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Best of Terry Funk in Japan
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History of the Explosion DM
Best of Onita Volume 1-3
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BJPW's Bloody Barbwire Best
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History of Big Japan Death
Matches Volume 1

Review #1

I didn't enjoy this tape very much.The tag matches are ok but I fast fowarded through almost all the singles matches.I was to pissed when they clipped the trampoline match.I can't recomend this tape at all.I would get BJ at Theyre Bloody BW Best.

Reviewed by: Steve

Review #2

I found this tape pretty entertaining! Has some pretty good death matches including the sick triple hell death match, a scorpion and cactus match, and a piranha match, but also has some really bad matches. I recommend getting the BJPW's Bloody, Barbwire, Best instead, as it has most of the matches and alot more.

Reviewed by: Sycho Sid

Review #3

Axl Rotten & Shoji Nakamaki vs. Kendo Nagasaki & Seiji Yamakawa ( Balloon Thumbtack Death Match )
Okay There is a regular ring. Above the ring is several huge balloons. After a certain time limit the balloons pop. Thousands of tacks come flying down. At first there was just brawling around. Then the tacks came down. Yamakawa took some good bumps on the tacks. But nothing that special. Because he had a lot of clothes on and the tacks were in not in big groups they were spread out. This match is unique for sure. Worth a viewing.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Shoji Nakamaki vs. Kendo Nagasaki & Seiji Yamakawa ( Barbed Wire Scaffold Free Fall Death Match )
Awesome match here. A lot of different spots with the barb wire board. At one point Matsunaga is hanging onto the scaffold. He is knocked off onto stacks of barb wire boards. Later they put Yamakawa on a table under the scaffold. Matsunaga jumps off the scaffold and dive through Yamakawa! Also Matsunaga hit Yamakawa straight in the face with his knee when he came down. This is supposely how Yamakawa lost his front teeth Awesome match, one of the best on the tape for sure.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Kendo Nagasaki ( Piranha Death Match )
This is a famous Death Match. It is not as deadly as it sound thought. This match wsa pretty stiff. A lot of spots with the barb wire board in this one. Matsunaga get thrown in the Piranha tank at the end. I pretty sure nobody got bite by a piranha for all the sadistic freaks out there. Matsunaga was rushed back to the locker room. He was bleeding real bad from his face. This is one of the matches even thought not that good. You have to see at least once.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Shoji Nakamaki ( Chandelier and Drum Death Match )
This match was cool looking but hard to see. Light bulbs were on the barb wire. Awesome looking. They would spark when one of the guys bump into to them. The bad thing was when the brawled in the crowd. You couldnít see anything. Good light bulbs bumps and barb wire bump in this one.

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga vs. Shoji Nakamaki ( Cactus & Scorpion Desert Death Match )
Another one of Big Japan classic Death Matches. This one wasnít really that good thought. There was big old cactusís in the corner. Also scorpions in a tank in the middle. This match almost put me to sleep. The scorpions are cool looking that is all I will say. O yeah Matsunaga got thrown in the tank and was held there for like 15 seconds.

Matsunaga & Great Kojika vs. Nakamaki & Yamakawa( Circus Barbed Wire Trampoline Scaffold Match)
This match was a classic. Too bad it is CLIPPED on this tape. I really wanted to see the whole match..

Nakamaki vs. Masahiro Chono ( Tokyo Dome)
This match was at some New Japan show I think. It was crappy.

Matsunaga & Yamakawa ( Fire Stones Death Match )
This was boring too. A few falls on the fire stones (heaters). Other then that boring.

Nakamaki & Yamakawa vs. Tarzan Goto & Mr. X ( Triple Hell Death Match...Barbed wire, glass, and thumbtacks)
This match was Brutal!!! Nakamaki get tacks stuck in his head by Mr. X. Goto falls onto tacks. Nakamaki get thrown in the glass frame. Goto rips Nakamaki arm all up with a piece of glass. Then he rips Yamakawa head up with it! Yamakawa takes a few bumps on the tacks and barb wire. At the end Yamakawa gives a vicous powerbomb to Mr. X on the tacks. Excellent Match, one of the best on the tape.

Great Pogo vs. Jason the Terrible ( Cage )
Cheap cage. Looks like a 10 year old made it... probably was a 10 year old too! The cage was like 7 feet tall. The cage started to fall apart. Lame match.

Nakamaki & Jason vs. Pogo & Shadow W*inger ( Street Fight )
Auggh this match is bad. Stay away.

Matsunaga & Nakamaki & Jason vs. Pogoís Army (Falls Count Anywhere)
Geez is this tape starting to suck really bad at the end or what?

Nakamaki vs. Pogo (Bunkhouse match)
This isnít any better then the last two. One cool thing. Three japan dudes blow fire on Nakamaki at the same time. Other then that it is bad.

Matsunaga & Goto vs. Nakamaki & Yamakawa ( lightbulb death match )
Awesome match. Barb wire light boards in each of the four corners. Everybody get thrown into them. Matsunaga takes some good bumps onto them outside the ring. Yamakawa get powerbomb threw a barb wire light board standing on two chairs at the end.

Final Thoughts:
This is a good tape for seeing some of the wildest death matches ever. The first half of the tape is really good. But the second half sucks majorly. Also not having the whole circus death match really was bad. I thought the tape was worth it to see some of the insane Death Matches that Big Japan has had.

Reviewed by: William

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