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Royal Rumble 2000

Review #1

Well it is time for me to reveiw the Royal Rumble 2000. Yes the very one that happen just a few days ago. Let me say it was a excellent ppv. One thing you will notice is that there is no ramp and their is not much space between the ring and the entrance. O well on to the ppv review.

Match 1

Kurt Angle vs. Tazz:

This was Tazz debut into the WWF. So it was worth just to see that. He basically beat the crap out of angle. Using different suplexs and other moves. He ended the match by using his tazmission. But he didn't really win cause the move was illegal because it was a choke hold. Ok sure.. I guess tacks are legal and having almost eighty year old women strip on live ppv is legal. Still the match was interesting because it was Tazz debut into the WWF.

Match 2

Hardys vs. Dudleys:

This was a Table Tag team match. The match was really good. It had two things I didn't like. First the match should have been longer but it was 10 minutes. Also more tables should had been broken. O well those are both selfish wants. There was some really cool spots. Like when Jeff did a leg drop of the turnbuck and Matt did a elbow drop off the ladder onto Bubba Dudley who was on a table. Matt got thrown threw a table and Also Jeff went flying threw a table but since both of the moves were a offense's move the match continue on. Bubba powerbomb Matt through a table. This match had some vicous chair shots in it too. Jeff and Bubba brawled up to the balcony above the entrance way. There was four tables underneath. They were put two tables high but there were two sets of tables. Bubba took chairshots and fell backwards off the balcony through the table. Matt set Devon on the table. Jeff Hardy did a senton bomb off the balcony onto Devon who was on a table. Hardys won the match. This match was really cool defintely a must see match.

Match 3

1st annual Miss Royal Rumble Contest:

Let see the contests were Jackie, BB, Terri, Ivory, Luna, The Kat, and Mae Young. Trust me you think you want to see what happens in this but you don't really. I would advise watching it until Mae Young comes out. Then you must run or cover your eyes!

Match 4

Chyna vs. Chris Jericho vs. Hardcore Holly:

This was a good match. Nothing really that special. Chyna didn't really work hard at all. Chris Jerciho won. He is finally the sole intercontineal champion.

Match 5

New Age Outlaws vs. Acolytes:

This match was too short. It was less then three minutes. The New Age Outlaws won.

Match 6

Cactus Jack vs. Triple H -Street Fight-:

Match of the night in my opinion. This was a great brawl that lasted almost thirty minutes. A lot of brawling and hard hitting bumps in this one. Let see there were trash can and chair shots. Foley brought out a barbwire 2x4. They both got hit by it. Triple H was bleeding real bad from the head and a gash in his leg. Foley got backdropped through a announcing table. Foley got thrown into the steel steps twice real hard. Later Foley brought out a bag of a 1000+ tacks. He poured them in the ring. Foley was about to slam Triple on the tacks. Triple H reverse it and backdrop Foley on the tacks. Foley got up and got pedgree (not on tacks). Triple H went for the pin. 1...2... Foley kicks out. The crowd is going crazy. Foley gets up and run straight into another pedgree. This time he is pedgree into the tacks!!! Triple H pins him for the three to retain the world title. There are tacks close to Foley eyes! Triple H is being stretcher out and Foley is still laying in the tacks. Foley gets up and chases Triple H down. He pushes the stretcher into the ring. Triple H goes flying into the ring. Foley hits him with the barbwire 2x4 and Triple H goes down. Foley gives a bang bang and leaves. A awesome and excellent match.

Match 7

Royal Rumble Time:

This Rumble was okay. Nothing really special happen. The Rock won the rumble. Big suprise.

Reviewed by: William

Review #2

This was one of the best WWF PPV's in a while, maybe one of their best ever! It opened with a good debut for Taz choking out Angle, but then the show-stealer an insane table match between the Hardy's/Dudley's took place. SPOTFEST!!! So many good table bumps including a combo legdrop off ladder/splash off top to the outside, a wicked top-rope powerbomb through a table placed on the ring steps, Bubba receiving two hard chair shots that resulted in him falling off the balcony through three of four stacked tables, and the end came after the more over Hardy, Jeff, hit a Damn insane senton bomb off the balcony through a table!!!!(candidate for spot of the year!) After a few mid-card matches, we come to the first main event between Cactus Jack and HHH in a street fight! Pretty good brawl, but too slow. There were some awesome stuff including a HIGH backdrop onto thumbtacks and then a SICK pedigree into tacks sending tacks into Foley's eye and neck!!! The show came to an end after a decent rumble that saw Rock take the win(NO!) AWESOME SHOW!!!

Reviewed by: Sycho Sid

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