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Cactus Jack in Japan

Review #1

This is one of the best tapes ever.It documents Mick Foleys romp through the world of grabage wrestling.The first match is one of the wildest death matches I have ever seen.I was amazed how Cactus made a simple no rope BW match into such a sick brawl.The matches with Goto are better than the Flair-Steamboat matches.The end street fight is urely fantastic.A must have to say the least..

Reviewed by: Steve

Review #2

1.Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk (no rope barbed wire death match)

This match is crazy, brutal, and violent. This Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack at its best folk. Let see lots of bumps in this one. Foley getting slammed, attempted a hangman, wrapped in it, and more into the barbwire. They brawled threw the seats. Throwing chairs everywhere. Cactus brought a flaming chair. Hit Funk with it. Funk hip toss Cactus on the Flamming Chair! Cactus hit Funk with the flamming chair to the bad. The match ended with Funk reverseing one of Cactus moves into a ddt. Funk then pinned Cactus for the win. After that they bleed everywhere and eventually crawl to each other outside the ring. They are about to shake hands when Cactus punches Funk and then piledrives him and leaves! This is one of my all time favorite death matches. Real intense action. O yeah this was in a gym in front of about 100 people how is that for extreme?

2.Cactus vs. Jumbo Tsuruta (All Japan 1991)

I actually enjoy this match. It showed Cactus doing a lot of his early trade mark moves. Too bad Cactus lost.

3.Cactus vs. Kenta Kobashi

This match is alot like the one above. Cactus lost this match. But this is the guy Cactus stoled the double armed DDT from.

4.Cactus & Leatherface vs. Shoji Nakamaki & Hiroshi Ono (no rope barbed wire thumbtack)

A pretty Death Match good match. Nothing really special stands

5.Cactus & Crypt Keeper vs. Nakamaki & Leatherface (no rope bricks death match)

Another good Death Match. The only highlight I would say when Nakamaki threw Cactus into the barb wire and he took the whole side out.

6.Cactus & Tracy Smothers vs. Terry Funk & Nakamaki (no rope barbed wire)

Just Clips of this match.

7.Cactus vs. Masanabu Karisu

I never watched this match.

8.Cactus vs. Nakamaki (thumbtacks)

Just Clips of this match (Looked pretty good from the clips thought)

9.Cactus vs. Tarzan Goto

This was a good wrestling/brawl match. Let see Cactus got stab by a knife. Beating with a chair. O yeah Goto broke a bottle over his head. Excellent match.

10.Cactus & Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Terry Funk & K. Yamada (street fight)

Didn't watch. Any match with Tiger in it is off limits too me. Can't stand the guy.

11.Cactus & Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Goto & Mr. Gannosuke (street fight)

"read above"

12.Cactus vs. W*ing Kanemura (Carribean barbed wire spider net glass crash death match)

This was a real cool Death Match. Both guys took a lot of bumps on the glass/barbwire. The highlight to me was for some unknown reason Cactus started picking up glass and throwing it into the ring. That guy is nuts!

13.Cactus & Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman & Raven (bonus fan cam extreme death match)

Good Brawl from ECW. Highlight was when Dreamer and Cactus was on top section of the seats in the gym. And they both were thrown down them to the gym floor (actually they rolled down them).

14.Cactus & Funk & Gladiator vs. Onita & Kanemura & Tanaka (street fight match)

Real good brawl. Tables, chairs, and Fire was in this one. This is the only match that had Cactus Jack and Onita in the same ring.

This tape is really good for people that want to see Cactus Jack best stuff from Japan. I really like this tape , probably because I am a big Foley fan but sure anybody else would like this tape too!

Reviewed by: William

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