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Super J Cup 1995

This show, promoted by WAR, was one of the best major shows of 1995, arguably the best. Even though it was not as good as Super J Cup ~1st Stage~, it's among the best major shows of all time.

December 13, 1995:

1. Damian vs. Gran Naniwa. This match was below average. Damian is a better than average worker from Mexico and Gran Naniwa is a really good worker from the Michinoku Pro promotion. Even though it was pretty funny, there was too much comedy in this match. Damian did impersonations of many wrestlers. There were some pretty good Lucha Libre style moves in this match though. Naniwa won with a huracanrana after almost seven minutes.
Rating: *1/2.

2. Shinjiro Otani vs. Masaaki Mochizuki. This was a good match. Otani, the great wrestler from the New Japan promotion, carried Mochizuki to a good match. Mochizuki was better than average, but he was still inexperienced. Otani adapted really well to Mochizuki's shoot style. It was an exiting, but short match. Otani won with a leg submission after a little over four minutes.
Rating: ***1/4.

3. Ultimo Dragon vs. Shoichi Funaki. This was good. Dragon was the booker of this tournament. At this point Dragon was a great worker. He wrestled for the WAR promotion. Funaki was really good too. The early portion of the match consisted of some good mat wrestling. Dragon won with a Magistral after almost seven minutes.
Rating: ***.

4. Gedo vs. Masayoshi Motegi. This was an average match. Gedo, from the WAR promotion, was better than average, but Motegi was just average. Nothing really special here. Gedo made Motegi submit after almost seven minutes.
Rating: **.

5. Dos Caras vs. El Samurai. This match was better than average. Caras, the brother of Mil Mascaras, is from Mexico. He was already pretty old here, but still better than average. Samurai, from the New Japan promotion, was really good. Caras did a lot of rare submission holds in this match. In somewhat of an upset, Caras pinned Samurai after seven minutes.
Rating: **3/4.

6. Lion Heart vs. Hanzo Nakajima. This match was better than average. Lion Heart (Chris Jericho) is a pretty good worker from Canada. Nakajima is from the Michinoku Pro promotion, but he's an average worker. There were some good moves in this match. Lion Heart won with a Quebrada after almost seven minutes.
Rating: **1/2.

7. Jushin Liger vs. Gran Naniwa. This was a really good match. It was the first match in the second round. Liger, of course, is the great worker from New Japan who booked the first Super J Cup. The match built very well. Liger was great here. Naniwa attacked Liger immediately, but Liger gained control after a while. Liger did a beautiful elbow off the top rope. Naniwa came close to score the upset win a few times, but Liger showed his dominance. Finally, Liger won with a Northern Lights Drop after a little over nine minutes.
Rating: ***3/4.

8. Wild Pegasus vs. Lion Heart. This was a really good match. Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) was great. He was the winner of the first Super J Cup. This match was a battle between two Canadians. These two were both trained in the Hart family dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Some good moves in this match. Pegasus won with a tombstone from the second rope after almost 14 minutes.
Rating: ***3/4.

9. Ultimo Dragon vs. Shinjiro Otani. This was an excellent match. Both men were great and there was great crowd heat. They started off at a fast pace. Hot action in this match. Many near falls as well. There was a bizarre segment where they both no-sold each other's piledrivers. Dragon pinned Otani after a little over 13 minutes.
Rating: ****1/4.

10. Dos Caras vs. Gedo. This match was better than average. Caras did some rare submission holds again. There were some strange moments in the match where Gedo tried to unmask Caras and he momentarily unmasked Caras eventually. Gedo pinned Caras after almost nine minutes.
Rating: **3/4.

11. Ultimo Dragon vs. Jushin Liger. This was a great match. It was the first semi-final match. Both men were great. Great action and crowd heat. Plenty of hot moves and near falls. It built very well. It was great technical wrestling combined with some great highflying moves. When Liger was the booker of the first Super J Cup, he lost in the semi-final and now it was Dragon's time to do the job. Liger pinned Dragon after a little over 17 minutes. Great, the best match of the show.
Rating: ****1/2.

12. Wild Pegasus vs. Gedo. This was a really good match. Pegasus was great and carried Gedo really well. Pegasus did a huracanrana off the top rope near the end of the match. In quite an upset, Gedo won with a flying headbutt after a little over nine minutes. I don't like to see Pegasus lose to Gedo.
Rating: ***3/4.

13. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis. This was a really good match. It was a non-tournament match, a special attraction. All spots, but they were great highflying spots. They started with a short period of technical wrestling. When they started with the highflying moves, the crowd heat got really good. Rey Misterio Jr. was great and did many awesome highflying moves, including a huracanrana from the top rope to the outside. Psicosis was really good too and formed a good base for Misterio Jr.'s highflying moves. Misterio Jr. won with a huracanrana after almost ten minutes.
Rating: ***1/2.

14. Gedo vs. Jushin Liger. This was an excellent match. It was the final. Great performance by Liger. He carried Gedo to an excellent match. Liger showed his great ability to build a match and Gedo showed that he could be carried to a match this good. Good crowd heat in the match. Liger won with a top rope northern lights drop after almost 16 minutes.
Rating: ****.

Reviewed by: Pegasus Kid

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