As a child, my family were creative people who desired that a love for the arts would flourish in my life! My father, an attorney in corporate law, loved to travel, and lived in Europe for several years. His law practice encompassed Hawaii, Alaska, Illinois and Arizona. He saved my drawings and paintings in a file drawer at his office. Dad was devoted to learning and spent a good portion of his life obtaining an education, working in Hawaii.

My Mom was always one of my mentors in the arts! Her sense of color made an incredible impression on me! Our apartment on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle was decorated with fresh Hawaiian flowers, barkcloth drapes, and Renoir prints. My mother never purchased the type of books that people frequently buy for children, that are filled with cartoons. She loved realism, selecting those with beautiful drawings, paintings or photographs.

Her mother was born and raised in the South Pacific. As a child I was intrigued with my grandmother's sewing skill as she made barkcloth drapes and clothing for my mother. Mom was a legal secretary for law firms, and sold Polynesian jewelry by ML Stewart on the side. She studied fashion design, and sold antique art prints and other vintage items to boutiques in downtown Seattle. The multi cultural background of my family has definitely influenced my painting style, and I enjoy painting island, European and Asian themes.

Life in the seaport city of Seattle, Washington, where the annual rainfall intensifies the colours has been an inspiration. When I was small, I also spent time with friends that owned a flower farm where flowers were raised commercially, from pansies to dahlias that grew in rows, higher than my head. A number of family members painted. My Uncle Tony's wife, Lillian; was an artist, and as a child I can recall scenes she'd painted in her home. My grandmother was an artist in oils. The light of New Zealand's North Island where her family owned a dairy farm in the 30 Mile Bush, had to have been incredible, together with it's plethora of voluminous clouds, fiery volcanos, seascapes, landscapes, flowering exotic trees and tropical shrubs, and exotic birds. Her Danish family colonized there in the 1800's. My sister enjoys Chinese brush painting. Our cousins painted. One worked for Disney Studios. Another was an artist that owned her own gallery. I was trained in china painting, and I paint in watercolour, acrylic and oils, however oil painting what I love to do most.

The Snohomish River Valley where I currently live and work, is a feast of impressionist colours. Our studio has been on the Everett Register of Historic Places since 1990-91. The home and work space was once owned by paper mill boss, Frank R. Killien. I love where I live and that painting is my line of work.

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