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Gulf Breeze Trip - July 2003
In the month of July I took a trip through the south east on vacation and research. Being that I was so close to the famous Gulf Breeze Florida, I decided to take a detour and find out if there was any UFO activity.
On the way I passed this little bar about 10 miles from Gulf Breeze.
I stopped and visited this little bar and asked the locals if they encountered any ufo activity but everyone was closed mouthed.

At any rate after going on to Gulf Breeze I found nothing. I talked to several people but it was if there were never any sightings there. After speaking to a older gentleman I was informed that there were meetings of a ufo club somewhere once a month.
I searched the town stores for any ufo memorabilia but found nothing.

Leaving the following evening I did spot some strange activity heading south. There were strange lights in the sky flashing on and off.
The most amazing was what I thought to be a tower light.
I noticed several tower lights around me as I drove and when I saw this particular light, I thought it was just another beacon.
As I got closer to it I noticed that it was too high to be a tower light. To my amazement the light glowed very bright emitting several beams of gold light in all directions.
In the center of the glowing light I could clearly see a round white sphere.
A moment later the sphere descended vertically leaving a short sparkle trail and disappeared.
Unfortunately, my cameras were in the trunk of the car and their were no shoulders to pull the car over on.
I don't know what it was but I know what it wasn't, firework, tower, airplane headlight or helicopter

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