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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden


Willem van den Broek



Other Stats


Physical Mutations
New Body Parts
Four fully opposable thumbs (hands and feet)
Heightened Dexterity
Dodge/jump/shift body faster; AC 1 when unencumbered.
Mental Mutations
Heightened Intelligence
+4 MR, increased ability to figure out ship technology.
Translate other beings' thoughts/emotions and transmit own thoughts/emotions to other beings 25' away.
Repulsion Field Generation: 18 hits max/day
Can project (up to 50') an invisible wall impenetrable by physical objects (until it takes over its max in physical damage) that can also surround and trap other beings. Must remain motionless to maintain the field; otherwise it may dissipate unexpectedly. May deactivate field at any time, but it returns at its previous strength if less than one day's time has intervened. If it takes max damage, it dissipates immediately and the mutant must rest for a day before projecting another.
When not wearing glasses, mutant will be reduced to stumbling along and will suffer 50% decrease to hit in physical attacks.
Fear Impulse: Pyrophobia
Cannot look for any reason at fire without feeling total fear and running away, dropping everything in haste.



Willem van den Broek (Lemmi, to his friends) was an accomplished android Designer and avid Martial Arts disciple in Amsterdam before joining the original Warden Crew. He's having a remarkably easy time coming to grips with the imperfect cloning (he was never 100% on the "being Dutch thing"). He still enjoys the Blues, and is surprisingly good with a harmonica, which is handy, as he is unable to form human speech (the Telepathy helps some too).



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