minutes I’ll come with you…I don’t think you should face the firing squad alone…I know Mark can be pretty intense and dominating sometimes.”  I said, “Okay I’ll wait….but hurry.” 


Dave gave me a quick kiss and shot out of bed…and pulled me out of the bed and set me on my feet…then he went in and got a quick shower…and got dressed in some levis, steel toed boots, and a t-shirt which he tucked in…and looked really good trying to watch his muscles bust his arms free from it…We hopped in David’s Explorer and on the way out to Mark’s it was a good 25 minute drive so I called a head of time…


Mark saw my cell number on his caller id and answered with a, “Well look who finally decided to call after weeks of hearing nothing from you.”  I said, “Hi Mark…Listen I’m on my way over with a friend…but I don’t want you to do or say anything stupid…”  Mark said, “Oh…Must be a new boyfriend…you sure you don’t want me to scare him a little?”  I said, “You already have…I mean…I’m serious…not a word until you hear what I have to say.”  Mark laughed and said, “Okay sweetie…Glenn and Trish are here too…So get your skinny ass over here.”  I said, “We’ll be there shortly...”  We hung up.


David could see the worry just caked on my face and he reached over and grabbed my hand and said, “Hey…it’s gonna be okay Kate.”  I said, “Oh…I know…I’m just worried about the little things…you know Mark choke slamming you until your head pops off.”  David laughed and knew I was worried, scared and nervous all at the same time.  David kissed the back of my hand and said, “It’ll be okay…I’ll keep the get away car ready…in case we need to make a fast break…or incase just I need to get away damn fast.”  I laughed a little and he said, “See I love that smile…”  I leaned over and kissed his cheek, and he smiled…


When we pulled up to the gates…I leaned over David and punched in the gate code…David put his hand on the other side of my face and pulled me close and was kissing my ear…I pushed enter on the key pad…and the gates slowly started opening up…I said, “David, don’t start something you can’t finish right now…”  David smiled and said, “I can finish it right now…it will just be extremely quick.”  I was laughing when I moved back over to my seat…but not before running my tongue across Dave’s lips…to just tease him…


Dave looked down and again and said, “Chill out down there…she’s just teasing us…”  I looked down and said, “Yea…save that for later…Cause believe me when I say I will be putting that to good use.”  David started laughing as we pulled up the drive way to in front of the house…I could see Mark and Glenn in the garage working on their bikes…


Chapter 7


When the guys saw an unfamiliar black ford explorer drive through the gates and up the drive way…they couldn’t have been less prepared to who it was in the vehicle…they walked out of the garage towards the drive way whipping their hands off…and tucked the little grease towels in their back pockets…sometimes they were so similar it was hard to tell the two apart…they had to of been brothers in another life…


I got out and met Dave in front of the vehicle and I took his hand and as Mark and Glenn got closer and realized who I had been in the same vehicle with…they started getting more and more pissed…When they were standing about 3 feet from us…both looking dominant with their hands on their hips and looking at us, like someone needed an ass whippin’…


I pushed Dave behind me…and held up my hands up…Mark said, “What the hell is he going here…and just the in the hell are you doing with him little girl?”  I said, “Mark, please just wait…Just hear him out before you go trying to choke slam him until his head pops off…He would like to talk to you privately…before you go flying off the handle.”  Glenn said, “Why not me too?”  I said, “No offence Glenn…but Mark is my brother not you…”  Mark looked at the both of us and he said, “Fine…Dave you follow me.”  Dave came over and kissed my cheek as I smiled…and he walked away with Mark…


Glenn was just standing there giving me this disgusted look…I said, “Glenn Thomas Jacobs…don’t give me that look…”  I turned around and was walking to the house…Glenn followed hot on my heels and said, “You wanna tell me what you’re doing with that scum bag?”  I said, “I don’t have to tell you anything…but I will…he’s changed…We talked…actually we’ve done a lot of talking…and I know he’s changed…and it was for the better…he apologized for everything he’s ever said and done to me…and he’s more then made up for it…with the last 3 months that we’ve been seeing each other…”  Glenn nearly blew his top and said, “You’ve been seeing that puke for 3 months…and within those 90 days you couldn’t find time to tell us…or hell even me…we’ve been friends for so long…why didn’t you at least tell me?” 


I said, “Because look at you Glenn…you’re ready to have a baby cow right now…and I wouldn’t want to subject David to that kind of torture between you and Mark…you guys can be pretty mean, rude and hurtful to people…and not even realize it…Just you standing there calling him a puke and a scum bag hurts me…because you don’t have a clue how much he’s changed…I respect him for doing all the things he’s done to better himself…and even more respect for him coming up to me and apologizing which is what guys around me find hard to do…”


I started to walk away and Glenn said, “No…you’re not going anywhere until we talk about this more…”  I said, “Glenn…I’m done discussing this with you…it’s done…If Mark wants to tell you what they are talking about he can…but I’m done…I found a happy place in my life again, when I thought I wouldn’t after what Brock put me through…Can you just let me be happy?”  Glenn sighed heavy and said, “Fine.”


Chapter 8


Meanwhile Dave had told Mark everything that had gone on between me and him in the last 3 months…well except for the day before and night before that…He figured talking about having sex with his little sister…would not be the best way to win a trip to his good side…Mark watched quietly as Dave spoke and also apologized…when he was finished, Mark was standing there with a whole new respect for David…They talked a little and Mark said, “What are you intensions for my sister?” 


Dave said, “Honestly…Okay…I won’t beat around the bush…Mark, I love her…Of course I haven’t been able to tell her this yet…but I am wanting to say it to her soon…The more time I spend with her, the more I want to get married to her and have a family and grow old sitting on a wooden porch out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by 90 different generations of grandchildren…I want the whole package for her…a big wedding, bridesmaids, flowers, a great honeymoon somewhere, where we can be alone for 2 to 3 weeks…but I also want her family there…and I want my family there also…come home to a huge house…out in the middle of nowhere…just being together…taking her on the road with me every chance we both get…I don’t want to spend one second without her near me or in my life some way, shape or form.”


