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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden

Interlude: What's Up on Level 14?


Meanwhile, Elsewhere on Warden...

[Exterior Shot: track downward to small village outside the City, eventually zooming in on a small but well-cultivated turnip patch near a long row of identical huts. Pan to a man leading a small brown pet monkey on a long leash. The man seems to be wearing plain handmade clothes, and he has a slight smirk on his face as if he is up to some trickery.]


"C'mon boy, this is the spot, right here. That's a good boy, do your dirty sinful business."

[Lengthen depth of field to the hut behind Marshal. A man at its door spots Marshal and his monkey in his turnip patch and rushes out to confront him.]


"Well, howdy, Marshal. Nice to see you there... in my turnip patch... with your monkey."


"Oh, oh, ooh, bad monkey! Look at that, right in Unsal's turnip patch. Now how could you do such a thing?"

He says quietly to the monkey, "Good boy, don't stop now."

Back to Unsal, he continues, "Bad monkey, I have warned you of such bad acts. You'll have to be punished."

He discreetly nods for the monkey to continue.


"Hey, buddy, get his paws outta my patch! If you're not gone from my turnips by the time I return with my shovel, I'm gonna liberate your favorite organ. I'll even let you choose. Or, you can leave my turnips alone, and you won't have to worry about that decision. It's up to you." He leaves in a huff.


He says softly to the monkey, "Good boy, don't stop the music. Revenge is a dish best served, um... hot."

[As if on cue, Marshal tries to add something funny of his own, but he's too late. The camera fades out on the poor Marshal, even as he tries to sing his monkey-written theme song, We Are Monkeys:

["People think they're funny when they haven't the wit,
Others think they're gorgeous but inside they feel shit,
Many think they're brainy but they haven't a clue,
And I think I'm clever cuz I'm singing this to you."]

[Sound fades out.]

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