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This section, the one here that you're reading, is for the special boards. These are the secret, linkless boards that don't show up in the search engine that were made just for finding. The first four (Spork, Spatula, Eggbeater, Semprini, and Toaster Oven) were created around the start of 2002, January 2 as near as I can tell. Then later two more, (Brilliant and Board ***) were made, so they'll be in here too. For this page, I'll list the topics by their title, or something close to it, because the apple told me to. And I'll take the board numbers out of the topics, so people who haven't found them can't find them using this.


  • HA, I found a fifth board - This topic was made by SouthB when there were only four special boards, and is of course referring to Toaster Oven. I won't go into detail about Toaster Oven, as it's top secret, so all you need to know is that it's the real 5th special board. I have all 10 pages, and they're all linked up, so have fun with it. But not too much fun.

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