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Welcome to the Archives of the NEC systems. What are the NEC systems you ask? No, they're not apples. They're that little console inside of all of us, the one that screams out "No, don't eat that!" when you're about to step in a puddle. NEC PC-FX! NEC Turbo CD! NEC TurboGrafx 16! The three unite to fight crime, and evil. You see, crime isn't always evil, so it's an important distinction. Fine, take your links, but the next time you're not being brutally murdered in your home, maybe you should stop and thank the NEC consoles, oK?
TurboGrafx 16

  • Dragon Egg !: The title is Space between "Egg" and "!"..., and it is made by me because I'm special. The board used to have a space between "Egg" and "!," but it was fixed at some point, which I thought was pretty mean. Yeah, and it was closed somehow, but for some reason I only saved page one. The second page was boring anyway, though.

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