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Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert
Biography: Mick Foley
IWA Mid-South DM tournment
CZW "Ultraviolent 99!

BJPW TV: 5/30/99

Review #1

Main Event: Ryuji Yamakawa vs Shadow WX in a no-rope barbedwire flourecent lightbulbs fire deathmatch.

Excellent match! Yamakawa takes bump after bump no stop. Many lightbulbs are broken and Yamakawa becomes a bloody mess. He gets powerbombed off the roof of a semi but bad camera work makes it looks fake (You don't see him actually fall). Later, a flamethrower comes into play but no one actually gets burned. Ryuji gets a broken lightbulb thrown at his back and it stabs him. For the rest of the match you can see the piece of glass sticking out! Ryuji also gets stuffed into a casket and it is set on fire! Each guy gets thrown into the flaming ropes, and Ryuji takes a sit-down powerbomb on a board of lightbulbs. A brutal match. I give it 4/5

Reviewed by: Dave S.

Review #2

The undercard for this event is pretty good, but nothing compared to the main event, a no-rope flaming barbwire, light tube casket match between Yamakawa and Shadow WX! Let me tell ya, Yamakawa bleeds like popped water balloon! Has some sick stuff in the match including a powerbomb OFF a semi, a sit-down powerbomb onto light tubes, and whips into the flaming barbwire ropes!

Reviewed by: Sycho Sid

Review #3

This is the famous match where Yama wins the belt.This match was ok but not as bloody as I hoped.First off they brawled around the outside for a while than brawled on a truck whhere there is a light tube casket and they break 2 or three over eachother before WX powerbombs Yama off the truck in a weak spot.The camera is on the other side of the truck so it looked fake.Than they brought out a flame thrower.It seemed like a cool idea but never used it.OK match but not that good.

Reviewed by: Steve

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