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ECW: Heatwave 98

Review #1

This is easily one of the best PPV's ever.A very solid card with brawls,high flying,and one of the best tag matches ever.It starts with an incredible match between Credible and Jerry Lyn(sp?).It has a Masato Tanaka-Mike Awesome classic,an amazing 6 man brawl between the Duleyz vs. Dreamer,Sandman,and Spike,a Taz-Bigelow showdown to the death (literally),and one of the best matches ever,Sabu and RVD vs. Hyabusa and some guy.Simply amazing.

Reviewed by: Steve

Review #2

This is by far my favorite ECW Pay-Per-View to date. It starts off with Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible in what will be their last match against one another ( Or so I was told ). Anyways, This match features some great high spots. Jerry Lynn gives an amazing Hurricarana off the top rope to the outside through a table on Justin Credible. But however, falls fate to the Tombstone piledriver off the top rope that looks like it nearly kills Jerry Lynn. What a match! Then, another grudge match between Lance Storm and his former tag team partner Chris Candido. Lance Storm and Candido both hit some great high flying moves. Lance Storm becomes victim of too of the most devastating powerbombs I've seen. The first when Candido reverses Storm's Hurracarana into a LigerBomb then The Blonde Bombshell that finishes Lance Storm and looks as if it finishes Lance's career. Nutz! Then you have Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome. This is where Mike takes his own Awsome bomb on his head to the outside of the ring and through a table. Awesome does some great high spots and on one of his springboard dives off the top rope and into the croud he slips on beer and nearly cracks his head open. Awesome is defeated by mTanaka at the end with the aid of his Tornado DDT onto two chairs. Great Match, unbelievable. Then of coarse the main event for Taz's unrecognized FTW world Title. This is truley an unforgetable match. Some cool spots are when Taz gives Bam Bam a stand up firemans carry to the floor. Also Bam Bam whips Taz into a table in the corner head first. Then Taz uses the remains of the table he went through an set it up again and gave Bam Bam an amazing T-Bone through the table. And of coarse the biggest bump where Bam Bam attemps to press slam Taz into the croud but Taz manages to DDT Bam Bam through the ramp. Taz seems to get the worst of it however as it is beleived he was crushed under Bam Bam. Bam Bams the first to get out of the hold. But then their is taz right behind him , he jumps on Bam Bam and forces him to tap to the Taz Mission. Shane Douglas is extremely upset and throughs a T.V monitor from the Commentators area and into the Stands. Great Match! And finally, the long awaited Dudley Street fight, The Dudleys vs. Dreamer, Sandman and of coarse Spike. Spike gets beat up alot and all caos breaks out and all 6 men battle it out outside of the ring. Sandman takes one of the three ladders that he and his partners brought to the ring, put it on D-von who was laying on the ring canvas, climbed to the top and did a soomersault onto it. It looked like Sandman was also quite hurt. Spike setup the largest ladder in the ring, climbed to the tippy top and Dove off to the floor and onto the Dudleys. Tommy Then DDTed Buh Buh Ray on a ladder and pinned him for the win. However, Just when Tommy thought it was over Jack victory hit the Ring and nailed Dreamer with the guitar. Then to even up the score out came New Jack with a ton of weapons, he nailed Buh Buh Ray with a stop sign and hit the other Dudleys with foreign objects as well. Sandman , Dreamer and New Jack climbed the ladders and rasied their hands up as Spike stood in the ring with his hands up as well. This ended what is to this day my favorite Pay Per View ever.

Reviewed by: Super Leather

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