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Murphy's Law

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by ghost_of_warden


Nicolaglee Bonobusey



Other Stats



Metamorphosis Alpha 1st Ed. Rulebook

All the androids have an effective life span of 2 years. All androids have a limited amount of memory storage space, so they can effectively be taught in only one field of endeavor. They have been made sensitive to sonics so that they are easily damaged by them. They are powered by electrical energy from a hydrogen energy cell. All programmed androids are implanted with the idea that to harm or even touch a human in any way is impossible for them. ...

Each android is designed so that when it is almost at the end of its life expectancy, it will change color. This allows it to be recycled. The standard model is in a humanoid form and can operate for 24 hours from the energy given from the standard hydrogen energy cell. The brain structure of these constructs is made to be programmable directly by the ship's computer banks. Lack of energy after 24 hours will cause the android to collapse until energy is restored.


Nicolaglee was a normal 2-year android programmed for android/robot repair. But somebody with extensive knowledge of android tech modified her for his own purposes, adding 'entertainment' skills at the expense of shortening her life span. Her modifications have necessarily overridden the 'no-touch' safeguard for humans. Nicolaglee may in fact be just one in a long line of cloned androids based off a pre-Cloud underground 'escort'-type blueprint.




Nicolaglee is an escort android (use your imagination).

"Nicolaglee theorizes that either 'Mr. Joshua' or 'El Popo' are responsible [for her system shock], but she can't remember which one created her and which one tried to whack her."


"Imagine U2's Bono mixed with Gary Busey, as a female android... wearing shiny black."

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