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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden





Other Stats


Physical Mutations
Heightened Balance
Will never fall into a pit, trip over a rope/wire, or land any way but on the feet; can climb sheer walls, can traverse 0.5" suspended ropes without falling (if undisturbed).
Heightened Dexterity
Dodge/jump/shift body faster; AC 1 when unencumbered.
Heightened Hearing
Sense and identify sounds, 200' radius (through/around solid objects). Never surprised.
Mental Mutations
Heightened Intelligence
+4 MR, increased ability to figure out ship technology, capable of speech.
Illusion Generation
Can create audiovisual/olfactory illusions in the minds of other beings within 100' (the illusions can only be disbelieved by touch).
Can transfer self up to 3mi away; 25% chance of 10d6 dmg on arrival if destination has not been memorized for at least 8 hrs.
Double Effect of Physical Forces
Body is so fragile that all damage is doubled.
Fear Impulse: Canines, Large Bodies of Water
Cannot look for any reason at canines or large bodies of water without feeling total fear and running away, dropping everything in haste.





Christmas is a smallish short-haired female with white paws and underbelly, black tail, back, hood and mask.

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