Mark listened to David talking…and he could tell David was telling the truth…and was being sincere about it…Mark said, “How do I know you won’t do the same thing to her that Brock did?”  David said, “Cause when you have someone in your life that you love that much…and you respect the love and support you’re getting from them…you don’t do something stupid to fuck it up…a marriage is two people…not one alone and another one when they feel like being married…” 


Mark laughed a little and said, “You know something…you can act like a hard ass like me…but when it comes to that one important person in your life…you turn into a hopeless romantic…just like me also…”  David said, “What ever we talk about is in confidence right…I don’t want Kate finding out all the things I’ve been thinking about…I don’t want to scare the shit out of her…I just want to take it a little at a time…”  Mark laughed again and said, “Hell, Dave…All the planning you’ve put behind answering that one little question I asked you…You should know Kathy, isn’t the slow type…I suggest you move as fast as possible…before she changes her mind like most women do…”


They walked in the house…and Mark said, “Little girl…come with me…”  I winked at David as I walked past him with Mark into the library, he closed the door…and held his arms open…I walked over and put my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist and lifted me off the floor to be level with him…and kept me tight against him…


Mark squeezed a little and said, “He’s a good guy, honey…I’m glad he got help and did all that stuff…but I’m telling you right now…If he ever threatens you once…tries to hit you…intimidates you in any way…and you don’t tell me…and I find out about it…I’m going to beat his ass…and then I’m going to bust your ass for you also…I don’t want you to ever think you can’t come to me when you’re afraid or scared of something or someone…I’m serious about this Katherine…” 


I laughed a little and said, “Wow…pulling out the whole first name…now I know your serious…I know you’re my step brother…but believe me Mark…if I was ever given a choice to have someone else as my real brother…I wouldn’t trade you for anything…I’d rather have you then any one else…on any given day.”  Mark said, “Don’t start that sappy shit…I’m a man with very little emotion…”  I said, “I bet I could make you cry…”  Mark placed me on my feet in front of him and he said, “You know something…I’ll never doubt you on that one baby girl…I fully believe you have the power to make me cry like a little baby…but I’ll deny I ever said that to you.”


I said, “Yea…I know…Thanks for everything Mark.”  He said, “No problem kiddo…”  He kissed the top of my head and we walked back out…said our good-byes and went back to David’s.


Chapter 9


Things between my and David were beautiful…and Mark was having a great time just getting to know Dave…when he saw how happy I was with him…it made him feel like he’d made the right decision…Glenn on the other hand kept telling me there was still something about him he didn’t like…I just brushed it off as Glenn’s overprotective side going ape shit around someone new in the mix.  I probably should have listened to him…cause there was something…but I wouldn’t find out about it for a while.


I had been going through old boxes and came across a picture of me and Brock and against my better judgment…instead of throwing it away like I should of…I kept it…I hid it away…but I kept it none the less.  I had started back on the tour the same time David did…It really did bother some people to see us together…but they soon got over it…they were all so used to seeing me and Brock together…I was happy when they finally got over it…


After a few more months David asked me to marry him…I thought I was happy enough with him, so I accepted…but something in the back of my mind kept telling me, I was just settling for something I didn’t need…I kept thinking something better would come long and take me away…but nothing showed up, so I figured if I didn’t take David…nothing would come back my way…plus Mark kept making me feel like I couldn’t get anyone else cause I already had one failed marriage…like no one would want me…though he never flat out said it…it was the impression I got from him…


One night had started getting a really bad headache…and I went to the hotel room and my clothes from my suit case had been thrown all over…David was standing there looking at me like he was going to go off the deep end…I said, “David, what the hell is going on?  Why are all my clothes on the floor?”  David said, “I went to get my tooth brush out of your zipper pocket and found this.”  He handed me the picture I’d kept of me and Brock together…I said, “What about it?”  He said, “Are you fucking him?”  I said, “David…I’m on Smackdown with you…he’s on Raw with Mark and Glenn…remember?  How could you think that?”  David said, “I don’t want anyone from your past coming back…we’re either getting married or not…I don’t want you to leave little things around like this for me to find…it makes me thing bad things Kathy…”  He tore the picture up and threw it away…Then left for the arena.


I stayed at the hotel trying to get rid of my headache and the feeling that I had been duped…big time.  I didn’t dare say anything…I didn’t want to fight with David…or make him angrier.


I turned the radio on and a song came on that reminded me of the first time me and Brock made love on the roof top of that arena…in the rain…


Artist: Mariah Carey

Album: Butterfly

Song:  The Roof


It wasn't raining yet
But it was definitely a little misty on
That warm November night
And my heart was pounding
My inner voice resounding
Begging me to turn away
But I just had to see your face
To feel alive
And then you casually walked in the room
And I was twisted in the web
Of my desire for you
My apprehension blew away
I only wanted you
To taste my sadness
As you kissed me in the dark

Every time I feel the need
I envision you caressing me
And go back in time
To relieve the splendor of you and I
On the rooftop that rainy night

And so we finished the Moet
Started feeling liberated
And I surrendered as you took me
In your arms
I was so caught up in the moment
Couldn't bear to let you go yet
So I threw caution to the wind
And started listening to my longing heart
And then you softly pressed your lips to mine
And feelings surfaced and suppressed
For such a long time
(And I was lifted)
And for a while I forgot
The sorrow and the pain
And melted with you as we stood
There in the rain

Every time I feel the need
I envision you caressing me
And go back in time
To relieve the splendor of you and I
On the rooftop that rainy night
Every time I feel the need
I envision you caressing me
And go back in time
To relieve the splendor of you and I
On the rooftop that rainy night

Last night I dreamed that I
Whispered the words I love you
And touched you so very
Subtly as we were kissing goodbye
Pretty baby - How I'm missing you

