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History of Big Japan Death
Matches Volume 2

Shadow WX vs. Tomoaki Honma -Barbed Wire Barricade Match-
This was a good Death Match. Both of the guys took good bumps. They powerbomb each other off a small stage threw a barb wire board. Honma bled real bad from his face. he got his head wrapped in barb wire. bloody match. Real good thought.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Mr. Pogo -Fire Death Match w/ glass-
This is the same one from the Best of the Fire Death Match Tape. The Death Match Tournament finals for Big Japan. Nothing that cool happen. Matsunaga got thrown into a glass frame. He set his own arm band on fire and clothline Pogo. Pogo hit him with that scythe. Pogo throwns him into coffin. Pogo set it on fire. Pogo wins the match. Eventually people come in a put the fire out of the coffin. Matsunaga comes out of the coffin. Not as good as it should be. But worth seeing for the ending.

Shoji Nakamaki & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Jason the Terrible vs. Mr. Pogo & Shadow WX & Shadow Winger -Cactus Plant Death Match-
I donít remeber much from this match. It probably had some good spots. But Pogo is really good at messing up a match. Probably wasnít that good cause it left no impression on me whatsever.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Jason the Terrible -Barbed Wire Barricade Match-
This wasnít that bad. There was several good barb wire board spots. decent match.

BJW Ultimate Death Match 5-1-98
Wow another famous Death match. This is like a 4 on 4 match. With every stimpulaion in the book. Crazy.. Too bad the match is .. yes you guessed it.. CLIPPED! Highlight was Matsunaga throwing Shadow WX on barb wire net below scaffold. Then flipping onto him. Nakamaki took some light tube shots. Also Matsunaga got thrown off a balcony threw a table of t-shirts. Shadow WX jumped on him. Cool match.

Mr. Pogo vs. Shadow WX -No Rope Barbed Wire-
This match was a massacre. Shadow WX got killed. Barb wire got wrapped around him. Pogo hack away with his sickle. Real bloody. But a good death match!

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Shadow WX -Barbed Wire, Lightbulbs, and Nails-
Why! Why! are the best matches clipped! This match was clipped too. Matsunaga got piledriven onto a board full of light tubes. Matsunaga suplex Shadow WX threw a barbwire light tube board on a downstair ramp. Cool spot. Shadow WX powerbomb Matsunaga off a small stage through a light tuble board and bard wire board stacked on chairs. Would had been a cool spot but Matsunaga pretty much missed the board. The ending came with Shadow WX slamming Matsunaga on a nail board.. hard! It was cool looking. Matsunaga lose so he had to fight a dinky little alligator. He just picked it up and put it in a box. Really Cool Match here.

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Shadow WX -handcuffs on a chain match-
boring.. Abdullah looks real bad. Not a good match. Abdullah should retire while he is in good health..uh.. let me resay that.. while he is still able to think and move.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Yuki Ishikawa
boring stuff. Some non death match wrestler fights Matsunaga. Nothing special. Stiff shots and a barb wire bat.

Nakamaki & Jason & Kojika vs. Pogo & WX & Winger -Coffin Match-
Who cares really.. Nothing special here. It is wierd watching three guys get put into wooden coffin thought.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Shadow Winger -no rope barbed wire-
This was a good Death match. Good bumps on the barb wire and barb wire boards.

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Men's Teoh
Abby just beat up this poor guy. Poor guy looked in pain. Not a good Death Match.

Shadow WX vs. Ryuji Yamakawa -Barbed Wire, Fire, and Lightbulb Death Match-
This was pretty good match. Lots of cool spots. Light Tubes breaking. They battled on a trailer. Yamakawa got powerbombed off the trailer. You couldnít see it because of bad camera work. Yamakawa got back on top. He had a flamthrower.. Didnít use it thought. Yamakawa was trying to escape. Shadow WX threw a light tube at his back. It stuck in his back for a second or two. Gruesome scene. Later Yamakawa got thrown into a coffin. Shadow WX set it on fire. They put the fire out and Yamakawa got out. they battle in the ring. Yamakawa threw Shadow WX into the flaming barb wire ropes. He took out the side. I think Yamakawa did the same thing with the other side too. Shadow WX gave Yamakawa a sit down powerbomb onto a light tube board. Yamakawa won and got the Big Japan Death Match title. Real Good Match.

Final Thoughts:
This tape had some real good matches on it. But it had some sorry ones too. If they wouldnít have clipped some of the matches this tape would had been a lot better. Still this was a really good tape.

Reviewed by: William

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