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Review #1

Main Event: Ryuji Yamakawa vs Tomaki (sp?) Honma in a barbedwire and flourecent lightbulb board, nail death match

EXCELLENT! Best deathmatch in mine and many other peoples opinion. First off, these two guys can actually wrestle, which makes the points in between each spot much more watchable. At the end, both men become bloody messes. Honma gets thrown into a barbedwire board and juices first. Outside, he takes a sit down tiger driver on a stack of chairs. Both guys go back to the ring and face off with lightbulbs, and from that point on the pace quickings. Both men hammer each other with lightbulbs, with Yamakawa taking most of them to the head! Honma then sets up a lightbulb board on 2 chairs on the outside, then tombstones Yamakawa off the apron and through it!! There are other bumps, but I don't wanna keep blabbering on. I give it 5/5!!

Reviewed by: Dave S.

Review #2

Good match but not as good as it's hiped.They break tons of tubes on eachother.Both Yama and Homna are bellding like pigs at the end.They only used the nail boards once.That kind of sucked.Very good.

Reviewed by: Steve

Review #3

I am only going to review the main event, which is a flourescent light board, barbwire board, nail barracade death match! This match is between two of the best death match wrestlers today, Yamakawa and Honma! It starts off with some good wrestling, but soon spills to the outside that has Yamakawa making a pile of about 15 chairs, and gives Honma a great Tiger Driver onto them, and Honma hitting a somersault plancha! We then get back to the ring where Honma takes the advantage after springboarding off the top-rope shattering a tube over his head! A few more exchanges occur and Honma is whipped through a barbwire board. The two then brawl again back into the crowd where Honma piledrives his opponent onto the floor and climbs up into the balcony. All of a sudden he is holding a flaming tube and jumps off hitting Yamakawa in the head, but it doesn't break so he quickly shatters it over his head after a second try! When back in the ring, Honma dishes out even more punishment after hitting a hurrancanrana off the top and through a barbwire board!!! They then later end up on the apron where Honma gives Yamakawa a great tombstone piledriver off through a light tube board on the outside!!! After a little while, Honma is laying on the apron and after three attempts, Yamakawa baseball slides him off onto the nails on the outside!!! The end then comes after a spinning reversed tigerdriver by Yamakawa! All in all, my favorite death match to date!

Reviewed by: Sycho Sid

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