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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden


Zhaxier Cole



Other Stats


Physical Mutations
Heightened Dexterity
Dodge/jump/shift body faster; AC 1 when unencumbered.
Heightened Precision
Can determine weaknesses in objects/opponents; +2d6 dmg with any weapon.
Physical Reflection: laser
Impinging laser radiation reflected from skin in random direction.
Mental Mutations
Heightened Intelligence
+4 MR, increased ability to figure out ship technology.
Heightened Brain Talent
Artifact recog 3x faster, 2 saves vs. mental attacks, detect lies 100%.
Mental Defense Shield
+4 MR, awareness of mental mutations within 30m.
Mental Blast
3d6 dmg (by attacking opponent's mind) per melee turn.
Body Structure Change: no irises
Pupils always fully dilated; even average lighting is so painful he must shut his eyes (unless wearing dark glasses).
Suffers from random fits of catalepsy.



Zhaxier is an imperfect clone of a Warden propulsion engineer, 2nd class, who died in the Cloud. He awoke in a village on March 26, 2780 and experienced excruciating pain in his eyes. Later he learned of his epilepsy, from a report recommending that his cloning be aborted, but it did not delineate the nature of his other mutations. Yet later, he learned he could "see" certain entities with his eyes closed, and to tell when someone is lying, but he has yet to figure out the relevance of these mutations.

Zhaxier houses deep rage at his debilitating genetic defects. He for the most part internalizes this self-hatred, hiding behind a veil of sarcasm, and pinning his hopes on an elaborate plan to ensure that his next clone has a better chance. He apparently has forgotten all of the faces of the people he knew in his former life, except for those of his lover Enki Alba, and his boss Mikhail Dimitriev Kaminsky, IV. On the other hand, Zhaxier recalls his duties, and also his feelings for Enki, whom he is trying to forget; he feels unworthy of the memories, but he cannot for the second life of him get over her.


Zhaxier passes as a lean, well-toned pure-strain human of African heritage (when wearing sunglasses). He has discarded the Warden uniform he was wearing when he first awoke, and has replaced it with a generic one.

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