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Last Updated: September 12, 2005

I had forgotten all about this site, but now I remember it. There were a lot of topics that I uploaded in 2003 but never put links to, so all I did in this update is add some of these links. I'm about half-way done with Atari 2600, and I'm not sure how long it will be before another update to finish this up. I think there were more topics that I was going to upload as well, so hopefully I get around to doing that someday.

Oh no, I deleted some text here. All of the rest of this is really old text that I refuse to read, so continue reading this page at your own risk.

The following sections have at least one topic:

Atari 2600, Other Atari Systems, Apple Systems, NEC Systems, Special Boards, and Non-Secret Boards.

The rest have nothing in them worth looking at, and the all and everything sections aren't started yet, either. So, I'll have this paragraph here and updated until everything is done.

Yeah, so this is a whole secret board archives thing that I thought I'd make. This way I can, like, save secret boards, and have an archive of them. And then you can see secret topics, topics that are purged. It's like magic without the stupid bunny that no one really likes, even though we all pretend to tolerate it. Stupid bunny...

I'm only going to put up topics that have been purged, to protect the secrecy of the board and because there's no reason to archive a topic that still exists. You can send me any good purged topics that you have saved if you want, and I might even put them up. Send them to [email address that I'll put here later].

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