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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® Play-by-Post Adventure Archive


Side discussions and interludes not run by the GM are listed by bullets.

  1. Enter the Engineer
  2. The Empty City
  3. The Double Helix Depository Building
  4. History Lesson
  5. The Flight to S-Tower
  6. Misery Loves Company
  7. Noble Objectives
  8. Tortoise on Its Back
  9. The Central Elevator
  10. "This Might Be Hell"
  11. A Tale of Two Ambushes
  12. Plants Suck
  13. Second Mutiny
  14. Birds of a Feather
  15. Command and Control
  16. Never Accept Gum From a Stranger
  17. SynthCorp
  18. Demons and Demigods
  19. The Professor and His Assistant
  20. Engineering (in progress)

[Portions of some posts are inspired by the following works, among others:


Dramatis Personae

in order of appearance...

Player Characters

links to current stats...

Zhaxier Cole
Mutated Humanoid, played by zhaxier
Exarch (NPC)
Engineering Robot, played by darksonprime
Biff Jenkins (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by kurtgrubbins
Herman Penderchuck (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by herman_penderchuck
Deidre (NPC)
Mutated Humanoid, played by sarpip1
Willem van den Broek (NPC)
Mutated Animal (Chimpanzee), played by ubersmokemonkey
Hershey Jenner (NPC)
Mutated Humanoid, played by janforbes4700
Christine Walken (NPC)
Mutated Humanoid, played by renauldrapp
Nicolaglee Bonobusey (NPC)
Android, played by plutoniumblondenapecity
Bud Asuda (NPC)
Mutated Humanoid, played by mikejohnson_lordofdance
Marcus Carter (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by eirias3
Christmas (NPC)
Mutated Animal (Cat), played by shindorim7
Engineering Robot, played by gglassdr

Non-Player Characters

Ghost of Warden (another picture)
Omniscient caretaker of Warden and her resident biota.
Spiritual leader of the Lewis and Clark Park village.
Lynn Margulis
Zhaxier's "wife" from the village.
"Goodnight Gorilla"
Hostile security robot guarding the Double Helix Depository Building.
Lynn's bodyguard.
Darien M. McClain
Strange man in the elevator.
SynthCorp's "Meet and greet" robot.
Professor Clark Asimov
Applied mathematician working at Gynex Research.
Alexandra Kain
Veterinarian working as Prof. Asimov's assistant.
Redrum, ASCII-101, TRex and Unix-301
Worker robots in Engineering.

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