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These are some links to other sites, possibly GameFAQs related. I'm only putting this section in here because all of the cool sites do it, and my site will seem cooler by association if I have a links section, too. Don't you wish you were as cool as this site, now?


  • GameFAQs - Chances are you've been there before if you're reading this, because otherwise all of this probably wouldn't matter to you. It's where all of the pages here comes from, contrary to the popular belief that the stork brought them.
  • The GameFAQs Nostalgia Project - I have to put ColdFusion's site next, because I'm basically copying him. This is an archive of a bunch of topics from GameFAQs, but few if any are secret boards. That's the difference between his site and mine. I copied his banner background, too, so suck on that, CF.
  • GameFAQs User Information Site - This is Crono LV99's self-explanitory site. It's got a lot of the members' birthdays, and more information on some. There's a link section there, and that's where I got the idea for this link section.

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