Every time I feel the need
I envision you caressing me
Envision you caressing me
And go back in time
(I go back)
To relieve the splendor of you and I
On the rooftop that rainy night
(On the roof that rainy night)

Every time I feel the need
(When I feel the need)
I envision you caressing me
(I envision you over and over and over again)
And go back in time
(I go back)
To relieve the splendor of you and I
(It was oh so sweet you and I)
On the rooftop that rainy night
(On that rainy night)

Every time I feel the need
(Last night I had the strangest dream...)
I envision you caressing me
(I was actually quite symbolic)
And go back in time
(As I whispered...That I loved you)
To relieve the splendor of you and I
(...very subtly)

On the rooftop that rainy night

Every time I feel the need
I envision you caressing me
And go back in time
To relieve the splendor of you and I
On the rooftop that rainy night




Chapter 10


For the next couple of weeks that song kept playing over and over through my head…until I actually went out and bought the album…I couldn’t help but play that song so many times I nearly wore out the CD…and my CD player…I should of bought stock in Energizer batteries…I bought  enough to make money off of them.


Fitting enough tonight is the same night when Brock cheated on me…and it’s also the same PPV Unforgiven…wow even more fitting…


I actually ran into Brock while I was walking by myself around the back of the arena…Brock walked up and whispered in my ear, “I know you will never believe me…but I never cheated on you with Victoria…I never cheated on you with anyone.”  He didn’t wait for me to say anything he just walked around me and continued to walk down to the Titan tron…and was warming up his muscles to get ready for his match. 


I turned and looked at his retreating form, with that huge tattoo spread across his wide well muscle defined back.  He still had the ability to make me weak in the knees…just that second he whispered in my ear…having his warm breath brush across my vulnerable ear…goodness…Kathy…get a hold of yourself…he’s just a man in a pair of wrestling trucks…A pair of wrestling trunks that accentuated his tight ass, gripped his crotch…and his great narrow hips…Exhale girl…Exhale slowly or you’ll pass out.


I’m okay…really I am…


Later that night, David was in a tag match with Big Show (Paul Wight) against Mark and Glenn…I was sitting in David’s dressing room waiting for the match to start when someone knocked on the door…I got up and opened the door and Victoria was standing there staring back at me…I glared at her and said, “What do you want?”  Victoria said, “Okay…I know some hostility should be expected…but listen before you beat my ass again…or slam the door on my face…I have something I want you to see…” 


She handed me a large manila envelope…it hand something in it…I said, “What is this?”  Victoria said, “Can I come in and explain while you watch the video?”  I looked out in the hallway and said, “I guess.”  I moved so she could walk in…and I closed the door behind her…she locked it and said, “Believe’ll want to see this in private.”  I nodded and said, “Sit down.”  I sat on the floor and popped the video tape into the VCR…and pushed play and sat back to watch it…


I said, “So explain.”  She said, “Just watch the video and I’ll explain after words.”  I looked at her and said, “Okay.”  She reached over and turned the volume up…


Chapter 11


The picture was a little fuzzy at first…and then it came in…it was a video shot of Brock’s dressing room, last year at Unforgiven…I knew it was his, cause it had my suitcase in it and his tenny shoes…a few minutes later…




A familiar voice said, “Vicky…Victoria…Did you get the camera set up?”  I looked and it was David standing in his ring attire…and Victoria came around to the front of the camera and re-adjusted it…and said, “Yea…I’ve got it perfect…it should get the whole thing on tape for you…this is sick…even for me…”


David said, “Man shut up…just do it…”  Vicky said, “I’m telling you this is crazy…how is this tape supposed to help you get through anger management classes?”  David said, “Because you little tart, if I can see Kathy and Brock breaking up…it will push me to get through those stupid classes this damn company is making me go through…and if I get to see her making herself single again…then I’ll have something to come back too…”


Vicky said, “It’s a brilliant plan…I just don’t know what makes you think Kate is going to break up with Brock just for seeing some girl give him a blowjob…Hell most wives would pay any girl to do that instead of doing it themselves.”  David said, “You know you gave me an even better idea…take your clothes off.”  Victoria’s voice pitch rose when she said, “What?” 


David laughed and said, “Take you’re clothes off…if she sees the champ laying here naked with you…she’ll put two and two together and will be so ready to jump ship on a cheating piece of shit…even though you and I both know he’d never do that…we’re just giving him a little help.”  Victoria said, “Well, when is the champ coming in?”  David said, “Mark is bringing him in…we chloroformed him in the bathroom right after his match…Mark said Kate usually goes out shopping during the matches for PPV’s…but usually shows about 10 to 15 minutes after he’s done to give him some kind of reward for winning…”


A couple of minutes later Mark…my brother…Mark walked in and had Brock’s body slung up into a fireman’s carry…and Mark said, “God Damn…this fucker is heavy…”  David said, “Shit don’t be such a pussy Deadman…this was just as much your idea as it was mine…”  Mark said, “Yea…I know…”  He slung Brock down onto the couch…and David said, “Vicky, you’ve got 3 minutes before the Chloroform wears off…and one minute after that before Kate gets here…I just talked to Show…she’s in the building and should be here any minute…work your magic girl…So get him naked, get yourself naked…wake him up and make the sex look like it’s real…”


Mark leaned over and said, “Sorry Brock…I don’t care how much you love Kate…You will never be good enough for her…and tonight this will prove my point even further…”  David said, “Let’s get out of here...”  Mark and David left the room…and I watched as Victoria stripped my husband down to nothing and then herself…she got into position over Brock and turned the lights off…


The video feed was dark, but you could hear Victoria…she was tapping Brock’s face saying, “Wake up…wake up you moron…just wake up…this plan will never work if you don’t wake up…”  Then she started making some serious panting noises as I heard myself opening the door…that’s when all hell broke loose and the camera caught all of it…as soon as I walked out with Glenn and Mark…David walked in gave a thumbs up to the camera and shut it off…


I turned the VCR off…


Chapter 12


I said, “So explain…now.”


