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Best of Explosion matches

Review #1

This tape is ok but I don't advise on buying it if you have Best of Onita.The non Onita matches are great but watch in doses.

Reviewed by: Steve

Review #2

A pretty good tape! Do not make the mistake I did though by getting this and the Best of Onita tape, as this has most of his matches. It also has some really good death matches, including a brutal Tanaka/Hayabusa vs. Funk/Pogo exploding double hell barbwire match!

Reviewed by: Sycho Sid

Review #3

Great Nita & Tarzan Goto vs. Mr. Pogo & Hisakatsu Oya ( Double Hell Land Mines )
This match shows a early explosion Death match. Nothing special but still interesting to see.

Masato Tanaka vs. W*ING Kanemura
It only shows clips of this match. It look pretty good thought.

Atsushi Onita vs. Genichiro Tenryu ( Electrified Cage )
This match is slow. One guy isnít a Death Match wrestler! So it pretty much watch Onita get beat but slowly.

Terry Funk vs. Mr. Pogo ( Double Hell Glass Match )
This match wasnít that good but i liked it. Because Pogo got beaten bad by Funk. Funk beated him with a flaming chair several times. Also he blew fire at Pogo and he fell on the spider glass trap thingy. Pogo was really hurt. He couldnít get up. Worth seeing even though it isnít the a really good match.

Atsushi Onita vs. Great Sasuke ( Time Bomb )
okay match. The best part was when Sasuke went flying over the barb wire ropes. Other then that nothing special. The explosion at the end was cool.

Atsushi Onita vs. Tiger Jeet Singh ( Jungle Match )
The match was short and nothing special. The Jungle match is stupid concept. It is a exploding barb wire ropes match in the jungle with no crowd. The explosion were really loud thought.

Megumi Kudo vs. Shark Tsuchiya ( Double Hell Retirement Match )
This was a cool Death Match. Highlight was one of them getting powerbomb onto the explosions.

Onita & Gannosuke & Niiyama vs. Pogo & Gladiator & Hosaka ( Electrified Pool Water Match with bombs in the water)
This match was really cool. Defintely worth seeing. Lots of explosions. Pogo got sick wih this one. He used his weapons on Onita in a lot of different ways. Including cutting his stomach. A Cool Death Match and a one of kind match.

Hayabusa & Masato Tanaka vs. Terry Funk & Mr. Pogo(electrified barbed wire,exploding ring death match)
One of my favorite exploding death matches. Lots of cool stuff in this one. Tanaka get shredded by Pogo and his weapons. Real Sick! Hayabusa looks dead after the Time bomb goes off. But he is okay. Funk and Pogo blow fire at Hayabusa at the same time. Cool effect. A real cool exploding death match. Must see this one.

Onita vs. Hayabusa ( Time Bomb, barb wire cage match )
This was one of Onita many retirement matches. The explosions were really good. Esepecially when the time bomb went off. Hayabusa also did a moonsault off the cage. But he missed! Ouch that gotta hurt for sure. Another Explosion Death match that is worth seeing.

Onita vs. Pogo ( Double Hell )
The Pogo and Onita matches are classic. This one is one of the better ones. Good explosions. Another good match to see.

Onita vs. Pogo ( Time Bomb )
I donít remember this one being that good. I do remember that the final time bomb explosion was cool.

Final Thoughts:
This tape is good and bad. It shows how some the explosion matches are boring but some are good. This is the perfect tape for people who want to see what the Explosion Death Matches are all about!

Reviewed by: William

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