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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden


Christine Walken, M.D.



Other Stats


Physical Mutations
Heightened Vision
Can see clearly up to 1mi; can also see in the IR and UV wavelengths.
Heightened Dexterity
Dodge/jump/shift body faster; AC 1 when unencumbered.
Mental Mutations
Dual Brain
Mutant has two brains, allowing faster artifact recognition; mental attacks that affect only one brain are ineffectual.
Mental Paralysis
Can override nerve centers of another being, causing nonmovement; if maintained for over 3 melee turns, the victim will die.
Telekinetic Arm
Ability to project a tangible arm with 18 STR (range 50yd, 1-6' above ground); the arm cannot be hit by nonpowered weapons. and must always be visible to the mutant.
Poor Respiration System
Mutant is weak and has no endurance: after 5 melee turns' fighting, mutant must rest or will faint for 1-2hrs.
Fear Impulse: Triskaidekaphobia
Cannot look at, hear or count the number 13 without feeling total fear and running away, dropping everything in haste.



Originally from Madagascar, Christine finished her medical residence in Buenos Aires, then lived as a survivalist in the Amazon basin for 10 years. Tired of the lifestyle, she emigrated to Ceres, joined the Shang Francisco Institute (a medical subsidiary of the United Western Starship Cartel) as an apprentice to the Genetic Studies Group. After several years, she grew restless again and used some contacts to secure a position aboard Warden.



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