Victoria took a deep breath and said, “I was sitting in my dressing room, when Mark and David approached me…they told me about this plan for you to catch Brock getting head from a girl…they were going to get a ring rat to do it…but decided they’d use me instead…they knew I had a crush on Brock…I was so wrapped up in puppy love, I wanted to do it…I didn’t realize until afterwards…I had been stupid for doing it…I know I made a huge mistake…when you beat my ass that night I knew I fully deserved it…but not for the same reason you thought that I did…Nothing happened between me and Brock…Hell, even if he would of come to me, while you guys were together I wouldn’t have done it…I knew you loved him…”


I said, “How much?”  Vicky said, “How much what?”  I said, “I’ve known my brother too long to know that you don’t do something like this for him with out getting paid a really good fee…so How much?”  Vicky said, “They gave me 15,000 before just for saying I’d do it…and then 15,000 more after the job was finished…I didn’t spend any of the money…I actually…well here.”


Victoria handed me an white envelope…I opened it and it was fully of 100 dollar bills…she said, “That’s the whole 30,000…I never needed the money, which is why I never spent it…but I figured if I gave it to you…You guys deserve to be happy…maybe you and Brock would have a really nice honeymoon when you guys get married again…you two really should be together…he’s been miserable without you…infact I just found out…Mark pulled a few strings and had Brock thrown to Smackdown and David pushed back to Raw with you.”


I said, “Why’d you wait for so long?”  Victoria said, “You left the tour…then David left the tour…and you didn’t come back until about a month ago…and I was waiting until I saw you at one of these PPV’s…because with me on Raw and you on Smackdown…I couldn’t get to you without either of those monsters knowing about it…and I didn’t want them coming after me…I actually stole the tape this morning, David has been carrying it with him since you left…it’s like some kind of battery charger to him…he watches it…gets charged up and then goes off the deep end…fast…with no brakes.”


I said, “Listen…I want to apologize for beating to shit out of you…I should of never doubted Brock’s love for me…”  She said, “Don’t apologize…I deserved it for even participating…I have to go…I’m leaving tonight…I’m going on tour with the WWE Europe with John Layfield (Bradshaw) Which should be quite interesting…”  I laughed and said, “Watch out for him…he likes to flirt and drink…the two combined is dangerous for any female within a 300 mile radius.  Take one of those old fashioned Hat pins with you…and any time he gets out of line…jab him in the ass with it…knowing him…he’ll just consider it foreplay…but it should calm him down a little…at least enough to run and hide for the night.”


We both started laughing…I said, “Now as for this little beauty…I really think I’s time to pay my brother and David a visit…don’t you?”  Vicky said, “Yea…good luck.”  I said, “Thanks…I won’t need any…but they might.”


Chapter 13


I was a girl on a mission…I wanted nothing more then to strangle the sit out of both David and Mark…I had the video tape in my hand as I walked to Mark and Glenn’s dressing room.  Noticing the sign on their door…‘Brothers of Destruction’ indeed…they were about to see some destruction…


I walked in and Mark was standing there with his ring attire still on talking with David, Show and Glenn…who’d already taken his mask off and cleaned the black make up off…I stood in front of the foursome with my hands on my hips…with that ‘someone really needs to have their ass beat’ look…and anyone who knows me…knows I don’t give that look a lot…Sami and Trish were sitting on the couch talking…They saw me and Trish said, “Hey Kate…”  I waved to her, blowing her off…which she knew wasn’t like me…when I faced the guys…she could feel something was wrong.


Mark finally realized I was standing there and said, “Hey sis…what can I do for you” I said, “I guess I shouldn’t beat around the bush…let’s get to the point here boys…what you can do for me is tell me…what the fuck this is?”  I threw the tape at Mark…and hit him in the chest as he caught it…Mark said, “Geez Katie…chill out.”  I said, “Go fuck yourself.”  Mark started getting angry now…I never talked to him like that.  Mark said, “Watch yourself little girl.”  I said, “Fuck you.”  David said, “Baby did something happen…what’s wrong?”  I said, “Don’t come at me with that baby shit…Cause you can go fuck yourself too…Mark why don’t you pop that tape in and watch it…” 


Mark said, “Fine…obviously your childish side has come out so I’ll just humor you.”  I said, “Yea, you do that.”  Mark walked over and put the tape in and played it…they walked the whole thing…Sami looked at Mark and said, “Mark…Tell me that wasn’t really you?”  Mark hung his head and said, “Yea it was.”  I walked over to the door and said, “Trish, Glenn, and Paul (Big Show) out…now.”  All three walked out and I slammed the door behind them…


I turned to them and said, “The two most important people in my life…who were there just when I needed them the most, when I was in pain, hurting, depressed, my marriage was ending from the love of my life…were the same two who caused me the pain and hurt and depression and the divorce…I’ve been so happy for the last 5 months…but I’ve been so blind and so very stupid…David this ring means nothing to me right now…cause it’s nothing but a bunch of lies…”  I took it off and threw it to him…and he caught it.  Mark said, “David is a good guy.” 


I said, “Mark, if you love him so much then you fuckin’ marry him…I’m not going to be married to a liar…cause from the moment he stepped in my office and started his sob story of how he forced himself to take those anger management classes, to really being sorry for all he said and done to me…was all bullshit…I could start my own fertilizer company with all the bullshit that boy spewed from his mouth to me…I was stupid enough to believe him…and stupid enough not realize that you excepted me and him way too fast…especially when you barely except me and Brock…and then quickly changed your mind about liking him…I should have known then…but I didn’t I guess that’s my fault for being so God Damn deluded…Mark you’d actually have me date someone who was violent towards me…and who wanted to rape me…before you’d have me be with someone who never asked anything more from me other then to love him…How could you even want something like that for me ?”


