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Ha, this is the apple systems area. Get it? Apples? Yeah, well, unlike apples, this system doesn't taste good. But it is the home of the Crypt of Scum, so it all evens out. Now go read the apple topics, and enjoy them.
Apple II

  • Gelfling Adventure - I only saved this one because it was closed, so it's probably boring. I don't really remember, and apples if I'll set foot in there again. But what's weird about this one is the ads actually show up like normal, so that's a first. It must be because I just saved it recently...
  • Crypt of Scum - This is the visitor topic at the Crypt of Scum (I fixed the typo in the title), made by RdDragon (he likes apples). It lasted a long time until it was closed at 500 early because SouthB was impatient. So, here's the archive of it. It's a good example of a typical Crypt topic.

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