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Thank you very much for being here.
If there were any other way I could keep this page going
I would. All that I ask is that if you could help
please do. My story below and thank you again.

I'll try to be as brief as possible.

After the tragic lose of my dear wife in November my life changed dramatically. I tried to cope with it but unfortunately, my state of mind could not cope with the reality that took place. If you read my link "about A3 website" on my start page you would see that I haven't changed my info to reflect that I live alone now.

On of my "Screaming Parrots" repeats to me every morning as she did on the morning after my wife's death, "Where's Mama?".

I guess this took to much of a toll on my health as I have developed pancreatic cancer.

The doctors in the various hospitals I've been staying in told me that there wasn't very much hope of recovery. There is no life or health insurance and after my wife's funeral and paying for the doctors I am just about homeless.

After going to Imperial Point Hospital, Coral Springs Hospital, and Northridge hospital I found on recommendation a fine specialist in Miami Jackson Memorial hospital. This man was Dr. Levi. After consulting with him finally, there was a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, even though I paid the Dr. office in cash, the hospital would not allow me the operation as I wasn't a resident of Miami.

I had to start all over again!

I found another Dr.

This was Dr. Donoway. He is also a specialist in this type of operation and he gave me much hope. Dr. Donaway is a fine man and he gave me some hope of recovery. My operation was supposed to be scheduled for July 11th.

I was told I could get financial add my checking in for a care card at the location that took care of the memorial hospital that Dr Donoway practiced at. Unfortunately, the location of the hospital was in Hollywood Florida and even though it was in Broward County that I resided in it was just a bit too far south. I had to start all over again.

While I was in Imperial Point hospital, the hospital sent in a request for financial aid for me without my permission. The letter arrived when I was in Northridge hospital. I had to be sent back within 10 days. It was not because of my absence and I was told I had to wait a year before I could request help.

I'll try to get through this somehow but being faced with being homeless in about two months, my illness, and no money coming in from my job,(and thats another story) the future looks bleak.

I don't know how much longer I can keep this website alive much myself.

If you like A3 and can afford to give, please do. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. I will personally thank you in an email and update you as to my progress though this illness.

God be with you and thank you for reading this.

Bob Francese, Webmaster
Thank you in advance.
Please! ANY AMOUNT would be greatly appreciated!
The fate of A3 is in your hands.
Please click on the donate box and give if you can afford to and thanks again.

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