Chapter 14


Mark said, “I did what I had to do.”  I said, “You did what you had to do?  Oh that is such horse shit…you did it because Brock told you from the get go that he loved me and wouldn’t give me up for nothing, he was straight forward and honest with you…and you were spitting nails because you couldn’t call the shots…Well here’s a news flash my step brother…it’s my life…my life that you turned upside down…my life that you fucked up and filled with months of pain and heart ache…my life…” 


I shoved Mark as hard as I could, tears started pouring out of my eyes and said, “And you just fucking stood by and watched everything…hell you fucking planned everything…How could you do this to me?  You knew…You knew the whole God Damn time and didn’t say a word…you knew how much I loved Brock…and you just helped this asshole set me up for the worst heartbreak in years…no one could of pulled that plan off better then you two assholes…”


I took a deep breath trying to calm myself and continued, “I can’t believe I actually called you my brother…I can’t believe I actually let you reel me in and made me think I wanted you as a real brother…You are nothing to me…You will never understand how much you hurt me…never…not in a million years…It hurts…It hurts so bad right now…I don’t want you as my brother, or friend, or father figure…hell I wouldn’t even want you as a family pet if you was a dog…”


Mark said, “Why don’t you give it shot with Dave?”  I said, “You’re out of your mind…you are completely insane…that man found a picture of me and Brock in my suitcase…that I just forgot to take out…and he flipped…he threw my clothes all over the hotel room…and asked me if I was fucking Brock again…if either you really think I’m going to even think about him once I leave this dressing room…then Mark you’re Vice-President of Fantasyland…and David you are the Chief Executive of Fantasyland…Because right now…I think Glenn is the President of Fantasyland…this whole time he’s been dropping hints about not liking David cause there’s something about him he still didn’t agree with…he knew what you guys were doing that whole time…but didn’t bother to say a word to me.”


Mark said, “So what are you doing now…huh?  Gonna run away again?”  I said, “Right now…I don’t think you’re in any position to ask me about one thing in my life…In fact I’m telling you right now…because once I step out of this room…you will never hear my voice again…at least not speaking to you or David…”


I steady myself and held my ground and said, “I want you two to stay away from me…Stay out of my life…don’t talk to me…don’t call me…don’t send x-mas cards or birthday cards…Don’t come by my house…don’t leave messages on my voice mail or answering machine…don’t leave me notes…I don’t want to have anything to do with either of you again for the rest of my life…I have never said this to anyone…but I’m saying it to you…I will hate both of you until the day I die…and even probably after I’m buried…And Mark, since Glenn is your ‘Brother of Destruction’ you can tell him everything I just said, because he knew about all of this and what it was doing to me and never said a word…we’ve been friends for so long and he never uttered a word…And I don’t know what hurts more…the fact that my best friend knew and didn’t say anything or the fact that it was my brother who did all of this to me.”


I left the room, closing the door behind me. 


Glenn, Show and Trish were leaning against the wall right out side.  Glenn looked up and saw me and I looked at him and blinked and more tears slid down my cheeks…I said, “I’ll talk to you later Trish.”  She came over and gave me a hug and said, “Okay…take it easy.”  I nodded and started to walk away…when I felt a huge hand on my arm right above my elbow…I knew it was Glenn…I whipped around and said, “No!…Do not touch me…you lost all privileges into my life when you let that bullshit go on…”  I jerked my arm away and walked down the hall…


Chapter 15


I took off to Brock’s dressing room…when I got there it was completely empty…I took off again trying to call him on my cell phone but he didn’t answer his cell phone…I saw Jeff Hardy and said, “Skittles(nick name), Have you seen Brock?”  He said, “I think he was just about to leave…said he had a meeting with the boss and then was going to go back to the hotel and then get on the road before the rain got too bad…He wanted to get to the next town early, for Smackdown, cause they transferred him there.” 


I said, “Thank Jeff…”  I took off running again up to Vince McMahon’s off…But he wasn’t there either…I figured parking lot…what the hell it couldn’t hurt…I almost ran down Mark LaMonica (Bub-Buh Dudley)…Mark said, “Where’s the fire Katie?”  I groaned a little…cause that’s the first thing Brock ever said to me…I said, “I’m looked for Brock…”  He said, “I just passed him, he was on his way to the parking lot…girl take a coat with you, it’s pouring…” 


I said, “Thanks Mark.”  I kissed his cheek and took off…Mark laughed and said, “Anytime Sassy.”  I ran all the way down the hall and smashed the back door open…and out to the parking lot…I heard a car start…Man Jeff and Mark weren’t kidding it was pouring…I was thinking monsoon…but I saw the red side step pickup Brock usually rented…I ran over and stood in front of the truck…Brock got situated and didn’t see me until he turned the lights on…I was soaking wet…there was no way I was going to get drenched and he wouldn’t hear what I had to say…


Brock jumped a little I must’ve scared him…Brock threw his hands up, trying to figure out what was going on…He shut the truck off and got out and came to the front he said, “Kate, what in the hell are you doing…you scared the shit out of me…you’re going to get sick…”  I said, “I don’t care…I don’t care about anything anymore…I just have one question for you…then I’ll leave you alone.”  Brock said, “Oh Christ…what has gotten into you…fine ask…we’re both soaked…no reason we shouldn’t both look like completely soaking wet morons…”


I said, “Brock…I should have never doubted you…I should have known you’d never cheat on me…I loved you so much, and it was the one thing I never showed any fear towards…but I walked in that dressing room…and my one fear happened…you was laying there naked with some naked girl…but Brock…we were both screwed…My own brother and David had it planned for weeks…they chloroformed you, and stuck you naked in your own dressing room with Vicky…they paid her 30,000 dollars to look like she was having sex with you to break us up…Victoria came to me with a tape earlier tonight…they video taped the whole damn thing…I saw it Brock…I should have known you didn’t cheat on me…I’m sorry I doubted you…I’ve been so miserable…I never wanted to just end things…I wanted to talk with you…but I couldn’t get up enough courage to just come and talk to you…”


Brock said, “What does this have to do with the question?” 


