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Yeah, here's the Atari 2600 section. Enjoy it or hate it, it's up to you.
Atari 2600
  • A-Team, The - This topic is, obviously, about Mr. T. It is a full ten pages long, and they aren't linked inside because I am lazy. Just be glad you're getting links here, because this is a lot of work too. Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

  • Alpha Beam With Ernie - This topic is called "Keepin da Karma flowin..." and was made by Sailor Bacon. This one was made back when you needed to post to get karma, as making secret boards to get said karma was the style at the time.

  • Atlantis - Here is Solo's fine topic about finding Atlantis. Maybe you'll find enjoyment in reading this topic! Or even better, maybe not! There are two pages without adjusted links. Pages: 1 | 2

  • Berenstein Bears: Great Letter Roundup - Here is a short and largely uneventful topic. I don't remember if I had a system for deciding which topics to upload or not, but it's been uploaded for three years without a link. But no more!

  • Beany Bopper - The title of this one is You're all going down!, and the topic creator is Smed. It's got stuff going on in it, see for yourself. Just one page.

  • Beany Bopper - Oh no, two topics for Beany Bopper! The title of this one is hmm, well, since i hope we are all cool here.... This topic isn't nearly as good as the other one, but it is one day older. This is a multi-page topic, but I only have the first page.

  • Bear Jam - Here is a nice topic created by and apparently donated by Sandy Bear. Watch out for that crazy old Protective Steve! It was a year old when saved, although it is only one page long.

  • Berzerk - Another fairly short topic, but it sure is a delightful romp through topic land. It was created on 9/13/2001, and has a nice first post by everyone's favorite poster, RdDragon! I wonder why none of the rest of these links have the topic start date. You'd think that would be useful, wouldn't you?

  • Bionic Breakthrough - Here is a nice old topic that starts with a story that I later learned involved killing me. It's all right that I didn't notice at first, though, because it gave me a chance to beat RdDragon to posting one of the RdDragon catch phrases.

  • Bouncing Baby Monkeys - Who doesn't love a nice bouncing baby monkeys topic? Hold on, I have the best news ever for you. Are you ready? This topic is one of the ones that was unlinked for three years, but it actually has the pages linked so I don't have to go through the trouble of listing the pages here. That sure was considerate of past me, I will remember this if I ever get a time machine. There are two pages, by the way.

  • BurgerTime - I had completely forgotten about this topic, but adding it now reminds me that I am angry. Thanks to LiMiTeDmOoN (thanks copy and paste!) in this topic, I missed the ball that I was looking forward to for over two years. Don't ever eat here, the service is terrible.

  • Burning Desire - Here is another of Solo's old topics. Be sure to catch the reference to Name This Game here, where you'll note that Solo does not deny that the board is called "Pie." This means it is an undisputable fact.

  • Cat House Blues - Here's the Cat House Blues board, with a pretty old topic entitled "meow!" and made by The Great Mon. It was closed along with a lot of older topics in August of 2002, I don't know why.

  • Changes - Created by Solo, this was once a topic on a web site called "GameFAQs." Unfortunately, I only have one of the three pages.

  • Chase the Chuckwagon - This is a great topic that should have been linked to years ago. It is full of good and useful facts, so educate yourself by reading it! Note - Smed was wrong to downplay the accuracy of a theory, but then again Smed is always wrong. I have only one page.

  • Checkers - Witness a thrilling match of checkers between two of the finest checkers players to ever live. Infinite Rebirth vs Kinnison: this time, it's personal. I won't spoil it for you, but the results are on page two. Unfortunately, I only have the first page. Just kidding, here are the pages: Pages: 1 | 2

  • Chuck Norris Superkicks - This topic features an essay on one of Chuck Norris's favorite authors: Mark Twain. If you've ever wanted to learn about this author, this is the topic to read.

  • Communist Mutants From Space - This is one of my favorite Solo topics. It has it all: communists, mutants, space, and Smed being wrong about things (as always). Two unlinked pages, again due to laziness. Pages: 1 | 2

  • Forest - This is a nice old topic, one of my early favorites. It is two pages, even though there are no links on the first page. That's good, because it gives me a good excuse to put the links here. But page 2 isn't very noteworthy, so I probably should have just tricked you and only put page 1. Maybe I've done that before? Pages: 1 | 2

  • Frogs and Flies - This is one of the oldest topics that I've posted in. It was a nice topic at the start, but it started to get flooded at the end of page 4, and was closed just into page 6. Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

  • Gogo Home Monster - This is another of my favorite old topics. It is the second topic, but I don't seem to have the first. I thought I did, but I can't find it. I've got two full pages, but nothing of page 3. Pages: 1 | 2

  • Hangman - Everyone loves a game of hangman, so here's a nice topic with several games. Note: my games are better than everyone else's. Also, the first one and the last two are never revealed/confirmed in this copy of the topic. I don't remember what the answer was to my last one, either, so we'll probably never know.

    Update: The answer to the first puzzle is now confirmed.

  • Introduction To Programming - oK, this one has a title of Does Anyone Use This Board? and was created by Objective Chrome. It's a pretty old topic and has one of my older posts of the topics I've saved. Yay. (one page again)

  • Name This Game - Title: Atchoo, creator: Solo. Some classic arguments over what the name of the board should be AND the origin of Smed. I only have the first page, but in the end we all agreed to call it pie.

  • Pac-Man - Title: Pac-Man rules!!!!!!!! All Hail Pac-Man or suffer!!!! HAHAHA, creator: pastaman44. Nice title, huh? I only have one page of this one, which is too bad, because all of the good stuff was on the second page. Ha, just kidding, the second page was boring. But the first page, that's wonderfully apple. It just purged in mid-July of 2002, so it was almost to a year old.

  • Pogoman - Created by AmericanPsycho, called Welcome.... I'm not sure why I saved this one, but it's gone now so I'm glad I did. It, um, has some posts, not 50 of them, but a lot.

  • Tanks But No Tanks - Here's a nice topic, made by ibinsane with the title "What the?." It was almost a year old, until LiMiTeDmOoN let it die so she could take over the delicious board. For shame.

  • Wall Ball - This one's title is *Bounces Ball off the wall* and is authored by wallsofspinark. That was a pretty fun topic, but it kind of bottomed out by the end. It's not a full page, but it isn't yellow either.

  • War Zone - The topic is called I claim this board in the name of....ME. and the author is called Terra Ryzing. There were a bunch of these back in that September, but I think this is the only one I have saved. The talk is mostly about operating systems, but the intentions are pure gold. Gold and apples.

  • Wolf Fighting - This topic, called Hmm..., was created by zeldagirl. She had a lot of topics in the Atari 2600, but many are purged now. Like this one. It's not a very full page, but you are. You heard me.

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