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I know what you're thinking, why is there a section for non-secret boards on a secret board archives site? Well, some things that aren't on secret boards have a lot to do with secret boards, so I figured I should put those kind of topics here. But then I had some other topics sitting around in my hard drive, so I thought I'd throw them in for absolutely free as a bonus to you. Just like in those infomercials. That way you can see some cool topics that you may have missed, and some boring stupid topics I saved on accident. And some of this stuff isn't even a topic at all, but all, other stuff. Bon appatit!
Home Page

  • September 19, 2000 - This is the GameFAQs homepage, like an old version of it. I don't know why I'm putting this here, but it's already uploaded so I have to put a link to it. This is the first thing from GameFAQs that I ever saved, and it isn't an apple. Yep.
  • August 20, 2001 - This one is even more pointless than the last one, it's almost exactly how it is now. Don't look at this one, you'll be wasting your time. Don't click it, move on to the next section.

Current Events

  • 180 Day Topic Closings - Well, back at this time CJayC was thinking of having topics older than 180 days old automatically close, and there were some topics arguing over it. This is one of those, and I actually have both pages of the topic this time! CJayC decided not to autoclose the topics, thankfully, so we still have our secret boards out there.
  • CJayC Modded - This is the topic that CJayC was modded in. I didn't get there before the message was modded, but even if I had I probably wouldn't have saved it, so you'll have to settle for the after stuff. They explain what the message was about though, so it's almost as good.
  • Text Change - Hmm, seems like a lot of the topics I saved involved CJayC doing things, but I didn't save a lot of stuff back then. This is was a topic where CJayC changed the text size on one of his posts to prove his identity. So, uh, if you want to take a look, I won't hold it against you. Oh, also notice that my rank is 7, from the old system. That was cool.
  • Text Change in Meta-Mod - This is the same message as above, but in meta-mod. I actually used that every once in a while back then, and I saw this, so I decided to save it, I guess. Now you can click the link with your left mouse button (or only mouse button if you're shafted with a mac) to access it, and thus view it. Or you could tab to it and hit enter (or "return"), if that kind of thing is more you.
  • Petition for Something - This topic, made by GregNorc isn't that great on its own, but you have to see it for the next one to make sense. I couldn't decide what order to put them in, but since this one was created first, I thought I'd put it first. See that, they're both firsts. oK, just read it and look confused.
  • Shadotak Mocking The Other Topic - This is a topic that Shadotak made to make fun of GregNorc's topic up there. It's funny, right? Yeah, well, if it doesn't make sense be sure to read the other topic like I told you to. Jerk, not listening to me...
  • Another Topic with Shadotak - In this topic from the same day as that other one, things happen. I'm sure it's all interesting and Shadotak posts in it, so you can read it and whatnot. I don't know why I have all of these Shadotak topics, but oh well. Great description, right?

Other Stuff

  • The Crypt Topic List - Here's the topic list for the crypt from some random day. I only saved it because it did that thing where it doesn't load the style sheets, but that doesn't show up when you save it, as I learned. But it shows some topics on the Crypt, most of which are long gone and unsaved. Enjoy?

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