I got down on my knees in front of him and said, “Brock Lesner, I love you…will you marry me…again?”  Brock’s eyes shot wide open and said, “Katherine stand up right now…”  I stood up and didn’t say anything…Brock got down on one knee and said, “This may be the 20th century…but I’m still old fashioned…Katherine…Will you marry me…again.”  I smiled and nodded and said, “There is no one else on this earth I’d rather be married to Brock.”  Brock stood up and dug in the front pocket of his levis and pulled my wedding rings out and said, “I don’t go anywhere without them.”  Brock slipped my engagement ring back on…but said, “I’ll save the wedding band until we actually get to the ceremony.”


I stood on my tip toes and threw my arms around Brock…I squeezed him tight to me…and we stood there kissing in the rain for a good 10 to 15 minutes…he could feel my whole body trembling…cause I was so cold…Brock took my hand and said, “C’mon…we’ve got some time to make up for.”  I laughed and Brock whipped me around and I jumped into the driver’s side door and Brock got in after me and took off back to the hotel…


Chapter 16


When we got back to the hotel, people were staring at us as we walked soaking wet through the lobby to the elevators…Once on the elevator I could feel him running his fingers through my hair…We were both completely soaking wet.  We walked  to the room…and Brock opened it, let me in and walked in behind me, then closed and locked the door grabbed me and walked me into the bathroom fast as to not get the carpeting wet…


He turned the shower on and then clothes and all pulled me into the warm shower…We continued to kiss, as Brock pulled the wet clothes off my cold, body, and then I started pulling clothes off him, we left them in soggy piles in the shower, after we were both warm…Brock wrapped a towel around both of us, and carried me into the bed room and placed me under the sheets…to keep me warm.


Brock shut the curtains, leaving the light by the bed on, just enough to light the room…and he climbed into bed next to me, discarding the towel around me and then the towel around him…he slowly slid his warm body to me and I slid my hands up his arms and to his face and we started kissing again…His touch made me feel beautiful…There was so much passion between us, we nearly lost our heads…


Brock’s hands were sliding down my breasts brushing against my nipples, which reacted to his soft touch…I slowly ran my tongue around the outside of his ear, that would drive anyone crazy…and did just that…Brock started trailing fire ridden kisses down my neck to my chest, and slowly circled my left nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his lips…and made me slightly sigh heavy…then his lips ventured across to my other breast…and he repeated what he’d done to the first nipple to the second… 


Brock said, “I don’t want this one getting jealous for not getting the same treatment...”  I giggled a little…Brock ran his tongue down the middle of my stomach…till he had his head between my thighs…and slid two fingers into my wetness, and I gasped air…trying to keep my composure, which wasn’t happening…Brock kissed around my clit and my labia’s, and the insides of my thighs, while he slowly worked his fingers in and out of me, working me into a frenzy…he also had his free hand on my stomach holding me down, so even if I wanted to escape I couldn’t…but believe me, I didn’t want to…


In between kisses Brock said, “C’mon Kate…let yourself go baby…relax and enjoy every minute of this…C’mon Kate I want you to cum for me…”  Brock looked up and I was moaning and biting on my bottom lip trying to totally resist him, Brock just worked his fingers faster and harder…and I totally went over the edge head first…Brock climbed up my body and we continued kissing again…and he slowly parted my knees with his, and slithered his body between my thighs…and the slowly while we were still kissing he pushed his erection into me…he let my body get used to his size before he made a move…and he slowly started moving his erection inside of me…I was so wrapped up and overcome in the passion and feeling of Brock being inside of me…My hips were meeting Brock thrust for thrust…I think both of us were so wrapped up in each other our eyes rolled in the back of our heads as we both climaxed together and I could feel his warm seed flowing into me…


We laid there still for a minute, letting the beating of our hearts catch up with the rest of our bodies…we laid there kissing, and Brock pulled out of me…and we really couldn’t say anything to each other…just laying there staring at each other…Brock was running his fingers through my hair and I loved the way his hands felt against my skin…his hands were so soft…I couldn’t believe the passion and insanity level that was just brought forth in the poor hotel room…it wouldn’t be the same…the room probably hasn’t seen that much action, since the first newly wed tenants who had it before us…


Brock said, “I love you so much Kate.”  I said, “I know Brock…I love you too...”


Chapter 17


When I woke up the next morning…I looked down and saw those all too familiar arms wrapped tightly around me…just like should have always been…I moved to go to the rest room…and the arms tightened even more and a groggy voice said, “Where do you think you’re going?”  I said, “The bathroom, before we need a boat to get around the room.”  Brock’s chest vibrated as he laughed and kissed my neck…he patted my butt and said, “Okay…but hurry back.”  I said, “I will.”


As soon as I came back and got in bed, Brock was laying on his back staring at the ceiling…I crawled up his body and on top of his body with my face propped up on his belly, so I could see him…I said, “What are you thinking about?”  Brock licked his lips and said, “I was dreaming last night and I kept thinking that everything we’d done was nothing but a delusional dream…I kept thinking wow it feels so real…I wish it were true…and then waking up neck to you this morning…it just brought me back down to reality…it was all real…talking in the rain…making up…you and then me asking each of us to marry the other…and then coming back here…the hot shower…and making love until we both practically passed out last night…it couldn’t have been a more perfect night.”


Brock looked down at me and said, “Let’s do it this morning…”  I said, “Which do it are you referring to…cause there are a few on our list right now.”  Brock laughed and said, “Let’s get dressed and run and get married…then I’ll call Vince and tell him I’m going on a honeymoon for the next 2 weeks, with my beautiful wife so I can get her pregnant.”  A huge smile spread across my face and said, “What a fabulous idea.”


