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IWA King of the Death match

Review #1

This is OK match but truly a land mark.The DMs are not that wild but the history behind this tape is amazing.If it weren't for this tourney I doubt if DMs would be as big as they are.The non tourney matches are great to.The Goto-Severn match is priceless.I was laughing my ass of when Severn went nutz.The thumb tack match between Ono and Nakamakie is an absolute classic.Great tape.

Reviewed by: Steve

Review #2

IWA King of the Death Matches: Some pretty solid death matches involving some pretty good bumps, including a sick powerbomb into tacks. Not the best, but a historic tape that has the talked about Cactus Jack/Terry Funk exploding barbwire board match! All in all, a solid show, but there have been better.

Reviewed by: Sycho Sid

Review #3

1. Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Mr. Gannosuke (Barbed wire barricade chain match)

I didn't care for this match. The highlight is probably Tiger choking Gannosuke while he is on the Barbwire board. Tiger won the match.

2. Terry Funk vs. Leatherface (Barbed wire barricade chain match)

This was a decent match. It had Funk and Leatherface climbing up a fence. Leatherface hit Funk with his Chainsaw (too bad it didn't have a chain on it). In the end Funk defeated Leatherface.

3. Cactus Jack vs. Terry Gordy (Barbed wire baseball bat thumbtack match)

This was actually a pretty cool match. Gordy hit Cactus with a barb bat a few times. Gordy gave Cactus several stiff punches to the head. Which caused him the bleed. Let see Cactus put his head on a tray of thumbtacks. Terry Gordy gave him a stiff kick to the head when his head was on the thumbtack tray. Cactus had tacks stuck in the side of his head. Cactus also got thrown off the top turnbuckle to the ground. Cactus was powerbomb on the Tacks by Gordy. Cactus seemed to had a good time. Cactus threw thumbtacks at Gordy. Cactus ddt Gordy on the Tack (don't worry no tacks pierce Gordy during this move). Cactus got the pin for the win. Cactus lays his head on the thumtacks again. Gordy stomps his head on the tacks again. Man Cactus most love pain.

4. Shoji Nakamaki vs. Hiroshi Ono (Barbed wire baseball bat thumbtack match)

Amazing match! This is Very Brutal, especially for the time period and such a simple match. I hope I can remember all the bumps. At the beginning They beat each other with the barb wire bat. Then they brawled everywhere for several minutes. Now we get to the big bumps. Ono does a german suplex move to Nakamaki on the tacks. Nakamaki back is covered in tacks! I think Nakamaki get thrown on the tacks again but don't remember how. Nakamaki powerbombs Ono on the tacks! Then he gives Ono a Foward Russian Leg sweep into the Tacks!!! Ono got tacks everyone in arms, legs, body, head, you name it! Nakamaki is not much better off thought. Nakamaki pins Ono for the win.

5. Kamakaze vs. Iceman

This is some Japanese Comedy wrestling match I think.. pretty much boring match.

6. Takashi Okano vs. Flying Kid Ichihara

Some crusier weight action here. Not to good. The crowd was dead. I fast forwarded it :).

7. Terry Funk vs. Tiger Jeet Singh (Barbed wire barricade glass crash death match)

Man I hate Tiger. Tiger beats the crap out of Funk the whole match. Funk fell on the glass barricade. Funk was screaming in pain. Tiger stabs Funk with his dinky sword. Later Cactus runs in. He try to hit Funk with the sword but misses and hit Tiger costing him the win. Funk wins!

8. Cactus Jack vs. Shoji Nakamaki (Barbed wire barricade spike nail death match)

Pretty cool match. Cactus Jack get thrown in the barb wire boards alot and pushed onto the nails severl time. The best bump in this match is when Cactus elbows drops Nakamaki who has the spike board on top! Cactus wins the match.

9. Headhunters vs. Silver King & El Texano

Actually a good match. Highlight is when the Headhunters powerbomb one of the guys and another is when one of the Headhunters jump out of the ring.

10. Dan Severn vs. Tarzan Goto (NWA title)

This match was actually exciting for a strange reason. Lots of brawling and mad chair throwing. Dan Severn wins it.

11. Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk (No rope exploding barbed wire land mine time bomb death match)

Here is the Historic match! Cactus and Funk start off punching each other. Both guys look about dead by this time (Remember this is their third deathmatch in less then a few hours). They use the barb wire throw each other into the barb wire a few times. Funk take a nasty fall onto a exploding board. Later Cactus is thrown onto another exploding board. Funk gets Cactus into the dreaded spinning toe hold. Tiger runs in and attacks Funk. Cactus and Tiger throw Funk into a exploding board. Tiger leaves. Cactus gives Funk a ddt and leaves the ring. The Time bomb is about to go off. BOOM! o the bomb was horrible. It looked like a cheap firework show or something. Crowded start to boo. Cactus comes back in the ring and he he is bleeding like mad. Funk back suplex Cactus onto a exploding board. Cactus gets up fast and goes outside the ring. Cactus brings a ladder in the ring. Cactus climbs the ladder and do a elbow drop on Funk. Trys to cover but only get a two count. Funk looks hurt. Cactus climbs the ladder again. Cactus face is completely red in blood now! Funk gets up and falls back into the ladder causing Cactus to fall off. He landing onto the barb wire ropes and then fell onto a barbwire board. Cactus rolls away and looks to be in much pain. Cactus pins Funk for the win. Cactus is the king of the Death match!

I recommend this tape for all death match and Mick Foley fans. Truly a Classic Tournament

Reviewed by: William

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