My eyes got huge and Brock said, “What’s wrong babe?”  I said, “I just remember something…where my purse?”  He said, “By the door…”  I jumped up and pulled one of Brock’s t-shirt on and walked into the sitting room and retrieved my purse…I went back in and Brock was pulling on his levis…and stood in front of me when I handed him the white envelope…Brock said, “What is this?”  I said, “Just look.”  He opened it and said, “Holy shit…babe did you rob a bank or something lat night?”  I laughed and said, “No silly…when Victoria brought me the video…she gave it to me…it’s the money that Mark and David paid her…there’s 30 grand there…We’re going somewhere great on our honeymoon…” 


Brock said, “She never spent it?”  I said, “Nope…she said she couldn’t…so she decided since she had helped break us up…she was going to make sure for our second honeymoon we were going somewhere good.”  Brock laid the envelope on the bed and wrapped his arms around me and said, “How does Hawaii sound?”  I said, “Hmmm…sun, sand, water, and you?  Not bad baby….not bad at all.”  Brock said, “I was thinking along the line of me, hotel room, huge king size bed, strawberries, tons of whip cream, and tons of sex with you.”  I smiled and said, “Even better.”


We kissed a couple of times and Brock said, “Good…let’s get going…the sooner we get out of here…the sooner we can relax in Hawaii for 3 weeks.”  I said, “I thought you said, “2 weeks?”  Brock said, “Fuck that…With as sexy as you are, well need a week just to recoup...”  I laughed hard and said, “I love you so much Brock.”  He said, “I love you too Kate.”  We kissed a little more and didn’t exactly make it out the door in record time…we ended up making love again…and then once again in the shower…then while I was getting dressed Brock was watching me and couldn’t help himself and came over and took me while I was leaning over my knee trying to tie my shoe…but that man heard no complaints from me…


We immediately got married…well as soon as we could pry ourselves out of the hotel room…and then Brock called Vince and told him what was going on…Vince said, “That’s great news Brock…I’ll tell everyone one here you and Kathy won’t be back for 3 weeks…you guys enjoy your honeymoon you deserve it…if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call…And take all the time you want.”  Brock said, “Thanks a lot Vince.”  They hung up as we were boarding the plane for Hawaii…


Vince spread the news, but somehow it hadn’t gotten back to Glenn or Mark…who’d recently told David to go to hell cause they lost their best friend and little sister to his dumb ass ideas…It had been a week since anyone had seen or heard from me or Brock…Mark was still kissing some major ass with Sami as was Glenn with Trish…they were both pretty pissed of females for them letting all that shit happen to me…Mark and Glenn even tried calling my cell phone…but the number had been disconnected.


Chapter 18


One night before Raw Mark was standing in the hallway talking to Glenn, when Stephanie walked by…Mark said, “Steph has anyone heard from my sister?”  Steph said, “Actually yea…Her and Brock got re-married a week ago, the day after the PPV…and then they left on their honeymoon…I think to Hawaii my dad said…They are supposed to be back in 2 weeks…but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be back then…cause my dad gave them free rain on their vacation time, told them to be back when they felt like it.”  As Stephanie walked away, leaving Mark and Glenn just looking at each other dumb founded.


So 2 weeks later we came back and I stayed on Smackdown with Brock…and about 5 seconds later, found out I was pregnant…Brock was needless to say very excited…as was I…obviously.


I didn’t work for the WWE anymore…I decided that being a wife and a mother was going to be enough work for me…I still had a contract thought them, so I stayed on as Brock’s manager…only until I started showing during the pregnancy…which was probably right around 5 months…I still traveled with him…but I kept myself from in front of the cameras…if they did any shots of us talking it was of me sitting down…they wanted to give people the impression that I was relaxing during my pregnancy…


I had actually received a few letters and notes from Mark and Glenn both…but I never opened them…I was going to return them…but never got around to doing it…They sat in a shoe box for about 3 months…and when I stopped traveling with Brock, because I was getting too big…and it wouldn’t be good for the baby.  I finally read the letters…it really didn’t do me any good…I knew I was going to be pissed at them for a really long time…I just didn’t know how long…I mean c’mon…I had every right to be mad…


Brock took a month off when the baby was due and I went in and had an emergency c-section, cause the baby was messing with my blood pressure…I had a 6 lb 4 ounce, 22 inch long beautiful baby girl, Brock and I named her Jennifer Marie…She had all of Brock’s features, including light blonde fuzz for hair and the palest blue eyes…she was a total angel…


When I decided to go back on the road with Brock…Brock got a nanny for the baby…so I would still be able to go to ring, without worrying about the baby…about 3 years after I’d had Jennifer…she was the spitting image of Brock…we had decided we wanted to have another baby, so we started on it…but in the middle of trying we decided to take a break because we were both getting frustrated with my body because my body was having none of it…so we just decided it would happen when it happened…


I had on levis, steel toed boots, and a tank top…and had my hair pulled up into a ponytail…Brock had his wrestling attire on and was warming up…Jennifer was sitting on my lap…and I was bouncing her…her giggles filled the room…Brock was watching us…and he laughed at our interactions…Brock walked over and said, “How do you get mommy to smile like that…I bounce her on my knee all the time and she never smiles that big for me…”  Jenny said, “Dad…you’ve just got to have the magical touch.” 


I stood up after setting Jenny on her feet on the floor and said, “Besides sweetie…that wasn’t your knee I bounced on…”  I smiled and Brock said, “Katherine…”  I laughed as I walked out into the hall and said, “C’mon Champ…we can discuss bouncing more while we get you out to the ring…”  I turned around and smiled…and winked at Brock…and he said, “Oh really…this should be an interesting conversation with a 3 year-old walking with us.”  I said, “I promise it won’t be anything but interesting.”


As we walked down to the titan tron, Stephanie walked up and grabbed Jenny…and they sat down and watched the monitor…as we walked down the ramp…I said, “Who are you facing again?”  Brock said, “I’m tagging with Paul (Big Show) against some guys they brought over from Raw...”  I said, “This should be interesting...”  Brock said, “Yea…it should.” 


Chapter 19


We got in the ring and Brock sat me on the top turn buckle, and did his little extra warming up, stretching his muscles, while we were waiting for Paul to get to the ring.  Brock walked over and stood with his back to me…and as I massaged his shoulders and neck loose…I said, “I guess there’s one coming down on a motorcycle…I’m supposed to kick it over…”  Brock said, “Yea baby…the destructive phase of our relationship finally begins…”  I put my head down and started laughing…Brock had his head down laughing too…he can’t look like he’s breaking character…Paul got in the ring and said, “I heard what you said…that was just a sexy comment...destructive stuff turns me and Bess (Paul’s wife) on too.”  All three of us couldn’t help but have the giggles…


When I heard the music coming on and Brock said, “Okay…out ya go babe.”  I said, “Okay...”  Brock held the ropes open for me and I stepped through…and I stood on the outside of the ropes…and we talked a little…until I looked up and had this stunned looked on my face…and Brock said, “Babe?”  I pointed and he looked over and it was Glenn and Mark in their character…But this time Mark was riding one of his many Harley’s…and Glenn was walking behind him…I think it shocked the hell out of me more then them…when they saw me and Brock…I looked at Brock and said, “Kill ‘em.”  Brock nodded and leaned over and kissed my cheek and as Mark made his way around the ring and parked the Harley, I got off the ring and stood in Brock’s corner…


I didn’t know what was going to happen…there was a little trash talking to start it all off…and then the fighting got really serious…it was nothing but a huge brawl basically…I mean, they jumped script as soon as I kicked over Mark’s bike…Mark was pissed about it…he didn’t realize that I was supposed to do that…I did it just right, so it didn’t really do any damage to it…but he was pissed none the less…he kept glaring at me…and I knew he was just about to come after me…when Brock knocked him down as he was standing on the outside of the ropes…I walked close enough to find out if he was okay…but I had gotten way to close…Mark grabbed me and was going to choke slam me on the mat…he knew I could take it, cause he’d seen me take it from Big Show…


I gripped his hand and said, “Mark, DON’T…Please...Mark…no…”  Mark said, “You should of thought about that before you knocked over my bike…”  Mark lifted me in the air and slammed me down…and since I hadn’t done anything like that in a long time, my body wasn’t prepared for it…and I yelped…and rolled to my side trying to catch my breath…Mark just walked away like nothing happened…Brock got the pin on Glenn…and slid out of the ring…Brock stayed next to me…and said, “Katie…are you okay.”  I said, “No…it hurts…”  The EMT’s came out and set me on the stretcher…I stayed on my side…


Mark said, “You should have stayed away from my bike…”  Brock said, “Fuck your bike…that’s my wife…you dumb mother fucker…our 3 year old daughter just saw you hurt her mother.”  Brock ran at Mark and speared him into this bike back first and left him sprawled out on his bike….when we got to the back…they lowered the stretcher, cause Jenny was crying and came running over to us…I said, “Don’t cry baby girl…it doesn’t hurt much…”  Jenny was sniffling and said, “Promise.”  I said, “Yea…I promise.”  I whipped her tears away with my thumbs…


Chapter 20


About that time, Mark and Glenn walked through the curtain and Jenny got scared and said, “No Mommy.”  I sat up and she practically had me in a head lock…holding on tight as I was rubbing her back trying to calm her down…Brock got in Mark’s face and said, “Stay away from my family.”  I handed Jenny to Steph and stood up…regretting that right away as the pain surged in my kidney area…I said, “ENOUGH!…You are not going to get into some macho bullshit pissing contest in front of my daughter…Mark if you would have been going off the damn script you would have known I was supposed to kick over your bike you moron…and when I came over there…I came to check on you and make sure you were okay…what did I get for it…I got choke slammed…my kidney’s are killing me and you’re paying for my hospital bill.”


Stephanie put Jenny down and she came over and stood in front of me and she looked up at Mark and tugged on his pants…he drew his attention to her and looked down at her and said, “Something I can help you with little one?”  She looked mad…she said, “Leave my mommy alone…you big bully.”  She kicked him in the shin…


I couldn’t help but laugh…not like it really effected Mark…he squatted down as she ran behind me and grabbed onto my leg…and peeked around at Mark…he said, “God, you really are you’re mothers child…she’s got guts like you do…I’m sorry Kathy…I didn’t mean to hurt you…Hell I didn’t even know you had a kid.”  Glenn was standing there…and said, “Why didn’t you tell anyone?” 


I said, “Why didn’t you?”  He knew what I was referring to…he kept quiet after that...


Brock bent down and picked up Jenny and started to the dressing room…and I just stood there looking at both the men…I wanted nothing more then to hug both of them…but I wasn’t about to give in…they had missed 3 years of my life…and I honestly didn’t want them to miss anymore…I wanted them to know Jenny and have her grow up knowing Glenn and Mark both…


Against my better judgment…I looked at them one last time and walked away following Brock to his dressing room…I could hear Jenny squealing down the hall, cause Brock was tickling her...


I eventually let Mark and Glenn back into my life…I missed them a great deal…and they had a lot to catch up on…especially when I found out 2 days later I was finally pregnant again…Mark said Choke slamming me was a blessing in disguise…Because it was when he choke slammed me, I went to the doctor so they could check out my kidney’s…they were bruised a little…but they were fine…and they had had come back and told me about being pregnant…


I’m sitting here laying next to Brock, he’s rubbing my already growing belly…and I can tell he’s about to fall asleep…cause the rubbing is getting slower and slower…and I can’t help but think about everything that happened with Mark, Glenn and Brock…these guys are the most important men in my life…they are my family…and they mean the world to me…I always knew Mark and Glenn were monsters…I just never thoughts I’d end up marrying a monster and having a baby with him…well 2 babies now…


The End